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83 Winter Bulletin Board Ideas: Fun Ideas to Try in Your Classroom

Are you looking for some winter bulletin board ideas? If so, you’ve come to the right place this post is packed with creative and fun ideas to try out new winter bulletin boards in your classroom this year. Check out the easiest ideas at the end of this post.

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Winter Bulletin Board Ideas

For easy reading I’ve separated this post into different categories based on times like January or themes like snowflakes, penguins, by subjects like math, and even by grade level. There’s tons of winter holiday bulletin board ideas too. I found tons of great ideas so I hope you find one that works for your class!

Oh one more note about the post. Some of the ideas are kits from Etsy. If it is a kit under the picture it will say Where to Find with a link to Etsy.

Winter Bulletin Board Ideas with Student Pictures

I love the idea of adding student photos to your bulletin board. This helps make everyone feel included in the classroom. To do this first snap pictures of each of your students. Then you can print them and cut them out to add to your board.

Another option is to use Canva to add them to fun graphics. (Canva is an online graphic design tool.) Check out some examples below of fun bulletin board ideas with student pictures.

1 | Student Winter Wonderland

Student winter wonderland bulletin board
Image Source | kinder_islandsi

To create this fun bulletin board the teacher asked students to pretend to play in the snow and then snapped pictures of them. They then created the bulletin board around the playful winter poses.

2 | Feeling Frosty

Frosty the snowman bulletin board with student pictures
Where to Find | Frosty Bulletin Board Kit

With this kit your student can become adorable snowmen.

3 | We are Like Snowflakes

Snowflake classroom decor with student pictures
Image Source | targetteachers

Here’s another fun example of a bulletin board with student pictures. Some of the students are posing as if they are about to throw a snowball and then a fuzzy pom-pom is put in their hands.

4 | We are Yeti to Learn

Cute Winter Bulletin Board with Yetis and Student pictures
Where to Find | Yeti Bulletin Board Kit

I created this bulletin board kit with Canva. (Canva is an online design tool I’m obsessed with) It’s available on Etsy. You can put your student pictures in the adorable little yetis to complete the scene.

Winter Bulletin Board Ideas with Student Work

Showcase your students' creative winter-themed projects on your bulletin board. Display their artwork, writing, or crafts, such as snowflakes, snowmen, or winter landscape drawings. Check out some inspiration of beautiful winter bulletin boards displaying student work below.

5 | Winter Scene Art Display

winter art classroom activity
Image Source | aprimarykindoflife

Students created a winter acrostic and then painted a pretty winter scene to create a beautiful winter display.

6 | Winter Writing Prompts

winter writing prompts for elementary
Image Source | theclassroomsparrow

Create a display with winter writing prompts that student can choose. One example is, in five to eight steps write out the steps to learning a winter sport that you are most familiar with.

7 | Snowflake Art

Snowflake art classroom activity
Image Source | jcohn_art_teacher

Have students create snowflake art to make a beautiful display.

8 | It’s Snow Secret We’re Brilliant

winter bulletin board display for student work
Image Source | madeforfirstgrade

This pun is the perfect addition to your board displaying student work. Pro tip is to hit up the dollar store for tissue paper to make a 3-D border.

9 | Winter Art Bulletin Board

penguin art winter classroom activity
Image Source | love.msmassey

Have student create winter themed art like trees and penguins with simple shapes cut from construction paper.

10 | Missing Snowman

Missing Snowman Bulletin board
Image Source | teachloveshiplap

Have student created a wanted sign for their snowman including an illustration, description of why they are wanted and even a reward.

Winter Wonderland Bulletin Board Ideas

Create a magical winter scene by adding snow-covered trees, snowmen, and frosty accents. You could also include fairy lights for a shimmering effect. Check out some more examples of winter wonderland bulletin boards below.

11 | Penguins Walking in a Winter Wonderland

winter wonderland penguin bulletin board
Image Source | applesandabcs

Cute penguins that students have created are walking in this winter wonderland.

12 | Forest Winter Wonderland Bulletin Board

Forest Winter Wonderland Bulletin Board
Image Source | artwithmrsbee

These third-grade art students each created a value scale tree which was put together to create this beautiful mural bulletin board.

13 | Winter Village Display

winter village display
Image Source |

Have student create homes and trees by cutting and pasting colored paper. Then add them to your bulletin board to create a festive winter village display!

14 | Colorful Winter Wonderland Bulletin Board

Colorful winter wonderland bulletin board
Image Source | artwithmrsfee

To create this colorful winter wonderland, have student watercolor one sheet of paper. Then when it is dry, they can cut out a tree and a snowflake from it.

Math Winter Bulletin Board Ideas

Integrate winter themes into math problems or concepts, such as counting snowflakes, measuring snowfall, or calculating the area of snow-covered shapes. Get some more inspiration for creative math bulletin board ideas for winter below.

15 | Cocoa for Math

math winter bulletin board with hot cocoa
Image Source | koolinkinder

If your class is working on addition this would be a great winter display idea. They can come up with their own problem such my cocoa has 6 marshmallows and I added two so now I have 8. Then they can decorate their mug to create this fun display.

16 | Shape Penguins

shape penguins winter classroom craft
Image Source | courtneyandhercrew

Have students create shape penguins and then list the shapes, the number of sides and the vertices.

Winter Library Bulletin Board Ideas

Encourage winter reading with a display of popular winter books or a cozy reading nook surrounded by winter decorations. You could also create a winter-themed reading challenge. Or you can add a winter reading pun to your display. Check out some of my favorite ideas for library winter bulletin boards below.

17 | Book Pages Winter Display

library bulletin board with book pages
Image Source | elawithmrsg

Use book pages to create a snowman and trees for this winter library display.

18 | Making Readers Bright

cute library winter bulletin board idea
Image Source |

Add a bright pun with Christmas lights to your winter holiday bulletin boards this year.

19 | Book Display Winter Bulletin Board

book display
Image Source | travelingguybrarian

Display some of your top winter books to inspire students to read. You can put the actual book on display or print the covers. Check out some of my winter favorites below.

What are some of the best Winter Books for Students

  • "The Snowy Day" by Ezra Jack Keats - This classic picture book follows a young boy named Peter as he explores the wonder of a snowy day in his urban neighborhood.
  • "The Mitten" by Jan Brett - This beautifully illustrated book tells the story of a lost mitten and the various animals that seek refuge inside it on a cold winter's day.
  • "Snowflake Bentley" by Jacqueline Briggs Martin - This biography of Wilson A. Bentley, a pioneer in the study of snowflakes, introduces children to the beauty and science of snow crystals.
  • "Owl Moon" by Jane Yolen - A heartwarming story of a young girl's first owl-watching adventure with her father on a crisp, moonlit winter night.
  • "Winter Dance" by Marion Dane Bauer - In this delightful book, a fox seeks advice from his fellow animal friends on how to prepare for the winter season.

20 | There’s Snow Greater Thing Than a Book

book themed winter classroom decoration
Image Source | greatlibrarydisplays

Another great snow pun!

21 | Chill Out with a Good Book

winter reading bulletin board
Image Source |

Create a snowy hill with tissue paper to add a 3-D effect to your library display.

22 | Season’s Readings

winter penguin bulletin board ideas for library
Image Source | bilingualbibliotecaria

23 | Don’t Flake Out with Reading

library winter bulletin board idea
Image Source | teachernyla

24 | Snow is Falling Books are Calling

Book bulletin board idea for winter
Image Source | mrspresleyslibrary

There are snow many good winter library puns, right? Wow, that was bad sorry. But really, I hope you found a good pun for your library bulletin board out of all of those examples!

Snowflake Bulletin Board

Transform your bulletin board into a snowstorm by covering it with various sizes and designs of paper snowflakes. You can even invite students to create their own unique snowflake designs. You can also add a pun that uses snow in place of so. Check out some more winter bulletin boards with snowflakes below.

25 | It’s Snow Secret We are Amazing

snowflake bulletin board
Image Source | teachingwithari

26 | We are Like Snowflakes All Different & Special

snowflake art bulletin board idea
Image Source | alltooteaching

27 | We are Like Snowflakes All Different in Our Own Way

fun snowflake classroom decoration with student pictures
Image Source | targetteachers

Have student create snowflakes and then add their picture to the center to complete this winter classroom display. A tassel banner or a pendant banner added to the top gives the display a little extra.

28 | Just Like a Snowflake Our School is One of a Kind

school winter bulletin board
Image Source | btrcs

29 | Our Class is Snow Much Fun

pretty winter bulletin board kit
Where to Find | Snow Much Fun Bulletin Board Kit

Winter Penguin Bulletin Board Ideas

Decorate your bulletin board with an adorable penguin theme, including cute penguin cutouts, icy accents, and fun facts about these fascinating birds. You may even want to have student involved in creating the penguins. Check out some of my favorite penguin themed winter bulletin board ideas below.

30 | Penguin Wonderland

Penguin bulletin board idea
Image Source | dianaxolvera

Have students cut and paste shape penguins to complete your winter wonderland bulletin board.

31 | Penguin Igloo Bulletin Board

Winter penguin bulletin board
Image Source | dakotalibrary

32 | Sliding Into Winter Like

Sliding Into Winter Bulletin Board with penguins
Image Source | fbminor

Christmas Bulletin Board Ideas

Celebrate the holiday season with a festive Christmas-themed bulletin board, such as a decorated tree, presents, or scenes from popular Christmas stories. For some more Christmas inspiration check out more winter holiday bulletin board ideas from other teachers below.

33 | Santa’s New Suit

santa craft classroom decoration
Image Source | cultured_classroom

To copy this bulletin board idea, have students create a new suit for Santa and then write about why it’s the best suit for him.

34 | Ho Ho Ho Bulletin Board

winter holiday bulletin board ideas
Where to Find | Ho Ho Ho Bulletin Board

35 | Winter Holiday Bulletin Board Ideas with Student Pictures

winter holiday bulletin board idea with cookies
Where to Find | Smart Cookie Bulletin Board Kit

Would your students love to become cute little Christmas cookies? I think so. Works great with the phrase, “Merry Christmas from these smart cookies.”

36 | Holly Jolly Christmas

Christmas bulletin board idea
Where to Find | Holly Jolly Christmas Bulletin Board Kit

Winter Bulletin Board Ideas for Preschool

Keep it simple and colorful for preschoolers by featuring winter animals, easy winter crafts, and pictures of winter clothing. You can also feature every preschooler’s favorite snowman, Olaf! Check out some ideas below.

37 | Some People are Worth Melting For

Olfaf classroom decorations
Image Source | mrs.jowilliams

Put students’ pictures in snowflakes to add a fun touch to this Olaf display.

38 | Let it Snow

winter bulletin board ideas for preschool
Image Source | feelslikehomeearlycare

Have your preschoolers decorate snowman for a cute classroom display.

39 | Do You Want to Build a Snowman?

preschool snowman craft activity
Image Source | lewcrewschool

Preschoolers can practice cutting and gluing by creating their own snowman.

Kindergarten Winter Bulletin Board Ideas

Introduce kindergarten students to basic winter concepts, such as snowflake symmetry, counting mittens, or learning about hibernation. You can also display beautiful winter art that your Kindergarteners created. Check out some more Kindergarten winter bulletin board ideas below.

40 | There’s Snow Place Like Kindergarten

Kindergarten winter bulletin board idea
Image Source | sarahpittslowry

41 | Be a Friend Worth Melting For

winter friendship classroom decoration
Image Source | alwaysthinkingaboutteaching

Each letter of the word friend describes a way to be a good friend. Such as F, find something in common.

42 | Kindergarten is Snow Much Fun

kindergarten winter classroom craft
Image Source | julie_bigideasforlittlehands

This kindergarten class read books about polar bears and then drew chalk pictures of the bears and wrote facts about them.

43 | Kindergarten is Deer to Us

kindergarten Christmas art project
Image Source | itsallgoodwithmisshood

Have your Kindergartners each paint a reindeer to decorate this Christmas display.

Winter Bulletin Board Ideas for Elementary School

Get creative with more detailed winter scenes, collaborative projects, or winter-themed learning activities for elementary students. You can also add characters that you know your students love. Check out some inspiration for Elementary winter bulletin boards below.

44 | Merry and Bright

winter holiday bulletin board idea with Charlie Brown and Snoopy
Image Source | itiselementarymydear

If your students love Charlie Brown and Snoopy here’s an idea for you.

45 | Sneezy the Snowman

winter book classroom activity
Image Source | teachloveandicedcoffee

This class art project was inspired by reading the book Sneezy the Snowman.

46 | Mitten Bulletin Board

mitten bulletin board
Image Source | abbysartroom

You can hang up mittens that the students have decorated for a colorful display with the title, “We are Smitten with Learning.”

Winter Bulletin Board Ideas for High School

Choose sophisticated winter artwork, thematic quotes, or interactive displays that encourage high school students to engage with winter-related topics and challenges. Below are some of my favorite winter bulletin board ideas that are perfect for high schooler and will work well for middle schoolers as well.

47 | Winter Selfcare

interactive winter bulletin board for high school students
Image Source | counselorclique

I love this resource from Counselors Clique. You can click the link under the picture for more information. Students can grab a pamphlet for each of the categories or they can scan a QR code to get the resource on their phones. This bulletin board comes with seven categories including:

  • Organize Something
  • Eat Healthy
  • Get Outside
  • Be Artsy
  • Do Something Intellectual
  • Be Mindful &
  • Practice Gratitude

48 | Let’s Beat the Winter Blues

winter bulletin board idea for high school
Image Source |

This display gives student ideas to beat the winter blues. Some of the ideas include:

  • Get Some Fresh Air
  • Drink Water
  • Clean Out & Simplify
  • Watch a Cheerful Movie and
  • Focus on What You Enjoy

Spanish Winter Bulletin Board Ideas

Incorporate Spanish winter vocabulary and phrases alongside colorful visuals for a bilingual experience. Get inspired by these fun Spanish winter bulletin board ideas that I found below.

49 | Hola Invierno

Spanish winter bulletin board
Image Source | senora.lee

Hola Invierno or Hello Winter is the perfect bulletin board idea for Spanish class.

50 | Manos Frias

Spanish math winter classroom decor
Image Source | craftymsmendoza

Manos Frias, the snowman’s hands are cold!

Funny Winter Bulletin Board Ideas

Brighten up your classroom with humorous winter illustrations, puns, or jokes that will make your students smile. Check out more inspo below for funny winter bulletin boards.

51 | Chillin with My Snowmies

Chillin with my snowmies bulletin board
Image Source | ms.peanutbutterandkelly

This quote pairs nicely with a mix of snow globes, snowmen and snowflakes.

52 | Oh Deer Winter is Here

funny bulletin board
Image Source | earlycorelearning

Add lights to take this funny deer class display up a notch.

53 | Let it Melt

funny winter classroom activity for elementary school
Image Source | teachtargetrepeat

These adorable, melted snowman are helping this class learn about cause and effect.

December Bulletin Board Ideas

Celebrate December holidays and events with thematic displays, such as Hanukkah menorahs, Christmas countdowns, New Year's resolutions or festive holiday décor. Check out some examples to get you inspired below.

54 | Classroom Triangle Tree Bulletin Board

December classroom decor idea
Image Source | apinchofkinder

Let each student decorate a triangle however they want and put them together to create your class tree.

55 | Merry and Bright

December bulletin board
Image Source | applesandabcs

This teacher has displayed two crafts to create a one of kind Christmas bulletin board.

56 | 12 Gifts of Writing

December classroom writing activity
Image Source | create_inspire_teach

This twelve gifts of writing bulletin board has twelve different winter themed writing prompts for students to choose. Each are listed when you flip open the presents

57 | Our Class is Merry and Bright

cute December bulletin board
Image Source | thompsonsteachings

You can display your student work with these cute holiday light bulbs.

January Bulletin Boards

Start the new year with fresh January-themed ideas, like snow-themed motivational quotes or winter goals. You can also create a display that celebrates the new year. Check out some more ideas below.

58 | Welcome to a Bright New Year

January bulletin board
Image Source | 2ndgradesassypants

59 | Poppin into a New Year

New Years Bulletin Board
Where to Find | Popcorn New Year Bulletin Board Kit

60 | Ready for a Groovy New Year

retro new year bulletin board
Where to Find | Retro New Year Bulletin Board Kit

Snowman Bulletin Boards

Create a frosty friend by making a large snowman out of paper or other materials, or feature student-made snowman crafts. Check out some more fun snowman bulletin board ideas below.

61 | It’s Cool to Be…

interactive snowman bulletin board
Image Source | wizardofschoolcounseling

On each of these hats is a word or phrase that completes the sentence it is cool to be…

Examples include calm and a conflict resolver. Then there are strategies for each one. Such as for calm you can imagine you’re in a safe place or read a book.

62 | Reading Makes You Bright

large snowman bulletin board
Image Source | leiracookie

Get students involved with helping to assemble a large snowman for your display.

63 | Sliding into Winter

cotton ball snowman bulletin board idea
Image Source | caffeine.and.contingencies

Have students decorate snowman with cotton balls for a unique 3-D display.

64 | Winter is Snow Much Fun

cute snowman bulletin board
Image Source | thetahoeteacher

I love the adorable snowman featured on this board. Add student names to the snowmen to involve students in your class decor.

Winter Themed Bulletin Boards

Embrace winter motifs like ice-skating, skiing, or snowball fights for an overall seasonal look. Check out some more winter themed bulletin board ideas to get your students in the feeling of the season below.

65 | Its Freezin’ Season

winter themed bulletin board
Image Source | Freezin Bulletin Board Kit

This kit comes with other phrases but this one is my favorite.

66 | Cozy Winter Vibes

cozy winter vibes classroom decorations
Where to Find | Winter Vibes Bulletin Board Kit

Celebrate all the things that make this season cozy.

67 | Hello Winter

winter gnomes bulletin board
Where to Find | Hello Winter Class Decor Kit

To add a fun touch to this display you can add names to these adorable winter gnomes’ hats.

68 | You are the Marshmallow to my Cocoa

hot cocoa classroom display
Image Source | miss.ryansclassroom

Copy this quote and add cups of cocoa and marshmallows to your display.

69 | Cozy Season

cozy season classroom display
Where to Find | Cozy Season Bulletin Board Kit

This kit also comes with the phrases, winter vibes and happy holidays so you can mix it up every year.

Snow Globe Bulletin Boards

Design a three-dimensional snow globe scene complete with snowflakes, miniature trees, or other winter elements. You can also add student pictures to the globes for a fun display idea. Check out some more snow globe bulletin board ideas below.

70 | Snow Globe Wonderland

snow globe bulletin board with student pictures
Image Source | educatingwith_em

If you want to copy this bulletin board idea first read to your student the book, The Snow Globe Family. Then have students each create their own snow globes with a picture of themselves inside!

71 | If I Lived in a Snow Globe

If I lived in a snow globe bulletin board
Image Source | tanyagmarshall

To copy this creative bulletin board idea first have student create artwork with themselves in a snow globe. Then they can finish this writing prompt If I lived in a Snow Globe.

72 | Snow Globe Winter Wonderland

snow globe winter wonderland bulletin board
Image Source | ashleymckenzietpt

How about having one large festive snow globe as the center of your bulletin board.

Winter Church Bulletin Board Ideas

Read on if you’re looking for some ideas bulletin board ideas for your church or religious school. Inspire winter reflection and spirituality with quotes, scriptures, or a nativity scene. Check out some more church winter bulletin boards below.

73 | Joy to the World

winter church bulletin board
Where to Find | Joy to the World Bulletin Board Kit

This Joy to the world classroom décor kit is a digital download that can be found on Etsy.

75 | Snow Many Reasons We Love Jesus

Christian winter bulletin board
Image Source |  teachernyla

Here’s another example of using a snow pun this time with a Christian bulletin board.

76 | Jesus is the Reason for the Season

nativity scene bulletin board
Where to Find | Jesus is the Reason Bulletin Board Kit

I’m loving the adorable nativity scene characters that come with this bulletin board set that you can get on Etsy. Click the link under the picture for details.

77 | O Come Let Us Adore Him

Jesus bulletin board
Image Source | O Come Let Us Adore Him

This digital bulletin board kit can be printed in large tiles if you want to create a huge display. Click the link under the picture to check it out.

Creative Winter Bulletin Board Ideas

These next few winter bulletin boards are perfect if you’re wanting to create a display that really stands out this year. Check them out below.

78 | Countdown with Kindness

winter break countdown bulletin board
Image Source | sweetestteacher

This classroom display is a countdown to winter break. Every link has a day listed on it and students can break of the links to reveal a kindness activity.

79 | Classroom Fireplace

Image Source | velcroandvisuals

How about creating a classroom fireplace and decorate the mantel with stockings and classroom holiday posters.

80 | Lighted Winter Village

winter bulletin board with lights
Image Source | preschoolplace

Add some twinkle lights to your winter classroom décor to up the festive feel.

Easy Winter Bulletin Board Ideas

If you’re looking for some easy bulletin board ideas how about purchasing a kit on Etsy that you can print off and create in a snap. Check out some of my favorites below.

81 | Holiday Classroom Poster Bulletin Board Idea

Where to Find | Winter Cookies Classroom Posters

If you want a super easy bulletin board display idea with less cutting you can find some printable classroom holiday posters. Plaster your bulletin board with said posters and you’re good to go.

If you want you can add a pendant banner at the top like shown but if not, it will still look great.

82 | Camper Happy Holidays Bulletin Board

winter camper bulletin board
Where to Find | Camper Bulletin Board Kit

This fun adventurous display would be perfect if you have a camping them in your classroom.

83 | Deck the Halls

winter holiday bulletin board idea with Christmas lights
Where to Find | Christmas Lights Bulletin Board Kit

You can create this colorful display in four steps, purchase on Etsy, print, cut and staple.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some cool ideas for January boards?

In January, you can create a fresh start-themed board with resolutions and goals for the new year. You can also celebrate winter with snowman-shaped cutouts, snowflake designs, and winter sports-inspired images. Another idea is to create a board based on a winter book or movie, such as "The Polar Express" or "Frozen".

How can I create a Winter Wonderland-themed board?

To create a Winter Wonderland-themed board, start by choosing a cool color palette, such as blues, whites, and silvers. Add snowflakes, icicles, and snowy trees as main elements. You can also incorporate wintry animals, such as polar bears and penguins, to bring your winter scene to life. You could even include a snow globe design to add an extra touch of wonder.

What are some unique materials to use for a winter board?

To add some creative flair to your winter board, consider using materials like aluminum foil for a shiny effect, cotton balls for fluffy snow, or tissue paper for textured snowflakes. You can also use pipe cleaners to create 3D snowflakes or yarn to make cozy scarves and mittens for your characters on the board.

How can I make a winter-themed board on a budget?

To create an inexpensive winter-themed board, use free materials such as scrap paper, leftover wrapping paper, and recycled materials. Look for online printables or templates for winter-themed shapes or draw and cut out your designs by hand. Use your imagination and creativity to repurpose items you already have around your classroom or at home.

What are some interactive winter board ideas for students?

Interactive winter boards can be a fun way to engage students. For example, you can create a "Build Your Own Snowman" board where students can add their own snowman pieces to the scene. You can also have a collaborative winter scene, where each student contributes a handmade snowflake or winter-themed drawing. Another option is to make a winter-themed trivia board, with questions about winter facts and a space for students to write their answers.

How can I incorporate educational elements into a winter board?

To add educational elements to your winter board, focus on incorporating winter-related topics from your curriculum. For example, you can create a board based on a winter-themed book you are studying in class, or tie in a winter-related science lesson about animal adaptation. You can also use winter-themed math problems, such as counting snowflakes or measuring snow in different units.

I hope you now have some new winter bulletin board ideas to try in the classroom this year. Feel free to save your favorites to you Pinterest boards. To do this just click on the picture, then the P and choose your board.

If you want a freebie, you can click here to download my Winter Bulletin Board Cheat Sheet, for 100 ideas of fun winter puns for your bulletin boards!

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