Christmas Classroom Goodie Bag Ideas

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50 Easy & Fun Christmas Classroom Goodie Bag Ideas

Are you looking for some Christmas Classroom goodie bag ideas? If so, then this post is for you. I’ll show you some fun, easy and inexpensive ideas to give your students a little something to help spread that holiday cheer this Christmas season.

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Christmas Classroom Goodie Bag Ideas

Your first decision for your class goodie bags is what to use as your bag or container. Here are a few ideas.

  • Add DIY Christmas Decorations to Simple Brown Paper Bags
  • Purchase a Bulk Pack of Christmas Gift Bags
  • Use Clear Bags with Twist Ties or Ribbon
  • Check out the Dollar Store for Unique Containers
  • Use Christmas Cups to Hold all the Holiday Goodies

In this next section we’ll explore all of these options so you can find what works best for you.

DIY Paper Bag for Goody Bag

Creating your own DIY classroom goodie bags with brown paper bags is a unique and cost-effective option perfect for the crafty teacher. One idea is to create bags that look like reindeer or Santa.

You can also decorate bags with bows and ribbons for a festive look. Check out some more ideas below and then hit up your local craft store to create DIY bags.

1 | Rudolph Paper Bags

DIY Rudolph Christmas classroom goodie bags
Image Source | greenangelco

Grab you hot glue gun, some googly eyes, red pom poms and candy canes and you can create these adorable Rudloph the red-nosed reindeer goodie bags.

2 | Bags with DIY Gift Tags

paper bags with printable gift tags for Christmas classroom goodie bags
Image Source |

This idea is a little simpler but still very festive. Just get a bunch of brown paper bags and add a bow and a tag for a festive touch. These adorable tags say a little gift for a deer student, with a picture of a reindeer.

Christmas Gift Bag

If you’re looking for some Christmas goody bag ideas that are fast and easy, then a classic Christmas gift bag is an excellent choice. You can find festive bags with cute designs featuring Santa, snowflakes, or your favorite holiday characters. If you’re having a holiday party before winter break you can choose bags that go with your party theme.

Hit up the Dollar Tree or Amazon for a large pack. Fill these bags with goodies like small snacks, Christmas bookmarks, and craft supplies. Check out some of my favorite packs of Christmas gift bags that you can get on Amazon.

3 | Paper Christmas Gift Bags

paper Christmas gift bags for goodie bags
Craft Paper Bag Pack | Find them Here

This pack from Amazon comes with 24 bags with various holiday designs like Santa, polar bears, snowflakes and reindeer.

4 | Small Christmas Bags

Festive Christmas Bags |
Festive Christmas Bags | Find them Here

In this pack you get 30 bags and tissue paper for each. I love the bright colorful patterns that would be perfect for the holiday season!

Clear Bag

Using clear bags allows the students to easily see the assorted treats and prizes inside. Fill these bags with colorful items such as Christmas favors, stickers, candy and slime. Tie the bags with a cute ribbon, and you're ready to go! Check out some inspiration below and find out where to get some clear Christmas bags.

5 | Clear Goodie Bag

clear Christmas Classroom Goodie Bag
Christmas Classroom Bag | Find it Here

This is a kit that you can get on Etsy. Each kit includes:

  • 2 small Play-Dohs
  • Pom poms
  • A Holiday Cookie Cutter
  • A Cute Christmas Themed Gift Tag

6 | Clear Christmas Bags

Kit of Clear Christmas Bags
Kit of Clear Christmas Bags | Find Them Here

This kit is available on Amazon, and you get 144 clear bags with different holiday patterns on them. It also includes the twist ties. You can find this kit here.

Creative Packaging for Christmas Classroom Goodie Bag

Think outside the box when it comes to packaging your classroom goodie bags! Turn ordinary items like small mason jars, tin cans, or even socks into creative containers for gifts. Fill them with Christmas party favors and treats, and watch the kids' faces light up with joy. Check out some more unique packaging ideas from creative teachers below.

7 | Grinch Hot Cocoa

Grinch Hot Chocolate for Christmas goody bags
Grinch Hot Chocolate | Find it Here

This would be a fun idea to send home with students to they could make their own Grinch Hot Cocoa!

8 | Personalized Dollar Tree Containers

personalized Christmas classroom goodie bags
Image Source | dungeeskinders

This teacher got these cute cups from the Dollar Tree and then personalized them with her students’ names. You can do this with letter stickers or a Cricut.

9 | Clear Snowman Cups

Snowman Cups
Snowman Cups | Find Them Here

I found these cute snowman cups on Amazon, and I thought they would make really cute containers for some Christmas goodies for your students. You get a pack of 100 and they come with cute straws too. You could split a pack with your teacher besties!

Printable Tags for Christmas Goodie Bags

Adding a personalized touch to your goodie bags is easy with printable tags. Download festive designs featuring holiday themes and messages, print them out, and attach the tags to your bags. If you want to create your own printable tags check out some ideas below.

10 | Gift Tags for Pop-It Key Chains

Holiday Pop-It Keychains
Holiday Pop-It Keychains | Find them Here

These holiday pop-it key chains come with an adorable label that says, “Hope your Holiday is Poppin.” You can customize it with your name too!

11 | Christmas Treat Bag Toppers

printable Christmas treat Bag Topper
Reindeer Bag Topper | Find Them Here

These bag tags are printable and editable. You just download print and attach to your classroom treat bag.

12 | Printable Bag Labels

easy Christmas goodie bag idea
Image Source | thatfunteacher

If you’re looking for a better way to package your treats that is quick and inexpensive then copy this idea. This teacher created these printable tags and stapled them to Ziploc sandwich bags for an easy small Christmas goodie bag for students.

Wrapped Gifts

If you prefer a more traditional approach, consider individually wrapping small gifts like coloring books, craft kits, or mini candy canes. Use festive wrapping paper or tissue paper to create a lovely presentation that the kids will enjoy unwrapping.

13 | Christmas Gifts for Students

Christmas gifts for students
Image Source | sweetnsauerfirsties

Sometimes it’s all about the presentation, right? I love how this first grade teacher displays her Christmas goodie bags!

Gift Tags

Don't forget to add gift tags to your goodie bags or wrapped gifts! Choose from pre-made designs or create custom tags with the children's names on them to make them feel special. These little touches can elevate your classroom goodie bags, making this holiday season memorable for everyone involved. Get inspired by some creative gift tag ideas below.

14 | Gift Tag for Candy Cane Pen

Candy Cane Pen with Tag
Candy Cane Pen with Tag | Find it Here

A candy cane pen with a cute tag would be a great addition to your classroom treat bag.

15 | Gift Tags for Pop-Its

Pop-It Gift Tag for Christmas classroom goodie bags
Pop-It Gift Tag | Find it Here

Add a festive gift tag to Christmas pop-its for the perfect classroom small gift.

Ideas to Put in Classroom Goodie Bags

So, I gave you some ideas for packaging and tagging your holiday gift bags.  Now let's check out some ideas of what to actually put into those goodie bags.

Christmas Party Favors in Bags

Select holiday-themed toys and trinkets such as Christmas squishies, sticker sheets, and mini Play-Doh containers. These small items will delight your students and keep them entertained. Check out the party section of the Dollar Tree for a ton of options or of course Amazon. Below you can see some of my top picks from Amazon.

16 | Christmas Party Favor Bag Bulk Pack

Christmas Party Favors for goodie bags
Christmas Party Favors | Find them Here

This Christmas party favor pack comes everything you need to assemble your own Christmas goodie bag including Christmas pencils, erasers, slap bracelets, cards and treat bags.

17 | Christmas Squishies

Christmas Squishies for classroom goodie bags
Christmas Squishies | Find Them Here

Would your students love a cute Christmas squishy in their bag? This pack comes with an assortment of 24.

18 | Bulk Christmas Party Pack

Christmas Party Bulk Package for goodie bags
Christmas Party Bulk Package | Find it Here

If you want to add a holiday party favor or two or three to your Christmas goody bags this pack has you covered. This is a huge package with 758 small items that you could probably use for a few years. It includes pencils, erasers, rulers, stamps, minim notebooks, stickers and more.

Cute Ideas for Christmas Goodie Bags

Add a touch of cuteness to your goodie bags with items like adorable yetis skiing on mini candy canes, cute gingerbread cookies on playdoh, or candy disguised as Rudolph. Your students will love these adorable additions to their goodie bags. Check out all of these ideas below.

19 | Christmas Yeti

Printable Christmas Yeti for classroom goodie bags
Printable Christmas Yeti | Find it Here

This is a printable that you can get on Etsy. You can edit it to add your name and then print off as many as you like. Just add the candy canes for an adorable addition to your student treat bags.

20 | Personalized Play-Doh Containers

Gingerbread Themed Play-Doh for classroom goodie bags
Gingerbread Themed Play-Doh | Find it Here

You can personalize these cute little Play-Doh containers for your students as a perfect addition to their holiday goodie bags!

21 | Rudolph Sweet Treats

Rudolph cover for candy
Image Source | justcaracarroll

If you’re looking for an inexpensive and simple addition to Christmas goodie bags how about disguising their favorite treats as Rudolph. All you need is brown construction paper, a hot glue gun, pom-poms and googly eyes.

Holiday Treats

Satisfy your students' sweet tooth with some tasty holiday treats like individual-sized packets of cookies, small chocolate bars, and miniature gingerbread men. Just remember to take allergies and dietary restrictions into consideration. Check out some holiday treat inspiration below.

22 | Rudolph Lollipops

Reindeer Printables for Classroom sweet treat
Reindeer Printables | Find Them Here

This Rudolph is an editable, printable download from Etsy. You can customize with your name and add your own lollipops for an easy treat that is perfect for the holiday season.

23 | Mrs. Clause Treat Bag

Donut Bag Mrs. Clause for Christmas goodie bag
Donut Bag Mrs. Clause | Find it Here

How adorable are these Mrs. Clause treat bags? You download these from Etsy and print them off and then just add a mini powdered donut for a fun way to make students smile when they open their treat bags.

Fun Activity for Kids

Are you looking for some Christmas goodie bag ideas that don’t involve candy or toys? Incorporate a fun and engaging activity such as a holiday-themed coloring sheet, puzzle, or word search into your goodie bags.

This will give your students something enjoyable to do during downtime at school or at home. Check out some of my favorite ideas for activities to include in your Christmas goodie bags below.

24 | Holiday Building Blocks

Holiday building blocks for Christmas classroom goody bags
Image Source | palmtreesandprimary

This teacher snagged these building block holiday kits from Target and then added her own cute gift tags for students. You can also find building block packs from Amazon here.

25 | Christmas Coloring Sheets

Grinch Coloring Sheets for Christmas classroom goodie bags
Grinch Coloring Sheets | Find Them Here

Looking for Christmas classroom goodie bag ideas that don’t involve treats or toys? How about sending each student home with a little Christmas themed coloring sheet? You can choose to add crayons or paint and you can customize the packaging too.

26 | Holiday Play-Doh Activity

Holiday Play-Doh activity for students goodie bags
Image Source | onesharpbunch

This teacher sent each student home with a plastic bag that contained a kit for them to create their own snowman, gingerbread man or Christmas tree while at home. Each kit had colored Play-Doh, beads, pom poms, pipe cleaners, and the design mat.

Funny Christmas Treat Bag Ideas

Inject some humor into your goodie bags with items like silly Christmas-themed socks, joke books, funny temporary tattoos or even snowman poop (mini marshmallows). Your students will appreciate a light-hearted addition to their loot bags.

Check out some more ideas for funny goodie bag items below.

27 | Funny Treat Bags

Funny Christmas Bag Toppers for classroom treat bags
Christmas Bag Toppers | Find Them Here

Would your students get a kick out of getting a bag of elf pillows, reindeer noses or even snowman poop in their holiday treat bags? This kit includes the bag toppers and you add your own treats. This is the perfect way to add a fun touch to your Christmas goodie treat bags.

28 | Snowman Poop

snowman poop Bag Topper for Christmas classroom goodie bags
Bag Topper | Find it Here

You can instantly download this snowman poop gift tag and bag topper and just add the mini marshmallows. This would pair nicely with a package of hot cocoa for your students.

29 | Snowman Soup

snowman soup student gift
Image Source | favortags

You could also create your own Snowman Soup package. It includes everything students need to make the delicious recipe including hot cocoa, mini marshmallows, and candy canes.

Little Gifts

Small, budget-friendly items like bookmarks, notepads, or keychains make great additions to your classroom goodie bags. Look for holiday-themed versions to add a festive touch. Check out some of my favorite little gift ideas for classroom goodie bags.

30 | Holiday Glasses

holiday glasses for classroom goodie bag
Image Source | teachernyla

The Dollar Store or the birthday party supply section of any store is a great place to find some fun Christmas classroom goodie bag ideas. Goofy holiday glasses might make for a fun holiday class picture!

31 | Holiday Slap Sticks

Christmas Slap Sticks
Christmas Slap Sticks | Find them Here

How about giving each student a slap stick with a note that says, “Slappy Holidays.”

32 | Slime

Pack of Slimes
Pack of Slimes | Find Them Here

You can get a 48 pack of small slime containers from Amazon to add to your Christmas goodie bags.

Custom Gifts

Are you looking for some Christmas classroom goodie bag ideas that will really wow your students? How about adding a custom item to their goodie bags. Ideas include a water bottle with their name or a small gift with personalized packaging. Check out some more ideas below.

33 | Custom Water Bottles

personalized water bottles for student gift
Image Source | misskate7and8

If you’re looking for a Christmas classroom goodie bag ideas that you know your students will use, how about a custom water bottle? This teacher ordered the water bottles from the Dollar Tree and then added student names with her Cricut.

34 | Personalized Play-Doh Label

Custom Christmas Tree Printable for mini Play-Doh Containers
Custom Christmas Tree Printable | Find it Here

Add a custom Christmas tree printable to Play-Doh containers for a small, personalized gift that your students will love. Printables are available on Etsy.

School Related Gifts

I love the idea of including school-related items such as pencil sharpeners, mini rulers, bookmarks and even books in your classroom goodie bag. Your students can use these items throughout the school year, on more than just Christmas. Check out some more inspo below.

35 | Books

note from teacher for books as Christmas gift
Image Source | theclasstobee

Books make great Christmas gifts for students and will keep them reading over the break. A fun way to present their books is with a festive note.

36 | The Very Hungry Caterpillar Keychains

DIY the very hungry caterpillar keychain as preschool classroom gift
Image Source | stepinsidemyclassroom

Crafty teachers, you can create these adorable key chains with polymer clay after reading The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

37 | Bookmarks

color your own Christmas bookmark for classroom goody bag
Color Your Own Bookmarks | Find them here

This is a pack of 75 festive bookmarks that students can color.

Christmas Pens

Incorporate some holiday cheer into your students' writing tasks with festive pens like those shaped like candy canes or snowmen. Writing with a fun Christmas pen can brighten up a student's day. Check out some of my favorite Christmas pens that would work perfectly in your bags below.

38 | Christmas Gel Pens

Holiday Rollerball Pens
Holiday Rollerball Pens | Find them Here

This giant pack of Christmas pens from Amazon comes with 176 cute holiday toppers like Santas, reindeer and Christmas trees.

39 | Pompom Christmas Pens

Christmas Pens for Christmas classroom goodie bags
Christmas Pens | Find them Here

Would your students have fun writing with these holiday pens with giant pompoms? If so then this would be the perfect addition to your holiday goodie bag. You can get a pack of 8 or 32.

40 | 6 in 1 Holiday Pens

Multicolor Retractable Christmas Pens
Multicolor Retractable Pens | Find them Here

There is just something so fun about these pens that you can change colors. Don’t you think? You students might appreciate them too. You can find a pack of 15 or 40 on Amazon here.

41 | Candy Cane Pens

Candy Cane Pens |
Candy Cane Pens | Find them Here

I thought these candy cane pens were cute too, so I wanted to show you them. These ones come in a 12 pack.

Sweet Treats

Besides the traditional holiday candies, you can also include other sweet treats with a fun holiday twist. Like how about chocolate bars disguised as snowman or lollipop Rudolphs. Students will feel special and appreciate the extra thought you put into their goodie bags.

42 | Snowman Hershey Bar

Chocolate Snowmen
Chocolate Snowmen | Find them Here

These snowman Hershey bars come with these cozy hats and scarves. These would be fun holiday treats to add to your student’s Christmas goodie bag.

43 | Reindeer Lollipops

Reindeer Lollipop for goodie bags
Lollipop | Find it Here

Why give your students a regular lollipop when you could give them a reindeer lollipop?

44 | Cute Christmas Treat Ideas

Christmas treats in cute containers
Image Source | teachernyla

If you want to copy this idea here are some similar containers on Amazon that you can fill with Christmas goodies.

Unique Ideas for Goodie Bags

For a creative twist, consider adding some unusual items to your goodie bags like small, festive DIY craft kits, tree ornaments, or even small potted Christmas plants. Check out some more inspiration for unique ideas below.

45 | Festive Snacks

Pringle Christmas Covers
Pringle Christmas Covers | Find them Here

If you want a unique idea for your goodies bags you can download and print these Pringle chip covers. Then you attach them to a top of Pringles snack size containers.

46 | Snowman Play-Doh

Holiday Play-Doh
Holiday Play-Doh | Find it Here

Here’s a great way to add some Christmas cheer to your goodie bags. These Play-Doh snowman jars have a customizable label on top that says, "Do you want to build a snowman?”

Ideas for Christmas Goodie Bags for Teachers

If you want to prepare something for your teacher friends or child’s teachers, I have some ideas for you! Show your appreciation with a Christmas-themed goodie bag that includes items like tea bags, scented candles and treats.

Teachers deserve some holiday cheer this time of year too! Check out some more ideas below for teacher goodie bags.

47 | Teacher Gift Card Holder

cute Gift Card Holder for Starbucks
Gift Card Holder | Find it Here

We know teacher’s love gift cards. Here’s a fun way to take a simple Starbucks gift card up a notch.

48 | Smells Like Christmas Break Candle

funny Christmas Teacher Candle
Christmas Teacher Candle | Find it Here

Do you know a teacher that needs this candle?

49 | Chill Pills for Teachers

funny teacher gift idea
Image Source | mrspriestleyict

You could make your teacher friends their own pack of chill pills packed with their favorite candy. Add a label that says, “In the event of stress caused by reports, children, adults or technology, take 1-2 pills by mouth.”

50 | Teacher Gift Box

cute Gift Box for Teachers |
Gift Box for Teachers | Find it Here

Here’s an idea for a pretty box that you can add your own goodies to like homemade Christmas cookies.

Frequently Asked Questions

What items can I include in a student goodie bag for the holidays?

You can include various small and budget-friendly items in a student goodie bag for the holidays. Some great options are Christmas stickers, mini Play-Doh containers, festive squishies, mini candy canes, and Christmas-themed pencils or pens. You may also consider including small puzzle toys or seasonal erasers to add some educational value.

What are some age-appropriate treats for toddler Christmas goodie bags?

For toddler Christmas goodie bags, it's essential to choose age-appropriate, safe, and fun treats. Some options can be small plush toys, wooden holiday-themed puzzles, washable crayons, Christmas-themed board books, or soft play balls. Any treats included should be large enough to avoid choking hazards.

What are some creative holiday treat bag ideas for classrooms?

To make creative holiday treat bags for classrooms, try decorating your bags with fun holiday-themed designs, such as turning them into reindeers using craft eyes, red pom poms for noses, and candy canes for ears. You can also choose pre-printed holiday goodie bags or design custom paper or plastic gift bags with festive images and messages.

How can I make my holiday goodie bags stand out?

To make your holiday party goodie bags stand out, try personalizing them with unique touches. Tie them up with festive ribbons or twine or use gift tags that can double as Christmas tree ornaments. You can also use recyclable materials, like brown paper bags with personalized Christmas-themed stamps or drawings. This adds an eco-friendly touch to each loot bag.

What are some affordable yet impressive ideas for coworker Christmas goodie bags?

Affordable yet impressive ideas for coworker Christmas goodie bags include gourmet tea or coffee samples, mini candles, candy canes with a custom message attached, or DIY hot chocolate mix in individual mason jars. You can also consider making delightful treats like cookies or fudge to show your appreciation.

Where can I find unique items for Christmas classroom goodie bags?

You can find unique items for Christmas classroom goodie bags your local craft store, The Dollar Store, Amazon or Etsy. Browse for discounts and seasonal offers to find unique, high-quality items at affordable prices. Make sure to shop ahead of time to avoid the last-minute rush and to allow for personalization and customization when needed.

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I hope you have found the perfect Christmas classroom goodie bag ideas to give to your students this holiday season and maybe some idea for your teacher bestie too. If you liked this post, please give it a share!

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