Valentine Day Bulletin Board Ideas Classroom

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50 Fun Valentine Day Bulletin Board Ideas Classroom Inspo

Are you looking for some fun and easy Valentine Day Bulletin Board Ideas for your classroom? If so, you’ve come to the right place. This post is packed with inspiration to get you creating beautiful displays that you and your students will love. Plus, I’ll show you some awesome finds that’ll make creating your boards so much easier.

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Classroom Valentine's Day Bulletin Board Ideas

Need some new ideas for your Valentines Day Bulletin Boards? Here are a few:

  • Add Valentine favorite sweets and candies along with a cute pun
  • Let students add what they love about class on post-it notes for an interactive board
  • Create a love letter bulletin board centered around a writing activity
  • Go for the love bug theme with Volkswagen bugs or cute insects
  • Have students create love or kindness themed art or writing to decorate your board

Let’s check out all of these ideas and more in this post.

Candy Theme

Create a sweet display by designing a candy-themed bulletin board for your classroom. You can use cutouts of candy shapes, like hearts, lollipops, and chocolates. Add catchy phrases related to candies, such as "Our class is sweet!" or "You're a treat to teach!"

Check out some more candy themed bulletin board inspiration below.

1 | A Class Full of Sweethearts

candy themed bulletin board
Image Source | carsondellosa

Sweethearts may be the most popular Valentine’s candy so it would be the perfect choice for your classroom display. You can add heart candies with positive saying and students’ names too.

2 | Our Class is Super Sweet

sweet themed Valentine's Day classroom bulletin board idea
Image Source |

Copy this cute bulletin board idea and display your student’s favorite sweets like lollipops, donuts and cupcakes.

Valentine Day Bulletin Board Ideas Classroom Elementary

For elementary students, try making a heart-shaped pizza or taco display complete with toppings representing each student's unique qualities. This activity allows your students to see how they contribute to your classroom's "recipe for success."

Check out some more fun ideas below that your elementary students will love.

3 | Love Monster Kindness Display

elementary Valentine's day bulletin board
Image Source | hellomissromeo

In this fourth-grade classroom students created their own love monster bags that will be used to collect Valentines cards. The day before Valentine’s Day their teacher, Miss Romeo challenged the students to write a kind note to a classmate and put it in their bag.

4 | Reasons Why We Love Our Class

interactive Valentines Day classroom decorations
Image Source | berryinthemultiage

In this elementary classroom students are encouraged to grab a heart post it note and write the reasons that they love the classroom and post it onto the bulletin board.

5 | Bee Mine Valentine

Bee Mine Valentine bulletin board
Image Source | castles.and.crayons

Have your students create their own bumble bees with construction paper and caption the bulletin board “Bee Mine Valentine.”

Valentine's Bulletin Boards with Animals

Incorporate cute animal-themed Valentine's Day bulletin boards, such as "owl always be your friend" or "woof you be mine" using cutout owls and dogs. Encourage students to attach kind messages for their classmates to these adorable creations. Check out some more fun bulletin board ideas for your animal loving class below.

6 | I Woof You

dog Valentine Day bulletin board idea
Image Source | castles.and.crayons

Get students involved by creating their own dogs to copy this adorable bulletin board perfect for the animal loving class.

7 | Happy Va-llama-tine’s Day

Llamma Classroom Valentine Day bulletin board
Image Source | theadventuresofmisselisabeth

Have students create llamas with construction paper and finish the writing prompt, “llama tell you about my best friends.” To make this cute Valentine’s Day bulletin board.

8 | Puppy Love Bulletin Board

puppy love bulletin board
Woof You Be Mine Kit | Find it Here

This adorable kit from Etsy comes with these furry friends, and bones that you can put each student’s name on and 3 phrases to choose from including, “Woof you be mine?”, “Pugs & kisses” and the classic, “Happy Valentine’s Day. This is a digital download that you print and cut yourself.

Fun Ideas for Valentine's Day Bulletin Boards

Add an air of whimsy to your classroom with a festive balloon-themed bulletin board. Use cutouts or actual balloons to create a display that lifts everyone's spirits, and remind your students that love is "up" in the air.

You can also incorporate things that they love in your display. Check out what I mean below.

9 | Swiftie Friendship Bulletin Board

Taylor Swift themed classroom bulletin board
Image Source | the.crafty.teacher

If your students are Taylor Swift fans, then they may appreciate this bulletin board with friendship bracelets on display.

10 | I Chews You Bubble Gum Machine Bulletin Board

Bubble gum machine Valentine's day bulletin board
Image Source | acupcakefortheteacher

Have students create bubble gum machines along with the saying “I chews you.”

Interactive Valentine's Day Bulletin Boards

Encourage your students to participate in love-themed activities by creating interactive Valentine's Day bulletin boards. For instance, set up a "Kindness Matters" interactive board where students can post compliments or thoughtful notes for one another.

Below you can see some of my favorite interactive bulletin board ideas for the holiday.

11 | We Can Do Small Things with Great Love

colorful paper hearts bulletin board for Valentine's Day
Image Source | adventuresofa4thgradeclassroom

To create this gorgeous display, have students reflect on the ways that they show love to others and write that on their own heart. Then have all of the colorful paper hearts spilling out of an envelope.

12 | What Do You Love Most About our Class?

Valentine's day whiteboard
Image Source | smilesin2nd

You can re-create this great idea on your classroom white board by having students write what they love most about the class.

13 | Post it Note Heart Board

Post it note big heart bulletin board
Image Source | notanotherprimaryteacherr

This bulletin board is super easy to create just start with a big heart and a pack of colorful post it notes. Then have students write what they love about class to decorate the board.

Creative Valentine's Day Bulletin Board Ideas

Don't shy away from using unique themes for your bulletin boards. Play with different textures, materials, and patterns to create eye-catching displays that showcase love and friendship. Check out some inspiration below to get your creative juices flowing.

14 | Paper Chain Valentine Day Bulletin Board

paper chain Valentine bulletin board idea
Image Source | displaylady

A great way to get students involved is by having them help create a heart garland to decorate your holiday bulletin board. Add this phrase to remind students that they are loved!

15 | I Love You a Latte

Latte Valentine's Day Bulletin Board
Image Source | applesandabcs

Here’s the perfect bulletin board for the coffee loving teacher. Add student’s names to the cute coffee cups.

16 | Love is…

Love themed classroom writing activity
Image Source | smileyin2nd

Get your students to write about what love is and include a picture to create this fun classroom display.

Kindness Valentine Bulletin Boards

The perfect way to help promote kindness and respect among your students is with a kindness-themed Valentine's Day bulletin board. On heart-shaped cutouts, have students write examples of kindness that they've witnessed or experienced.

Then, display these hearts on your bulletin board to inspire acts of kindness within your classroom.  Check out some more creative ideas to incorporate kindness into your Valentine’s Day bulletin boards below.

17 | Fill your Heart with Kindness

Kindness bulletin board idea for elementary school
Image Source | madeforfirstgrade

Have students write ways to be kind in hearts to decorate a kindness bulletin board.

18 | Kindness Tree

kindness tree classroom decoration
Tree Classroom Decoration | Find it Here

This kindness tree bulletin board kit is available on Amazon. It says acts of kindness make me bloom. You could have students write acts of kindness on the hearts or leaves.

Simple Valentine Day Bulletin Board Ideas Classroom

Sometimes, less is more. Create a simple Valentine's Day bulletin board by using classroom Valentine’s Day posters. Simply hang them on your board and you are good to go. Read on for some more inspiration for simple Valentine’s day bulletin board ideas.

19 | Valentines Posters Displayed on Clipboards

Valentine's Day Classroom posters
Image Source | thecreativeclassroom

For an easy way to switch up your bulletin boards for the holiday you can hang rows of clipboards. Simply slip out the posters for the upcoming holiday or season.

20 | Pizza Theme Valentine’s Day Classroom Posters

pizza themed Valentine's Day posters
Pizza Posters | Find them Here

These fun classroom posters are available for download from Etsy. They include funny pizza quotes like, “I love you to pizzas!”

21 | Retro Valentine’s Day Posters

Retro Valentine Day Posters
Retro Posters | Find them Here

This retro themed digital download kit from Etsy comes with a bunch of cute retro posters that feature quotes about self-love and kindness. It also comes with some fun activities, for students and even borders for your display.

22 | Valentine’s Day Book Display

Valentine's day books for the classroom
Image Source | sierraasullivan

Here’s another easy Valentine display idea. Choose Valentines themed books and display them on your whiteboard on bookshelves. If you want to steal this idea you can get whiteboard shelves on Amazon here.

Love Bugs Bulletin Boards

Transform your classroom into a love bug haven with cute and colorful bug cutouts adorned with heart-shaped wings. Encourage students to write positive notes on these love bugs and display them on your bulletin board to spread kindness and good vibes throughout your classroom.

You can find my favorite love bugs displays below to get you started.

23 | Our Class of Love Bugs

Love Bug Bulletin Board
Image Source | educationbyorientaltrading

An easy way to create a love bug bulletin board is by adding 3-D ladybugs and hearts.

24 | Student Created Love Bugs

student art love bugs classroom activity
Image Source | castles.and.crayons

Another fun idea is to have students create their own unique love bugs as a classroom activity and use their creations to decorate your bulletin board.

Funny Valentine Day Bulletin Board Ideas Classroom

Lighten the mood with humor by crafting a funny Valentine's Day bulletin board. Use puns, jokes, or comics that revolve around love, friendship, and Valentine's Day to make your students laugh and get in the spirit of the holiday.

Check out some pun ideas to copy below.

25 | I’m a Sucker for You

funny Valentine Day bulletin board for the classroom
Image Source | rachaelburnett

This is a fun Valentine’s Day pun. To copy this bulletin board idea, add each student’s name to heart shaped suckers.

26 | You Stole a Pizza My Heart

pizza themed Valentine's Day bulletin board
Image Source | applesandabcs

The little pizzas flip open so that students can write about what they love.

27 | Love Stung Jelly Fish

cute Valentine's Day bulletin board
Image Source | thebeachclassroom

Involve students in your classroom display by having them create jelly fish and write things that they love on each of the tentacles.

Love Letter Bulletin Boards Ideas

Celebrate the art of letter writing by dedicating a section of your bulletin board to love letters. Encourage students to write thoughtful notes or letters to friends, family, or even their favorite book characters and display them for all to see.

Check out below some inspiration on creating your own love letter bulletin board in your class.

28 | All You Need Is Love

love letter Valentine Day bulletin board for the classroom
Image Source | applesandabcs

To copy this love letter bulletin board, have students decorate envelopes and write things that they love on them.

29 | Special Delivery

Valentine day bulletin board kit on Etsy
Valentine Delivery Kit | Find it Here

You can download and print this kit from Etsy. It would make a fun addition to a love letter bulletin board classroom display.

30 | Sending Our Love Bulletin Board Kit

love letter classroom decorations
Lover Letter Bulletin Board Decor | Find it Here

This bulletin board décor is from Amazon. You could use these cutouts to help decorate your love letter bulletin board.

Middle School and High School Valentine's Day Bulletin Boards Ideas

For middle and high school students, consider creating an interactive Valentine's Day bulletin board. For instance, create a "Valentine's Day Vocabulary" board where students can post love-related words, quotes, or phrases from literature or history.

You could also create a themed board with puns based on the subject you teach. Check out some inspiration to pull it off below.

31 | English Valentine’s Day Bulletin Board Idea

middle school Valentine's Day bulletin board English class
Image Source | iteachalgebra

This English bulletin board reads, fall in love with a good book. On heart cutouts students wrote the name of their favorite books.

32 | Science Valentine’s Day Bulletin Board Idea

science classroom Valentine Day bulletin board idea
Image Source | iteachalgebra

This science bulletin board says we have great chemistry and spells out I luv you with element symbols.

33 | Math Valentine’s Day Bulletin Board Idea

Valentine Day bulletin board for math classroom
Image Source | iteachalgebra

If you’re a math teacher, why not steal this bulletin board idea that says our hearts beat for math?

34 | Spanish Valentine Bulletin Board

Spanish Class Valentines bulletin board
Image Source | thirdgradeaventuras

This Spanish Valentines Day bulletin board reads, Amor abre todas puertas, Love opens all hearts.

Easy Valentine Day Bulletin Board Ideas Classroom

For a simple yet impactful display, check out Amazon for some kits or decorations that you can add to your boards. Check out some of my Amazon favorites below.

35 | Heart Bulletin Board Decorations

Heart Classroom Decoration
Heart Classroom Decoration | Find it Here

This set comes with 68 cutouts so you can easily create a colorful display for the holiday.

36 | Love is in the Air

Hot Air Balloon Classroom decorations
Hot Air Balloon Kit | Find it Here

Here’s a fun idea, this bulletin board kit from Amazon comes with hot air balloons with 3-D honeycomb hearts as the balloons. You can add each student’s name to the clouds.

Valentine’s Day Classroom Decorations

So now you have your bulletin boards dialed in you might want to add some Valentine’s decorations to your class as well. Check out some of my favorites from Amazon below.

37 | Valentine Tree

Heart Tree classroom decoration
Heart Tree | Find it Here

This kit comes with a large tree with hearts instead of leaves. You can write students’ names on each of the hearts.

38 | Heart Decorations

Heart Cutouts
Heart Cutouts | Find them Here

This is a pack of 50 heart cutouts that you could use to help decorate your Valentine’s Day bulletin boards.

39 | Red Heart Garland

red Heart Garland
Heart Garland | Find it Here

You could add these felt heart garlands to a window, door or wall in your room to get your class in the holiday vibe!

40 | Happy Valentines Day Banner

Happy Valentines Day Banner |
Holiday Banner | Find it Here

This banner is available on Amazon and would be an easy way to add some Valentines decorations to your room.

Valentine’s Classroom Door Decoration Ideas

If you love to change up your classroom door for the season or the holiday, then check out some fun Valentine's Day door decoration ideas below.

41 | Don’t Go Bacon My Heart

funny Valentine Day classroom door
Image Source | teachingthird

Would your students get a kick out of this classroom door featuring bacon and a heart shaped egg that reads, “Don’t go bacon my heart?”

42 | We Love Our Class Watts and Watts

cute Valentines Day classroom door
Image Source | one.bright.crayon

Students helped to design and create this adorable Valentines door after a science unit focused on light and sound.

43 | You are So Very Loved

Love Classroom door idea
Image Source | joeyudovich

This is an important message for students to read as they enter the class every day. Add colorful little hearts for those Valentine's Day feels.

Valentine’s Day Bulletin Board Borders

To take your Valentines’ bulletin board up a notch how about adding a cute heart border to your display. Check out my favorites from Amazon below.

44 | Red and Pink Bulletin Board Border

Glitter classroom Valentine Day bulletin board Borders
Glitter Borders | Find them Here

Add a little sparkle to your bulletin board display with these Valentine glitter bulletin board borders.

45 | Pink Heart Bulletin Board Border

Heart bulletin board Border
Heart Border | Find it Here

This heart border would be a pretty addition to your Valentine classroom display.

46 | Love Bulletin Board Borders

Love bulletin board Borders
Love Borders | Find them Here

These cute borders would add a playful touch to your Valentine bulletin boards this year.

Valentine’s Day Bulletin Board Letters

I also found some cute bulletin board letters from Amazon that would work well with your holiday display. Check them out below.

Valentines Day Letters

Valentine Day Bulletin board letters for classroom
Letters | Find them Here

You can use these Valentine’s theme letters to create phrases about love and kindness for your bulletin boards. This pack from Amazon comes with 260 letters and numbers.

Valentine’s Day Bulletin Board Kits

I love Etsy bulletin board kits. They have tons of options that you can instantly download and then print and cut yourself if you have time for a little DIY. Check out my favorite Valentine’s Day bulletin board kits from Etsy below.

47 | Learning with these Love Bugs

Love bug bulletin board Kit for Valentine Day in the classroom
Love bug Kit | Find it Here

This retro bulletin board kits features Volkswagen bugs with hearts on them. You can edit the kit to add student’s names to the candy hearts.

48 | Pizza Valentines Day Kit

Pizza Valentine Day classroom bulletin board
Pizza Kit | Find it Here

This adorable Valentine’s Day bulletin board kits features tons of pizza themed cutouts that you can download and print and cut to DIY your display.

49 | Bee Mine

Valentine day bulletin board with student pictures for classroom
Bee Mine Kit | Find it Here

Turn your students into adorable bumble bees as the focal point of this display.

50 | Sweetheart Valentine Bulletin Board Kit

Sweetheart Valentine Day bulletin board for classroom
Sweetheart Kit | Find it Here

You can easily create a display with student’s names on sweetheart candies with this kit from Etsy.

Writing Prompts and Quotes for Bulletin Boards

If you want to include a writing activity with you Valentine's Day themed bulletin boards here are a few ideas incorporating writing prompts and quotes to encourage kindness and love among your students.

Start off by creating a board featuring writing prompts related to Valentine's Day. You can create an interactive bulletin board where students can pick a heart-shaped card with a writing prompt on it. Some prompt ideas include:

  • Describe a time when someone was kind to you.
  • Write a short story or poem about an act of kindness.
  • What does love mean to you?

Adding quotes to your bulletin board can also inspire students and promote kind conversations. Choose uplifting and positive quotes about love, kindness, and friendship. You can print these quotes in different fonts and colors, and even shape them into heart or balloon shapes. Some quotes to consider include:

  • "Spread love everywhere you go." - Mother Teresa
  • "Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see." - Mark Twain
  • "A true friend is the greatest of all blessings." - François de La Rochefoucauld

To create a sense of unity, encourage students to contribute their own quotes or writing prompts. This not only adds a personal touch to the board, but also allows them to express their thoughts and participate in creating their class display.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some creative ways to decorate a Valentine's Day bulletin board?

You can use a variety of themes to decorate your bulletin board like "Up" in the air with balloons, or even create a globe with love messages around it. Get inspired by incorporating popular characters like Olaf from Frozen or use a word's theme like a Valentine's Day thesaurus.

How can I incorporate hearts into my classroom bulletin board?

Incorporating hearts into your bulletin board is easy. You can use heart-shaped cutouts, drawings, or even writing messages and words inside colorful hearts. Another idea is to create a heart-shaped collage or display with your students' work or photographs.

What kind of messages can I include on a Valentine's themed board?

Messages of love, friendship, kindness, and unity can all be included on your Valentine's Day bulletin board. You can also encourage students to write their own positive messages or quotes to share with their classmates, encouraging a supportive and loving environment in the classroom.

How do I involve my students in creating a Valentine's board?

Involve your students by incorporating their artwork, assignments, or written messages into the board. You can also let them help with brainstorming ideas, designing the layout, or even decorating the board itself. This teamwork approach not only creates a sense of ownership but also encourages a positive classroom atmosphere.

What materials can make my Valentine's bulletin board look good?

You can use a variety of materials to create a great looking bulletin board. Some examples include colorful construction paper, patterned or solid-colored paper backgrounds, cutouts, string lights, ribbon, and fabric. Don't be afraid to think outside of the box and use repurposed items like paper plates, yarn, or even recycled materials.

How can I make my Valentine's Day board engaging for different learners?

To make your Valentine's Day board engaging for different learners, try incorporating different formats of media like drawings, written words, and pictures.

You can also include interactive elements, like pockets or flaps that reveal secret messages or trivia related to love and friendship. By catering to diverse learning styles, your bulletin board becomes a fun and educational space for all students.

Pinterest Valentine Day Bulletin Board Ideas Classroom

If you’re obsessed with Pinterest like I am, you’re in luck. I created this post so that you can easily save your favorite ideas to your Pinterest boards. To do that just click on the picture, the P and then choose your board.

I hope you found some new and fun Valentine Day bulletin board ideas for your classroom in this post. If you enjoyed this post, please give it a share!

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