55 Best Classroom Decoration Ideas for Teachers

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55 Best Classroom Decoration Ideas for Teachers

In this post you'll see amazing classroom decoration ideas including how to create a cozy reading nook, an amazing teacher space, killer bulletin boards and classrooms that are so gorgeous they don’t even look like classrooms. Plus, I'll show you where to get the cutest signs for your classroom, add a fireplace and even a class fridge!

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Choose a Color Scheme

At the beginning of the new school year If want to tie your entire classroom together but don’t want to settle on a theme, why not pick a fun color scheme and incorporate it throughout the room?

You could go for something really bright and colorful or something a little softer and more neutral.  I'll show you both below so you can see what you like best.

Classroom Decorations with Bright Colors

Infuse life and energy into your classroom by using vibrant colors. Don't shy away from using bright colors for your furniture and classroom decorations to create a cheerful classroom environment.

If you love the feel of a bright space check out some colorful classroom decoration ideas below.

1 | Vibrant Color Scheme

bright classroom decorations

Image Source | steppintoelementary

Here’s an example of a cheerful classroom decorated with bright colors in every area of the space for a cohesive feel.

2 | Bright Bulletin Board Paper

colorful bulletin boards
Image Source | sweetfirstiefun

   An easy way to inject some color into your classroom is with bright bulletin board paper as the backdrop for your displays.

3 | Colorful Bulletin Board

classroom with colorful bulletin board
Image Source | schoolgirlstyle

Add some color in your classroom with a bright colorful bulletin board with a positive message.

4 | Coral & Teal Classroom Color Scheme

teal and orange classroom color scheme

In this room the teacher started with a coral and teal color scheme to unite the room. The kids would love if you added fun touches like the exercise ball chairs and the tiki umbrella.

If you love the idea of the exercise ball chair here are some similar ones on Amazon.

The tiki umbrella table is so fun!  Here's a similar tiki umbrella that you can place in an outdoor table with an umbrella hole.

5 | Dark Blue and Pink Classroom Decoration Idea

blue and pink classroom decoration idea

In this class they stuck with a dark blue and light pink color scheme.  You can add large framed prints to inspire the young minds in your class and create a cohesive look for the room.

My favorite part of this room is the marble accent wall, which is a stunning focal point for the entire room.  You can re-create this look with Marble self adhesive wallpaper like found here.

Classroom Decorations with Neutral Colors

If you prefer a calmer atmosphere, opt for a neutral color palette. Earthy tones, greys, and whites serve as the perfect backdrop for pops of color in details like cushions, vases, or decorative items. If this sounds like the vibe you’re going for in your classroom check out how to pull off the look below.

6 | Neutral Color Palette

Classroom decor with neutral colors
Image Source | flourishinfirst

For a calming vibe in your classroom try a neutral color palette with greys, browns and light colors.

7 | Natural Color Scheme

classroom decorations with natural colors
Image Source | confettiandcreativity

Get inspired by nature and add natural colors like all shades of green and brown.

Cute Classroom Themes

When deciding on your classroom design consider a pretty theme with colors you love to create a beautiful learning environment for you and your students.  Check out some of the best classroom themes this year including retro, bee, camping and a jungle themed classroom.

8 | Retro Classroom Theme

cute classroom theme
Image Source | schoolgirlstyle

A popular theme that I’m loving this year is the retro class theme. Choose this theme if you want to create a beautiful and fun feel in your room.  You can add smiley faces, daisies and disco balls with beautiful pastel colors.  This themed décor is from Schoolgirl Style.

9 | Bee Class Theme

bee classroom theme
Image Source | diverselittlelearners

The bee class theme is another fun idea that works great for younger elementary students.  It works well with yellow and other pastel colors.  There are tons of fun ideas for bee puns like hive helpers for your classroom jobs.

10 | Jungle Classroom Theme

classroom decorations with jungle theme
Image Source | gradesandgrace

Try a modern jungle theme in your classroom by adding cute pictures of wild animals and animal patterns like stripes, leopard and cheetah print in fun colors.

11 | Camping Themed Classroom

camping classroom theme

Here's an example of a stunning camping themed classroom. The floral wallpaper really makes a statement in this room. Choose a bold graphic floral print to re-create this look in your class. Here’ a similar large print red floral wallpaper available on Etsy that I love.

What makes this classroom amazing are the unexpected elements. For example, would your students love to work or read in a canoe?  The giant games would also definitely be a student favorite.  You can find some giant games on Amazon here.

Classroom Wall Decoration Ideas

Are you looking for some creative ideas to decorate those blank classroom walls?  Let’s check out some fun ideas like wall murals, classroom posters, wall decals and creating a classroom fridge below.

12 | Beautiful Classroom Wall Mural

wall mural classroom decoration
Image Source | miss__hunterr

If you’re lucky enough to be able to paint your classroom walls, try a stunning mural like this.  A whimsical rainbow pattern doesn’t have to look perfect and that’s what make it pretty easy to pull off.

Choose three or four colors that go with your class décor. Then add a positive saying above the rainbow like you are so smart.

13 | Classroom Decor with Wall Decals

wall decals classroom decoration
Image Source | gradesandgrace

Another great option to decorate your classroom walls is with wall decals with positive sayings, like choose kindness.  You can also add pretty flowers, leaves, or rainbow decals to accentuate your class walls.

14 | The Class Fridge

class fridge classroom decoration idea
Image Source | lessonplansandvans

I love this idea of creating a family environment by dedicating a space in your classroom for the class fridge.  This is the spot where you can add magnets and put pictures of students or excellent work to make them feel proud.

15 | Straight Letters Hack

classroom wall straight letters hack
Image Source | gradesandgrace

When decorating your class walls copy this hack to get your letters straight.

  • First you lay your letters on the floor and use straight lines on the floor as guides, such as floor tiles.
  • Then put tape over the letters
  • Next place the letters on the wall and get them just where you want them.
  • Secure the backside of the letters with glue, tape or tac.
  • Then remove the tape on the front of the letters.

16 | Create a Selfie Station

selfie station classroom decoration idea
Image Source | mrs.colonteach

I love the idea of creating an aesthetic picture taking or selfie station in your class.  This is especially fun at the beginning of the year when parents can be involved too.

17 | Classroom Poster Gallery Wall

classroom poster gallery wall decoration idea
Image Source | lololoveslearning

A simple way to decorate your blank walls that always looks great is to create a gallery wall of classroom posters.

For a fun touch you can add a small word to the center of your collage.  Read, think or kind are all great choices.  To copy this idea get blank letters from the Craft store and use a hot glue gun to add colorful poms, buttons or sequins.

Classroom Poster Kits

There are some poster décor kits that you can get so that your posters coordinate with each other.  Check out some of my favorite kits below.

18 | Book Character Poster Bundle

classroom book posters
Classroom Poster Bundle | Find it Here

If you want to create a gallery wall in your classroom here's a fun package with 45 favorite book characters.  It is available on Etsy for download.

19 | Positive Classroom Posters

Positive classroom Poster Bundle
Positive Poster Bundle | Find it Here

Here's a fun pack of classroom motivational posters with cute pictures and positive messages that would look great on a blank bulletin board or classroom wall.  This one is also from Etsy for digital download.

Bulletin Board Ideas

Use bulletin boards to showcase students' work, display classroom rules, or post inspiring quotes. Check out some of my favorite classroom decoration ideas with beautiful bulletin boards below.

20 | It’s Ok to Not Feel Okay Bulletin Board Idea

it's ok to not feel ok classroom bulletin board
Image Source | teachwith_ms.r

Here’s how you can create a beautiful bulletin board like this.  First talk with students about strategies that they can implement when they are feeling upset, sad or stressed out.  Then add a picture of each student and have them complete this sentence when I am feeling upset I can…

21 | Calendar Bulletin Board

classroom calendar decoration idea
Image Source | missjacobslittlelearners

Create a calendar bulletin board at the beginning of the school year and update it every month.  Choose colors that coordinate with your class décor or class theme for a cohesive look in your room.

22 | Colorful Bulletin Board Idea

colorful bulletin board classroom decoration
Image Source | millennialmathteacher

If you're looking for a great idea to wow your students even before they walk in the door then copy this bulletin board in the hallway. This colorful display would be the perfect spot to take student pictures as well.

23 | Women's History Month Bulletin Board

women's history month bulletin board idea

Wow, what an amazing bulletin board for women’s history month! If you love this look, find fun artistic pictures on the internet for what your class is studying and make it a statement in your classroom!

If you're looking for more bulletin board ideas check out this post...23 Unique Bulletin Board Ideas to Try This Year.

Whiteboard Decoration Ideas

Have you considered adding some décor to your whiteboard to elevate the style in your classroom? You could add shelves, cubbies, borders, tassels, banners or small décor to make the space look amazing.  Check out some of the best classroom decoration ideas for your whiteboards below.

24 | Whiteboard Shelving

whiteboard shelving classroom decoration idea
Image Source | teachovertherainbow

Whiteboard shelving can be functional and beautiful.  Mix in cute décor like plants along with your school supplies storage for a beautiful classroom aesthetic.

If you want to copy this idea, you can find magnetic shelves and storage options for your whiteboard here.

25 | Black and White Whiteboard Decor

black and white classroom whiteboard decoration idea
Image Source | literacyforbigkids

A black and white color scheme for your whiteboards would look great with colored walls.  You can add patterned bulletin board borders and create pretty headers with a Cricut.

26 | Whiteboard Décor Inspiration

classroom whiteboard decoration idea
Image Source | flourishinfirst

Here’s an example of how you can elevate a simple whiteboard with a decorative border, décor and a pom pom banner.

27 | Boho Whiteboard Décor Idea

boho whiteboard classroom decoration idea
Image Source | especially.esl

Create a pretty classroom job display on your whiteboard by adding a tassel banner and a little boho hanging.

Classroom Door Decoration Ideas

Creating an awesome class door is a great way to make a first impression for your students and set the tone for your entire classroom.  Check out some stunning classroom doors to copy below.

28 | Our Class is Full of Smart Cookies Class Door

classroom door decoration idea
Image Source | splendidin2nd

This amazing classroom door was inspired by the book Smart Cookie and features adorable cookies with the phrase, "our class if full of smart cookies."

29 | Affirmation Station Class Door

affirmation station classroom door
Image Source | fabulousfigs

If you love all the affirmation stations you see on social media but don't have the wall space for it in your classroom then the back of your class door is the perfect spot to set one up.  All you need is an over the door mirror and a set of positive affirmations.

For more ideas for affirmation stations check out this post...Affirmation Station: Easy How to Guide for Your Classroom

Classroom Library Decoration Ideas

Your ultimate classroom library starts with great books.  Then you can add a cozy reading nook, bookshelves, comfy seating, and string lights to create a magical atmosphere that encourages reading and exploration.  Check out some more stunning classroom decoration ideas for your class library below.

30 | Pretty Class Library Inspiration

pretty classroom library decoration ideas
Image Source | anappleforeden

A small space can become a beautiful library in your classroom with neat an organized shelving and an inspirational wall display.

31 | Cozy Reading Bench

classroom library decoration idea with bench
Image Source | kindersandcoffee_

Add a cozy spot to read in your class library by adding cushions and pillows to a bookcase to transform it into a bench.

Create a Cozy Reading Nook

Have you created a cozy reading nook in your classroom?  If not or if you need a little inspiration to take it up a notch check out these amazing reading nooks in the classrooms below. These will give your students that extra motivation to curl up with a new book.

32 | Reading Corner with Canopy

classroom reading corner with canopy

This is the perfect space for a little alone time in the canopy with a great book. I love the extra touch of the cute accents on the bookshelf by the reading nook.

33 | Reading Teepee

teepee in classroom for reading

What kid would not want to curl up with a good book inside this cozy teepee? You can re-create this look in your classroom by placing a teepee and some comfy pillows in the corner of the room close to a bookshelf.

You can find a similar teepee on Amazon here.

If you're looking for more ideas to create an awesome reading nook or classroom library, then check out this post - 10 Epic Classroom Library Ideas

Homey Classroom Decoration Ideas

Combine comfy seating, soft lighting, and warm colors to make your classroom feel like home. Think outside the box and incorporate elements that you normally see in homes to create a welcoming and inviting environment for your students.  See what I mean below.

34 | Wallpaper In the Classroom

wallpaper in the classroom

This amazing classroom illustrates a few ways to create a home like feel.

First, we can see that wallpaper is not just for homes, it's an easy way to make a statement on a wall in your class too. You can find some fun tropical wallpapers here.

Nex, think of seating that you would have in your house like living room sofas and dining table and chairs. Then check out local thrift shops to find some household furniture that you may be able to paint, upholster, refurnish and add to your room.

Maybe you can have friends and family help with the makeover. Another idea is to take on one small makeover each year and then after a few years you will have an amazing space like this.

35 | Floral Centerpiece for Classroom Tables

centerpiece for classroom desks

Here's another example of creating a home like environment in your classroom. Would you ever think to add floral centerpieces to your class tables? Probably not but look how this instantly livens up the classroom.

36 | Add Curtains to Classroom Windows

classroom curtains decoration idea
Image Source | gradesandgrace

To add a homey feel to your classroom add curtains just like you would in your house.

37 | Comfy Classroom Seating

classroom decoration idea with comfy seating
Image Source | gradesandgrace

Comfy seating options and tons of throw pillows makes this classroom feel like home.

Classroom Organization with Style

Introduce stylish storage solutions like labeled bins, color-coded shelves, and easy-to-carry caddies for a well-organized learning space. Motivate your students to contribute to maintaining a clutter-free zone.  Check out some inspiration below to set up a classroom organization system in style.

38 | Pretty Decor and Organization

stylish classroom organization idea
Image Source | thehappylittleclassroom

I love the idea of mixing in pretty decorations alongside your classroom organization.  Add plants, cute signs and décor to take your classroom style up a notch.

39 | Stylish Labels

cute labels for classroom decoration
Image Source | atouchofclassteaching

Find beautiful labels that match your classroom theme, and you and your students will be extra motivated to keep everything tidy and looking nice!

40 | Color Coordinated Classroom Organization Supplies

color coded classroom organization
Image Source | thehappylittleclassroom

Pick a color scheme and stick to it with your organization supplies for a pretty and cohesive feel in your room.

41 | Teacher Cart Idea

teacher cart idea

Why not create a pretty and functional organized supply cart that you can wheel wherever you need in your class?  Markers, pens, stickers, sticky notes, notebook paper, cords and everything else you need to run your class in this one convenient spot where students can help themselves to whatever they need to complete their project.

If you want to create your own teacher cart, check out this post for tons of inspiration A Teacher Cart - The One Thing You Need in Your Classroom This Year


For more organization ideas check out this post - 83 Best Classroom Organization Ideas 

Classroom Rug

One of the best ways to add color, texture, comfort and another layer of personality into your classroom is with a class rug.  There are tons of designs so you can be sure to find one that goes with your theme or colors.

42 | Colorful Classroom Rug

classroom decoration idea with colorful rug
Image Source | kerregan_calhoun

A classroom rug is another opportunity to inject color and personality into your classroom.

If you love this rug you can find it here. It's available in different colors and sizes too.

43 | Cozy Classroom Rug

classroom decoration idea with cozy rug
Image Source | sweetlittlelearners

You can also use your classroom rug to add depth, and texture by choosing a plush rug like this.  This works especially well in an area that students will be sitting on the floor.

Here's a similar shag rug from Amazon.

Creative Classroom Decoration Ideas

Now let’s check out some creative ways to take your classroom décor to the next level.  Like adding a faux fireplace and fun seating plus an inexpensive way to add that wow factor to a classroom wall.

44 | Classroom Fireplace

fireplace classroom decoration ide
Image Source | hello_fifth

If you have a small space in your classroom here’s your sign to add a little fireplace.  You can use faux brick bulletin board paper and even add a little shelf as your mantel!

45 | Add Fun Flexible Seating

classroom decoration idea with fun seating
Image Source | lovegrowslearning

Would your students love fun seating options like pool inflatables in your reading nook?

If you want to steal this idea, you can find tons of fun pool inflatables here.

46 | Party Streamers as Wall Decor

classroom decoration idea with streamers
Image Source | sweetlittlelearners

A cheap way to add color and texture to your classroom is to decorate an entire wall with party streamers!  Here's a pack of streamers with pretty rainbow colors.

Classroom Accessories

Sprinkle a few well-chosen classroom accessories like inspirational quote signs, garlands, plants, and flowers. These little details can significantly enhance the atmosphere of your classroom and make it feel like a second home.  Check out some of my favorite classroom decoration ideas with pretty accessories below.

47 | Cute Classroom Accessories

classroom decoration idea with cute accessories
Image Source | thatyoungeducator

Cute signs, comfy pillows and a simple pom pom garland add a fun touch to this classroom corner.

48 | Natural Classroom Decor

natural classroom decoration idea
Image Source | stepinsidemyclassroom

For bring nature to your classroom add greenery vines to your whiteboard and small plants throughout the classroom.

49 | Warm up Your Classroom with Decor

classroom decoration idea with natural elements
Image Source | kindersandcoffee_

Add natural materials like wicker baskets and a bamboo chair to instantly add warmth to your classroom.

Fun Classroom Decor Ideas

When creating a fun and welcoming environment it’s all about the details.  Check out some ideas below to add something a little extra to your classroom décor this year.

50 | Classroom Screensaver

classroom decoration idea with cute screen saver
Image Source | mycozyhappyhome_

An easy way to elevate your class style is to change your screensaver to a positive message that goes with your class décor.

51 | Cute Classroom Play Area

cute classroom play area idea
Image Source | confettiandcreativity

If you have a nature theme or a camping theme steal this idea to add a fun play area to an unused corner of your classroom.

Create a One-of-a-Kind Teacher’s Space

Ok, so you poured your heart out to create an amazing space for your students now take a moment to create the same amazing space for yourself. Let’s be honest you're going to be the one spending the most time in that classroom why not create a cute space just for you?

Check out the inspirations below of how to create a one-of-a-kind space for your desk and for you!

52 | Fun Desk Accessories

teacher's desk accessories classroom decoration idea

Step one to creating the perfect teacher space is to collect fun desk accessories, wall art and shelving.

53 | Cozy Chair for Your Teacher Space

chair in teacher's classroom space

Next add your favorite cozy chair and voila the perfect teacher space!

The Best Classroom Signs

Below is a collection of my favorite classroom signs which are the perfect classroom decoration to create a fun and inviting space for your kiddos plus, I'll tell you where you can find them.

54 | Come on In We're Awesome

classroom sign come in in we're awesome

55 | In a World Where You Can Be Anything Be Kind

in a world where you can be anything be kind classroom sign

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some creative themes for classroom decoration?

You can try themes like "Under the Sea," "Space Exploration," or "Jungle Safari" to make your classroom stand out. Remember to include related decor items like posters, cutouts, and even students' artwork to bring the theme to life.

How can I spruce up classroom walls without spending a lot?

To add some flair to your classroom walls on a budget, consider using butcher paper or fabric as an affordable backdrop. You can also create DIY wall art using free or inexpensive printables. If you want to display student work, try using a clothesline and clothespins strung between two ceiling hooks.

Can you suggest classroom decoration ideas suitable for high school students?

For high school students you can incorporate a mix of inspirational quotes and informational posters relevant to the curriculum you teach. Leave room for students' artwork, projects, or achievements, and consider adding a designated area where students can collaborate or discuss ideas during class.

What are some ideas for decorating a grade 1 or kindergarten classroom?

For younger students, aim for an inviting and colorful atmosphere. Incorporate educational elements such as the alphabet, numbers, or colors. Create cozy reading nooks and play areas that encourage exploration and learning. Use characters from popular children's books or cartoons to make the space relatable and fun for young minds.

Where can I find printable materials for DIY classroom decor?

Some of the best online resources are Pinterest, Teachers Pay Teachers, Etsy and Amazon. You can also create your own printables on Canva.  Canva is a graphic design site that is free for teachers.  To learn more about it check out this post...Canva for Teachers: Your Easy Guide to Get Started

Classroom Decoration Ideas Pinterest

I made this post so it's easy for you to save your favorite ideas to Pinterest.  Just click on the picture you want to save and then click on the P and then choose your board.

Hope you've found some inspiration from the most amazing classroom decoration ideas out there and have some new ideas that you can take back to your own classroom. We all know that you don’t have an unlimited budget but with a little creativity and some inspiration you can still create a stylish classroom. Bottom line is you have one of the most important jobs in the world and you deserve to be surrounded by an atmosphere that makes you feel energized, happy and inspired to do the amazing things you do!


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