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65 Creative Classroom Winter Door Decorations

So, you’re looking for some classroom winter door decorations? If so, then this post is for you! In this post I have ideas for every teacher whether you want something simple and easy, or you want to go all out and win the door decorating contest this year. You’ll find all of those ideas and more in this post.

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Classroom Winter Door Decoration Ideas

Let me tell you what you can except here. I really wanted this post to work for all the teachers out there including crafty DIY teachers, busy teachers that want simple ideas and everyone in between.

In this post you’ll find a variety of classroom winter door decorations to give you ideas if you want to get crafty and DIY your own door. I’ll also show you some kits that you can purchase that you download and cut yourself. Plus, I’ll show some decorations that you can purchase that require no cutting you just put on your door.

Under each idea I’ll let you know a little more about it. I hope you find the perfect classroom winter door decorations that work for you!

Classroom Winter Door Decorations with Student Photos

Add a personal touch to your winter classroom door by incorporating student photos. You can create a fun display featuring students' faces on snowmen, reindeer, or as elves. Check out some ideas to pull this off below.

1 | Student Winter Wonderland

winter wonderland classroom door with student pictures
Image Source | theideabackpack

Have students pose as if they are sledding, sliding down a hill or throwing snowballs to create an epic winter wonderland door display that they’ll love!

2 | Snowboarding Students

Classroom winter door with snowboarding students
Image Source | miss.marinas.class

Students colored ice-skaters and snowboarders and then added their photo to make this fun classroom door.

Classroom Doors with Snow Globes

Transform your classroom door into a giant snow globe. Use paper, glitter, and other craft materials to create a wintry scene, complete with snowflakes and a festive backdrop.

You could also have student create snow globes with a picture of themselves inside. Check out some more snow globe door ideas below.

3 | If I Live in a Snow Globe

snow globe classroom door decorations
Snow Globe Decor | Find it Here

You could have student write about if they lived in a snow globe and use this door décor to accompany the writing assignment.

Winter Wonderland

Create a mesmerizing winter wonderland scene on your classroom door using snow-covered trees, snowflakes, and glitter to emphasize the snowy season. Have students help decorate your door with painted snowflakes or snow-covered trees.

Check out some more winter wonderland classroom door ideas below.

4 | Winter Wonderland with Student Art

winter wonderland classroom door
Image Source | fifthandfierce

This teacher had students create their vision of a winter wonderland and used their art to surround the amazing class door.

5 | Learning in a Winter Wonderland

Wonderland Bulletin Board Kit
Wonderland Bulletin Board Kit | Find it Here

This kit is a digital download from Esty. You just need to print, cut and attach and you’re done.

6 | Snow Scene Classroom Door Decor

Snowy Door Decorations
Snowy Door Decorations | Find it Here

This cut-out kit from Amazon would get you started on your winter wonderland classroom door.

Easy Winter Classroom Door Ideas

If you want a super easy idea for your winter classroom door decorations search on Amazon for winter themed door covers and attach them to your classroom door. Check out some of my favorites below.

7 | Snowman Door Cover

Snowman Door Cover
Snowman Door Cover | Find it Here

This cute snowman door cover is made of polyester fabric and has holes at each corner with a rope for easy hanging.

8 | Winter Gnomes Door Cover

winter Gnomes classroom Door Cover
Gnomes Door Cover | Find it Here

This door cover is made of polyester fabric also and it comes with a hanging rope to attach it to your door.

9 | The Nightmare Before Christmas Door Decor

the Nightmare before Christmas door cover
Jack & Sally Door | Find it Here

If your students love the movie the Nightmare Before Christmas, then they would love this door cover.

Are you thinking of playing a Christmas movie to your class before winter break? If so, you should read this first…39 Best Christmas Movies for the Classroom: Teacher's Guide

10 | Winter Dogs

Winter Dog Door Cover
Winter Dog Door Cover | Find it Here

The dog loving class would love this winter dog door cover.

Dr. Seuss Winter Door Decoration Ideas

Inspire your students with a Dr. Seuss-themed winter door. You could recreate the classic Grinch story or pay homage to other popular Dr. Seuss characters, like the Cat in the Hat. Check out some inspiration from other creative teachers below.

11 | How the Grinch Stole Christmas

How the Grinch Stole Christmas door cover
Image Source | hannknitted

This amazing door was the winner of the school door decorating contest. If you have aspirations of your own win, just copy this idea.

12 | Grinch Classroom Door

Grinch classroom door
Image Source | sarahkblanchette

Here’s another amazing Grinch door idea for the crafty teacher.

13 | Easy Grinch Classroom Door Idea

Easy Grinch classroom door idea
Whoville Door Cover | Find it Here

For those of you who love the simple ideas here’s a Grinch door cover.

Charlie Brown Winter Classroom Door Ideas

Design a door that celebrates the classic Charlie Brown Christmas movie by featuring characters like Snoopy, Woodstock, and of course, Charlie Brown himself.

14 | Peanuts Door Decor Set

Charlie Brown winter classroom door decorations
Charlie Brown Winter Decor | Find it Here

Here’s another easy idea you can purchase this kit from Amazon and decorate your class door with it for winter.

Christmas Classroom Door Ideas

Deck your classroom door with festive Christmas decorations, such as a Christmas tree, Santa and his reindeer, gingerbread houses, or Buddy the Elf. Below check out some inspiration for creative Christmas classroom door decorations.

15 | Buddy the Elf Classroom Door

Buddy the Elf classroom door with student pictures
Image Source | teachingandwingingit

Look for inspiration from your students’ favorite Christmas movies, like Elf. You can put student pictures on the little Buddy the elves with the famous movie quote, “The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear.”

16 | Huge Buddy the Elf Decal

Huge Buddy the elf wall Decal
Buddy Decal | Find it Here

For an easy way to add Buddy to your classroom how about a giant (52”) wall decal that you can put on your class door. Add one of your favorite Elf quotes to take it up a notch.

17 | Kindness Christmas Classroom Door

Christmas tree classroom door decorations
Image Source | mrs.marsey

Re-create this kindness door and have students think of ways that they can show kindness and write them on colorful Christmas ornaments.

If you’re looking for more Christmas-themed door decorations, I got you! I wrote an entire post about it. You can find it here…101 Creative Christmas Classroom Door Decorations

Penguin Classroom Door Ideas

Incorporate cute penguins into your winter door design. Use student photos or hand-drawn artwork to create a playful penguin scene. You could also turn your class door into a giant penguin. Below are my favorite Penguin classroom doors.

18 | Penguin Ladder Class Door

cute penguin classroom door
Image Source | primary_missa

Copy this fun idea by having cute penguins climb a ladder to display a holiday or classroom message.

19 | Winter Waddle

classroom door with penguins
Image Source | jens_creations5

You can decorate your class door with mini penguins with a sign that says the year and the winter waddle. To personalize this idea add students' names to each penguin.

20 | Penguin Winter Door Decor Kit

Cute Winter Cut-Outs
Cute Winter Cut-Outs | Find it Here

This penguin kit from Amazon would be an easy way to add a little touch of winter to your classroom door or bulletin boards.

For more ideas for your winter bulletin boards you can check out this post...83 Winter Bulletin Board Ideas: Fun Ideas to Try in Your Classroom

Polar Bear Classroom Door Ideas

Embrace the magic of the Arctic by designing a polar bear-inspired door with snowscapes or even a cute family of polar bears. Check out some ideas to pull of your classroom polar bear door below.

21 | The Polar Bear Peek

winter classroom door idea with polar bear peeking through window
Image Source | specedukate

Add a fun touch to your winter door with a cute polar bear peeking through the window.

22 | Polar Bear Door Decorations

cute Artic Animals door decorations
Artic Animals | Find them Here

You can add a cute polar bear and his adorable friends with these artic animal cut-outs from Amazon.

Winter Themed Classroom Door

Consider a general winter theme for your door, using elements like snowflakes, snowmen, frosty colors and hot cocoa to set the mood. Get some inspiration from some winter themed classroom doors below.

23 | You are the Marshmallow to my Cocoa

Hot cocoa and Marshmallow Door Kit
Marshmallow Door Kit | Find it Here

This is a digital download kit from Etsy. You just print and cut it yourself to create this classroom winter door with a positive message.

24 | Cozy Season

cozy winter classroom door decorations
Cozy Door Decorations | Find them Here

Embrace the cozy season with your students with this door décor kit from Etsy featuring all the winter favorites like sweaters, cocoa and cookies.

25 | Hello Winter

Hello Winter Cut-Outs classroom decorations
Hello Winter Cut-Outs | Find them Here

When you’re looking for easy and cute door décor for winter, it’s Amazon for the win!

Ugly Sweater Classroom Door Ideas

Host an ugly sweater competition for your classroom door with fun and quirky patterns, giving everyone a good laugh. You can also have students design their own sweaters and add their photos to make a door everyone will love. See some inspiration below.

26 | Ugly Xmas Sweater Decorations

ugly Christmas Sweater bulletin board Decorations
Sweater Decorations | Find them Here

You could get these decorations on Amazon and put your students’ cute heads on the sweaters.

27 | Sweater Weather Door Kit

sweater classroom door decorations with student pictures
Sweater Door Kit | Find it Here

I created this kit with Canva, which is an online design software that I’m obsessed with. You can add student photos to the sweaters for a fun door display for the winter season. The kit is available on Etsy, you can click the link under the picture to check it out.

Christmas Lights Classroom Door Ideas

Brighten up your door with a sparkling display of Christmas lights, either by using real fairy lights or creating paper cut-outs for a festive glow. Check out some more Christmas light inspiration below.

28 | Deck the Hall with Acts of Kindness

Christmas Lights classroom door ideas
Image Source | thatspanishteacher

For this door idea have student write acts of kindness on the light bulbs for an inspirational display.

29 | Get Tangled with Kindness

Christmas Light Bulletin Board Kit
Christmas Light Bulletin Board Kit | Find it Here

This is a digital kit that you can get on Etsy, and then print and cut to create the door décor.

30 | Christmas Light Cut-Outs

Christmas Lights bulletin board decorations
Christmas Light Decor | Find it Here

If you want to add some bright colors to your winter classroom door, here’s a kit with 75 colorful Christmas lights, and wording that says Merry and Bright. These decorations are available on Amazon here.

DIY Classroom Winter Door Decorations

Get creative and make your own winter door decorations using materials like construction paper, glue, markers or chalk. Design snowmen, snowflakes, or even reindeer with student names.

31 | DIY Penguin Classroom Door

DIY penguin classroom door
Image Source | teachinginruffles

Grab some construction paper and re-create this giant penguin door with simple shapes.

32 | Chalk Winter Door Idea

winter chalkboard classroom door
Image Source | chicochalkandcalligraphy

If you paint your classroom door with chalkboard paint, you can change it up for each season during the school year. This is the perfect idea for a DIY teacher. This teacher had an artistic parent create this masterpiece with chalk!

Gingerbread Classroom Door Ideas

Craft a scrumptious gingerbread house design for your classroom door, complete with candy decorations and sugary frosting. You could also create a giant gingerbread man on your door. Check out some inspiration below.

33 | It’s the Sweetest Time of the Year

gingerbread man classroom door idea
Image Source | happyhoneyhouse

Here’s a super sweet classroom door décor idea that you may want to copy!

34 | Gingerbread House Classroom Door

gingerbread house classroom door
Image Source | ms_boo_boo_

Another option is to go for the winning door in the school door decorating contest and create an entire gingerbread house on your door and into the school hallway!

35 | Gingerbread Class Door Decorations

Gingerbread Holiday Decorations
Gingerbread Holiday Decorations | Find them Here

These cutouts would help you create an easy, cute gingerbread classroom door.

Snow Classroom Door Ideas

Bring the cold weather indoors by creating a snow-themed door, complete with snowmen, snowflakes, and a wintery landscape. Check out some inspiration below.

36 | Different & Special Snowflakes Classroom Door

snowflakes winter classroom door decorations
Image Source | mrs.marsey

You can have students create their own snowflakes with the quote, “We are like snowflakes, all different, all special.

37 | Unique Snowflake Door Decorations

Snowflake bulletin board cut-outs
Snowflake Door Decor | Find it Here

Want some easy classroom winter door decorations? Grab these cut-outs from Amazon and add them to your door for instant winter vibes.

Winter Classroom Door Ideas with Student Work

Showcase your students' winter-themed artwork on the door, making it a colorful and dynamic display of their creativity.

38 | Hot Cocoa Door Display

hot cocoa classroom door with student work
Image Source | missk_alldayy

To create this classroom door students brainstormed things that warmed their hearts and then turned them into a cup of cocoa.

Winter Classroom Door Decorations for Preschool

Appeal to younger students with winter characters like Olaf from Frozen or Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. Get your preschoolers involved by creating artwork to decorate your class door. Check out some more ideas below.

39 | Preschool is Snow Much Fun

preschool winter classroom door idea
Image Source | bitny_rtae

Start your preschoolers off with a fun activity like creating their own penguins and then use their art to decorate the class door.

40 | Some People are Worth Melting For

Olaf Classroom door decorations for winter
Image Source | mrs.jowilliams

Add student photos to snowflakes, with a quote from Olaf, “Some people are worth melting for” to create a door your preschoolers will love.

41 | Olaf Door Stickers

Olaf Door Stickers
Olaf Door Stickers | Find them Here

Another easy winter classroom door idea it to get these Olaf stickers from Amazon on stick them on your door.

Elementary Winter Classroom Door Decorations

Choose a fun theme for elementary students, that features cute animals, or characters they love. Check out some inspiration for those elementary winter classroom doors below.

42 | We are Yeti to Learn

Yeti winter classroom Door Decoration Kit
Yeti Door Décor Kit | Find it Here

This is another door décor kit that I created with Canva. This one says, “We are Yeti to learn” and features your students as adorable Yetis! It’s available on Etsy.

Middle School Winter Classroom Door Decorations

Engage middle schoolers with a festive door scene that highlights their unique interests or a fun play on words, like band-themed decorations with holiday carol puns. Check out some more ideas for middle school winter doors below.

43 | Take a S-Elfie

funny elfie classroom door idea
Image Source | teachwithoutadoubttt

Most middle schoolers have already mastered their selfies, so they may enjoy taking an Elfie as well.

High School Winter Classroom Door Decorations

For high school students, consider incorporating pop culture references, inside jokes, their favorite musicians, actors, or showcasing their creative talents through student-created decorations. Check out some inspiration below.

44 | Snoop Dogg Christmas Classroom Door

snoop dog classroom door for Christmas
Image Source | ms_pellicciotti

I may have just found the perfect door inspiration for the high school art teacher.

Holiday Classroom Door Decorations

Celebrate the holiday season with a festive door display, featuring iconic holiday figures such as Santa Claus, his elves, a sleigh full of gifts or a Christmas tree. You could create Santa's nice list with all the names in your class or you could feature holiday treats like cookies or hot cocoa. Check out some more holiday classroom door ideas below.

45 | Christmas Cactus Class Door

Christmas cactus
Image Source | holamrs

For a creative spin on a traditional Christmas tree why not create a Christmas cactus instead?

46 | Have a Cup of Cheer

holiday classroom door decorations
Image Source | Find it Here

This door décor kit from Etsy is simple and will get your class in that cozy winter mood.

Snowmen Classroom Door Decorations

Design a snowman-themed door, using paper cups to create a 3D snowman effect or drawing snowmen wearing a variety of hats, scarves, and mittens. Check out some more snowmen class door ideas below.

47 | It’s Cool to Be Kind

snowmen classroom door
Image Source | misstechqueen

You can use simple shapes to create a snowman and snowwoman with the quote, “it’s cool to be kind.”

Side-by-Side Doors

If your classroom has more than one door, use the space to create a cohesive winter display, like a panoramic view of a snow-covered town or two halves of a wintry scene. You could also pair up with your teacher bestie to create coordinating side-by-side doors. Check out some easy ideas to pull it off below.

48 | Snowmen Side by Side Doors

Snowmen Door Stickers
Snowmen Door Stickers | Find them Here

Here’s a super easy side by side door idea, just add these stickers to create happy snowmen.

49 | Olaf and the Grinch Side-by-Side Doors

Holiday Door Decorations
Holiday Door Decorations | Find them Here

How about creating doors with the seasons favorite characters, Olaf and the Grinch?

New Years Classroom Doors

Ring in the new year with a door decorated to celebrate the upcoming year, using elements like sparkly numbers, balloons, garlands and even resolutions. Check out some more New Years door inspiration below.

50 | Soaring into a New Year

New Years classroom Door Decor Kit
New Years Door Décor Kit | Find it Here

This kit from Etsy features the quote, “soaring into a new year” with paper airplanes and party hats.

51 | New Years Gold Garlands

Gold Garlands for decorations for New Years
Gold Garlands | Find them Here

Get the party started with some festive decorations like these glitter gold garlands. You could hang these on your class door to get the excitement for the new year started.

52 | Colorful New Year Decorations

New Years Decorations
New Years Classroom Decorations | Find it Here

If you want to add some color to your class door to help ring in the new year how about adding this pack of decorations. It includes colorful hanging paper fans, paper pom poms, pennants and banners.

Unique Winter Classroom Doors

Combine different ideas for a one-of-a-kind winter door design, showing off your creativity and inspiring others to come up with their own unique creations.

53 | When You Can’t Find the Sunshine Be the Sunshine

positive winter classroom door decoration idea
Image Source | oweningtheclassroom

This positive classroom door would be the perfect way to brighten up the cold and rainy winter months.

54 | May the Flurries be with You

Star Wars Winter Classroom door decoration
Image Source | richelleray15

Here’s the perfect classroom winter door decorations to bring some holiday cheer for the Star Wars loving class.

55 | Tis the Season

Winter Classroom Door Decor Kit
Winter Door Décor Kit | Find it Here

Tis the season for yummy hot cocoa and all the winter treats that your students love this time of year. This is a door décor kit on Etsy.

Funny Winter Classroom Doors

Mix humor and winter themes, like puns, wordplay, or amusingly dressed snowmen, to bring a smile to your students' faces each time they enter the room. Below check out my favorite funny winter classroom door ideas.

56 | Buddy the Elf Class Door

Buddy the Elf window cling
Image Source | adventuresofmssmith_

Would your kids get a kick out of Buddy the elf peeking at them through the class door in the morning?

57 | This Class is only Silent at Night Classroom Door

Funny Silent Night Classroom Door decorations
Silent Night Class Door Kit | Find it Here

This phrase is funny because it’s true! You can find this kit on Etsy.

58 | Chillin with my Gnomies

funny winter classroom door decor idea
Image Source | theowlteach

To add a funny touch to your classroom this winter copy this door.

Winter Classroom Door Decoration Kits

Consider purchasing winter door decoration kits that provide all the necessary materials to create an eye-catching and festive door display. Etsy is my favorite for door décor kits. They have tons of cute designs that you can download, print, and cut yourself.

59 | We’re a Bunch of Smart Cookies

Holiday Cookie classroom door decorations
Cookie Door Kit | Find it Here

This door kit comes with a lot of different sayings like let it snow, hello winter and we’re a bunch of smart cookies.

60 | We’re Groovy and Bright

Retro Winter Class Door Kit
Retro Winter Class Door Kit | Find it Here

The retro style classroom décor is very in style this year. If you have a retro theme in your classroom, I just found you the perfect classroom winter door decorations, your welcome!

61 | LLEt it Snow Llama Classroom Door

Llama Class Door decorations
Llama Class Door Kit | Find it Here

This cute llama classroom door décor features the phrase LLet it snow.

Simple Classroom Winter Door Decorations

Keep it simple and low-key with minimal decorations, such as a few large snowflakes or a wreath adorned with wintry elements. Even better create a door that is your favorite holiday character at night. Check out what I mean below.

62 | Comet at Night

easy winter classroom door decoration idea
Image Source | love.learning

I’m loving this creative idea!  All you need is to cover your door with black paper and add a couple of eyes and you have one of the easiest classroom winter door decorations.

63 | Students are all Unique

Snowflake classroom Door decorations
Snowflake Door Kit | Find it Here

This kit is perfect for the teacher that does not want to print and cut. It comes printed on cardstock and cut for you. It’s available on Etsy.

Door Decorating Contest Ideas

Do you want to go all out and try to win your school’s classroom door decorating contest this year? If so, get inspired by these next few creative ideas that will help you do that.

64 | 3-D Tree Door Idea

door decorating contest ideas for school
Image Source | domie.dom

To go for a win in your door decorating contest try adding a 3-D element to your design. One idea is to create a 3-D tree! You can add some snowflakes, lights or ornaments to incorporate that winter feel.

65 | Epic Snowman Classroom Door

3-d snowman classroom door
Image Source | lifeskillscreations

You could also add a 3-D snowman to take your door decorations up a notch. Expand your décor to the hallway and use the ceiling to hang more decorations for that wow factor.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some winter-themed ideas for preschool door decorations?

You can create an engaging winter-themed door decoration for preschoolers by featuring snowmen, snowflakes, polar animals, or a winter wonderland scene. You could also use a winter-themed book as inspiration for your door design, such as "The Snowy Day" or "The Mitten." Don't forget to use bright, colorful elements to capture the children's attention.

How can teachers create festive door decorations for the holidays?

To create festive door decorations for the holidays, start by choosing a base material like butcher paper, fabric, or bulletin board paper. Then, think about the specific holiday you want to focus on, and add relevant elements like cutouts, ornaments, and decorations. Secure everything with glue, tape, or staples to ensure they stay in place throughout the season.

What are some popular Christmas door decoration ideas for classrooms?

Popular Christmas door decoration ideas for classrooms include incorporating characters like Santa Claus, reindeer, elves, or the Grinch. You can also use Christmas trees, stockings, presents, or gingerbread houses as the central theme of your decoration. Be sure to add festive colors, such as red, green, and gold, to create a cheerful atmosphere.

How can we make a winter-themed classroom door more engaging?

To make a winter-themed classroom door more engaging, consider incorporating interactive elements, such as pockets for students to leave positive messages or a countdown to a special event. You can also incorporate your students' work or include personalized elements, like their names, in the design.

What are some guidelines for a door decorating contest?

When organizing a door decorating contest, establish clear rules, such as setting a specific theme and providing a deadline for submissions. You could also encourage creativity by setting requirements for the use of certain materials or techniques. Finally, put together a panel of judges or allow the entire school community to vote on their favorites.

What are unique door decoration ideas for high school classrooms?

For high school classrooms, try door decoration ideas that are both fun, educational and involve your students' interests. You could choose themes related to popular culture, like movies, music, or sports, or take inspiration from current events or social issues. You can also focus on a specific subject or topic covered in the classroom to make the decoration educational and engaging.

Classroom Winter Door Decorations Pinterest

Are you obsessed with Pinterest like me? If so, I created this post to make it easy to save your ideas to Pinterest. Just click on your favorite picture, then click on the red P and choose your board. That way you can reference them later if you want.

I hope in this post you found some new ideas for classroom winter door decorations to try this year. I also hope during this busy season you get the chance to have some holiday fun in your classroom! If you enjoyed this post, please give it a share it helps more teachers see it!

If you want some more ideas, I created a cheat sheet with 100 puns and sayings for your Winter doors and bulletin boards, you can download it here!

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