35 Brilliant Classroom Management Ideas

Are you looking for some new classroom management ideas? Look no further, this post is packed with creative ideas that you can try in your class this year. There are ideas for keeping kids engaged with online learning, organizing your daily routines, helping students manage emotions, setting classroom expectations and ideas to motivate positive behavior with rewards.

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Classroom Management Ideas for Daily Routines

Don’t you love when you find a new idea that makes your daily routine in your classroom a little more organized and efficient? Well, I've found some ideas for you that do just that.

This Includes a way to eliminate pencil sharpening during class time, an idea to have a reference for everything you need with you at all times plus, more ideas to streamline your day.

Attention Getting Strategy

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Have you tried a wireless doorbell in your class yet? You can use this tool to avoid yelling during class or organize class activities. This one comes with five different transmitters which you can use for different attention getters.

For example, one could be voices off, another could be freeze, line up, clean up, or rotate to a new station. There are 50 different chimes that you can use.

Doorbell on a Lanyard

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Taylor, a 4th grade teacher from Nashville, puts her doorbell on the back of her lanyard so that its always with her to save her voice from trying to talk over the students.

Daily Check-In


Here's a fun way to have your students check in every morning. They find their name and put it in the connect four game. Love this idea from You Clever Monkey!

You can also change the “games pieces” to ask a question and have them put their answer in the game.

Activity Reminders


This teacher from Australia uses these pretty cards to remind the kids of what activity they should be working on.

I'm Done Choice Board


Here's a smart way to keep fast finishers busy while you're helping kids that are still working on their assignment. You can create an I’m done choice board and encourage students to silently choose another activity to work on while they wait for their classmates to finish.

Independent Crate System

classroom managment idea for early finishers


Take a cue from this self-proclaimed busy teacher and let your kids take control.  Set up milk crates with extra copies of assignment, make-up work, and early finish ideas so that they can help themselves.

Grab & Go Sheets

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Mrs. J. from the UK uses these colorful wipeable pouches for changeable displays. She also uses them to hold papers for students to grab.

You can put some assignment sheets in each with a description for the kids. There are so many possibilities with these. You can find some here.

Student Job Lanyards

classroom jobs ideas


For student duties consider creating lanyards for them to wear.  This teacher from London says her students love to have a responsibility for the day and take pride in wearing their duty lanyard.

Pencil Organization Systems

Are you looking for a new way to organize the sharpened and unsharpened pencils or to keep students from having to sharpen pencils during class? Check out some clever ideas below to do that.

Straw Containers to Organize Pencils


This is one of my favorite ideas to organized unsharpened and sharpened pencils because it just looks so cute. These are re-purposed straw containers. You can find a straw holder here.

Pencils In a Toothbrush Case

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This is a travel toothbrush case that this teacher uses to take control of all the pencil struggles! Each holds 5 pencils, one for each day of the week. At the end of the week each student turns their case in with all of their pencils sharpened.

That way they are ready to go each morning and at the end of the month the pencils are replaced with new ones. Here is a pack of travel toothbrush cases that would work perfect for this!

Pencil Patrol

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Ms. Wenger, a second-grade teacher from Illinois, has a pretty good pencil routine that you may want to follow. She has one class job, a pencil patroller, and they make sure everyone has a new pencil in the morning.

If a kiddo’s pencil breaks or becomes dull during class, they can just exchange it for a sharp one. At the end of the day the Pencil patrol will gather the pencils again and sharpen them and return to the sharp bucket.

Parent Communication


This teacher from South Carolina uses these calendars instead of emails to quickly communicate with the parents. She gives each student one in their take home folder, and she'll quickly fill in a face and sometimes jot a note down before dismissal every day.

Then she asks the parents to check them every night and initial them. She's teaching her students to reflect on their day and set goals on how to improve. Love this idea!

Resources at Your Fingertips


This first-grade teacher from Florida made these resources so that she could have all the essentials, like schedules, student numbers and parent contacts with her at all times. She even made an extra for the sub.

Morning Routine


Ashley created these slide templates to put on the board each day. So, that when the students come in every morning they know where to find their morning expectations. You can click the link above to find out where you can purchase the slide templates.

Motivations and Rewards

We all know that students love to be rewarded for good behavior and it works. Half of the fun of the reward for the students is the anticipation.

Check out below these brilliant ideas these teachers came up with to get their students super excited to receive an award and motivated to be on their best behavior.

Quiet Critters


Sarah, a kindergarten teacher from Sydney, Australia, uses these little quiet critters when the class is a little noisy.  Quiet critters like quiet learning.  Each student gets a quiet critter that sits on their desk and likes to watch them learn.

These critters don’t like to be touched and they hate noise!  If the student is too loud, they'll lose their critter.  This tool promotes quiet classrooms and respect towards others.

Pom-Pom Reward System

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Here's a great way to keep the entire class motivated to be on task. You let the kids earn a scoop of pom-poms when you observe the class working hard, listening to directions and showing respect.

You can have kids with excellent behavior scoop the pom-poms into the jar. They'll love this! When the jar is filled up, they earn a reward like extra recess, popcorn, or whatever you choose.

Student Shout-Out Wall


This fourth-grade teacher created a student shout out wall for students to cheer and encourage each other. I love this idea of positive reinforcement among peers.

VIP Desk


How fun would your students have with this? This teacher created a VIP desk with all the best stuff! Students can earn this based on good behavior. Would your students love this?

Earning a Ticket for Good Behavior


This first-grade teacher lets her students earn a ticket and place it in the pocket that relates to their behavior. Then at the end of the week she picks a ticket from each pocket for a small reward.

Then she counts all the tickets for each student that can go toward their totals which can also earn prizes. I love how visual this reward system is!

Kerplunk Reward System


Ms. Clarke a third-grade teacher from Australia pulls out a stick every time she catches a student following the class rules. If all the marbles fall by lunch time, then they get a special reward.

Students would love to anticipate the falling marbles.  If you love this idea too, you can find the Kerplunk game here!

Positive Sticky Notes


This 5th, 6th and special education teacher put a special reward on a piece of paper and then covers it with sticky notes. On the notes she writes positive behaviors that she wants to see in her class.

Then when she sees a student displaying one of the positive behaviors she removes the sticky. When the reward is revealed the students have earned it.

Reward Coupons


This teacher from Ontario decided that the cheap dollar store items were not working for her class so she created these reward coupons that kids can earn for good behavior. These are things that the students actually want and bonus they are free!

Secret Student


This first-grade teacher from Washington breaks out her secret student trick when she sees that the class expectations are starting to slip.  Her tip is to not use it all the time or it'll lose its magic.

What she does is randomly chooses a student and then writes their name in a hidden spot and doesn't show the kids. Then when the class is not quite meeting expectations, she'll say, "I hope my secret student is lining up quickly and quietly" etc.

At the end of the day she decides if that secret student did a good job meeting the class expectations and if they did, she reveals the name and they get a fun prize.

If they didn't, then she doesn't reveal the name and says something like, "oh that’s too bad the secret student was not on task today hopefully tomorrow’s secret student can follow the class rules."

Classroom Store Cart

classroom store teacher cart


Brook, a fourth-grade teacher from Texas created this classroom store cart to help with classroom behavior management.  Students can earn class money for good behavior, participating in class discussions, and completing assignments to spend in this fun class store.

She also picks a secret student everyday and if they are on task all day they earn $100.  She said her classroom behavior is very pleasant since she started this new system!

Spin the Wheel

classroom reward idea spin the wheel


This second-grade teacher created a prize wheel that students can spin for a classroom reward.

Blurt Beans


Here's a fun idea from Mrs. Sanders, a second-grade teacher from Texas. She's trying to cut down on the blurting out during class. So, she gives each student three beans at the beginning of class.

Then she'll remove one if they interrupt her or another student. Then at the end of the day they get to add their leftover beans to the reward jar.

If you want to try this idea in your class you can use a couple of clear food storage containers like these.

Bubble Gum Machine Rewards


Mrs. Wenger, a second-grade teacher from Illinois, uses a bubble gum machine filled with pencil top erasers as a reward for student good behavior.

The kids would love to get a reward out of a gumball machine! You could mix it up and try other small rewards too.

If you love this idea, you can find the bubble gum machine here.  It comes in a few different fun colors!

Classroom Management Ideas for Behavior Expectations

These next few ideas will help to teach your students what their behavior expectations are.  These are great to start at the beginning of the year or when you see the classroom behavior starting to slip.

When to Interrupt Board


Katie, a kindergarten teacher from Texas, uses this, when to interrupt board, as a visual tool for the kids to understand her classroom expectations. You could also read them The Interrupting Chicken to help bring the lesson to life.

Using a Counter

classroom managment ideas


This teacher uses this simple counter to count blurting. Think of all of the uses, even counting positive behavior that you see in your students.

You can find a counter that would work for this idea here.

First of the Year Expectations


Here's a great way to set expectations for your class at the beginning of the year.

While You Were Out


Robyn, a fourth great teacher, has a great way to organize and help kids out that had to miss school. She creates a while you were out folder and fills it with the work that they can do at home when they miss school and then lets them know when to return it.

Phone Management Idea


Addie, an ELA teacher, came up with a great idea for classroom management, she'll take a student’s phone if she sees it during class.

Then she'll put it in a brown paper bag, staple it shut and then return it to the student. They can’t open the bag until class is through. That way she doesn't have to be responsible for the student’s phones.

Fix-It Ticket


Shannon, a second-grade teacher, uses these "fix it tickets" as the next step after a warning has been given and behavior hasn't improved. She has them evaluate their own behavior so that they can do a little self-reflection.

This is used as a starting point for a conversation with the student on how then can improve. You could either send these home with the students or you could show the parents during conferences.

Managing Emotions

These next ideas will help your students to self-manage their feelings and emotions and let them know that it's ok to struggle sometimes.

The Struggle is Real


Here's another great classroom management idea created by a 5th grade teacher. It shows the students what it means to struggle. It also shows them what they can and can't do when they are struggling.

The personalized Bitmoji makes it fun. Plus, it's a great reminder for the students how they can work through their struggles and help them remember that the struggle is real, and we all have them.

Calm Down Kit


This first-grade teacher from Chicago has created a calm down kit as a tool to help kiddos self-manage their feelings. It's important to have tools for students to identify and self-manage their emotions and to teach them how to use these tools.

Coping Strategy Dice

classroom managment ideas


These coping strategies dice would make the perfect addition to a calming corner in your classroom.  When your students are feeling overwhelmed, or upset they can retreat to a calm spot in the class and roll a die and follow the coping strategy.

These could also be used as a take home tool. You could give one to a child to take home and use when they need it.  Click the link under the picture to find out where to order them.

Clever Classroom Management Ideas

The next few ideas that I'll show you are clever ideas that teachers have found to overcome some of the new challenges faced in the classroom like online learning.

Online Learning Engagement Strategy

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Do you have a hard time keeping the kids engaged during online learning?  Well then take a cue from Kim, a first-grade teacher from Los Angeles.

She told her students if they were able to explain to the class how they solved their math problem and become the “teacher” that she would put a sticker on her face.  Turns out it worked, the kids thought it was hilarious and were eager to become the teacher for class!

Keeping it Clean Strategy

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Lindsay, a fifth-grade teacher from New Jersey, created these cute smart sanitizer and anti-bacterial brain booster covers for her classroom cleaning and sanitizing products.  What a cute idea to encourage the kids to keep clean and stay healthy.

Another new classroom management idea is desk pets?  Have you tried them yet.  I wrote an entire post about it...You can check it out here- Desk Pets | Why to Add Them To Your Class This Year

Now you've seen the 35 best classroom management ideas to try in your class this year. A big shout out to all the inspirational teachers that provided ideas for this post. Give them a little love by clicking on the link below the picture and giving them a follow on Instagram.  If you liked this post click the buttons below to share on your favorite social media and you can click on the picture to save to one of your Pinterest boards.

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