83 Best Classroom Door Decor Ideas

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83 Best Classroom Door Decor Ideas

If you’re looking for some new classroom door decor ideas then this post is for you. It’s packed with the latest design ideas created by creative teachers and tons of inspiration for fun, positive, funny and inspirational class doors that you’ll want to copy this year!

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Classroom Door Decor

Creating a welcoming and engaging environment for your students can start with the very first thing they see each day – the classroom door. Let’s check out some ideas for decorating classroom doors for every season of your school year starting with the first day right down to the last.

Welcome Door Decoration Ideas

When decorating your classroom door, consider using colorful decorations like pom garlands, paper flowers or confetti with a welcome message. This will help create those warm and inviting vibes that you want your students to feel as they enter the room. You could also add bright colors, rainbows, or a sunshine theme to set a cheerful and positive tone for your class.

Get inspired by some ideas below.

Together at Last Welcome Back to Class

Image Source | happysmilingteacher

Decorating Classroom Door with Paper Fans

Image Source | lessonswithlaughter

Future Leaders are in This School

Image Source | lovegrowslearning

Decorating Classroom Door with Paper Flowers

Image Source | a.creative.land

Decorating Classroom Door with Paper Pom Garland

Image Source | teachinganduplifting

When You Enter This Classroom Door Decor

Image Source | lessonswithlaughter

Characters Welcome Class Door

Image Source | teachingthird

Classroom Door Ideas for Back to School

For back-to-school time, you could choose themes that celebrate new beginnings or fresh starts. One idea is using an adventure theme or a colorful paint theme. Check out what I mean below.

It’s Going to be a Colorful Year

Image Source | happysmilingteacher

The Adventure Begins

Image Source | imnotjustascribble

This Year is Going to Be A-Maze-Ing

Image Source | teachingthird

Adventure Begins Here

Image Source | teachingthird

Classroom Door Displays

Your classroom door could be used as a display space for students’ work, creative projects, student names or important announcements. If you’re looking for an easy and modern way to showcase these items, you can purchase door display kits on Etsy in your class theme that include pretty borders and other decorative materials.

Decorating Classroom Door with Student Names

Image Source | learningwithtee

101 Dalmatians Classroom Door Display

Image Source | youngteacherdiaries

Welcome to Our Class Door Display

Sunshine Welcome to Class Kit | Find it Here

Chalkboard Paint Classroom Door

Image Source | edutopia

An easy way to be able to change your door when the mood strikes is to start with chalkboard paint.

Decorating Classroom Door with Class Rules

Image Source | teachingthird

For more ideas about classroom rules check out this post… Classroom Rules & Class Expectations Examples

Classroom Door Ideas

Take inspiration from your classroom subject or a topic you’re covering. For example, if you’re reading a book to the class you can incorporate the book on your door. You could also use your classroom themes to inspire your door decor.

Check out some more ideas below.

We are Brave Like Ruby

Image Source | isapartycreations

This first grade class learned about Ruby Bridges and then wrote how they have been brave like her.

The Bad Seed & The Good Egg

Image Source | teachingandcardigans

We are Wild About School

Image Source | alattelearning

Classroom Door Decoration Ideas Creative

Get creative with your classroom door and encourage student involvement. Let your students give input and help you design the door and then create a class project where they can help create the decorations. This will not only create a sense of ownership but also foster creativity and teamwork among your students.

Check out some examples below.

Decorating Classroom Door with Student’s Hands

Image Source | crisarinna

Good Friend Door Display

Image Source | misshlovesteaching

To copy this idea, have student write the qualities of a good friend on the petals of a flower.

Fun in the Sun Classroom Door Decor

Image Source | learningwithvictoria

Wings Classroom Door

Image Source | theprintedsociety

This door is the perfect spot for a selfie!

Inspirational Classroom Door Ideas

Using quotes or motivational sayings on your class door is a great way to inspire and motivate your students daily. Choose phrases that encourage positive thinking, persistence, or curiosity. You can present the quotes in a visually appealing way, such as using beautiful and colorful fonts or pairing them with eye-catching images.

Let Your Dreams Bloom into Something Beautiful

Image Source | joeyudovich

Be the Change

Image Source | teachinganduplifting

We all Have Something Within Us that This World Needs

Image Source | kindershenanigans

Your Wings Already Exist Class Door

Image Source | theprintedsociety

Easy Door Decoration Ideas

If you’re pressed for time or resources, I have a few easy ideas for you. You can use pre-made decoration kits that require minimal setup or use everyday items like stickers, construction paper, and markers to create unique and fun door designs. Check out some ideas below that are both easy and stylish.

I am Door Decorations

Image Source | teachingbooksmarts

Easy Classroom Door Decor Idea

Image Source | comingupsunshine_

Decorating Classroom Door with Paper Flower

Image Source | treetopteaching

We are a Sharp Bunch

Image Source | k3teachers

Seasonal Classroom Door Décor

If you love to change up your door for the season or the next holiday then you’ll love this next section. I have tons of ideas for you!

Classroom Door Decor for Fall

Fall is a season of change and colorful foliage. At this time of year, consider creating door decor featuring autumn leaves, pumpkins, or even a fun Thanksgiving or Halloween themed design. You can involve your students in the process by having them help create components of the decor like leaf cutouts or handprint turkeys.

Check out some more fall door decor ideas below.

There’s a Whole Latte Learning Happening in This Classroom

Fall Latte Door Décor Kit | Find it Here

Halloween Classroom Door Idea

Image Source | kate_in_k

Boo to You from Our Crew

Image Source | kinder.and.kindness

Pilgrim Minion Class Door

Image Source | teachingthird

Winter Classroom Door Decor Ideas

Winter offers plenty of creative possibilities for class door decoration ideas. One idea is to turn your door into a snowy starry night inspired by Vincent van Gogh’s art. Another option is to create an inviting doorway depicting the magical land of Narnia from “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.” Whether you choose a design based on a well-loved work of art or a beloved story, your students will enjoy walking through a winter wonderland every day.

For more winter door inspiration check out the ideas below.

Candy Land Classroom Door Idea

Image Source | kinder.and.kindness

Holiday Classroom Door Decor

Gnome Décor Kit | Find it Here

Funny Christmas Door Décor Idea

Image Source | ramblingthoughtsfromateacher

Christmas Door Decor

Image Source | kinder.and.kindness

If you’re looking for more Christmas and Holiday door decoration ideas, I wrote an entire post about it.  You can find it here…101 Creative Christmas Classroom Door Decorations

New Year Class Door Decor

Image Source | mrscrispclass

100th Day of School Classroom Door

Image Source | kinder.and.kindness

Valentine’s Day Class Door Decor

For Valentine’s Day, inspire your students with a door that celebrates love and friendship. You can create heart-shaped decorations and add personalized messages or quotes about love to make it extra special. Encourage students to share their own thoughts about kindness and friendship as part of the decor as well.

Check out some more Valentine’s door ideas from creative teachers.

Valentine and Ruby Bridges Classroom Door Decoration Idea

Image Source | theprintedsociety

We Love 1st Grade a Latte

Image Source | mrslopintoslife

You are So Loved

Image Source | joeyudovich

This Class Has My Heart

Image Source | kinder.and.kindness

Classroom Door Decorations for Spring

As the days get longer and warmer, bring the freshness of spring into your classroom with door decor featuring flowers, baby animals, or bright colors. You could even create a “growing minds” theme by having students help design plant cutouts that represent their individual learning progress throughout the year.

Keep reading to check out some more of my favorite Spring classroom door ideas.

Easter Classroom Door Decor

Image Source | shutthefrontdoordoormats

Learning With My Peeps

Image Source | teachingthird

Soaring into Spring

Image Source | fifthgradeflava

April Showers Bring May Flowers

Image Source | kinder.and.kindness

St. Patrick’s Day Classroom Door Decorations

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with fun and festive door decorations! Ideas include any mix of pots of gold, rainbows, leprechauns, and shamrocks. You could also incorporate a bulletin board or door decoration related to luck, fortune, or Irish culture.

Check out some of my favorite ideas below.

Magical Classroom Door Decor

Image Source | shutthefrontdoordoormats

This Class is Golden

Image Source | mrslopintoslife

Classroom Door Ideas Summer

As the school year draws to a close, embrace the warm days of summer with door decor featuring themes like sweet summer treats, sunshine, or the beach. This is a great opportunity to get your students excited for the upcoming break while also celebrating their hard work and accomplishments during the year.

Anything is Popsicle with this Bunch

Image Source | teachingthird

Classroom Door Decoration Ideas for Primary School

Here are some fantastic classroom door decoration ideas for primary school, starting with kindergarten and including growth mindset, and positive themes.

Kindergarten Door Decor Ideas

  • Colorful Poms: Welcome your little ones with a burst of color. Use pom cutouts, borders, and a welcome banner to create this fun and vibrant design.
  • Just Keep Swimming: For an ocean-inspired look, create an underwater scene. Use fish cutouts and a “swim into a year of learning” message to get your students inspired from day one.
  • Welcome to the Jungle: Turn your door into a jungle adventure. Use leaves, vines, and animal cutouts to create a fun, explorative atmosphere where creativity can thrive.

Check out some more fun door ideas that your Kindergarteners will love below.

Kinder is the Sweetest

Image Source | ms.j_in_kinder

Jungle Theme Classroom Door

Image Source | skinderella_art

In This Class We Stick Together

Image Source | adventures_withmissb

You’re in for a Treat Kindergarten is Sweet

Image Source | adventures_withmissb

Growth Mindset Class Door Decor

Here are some ideas for creating a door that focuses on growth mindset:

  • Climbing the Ladder: Encourage a growth mindset by showing students that they can always reach higher. Create a ladder with cutouts, steps labeled with goals, and students’ names on colorful paper footprints.
  • Train your Brain: Remind students that just like muscles, their brains grow stronger with practice. Create a brain-shaped design with fun patterns and messages about the importance of exercising their minds.
  • Plant Seeds of Knowledge: Use flower and plant cutouts to make a garden on your door, symbolizing the growth and progress students will make during the school year.

For some more growth mindset ideas check out these creative doors below.

Words of Wisdom

Image Source | joeyudovich

Minds Grow Here

Image Source | thekidlitmama

This Class Believes in the Power of Yet

Image Source | craftyshanny2

Believe You Can and You’re Halfway There

Image Source | joeyudovich

Positive Classroom Door Décor

If you’re looking for some positive door ideas, I have a few for you:

  • You Matter: Reinforce the value of every student with a door that highlights them individually. Arrange their names or pictures in a heart shape to show how much they matter in your classroom.
  • Be Kind: Inspire a culture of kindness with a door dedicated to good deeds. Encourage students to write acts of kindness on designated cutouts or sticky notes and add them to the door to create a friendly and inclusive environment.
  • Reach for the Stars: Highlight the potential for success with a galaxy-themed door. Use star cutouts, inspirational quotes, and words of encouragement to inspire students to strive for their goals daily.

Below check out some more examples of positive class door ideas.

Calculate Kindness into Everyday

Image Source | joeyudovich

Be the Rainbow in a Sky Filled with Rain

Image Source | stephaniebwisham

Be the Reason Someone Smiles Today

Image Source | mypapercreations

Throw Kindness Like Confetti

Image Source | rebecca_smith_victorianschools

An inspirational classroom door can set the stage for an engaging school year. Enjoy making your door the best reflection of you and your students’ personalities and potential!

Classroom Door Decoration Ideas for High School

Now, let’s check out some of the most creative high school classroom doors that I’ve found.

Music Class Door Decoration Idea

Image Source | adventuresinmusiking

You Are Important Class Door

Image Source | casdahl

Math Class Door Decor

Bring an excitement to math class with some creative door decorations! One idea is to play around with numbers, shapes, and symbols. Use construction paper to create large cutouts of various mathematical operations, such as addition or multiplication, and arrange them creatively on your door. For a touch of humor, add a caption like “Welcome to the place where numbers never lie!” or “Beware: Math Minds at Work!”

Another approach is to incorporate math puzzles or riddles onto your door. Place them in bold text, so curious students are enticed to solve them, and it could become an interactive part of their day. You can even opt for a calculator-themed design or maybe a door covered in different math-related memes for a light-hearted appeal.

Check out some more ideas below.

It’s Good Day to Do Math

Image Source | misscraftymathteacher

We are Wild About Math

Image Source | rise.over.run

Spanish Class Door Ideas

Transform your classroom’s door into a portal to a Spanish-speaking country. One idea to achieve this is by using a map theme. Create a large map of the Spanish-speaking world, and attach it to your door. Surround it with printed photos of famous landmarks from those countries, like La Sagrada Familia in Spain or Machu Picchu in Peru.

Add some flair to your Spanish class door with a mixture of cultural elements. Decorate with vibrant colors, papel picado (paper cut-outs), and popular Spanish sayings or quotes from famous Spanish figures. These thoughtful details will help transport students to a captivating world even before they enter the classroom.

Incorporating language practice can be both engaging and practical. Cover your door with useful Spanish phrases or vocabulary words, and challenge students to use them during the day. You can even create a word cloud using significant terms related to the current lesson.

No Solo Crezcas Florece

Image Source | sra.davilamadwid

Classroom Door Decoration Ideas

Decorating your classroom door can be a fun and creative way to welcome students and create a positive learning environment. Let’s check out a few unique ideas that just add a little extra to your class door.

Classroom Door Window Cover

A window cover can look nice and add an element of privacy to your door. You can use colorful fabric, paper, or even removable vinyl decals to create a design that suits your classroom theme. Here are some ideas:

  • Seasonal patterns: Change the window cover design based on the current season or holiday. For example, autumn leaves for fall, snowflakes for winter, or flowers for spring.
  • Motivational quotes: Pick an inspiring quote or even funny phrases to encourage your students throughout the day.
  • Classroom focus: Create a window cover design that reflects a particular subject or theme you’re currently discussing in class.

Whether you want something simple or with a little style check out some of the best classroom door window covers that I’ve found below.

Black Classroom Window Covering

Window Covering | Find it Here

Classroom Window Cover with Pattern

Colorful Window Cover | Find it Here

Classroom Door Signs

Custom door signs can help you personalize your classroom and add a fun element to your door. Here are a few ideas for door signs:

  • Welcome Sign: A simple welcome sign with your name and class/grade can give visitors and new students the necessary info for a great first impression.
  • Mood Sign: Create a sign that can be easily updated to reflect your current mood. Funny or punny moods can serve as conversation starters and break the ice.
  • Daily/Weekly Reminders: Use a changeable sign to remind students of upcoming events, deadlines, or important announcements.

Etsy is a great place to find custom door signs that go with your class themes or colors. Check out some of my favorites below.

Custom Teacher Classroom Sign

Teacher Door Sign | Find it Here

Classroom Sign with Tassels

Colorful Tassel Teacher Sign | Find it Here

Cute Teacher Sign with Poms

Cute Classroom Hanger with Poms | Find it Here

Classroom Door Hangers

Door hangers can be both decorative and functional. They can be easily designed and swapped out whenever you want to change things up.

  • Do Not Disturb: During tests, quiet time, or special activities, a “Do Not Disturb” hanger can help maintain a focused environment.
  • Resource Hanger: Design a hanger with classroom essentials such as pencils or hall passes, so students can easily find and return them.
  • Decorative Hanger: For special occasions, like birthdays, holidays or just to add some fun and color try a adding a fun banner or garland like one with tassels or poms.

Check out some of my favorite door hangers below.

Session in Progress Door Hanger

Double Sided Door Hanger | Find it Here

Testing Door Hanger

Shh We’re Testing Door Hanger | Find it Here

Colorful Pom Garland

Garland with Rainbow Poms | Find it Here

Rainbow Tassels

Tassel Garland | Find it Here

Hall Pass Door Hanger

Door Hanger for Hall Passes | Find it Here

Classroom Door Ideas for End of School Year

As the school year comes to a close, your door can reflect the excitement and accomplishment your students feel. Here are a few ideas:

  • Countdown calendar: Start a daily countdown towards the last day of school, and get the students involved in updating it.
  • Collage of memories: Collect pictures, drawings, and other memorabilia from the year to create a visual collage on your door.
  • Future goals: Ask your students to write their goals for the next school year or future aspirations. This can help them reflect on their growth and look forward to what’s ahead.

Check out some inspiration below.

Picture Perfect School Year

Image Source | mrscrispclass

#Best Year Ever

Image Source | 3rdgradepineapples

Our Future’s So Bright We Have to Wear Shades

Image Source | teachingthird

With these ideas and a little imagination, your classroom door can become a welcoming, engaging, and creative space for your students. Happy decorating!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some easy ideas for decorating primary school classroom doors?

To decorate primary school classroom doors, you can start simple like using multicolored paper to create a welcoming or inspirational message. You might also consider decorating the door with your class theme, or a favorite book character or a seasonal or holiday display. Using borders, or a classroom door display kit can help make the process even easier.

How can I create a welcoming door decoration for my classroom?

Create a welcoming door decoration by focusing on designs that reflect your personality and make your students feel excited to come to class. Incorporate elements that showcase a subject they are learning, or student interests, like current movies or games. Consider using bright colors, pretty fonts, and even including your students’ names or pictures to make the door decoration more personal.

What are some door decoration ideas for high school classrooms?

High school classroom door decorations can include themes connected to the subject you’re teaching, such as quotes from famous authors, historical figures, or scientists. You may also choose to be more creative and incorporate some pop culture references or inspirational quotes that can inspire and connect with your students.

What are some teacher appreciation door decoration ideas?

For teacher appreciation door decorations, you can include personal touches like handwritten messages, drawings, or photographs. Encourage students to share their thoughts and feelings about the teacher through notes or artwork. You may also want to incorporate elements highlighting the teacher’s favorite things, like colors, books, pets or hobbies.

What are some ideas for door decorations during Black History Month?

During Black History Month, consider celebrating the achievements and contributions of Black individuals by featuring their portraits, quotes, or prominent works. You can also create a timeline of important events, showcase influential figures, or highlight historical movements.

Can you share some simple door decoration ideas?

For simple door decoration ideas, you can use basic materials like bulletin board paper, construction paper or cardstock to create colorful backgrounds. Choose a central theme, like welcome to 1st grade. Add some borders, pendants, tassels or pom garlands to make the design pop. You could also check out all of the door kits for sale on Etsy.

Hope you got inspired to try some new classroom door decor ideas this year. Feel free to save your favorite ideas to your Pinterest boards. To do this just click on the picture and then click on the P and choose your board.

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