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63 Fun and Easy Classroom Christmas Bulletin Board Decorations

Are you looking for some fun and easy ideas for Classroom Christmas bulletin board decorations? If so then this post is for you. I’ve found tons of new ideas to add a little festive touch to your classroom this year that you and your students will love.

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Christmas Classroom Bulletin Board Ideas

Here are some of the Classroom Christmas bulletin board decorations that I’ll show you in this post:

  • Christmas Break Countdowns
  • Polar Express Bulletin Boards
  • Buddy the Elf Ideas
  • Snow Globe Bulletin Board Decorations
  • Ideas for Pre-school, Elementary, Middle School and High School
  • Acts of Kindness Bulletin Boards
  • Simple Ideas with Christmas Posters
  • Ideas with Student Work & Art
  • Winter Themes
  • All the Holiday Favorites like Santa, Reindeer and Stocking

Read on to check out all of these ideas and so much more!

Snow Glow Globe Bulletin Boards

Create a winter wonderland with snow globe-inspired bulletin boards. Fill them with cute winter scenes or snowy landscapes. This idea is not only adorable but also allows you to celebrate winter in a fun, creative way. Check out some more ideas below for snow globe bulletin boards.

1 | Student Snow Globes

Snow globe bulletin board
Image Source | educatingwith_em

You can read your students the, “Snow Globe Family” and then have them decorate their own Snow Globes. For an extra fun touch add pictures of your students so it looks like they are in the globe!

2 | Snow Globe Chalk Art Activity

Snow globe chalk art classroom activity
Image Source | irishprimaryclassroom

Have your students create this beautiful snow globe designs with black paper and chalk. Here are the steps.

  1. Have students cut out a large circle from a different piece of paper and place it in the center of the paper.
  2. With two or three colors of chalk they create rays of color around the circle.
  3. Then they will remove the circle and create their Christmas snow globe design.

3 | Watercolor Snowman Snow Globes

watercolor snow globe class art
Image Source | artschoolfun

Here’s another amazing art project. This would work well for older students that are learning how to use shading in their designs.

Polar Express Bulletin Boards

Invite your students to hop aboard the Polar Express with themed bulletin boards that feature trains, tickets, and more! This charming display captures the magic of the holiday season. Check out some inspiration below and where to get Polar Express bulletin board decorations.

4 | All Aboard the Polar Express

Polar Express Bulletin Board
Image Source | hallswayoflearning

Create a train for your Polar Express Bulletin Board with construction paper. You can add a box for students to place their tickets in.

5 | All Aboard the Christmas Express

Christmas Train bulletin board kit
Where to Find | Train Kit

With this kit you can print any words that you want to go along with your students riding a Christmas train.

6 | Railroad Crossing Wall Decal

railroad crossing classroom decoration
Where to Find | Railroad Sign

This sticker may be a good addition to your polar express bulletin board and can be found on Amazon. Click the link under the picture to check it out.

7 | Polar Express Tickets

Polar Express Tickets
Where to Find | Polar Express Tickets

These train tickets could be a great addition to your Polar Express bulletin board.

Bulletin Board Ideas with Student Names

Incorporate your students' names into festive designs such as snowflakes, ornaments, or stockings. This personalized touch encourages a sense of belonging and builds excitement for the holidays.

Check out some ideas below of how teachers have created classroom Christmas bulletin board decorations with student names plus, find out where you can get personalized kits that you can add names to.

8 | Bless These Little Mitts

Mitten bulletin board decorations
Image Source | bambieyes0714

Have Students write their names on mittens and hang them on a string with clothes pins for personalized classroom Christmas bulletin board decorations.

9 | Deck the Halls

Christmas lights bulletin board
Where to Find | Lights Décor Kit

You can edit text to add student names to the Christmas lights on this bulletin board kit.

10 | Don’t Be a Grinch

Grinch Bulletin board with student names
Where to Find | Grinch Kit


You can edit these Christmas ornaments to add students’ names with this bulletin board kit.

11 | Student Names on Presents

Christmas bulletin board decorations with student names
Where to Find | Christmas Van Kit

On this Christmas bulletin board kit, you can add student names to each of the presents for a cheerful display.

Gingerbread House Bulletin Board Decorations

Who doesn't love a gingerbread house? Create a cozy, inviting atmosphere with gingerbread-themed bulletin board decorations. Your students will adore this sweet setup. Below check out some inspiration and where you can get gingerbread bulletin board decorations.

12 | DIY Gingerbread House Bulletin Board

DIY gingerbread house bulletin board
Image Source | heidisongs

Here’s a great example of how you can DIY a gingerbread house in your classroom. The lollipops and roof are made with paper plates. The round gum drops are made from tissue paper wadded into a ball and the candy canes were made with foam boards.

13 | Gingerbread House Bulletin Board Decorations

gingerbread bulletin board decorations
Where to Find | Gingerbread Cutouts

These cutouts would help you create an easy, cute gingerbread house bulletin board.

14 | Gingerbread House Bulletin Board Borders

gingerbread house bulletin board borders
Image Source | Gingerbread Borders

Here’s some cute borders to go with your gingerbread house bulletin boards.

Acts of Kindness Bulletin Board

Celebrate the spirit of giving with an Acts of Kindness bulletin board. Display examples of good deeds and encourage students to participate in spreading cheer. Check out below how to create your own acts of kindness bulletin board.

15 | Your Light Shines Bright With Kindness

Acts of Kindness bulletin board
Image Source | themarvelousmrsmay

To create this kindness bulletin board, have students each write their own acts of kindness on one of the Christmas lights.

16 | Lighting Our School with Kindness

kindness Christmas lights bulletin board
Image Source | the_jolly_classroom

For this bulletin board each number has an act of kindness on the back. This classroom will complete one act of kindness each day in December and then journal about their experience at the end of the day. What an amazing way to teach students simple ways to show kindness!

17 | Christmas Lights Bulletin Board Decorations

Christmas lights cutouts
Where to Find | Christmas Light Cutouts

If you want to steal these kindness bulletin board ideas, you can use these Christmas light cut-outs from Amazon to get you started.

Festive Holiday Bulletin Boards

Get into the holiday spirit with festive bulletin board decorations. This can feature anything from Christmas tree cutouts to artificial snow and twinkling lights. Be creative and make your walls sparkle. Get inspired by some festive holiday bulletin board ideas below.

18 | Merry & Bright

festive classroom Christmas bulletin board decorations
Image Source | thekindieteam

Add student pictures to these Christmas ornaments that they create to involve students in your beautiful holiday decorations.

19 | Have a Holly Jolly Christmas

fun classroom Christmas bulletin board decorations
Image Source | applesandabcs

Here’s a fun festive Christmas bulletin board idea with student names on the cute little trees.

Elf Bulletin Board

Design an elf-themed bulletin board by turning your students into cute little elves, incorporating elf on the shelf or adding Buddy the elf to your classroom display. Check out how to pull off an elf bulletin board that your students will love below.

20 | Grab a Buddy and Ready

Buddy the elf bulletin board
Image Source | inthemiddlelibrarian

Incorporate everyone’s favorite elf, Buddy in your display. You can print off his head online and add to your bulletin board to copy this idea.

21 | Buddy the Elf Bulletin Board Quote

elf bulletin board decorations
Image Source |

Incorporate movie quotes with an educational twist. This bulletin board reads, “The best way to spread Christmas cheer is reading loud for all to hear!” Students created their own reading elves for the display.

22 | This Classroom is under Elf Surveillance

elf on the shelf bulletin board
Image Source | sweetjourneyandpolkadots

If you have a classroom elf this would be a fun bulletin board to get students excited about the elf’s arrival.

If you have a classroom elf, you can find some fun ideas in this post...

45 Creative Elf on the Shelf Classroom Ideas

23 | Spread Joy Be Yours-Elf

Elf classroom Christmas bulletin board decorations
Image Source | teachinginstripes

Have students create little elves with their photos on them for a bulletin board decoration they will love.

Countdown to Christmas Break Bulletin Board

Build anticipation for the upcoming holiday break with a countdown calendar on your bulletin board. Keep it simple but fun, making each day a little celebration. Check out some of my favorite ideas to pull off the countdown to Christmas break bulletin board below.

24 | Holiday Cheer Christmas Break Countdown

creative countdown to Christmas break bulletin board
Image Source | smileatlifeshop

For this Christmas break countdown each number has an example of a way to spread holiday cheer like sit with someone new at lunch.

25 | Countdown with Kindness

kindness countdown Christmas bulletin board
Image Source | sweetestteacher

For each day the class opens a link on the kindness chain to display an act of kindness that will spread joy throughout the school

26 | Oh Deer Winter Break is Almost Here

Deer Countdown to Christmas break bulletin board
Where to Find | Break Countdown Kit

This bulletin board kit comes with a little countdown to get everyone excited for Christmas break.

Bulletin Board with Student Stockings

Invite students to decorate their own stockings for display on the bulletin board. This creates a sense of ownership and engagement while promoting holiday cheer. You could also purchase paper stockings and have each student write their name on it.

Check out some more ideas of classroom Christmas bulletin board decorations with stockings below.

27 | Students Created Stockings

bulletin board with students' own stockings
Image Source | heidisongs

To copy this bulletin board idea first create a fireplace with brick background paper. Then have students create their own stockings with construction paper string and cotton balls.

28 | Cozy Fireplace Bulletin Board

fireplace and Christmas stockings bulletin board
Image Source | kayla.marie246

You could also create a fireplace with black chalkboard paper and chalk to really make the student’s stocking pop.

29 | Stocking Bulletin Board Decorations

stockings bulletin board decorations
Stocking Cutouts | Find them Here

This 45-piece kit is an easy way to add a festive touch to your Christmas classroom decorations.

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Bulletin Boards

Pay tribute to the classic Rudolph story with a themed bulletin board featuring the beloved, red-nosed reindeer and his friends. Have students create their own reindeers with construction paper or paint to create a fun Christmas display.

Check out some ideas below for classroom Christmas bulletin board decorations with reindeer.

30 | Our Differences Makes Us Special

Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer bulletin board
Image Source | appliciousteacher

This bulletin board focuses on the central theme of the Rudolph story that our differences make us special. To copy this idea, create one Rudolph surrounded by other reindeer.

31 | Preschool Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Bulletin Board

preschool classroom Christmas bulletin board decorations
Image Source | prekchynanigans

To copy this Christmas bulletin board decoration idea, have each student create their own Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer with their handprints as antlers.

Nativity Story Bulletin Boards

Recount the Nativity story and its message with a bulletin board display that highlights the scene with bible verses about the birth of Jesus. Check out some inspiration to create a nativity story bulletin board below.

32 | Light of the World

Christian Christmas bulletin board
Image Source | switchedoneducation

This bulletin board would be the perfect backdrop to a classroom nativity scene.

33 | Jesus is the Reason for the Season

Jesus Christmas bulletin board
Where to Find | Jesus Kit

This nativity story bulletin board kit would work well for a Christian school or a church.

34 | Nativity Story Bulletin Board Decorations

Nativity Story Bulletin board decorations
Nativity Bulletin Board Decor | Find it Here

Bulletin Boards with Student Work

Showcase your students' hard work by using their artwork and assignments to create festive displays. Let them take pride in their contributions as they enjoy the season.

35 | Student Art Bulletin Board

classroom Christmas bulletin board decorations with student art
Image Source | mrsgreenartartbaby

Let students create Christmas trees and snowflakes with a variety of colors, and materials to create a stunning holiday bulletin board.

36 | Groovy Work Coming Soon

Student work coming soon bulletin board
Image Source | learningwithkiki

Here’s an idea to get your classroom looking festive even before you’ve had time to implement the classroom Christmas craft project. You can print off some holiday themed posters that say student work coming soon and cover your bulletin board with them.

Simply switch them out when their work is ready. Create them once with a design tool like Canva and can re-use them every year.

Holiday Season Bulletin Board

Celebrate the holiday season with a bulletin board filled with colorful decorations, lights, and cheerful images. This display is sure to brighten up your classroom.

37 | Holiday Carolers Bulletin Board Decorations

Holiday bulletin board decorations
Image Source | muinteoirclara

Students created holiday carolers to look like themselves including winter hats with poms. Each caroler is holding music to Silent Night.

38 | Happy Holidays Bulletin Board

Holiday season bulletin board
Image Source | Retro Kit

This bright Happy Holiday display will add a festive feel to your classroom.

Winter Bulletin Board

Embrace the winter months with a bulletin board showcasing the beauty of the season. This can include snowflakes, icicles, and other wintery elements. My favorite ideas are below.

39 | We are Yeti to Learn

winter bulletin board kit
Yeti Bulletin Board Kit | Find it Here

I created this bulletin board kit with Canva, and it’s available on Etsy. You can add your student pictures to the adorable Yetis to create a fun display.

40 | Snowflakes Bulletin Board Decorations

snowflakes bulletin board
Image Source | applesandabcs

To copy this bulletin board idea, have student create their own snowflakes and put their picture inside with the phrase, “We are like snowflakes all different in our own way.”

41 | Winter Bulletin Board Decorations

winter bulletin board decorations
Let is Snow Kit | Find it Here

Here’s a cute winter bulletin board kit that you can get on Amazon.

Christmas Bulletin Boards with Different Colors

Don't be afraid to step outside traditional holiday colors. Get creative and design a Christmas bulletin board that features a more diverse color palette. You can start with your classroom color scheme and include holiday elements to create a unique Christmas display.

Check out some inspiration below to pull off a Christmas bulletin board with different colors.

42 | Pink Blue & Green Bulletin Board Decorations

classroom Christmas bulletin board decorations different colors
Wonderland Kit | Find it Here

If you have some pink, blue and green in your classroom color scheme then this may be the perfect bulletin board kit for you.

43 | Different Colors Bulletin Board Kit

Holiday bulletin board unique colors
Happy Holly-Days Kit | Find it Here

I love the twist on traditional holiday colors like trying orange and teal for your color scheme.

Elementary School Christmas Bulletin Board Ideas

For elementary students, keep designs simple and festive with an educational touch. Elementary students love classic holiday symbols like snowmen, Santa and Christmas trees. Check out some ideas below to create the perfect bulletin boards for your elementary school.

44 | Santa with Books Bulletin Board Decorations

elementary school classroom Christmas bulletin board decorations
Image Source | greatlibrarydisplays

You could re-create this Christmas bulletin board by printing off the covers of some of your students’ favorite books. Be sure to add the phrase, “Dear Santa bring me new books this year.”

45 | Math Bulletin Board Decorations

math Christmas bulletin board
Image Source | mrs.padillasmathclass

Here’s the perfect Christmas bulletin board to accompany your class geometry lessons. The tree is made of an assortment of shapes. The students are asked to answer several questions relating to the display such as, “How many acute triangles can you spot?”

46 | What Brings You Joy

Image Source | teacherspayteachers

You can easily re-create this interactive bulletin board and ask students to write what brings them joy.

Middle School Christmas Bulletin Board Ideas

Cater to middle school interests with themes and designs that center around popular trends. You’re a middle school teacher you know what those are!

You could also incorporate their favorite actors, actresses or musicians to create a Christmas bulletin board they’re sure to love. Check out some ideas to get you started below.

47 | Rockn Around the Christmas Tree

Rock Christmas bulletin board
Image Source |

Here’s a fun bulletin board idea to copy if your students are fans of the Rock.

48 | Retro Santa Bulletin Board Decorations

retro Santa bulletin board
Image Source | primarily_kinder

Retro themes are in style this year and your middle schoolers might appreciate a bulletin board like this.

49 | In Our Holiday Era

Taylor Swift Christmas bulletin board
Where to Find | ms.wintersteaches1stgrade

If you have a class full of Swifties they may appreciate a bulletin board that references the Era tour. You may even add a picture of Taylor with a Santa hat to take it up a notch!

High School Christmas Bulletin Board Ideas

Create an interactive or informative bulletin board for your high school students. How you wonder? Check out some ideas below.

50 | Self-Care is Snow Important

interactive Christmas bulletin board for high school
Image Source | thecreativeclassroom

This is a self-care countdown to remind everyone to not forget to take care of themselves this time of year. Each day you flip a snow globe around to display a self-care reminder.

51 | Be the I in Kind

Kindness bulletin board idea for school
Image Source | youngschoolartwithmr.g

This bulletin board would give your highschoolers a chance to take a selfie that encourages them to be the I in Kind.

Christmas Bulletin Board Letters

Play with lettering styles and fonts to add personality and flair to your bulletin boards. Bold letters with festive colors will make a statement. Check out my favorite Christmas bulletin board letters that you can get from Amazon below.

52 | Candy Cane Bulletin Board Letters

Christmas bulletin board letters candy cane
Candy Cane Letters | Find them Here

These candy cane letters would be a fun addition to your Christmas classroom display.

53 | Red and Green Bulletin Board Letters

red and green Christmas bulletin board letters
Christmas Bulletin Board Letters | Find them Here

This pack comes with 150 large 7’ letters.

54 | Holiday Bulletin Board Letters

holiday bulletin board letters red and green
Holiday Letters | Find Them Here

This kits from Amazon includes 176 colorful 4.3” letters and symbols.

Christmas Bulletin Board Borders

Frame your festive displays with themed borders that add an extra touch of cheer to your bulletin board. Once again you can check out my favorites from Amazon below.

55 | Red and Green Christmas Borders

Christmas bulletin board borders
Christmas Bulletin Board Trim | Find it Here

You can’t go wrong with festive presents and candy to brighten up your holiday displays.

56 | Christmas Lights Bulletin Board Border

Christmas lights bulletin board border
Christmas Lights Trim | Find it Here

These festive lights would add a fun touch to your Christmas bulletin boards.

57 | Christmas Trees Bulletin Board Border

Christmas trees bulletin board border
Winter Trees Trim | Find it Here

This trim is the perfect extra to for those winter bulletin boards.

Christmas Bulletin Board Kits

Save time and effort by purchasing kits that provide you with all the necessary materials and instructions to create a stunning bulletin board display. My favorite place for bulletin board kits is Etsy. If you’re ok with printing and cutting out yourself, they have some fun designs.

Check out my favorite Christmas bulletin board kits from Etsy below.

58 | It’s Freezin Season

Christmas bulletin board kit with snowmen
Snowman Bulletin Board Kit | Find it Here

This cute digital kit comes with a lot of different sayings but this one is my favorite.

59 | Ho Ho Ho Bulletin Board

Christmas Ho Ho Ho bulletin board decorations
Holiday Bulletin Board Kit | Find it Here

This holiday kit has a retro feel with peace signs, smiley faces and a unique color scheme.

Simple Christmas Bulletin Board Ideas

We all know you don’t have a ton of time to create that immaculate Christmas bulletin board. But you still want something that looks nice and festive in your class. The best simple idea is to display Christmas posters on your board.

You can purchase them from Amazon or Etsy and print them yourself and simply add them to your bulletin board. Check out some of my favorites below.

60 | Clip Board Christmas Display

simple Christmas bulletin board decorations
Image Source | thecreativeclassroom

When you find Christmas posters that you like you can display them on clips boards. This will allow you to easily swap them out for something different when the holidays are over.

61 | Retro Christmas Classroom Posters

Christmas classroom posters
Retro Classroom Posters | Find the Here

I’m loving the playful retro vibes of these Christmas classroom posters that you can get on Etsy and print yourself.

62 | Christmas Classroom Posters on Amazon

Christmas classroom posters on Amazon
Christmas Posters | Find the Here

Then for cute Christmas classroom posters that you don’t need to print yourself, it’s Amazon for the win!

Christmas Bulletin Board Materials

Get crafty with unique materials like wrapping paper, ribbons, and garlands to elevate your bulletin board decorations for the holiday season.

63 | Christmas Bulletin Board Paper

These are some of my favorite bulletin board background papers that you can get on Amazon. Check out below the links to each one.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some creative ideas for elementary school Christmas bulletin boards?

You can create a festive atmosphere by involving your students in designing the bulletin board. Some ideas include a reindeer theme with each student's name on a cut-out reindeer, a Santa's workshop design where each student gets to create their own elf, or a "Christmas Around the World" board showcasing how different cultures celebrate the holiday.

How can I incorporate winter themes into my classroom bulletin board?

To bring a winter touch to your Christmas bulletin board, consider using a snow-covered background or add snowflakes and icicles to the edges of the board. You can also feature winter animals like penguins or polar bears or showcase winter sports and activities.

What are some Christ-centered bulletin board ideas?

If you want to focus on the religious aspect of Christmas, create a Nativity scene with cut-out figures or ask your students to draw their own interpretations of the story. You can also feature Bible verses or famous quotes about Christmas or highlight acts of kindness as a way to embody the spirit of the season.

What food-themed Christmas decorations can I use on a bulletin board?

Cookies and candy canes are classic food-themed Christmas decorations. Create a "Holiday Sweets" bulletin board with illustrations or cut-outs of various treats, or have students create their own gingerbread people to adorn the board. You can also create a "Christmas Feast" scene and incorporate traditional holiday dishes from various cultures.

How can I create a Thanksgiving themed bulletin board?

For a Thanksgiving inspired bulletin board, focus on themes of gratitude and unity. You can have students decorate paper leaves with things they are thankful for and create a "Tree of Thankfulness." Alternatively, you can create a "Harvest Gathering" board, showcasing different cultural Thanksgiving foods and traditions.

What can I use to cover my Christmas bulletin board?

There are various materials you can use for a festive Christmas bulletin board cover if you want to go beyond the normal bulletin board paper. Consider using wrapping paper, felt, or holiday-themed fabric. You can also repurpose old Christmas cards, colorful ribbons, or tinsel to add extra flair and texture to your board. Remember to let your creativity run wild and involve your students in the decorating process to make it even more fun!

Classroom Christmas Bulletin Board Decorations on Pinterest

If you’re obsessed with Pinterest like me, you’re in luck. I made it easy to save your favorite decorations to your Pinterest boards. To do that just click on the picture, then the P and choose your board.

I hope in this post you found the perfect classroom Christmas bulletin board decorations to use in this year. I also hope that you and your students have a fun and festive holiday. If you loved this post, please give it a share!

If you want some more ideas, I created a cheat sheet with 100 puns and sayings for your Winter doors and bulletin boards, you can download it here!

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