About Me


I’m a Christian wife and mom of three.  This blog is named after the 3…Chase, Taylor (Tater Tot) & Madison (Mads)

My life is very full, loud, busy and hectic with family, work, and all the kids activities like soccer, football, swimming, karate, basketball, guitar lessons and whatever else they may be into at the moment.  But I love it and wouldn't have it any other way.

My happy place is after the kids go to bed, (did I just say that?) on the couch with a glass of wine watching HGTV, oh yeah and probably playing on Pinterest during commercials.

I love to collect beautiful ideas for home décor, fashion, and all the little things that make life fun and meaningful. That's probably why I am obsessed with Pinterest. I initially created this blog as my own creative outlet. I discovered that I have to do something creative every day to make my soul happy.

But now it has morphed into a place where I can share ideas with moms and teachers that have hectic lives like me and want to come to one place to get inspired.

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God has placed on my heart a passion to help others and that's why a portion of the blog & business proceeds go to help those in need all around the world.

To date Chaylor & Mads has helped

  • 31 girls go to school for an entire year in areas of crisis around the world.

-This money sends girls to school in countries where they would otherwise not have the opportunity to go.  Educated girls become smart, strong leaders that can help bring change to their communities.

& Chaylor & Mads has provided

  • 28 Newborn Kits to at risk mother's in Zimbabwe

-These baby kits are filled with the clothing and baby essentials to help these mothers care for their newborns.

This blog also sponsors a 12 year old and a 9 year old girl from Ecuador and a 10 year old boy from the Dominican Republic.

Pretty cool for one little lifestyle blog, right?

My mission is to help 1,000 strangers have a better life. Want to join in my mission? You can help by sharing your favorite blog post or by making purchases with my links.

Or you can donate directly to one of my favorite charities, rescue.org or children international  or any charity you want!!!  P.S if you donate directly please hit me up and let me know, we can make a change together!

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