100 Days of school ideas for teachers

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50 Fun & Engaging 100 Days of School Ideas for Teachers

If you’re looking for the best 100 Days of school ideas for teachers that are fun and will get your class learning, then this post is for you. I’ve gathered all the best ideas for activities including math, stem, writing and reading. Plus, I’ll show you some fun ideas for a celebration including decorations, snacks, games and so much more.

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Class Decorations

Decorate your classroom to celebrate the 100th day of school. Use creative and fun ideas like banners, balloons, and a 100 days of school countdown chart. You can also decorate your classroom door so students are hyped for the big day as soon as they get there.

Check out some inspiration below to decorate your class for this special day.

1 | 100 Days Brighter Door

100 Days of School Classroom Door
Image Source | freckledinkinder

Start the celebration as soon as your students enter the door by hanging streamers that they can walk through with the words, We’re 100 days brighter.

2 | You are 100 Days Smarter Door Decor

100th Day of School Door Decorations
Image Source | sweetfirstiefun

Here’s another fun classroom door that reminds students they are 100 days smarter today.

3 | Can You Bee-Lieve it’s the 100th Day Door

100th Day of School Ideas for Teachers Door Decor
Image Source | _fancyfirstieshq

This classroom door would be a great opportunity for a photo op for students. It reads, Can you Bee-lieve it’s the 100th day.

For more fun classroom door decorations ideas check out this post...101 Creative Christmas Classroom Door Decorations

100 Days of School Dress Up

Organize a dress-up day where students can dress as if they were 100 years old. Students love it when teachers dress up too. This is a fun way for everyone to express their creativity, celebrate the milestone and have a ton of laughs.

Check out some dress up inspiration for teachers and students below.

4 | Old Lady Dress Up Idea

100 Days of School Ideas for Teachers Dress up
Image Source | myclassroomdiaries

Copy this 2nd grade teacher, Kaitlyn’s 100th day costume with these items.

5 | Old Man Dress Up Idea

Male teacher 100th Day dress up idea
Image Source | thebookwrangler

This librarian, Mr. Murray not only dressed the part, but he shared books about what life was like 100 years ago.

To copy his style you’ll need

6 | 100th Day Student Dress up Ideas

100th Day of school dress up ideas for students
Kids Costumes | Find them Here

Tell students that they can dress up too and they’ll have so much fun with it! Amazon has a ton of costumes and accessories for dressing up as an old person.

100 Days of School Shirt

Encourage students to design and wear a shirt with 100 items to help celebrate the day. Some ideas include 100 balloons represented by pom poms, 100 kisses or a monster with 100 googly eyes.

There are also really cute shirts from Amazon to celebrate the day. Check out some of my favorite ideas below.

7 | Taco ‘Bout 100 Days of School

funny 100 days of school shirt
Taco T-Shirt | Find it Here

This fun colorful shirt would be a fun way to celebrate this special day.

8 | DIY 100 Days of School Shirt

DIY 100 Days of School shirt
Image Source | kimlyon828

For those who want to do a little DIY this is a fun idea to have students kiss the shirt 100 times to create this work of art!

Here are a few more great ideas to DIY a 100 Day Shirt

  • 100 Pom Poms representing balloons
  • 100 Foam stickers of dinosaurs, hearts, or unicorns
  • A monster with 100 googly eyes
  • 100 days of growing with flowers made of pom poms
  • 100 days of bugging my teacher with 100 spiders or a 100 section worm.

9 | 100 Days Smarter Shirt

100 Days Smarter Shirt
100 Days Smarter Shirt | Find it Here

I love this bright a positive shirt to celebrate the 100th day as well.

Photo 100 Days of School Ideas for Teachers

A great way to capture memories of the 100th day of school is with a class or school picture. You could have the entire school form a one and two zeros in the gym for an awesome group picture. Another idea is to set up themed photo ops.

Set up a photo booth with props such as glasses, hats, or signs with the number 100. Share the photos with parents or create a collage for the classroom. Check out some photo prop ideas below to pull this off.

10 | 100 Days Photo Props

100 Days Photo Booth Props
100 Days Photo Booth Props | Find them Here

This kit is from Amazon and comes with 10 props including fun glasses and hats that would make great pictures for you and your students.

100th Day Celebration

Plan a special classroom party to mark the 100th day of school. You can include party decorations like balloons shaped like 100, snacks and even awards for students. Check out some more inspiration below if you want to create a celebration of the 100th day of school.

11 | 100-day Celebrations Party Decorations

100th day celebration classroom decorations
Image Source | jumpingintojp

Get the class party started with some 100 balloons hung in the front of the class.

12 | 100 Days Smarter Certificates

100 Days of school certificates
Image Source | sweetfirstiefun

In this class each student receives a certificate that says Hip, Hip Hooray it’s the 100th day and the student’s name is 100 days smarter.

Snacks for 100 Days of School

Prepare snacks featuring the number 100, like pretzel sticks or fruit skewers. You can also have students bring in 100 pieces of their favorite snack to share with the class. Check out some more creative snack time ideas for this special day.

13 | 100 Day Snack Mat

100 Days of School Snack Ideas for Teachers
Image Source | kissingourbrainsink

This teacher created this editable snack mat and changes it up every year based on snack allergies. Students put 10 of each item on their mat so that they have 100 small snacks. This will also help younger students work on fine motor skills.

If you want to copy this idea here are some ideas for small snacks:

  • Cheez-Its
  • Cereal
  • Gummy Bears
  • Pretzel Sticks
  • M&Ms
  • Chocolate Chips
  • Jellybeans
  • Goldfish Crackers
  • Sunflower Seeds
  • Trail Mix

14 | 100 Day Cupcakes

100th day of school cupcakes
Image Source | blueskieswithjenniferwhite

Is it even a party if you don’t have cupcakes? Create a hundred on top with candies like life saver gummies and rainbow airheads.

100th Day of School Craft Ideas

Organize classroom crafts that incorporate the number 100. Examples include creating a 100-link paper chain, making a 100-dot painting, or designing a 100-piece collage. Check out some fun craft ideas to celebrate the 100th day of the school year below.

15 | 100 Day Monsters Craft

100 day monsters craft idea for teachers
Image Source | kindergarten_chaos

100 day monsters are a take home project in this kindergarten class that encourages student’s creativity.

16 | Hairy Glasses Craft Project

fun craft idea for 100th day of school glasses
Image Source | smittenwithfirst

Students each receive 100 grey hairs and are asked to see how many shapes of glasses they can create with them. This is a great way to have students exercise critical thinking skills!

17 | 100 Day Mask Crafts

100 Day of school DIY masks
Image Source | lakeshorelearning

Have students decorate 100s with an assortment of small items to create these 100 day masks. As a bonus this would be a great photo op!

18 | Creative 100 Day Project

100 days of school craft project for teachers
Image Source | asmilingteacher

For this fun art project students are each given a one and two zero and can create whatever they dream up with them. They then write what their 100 is.

Gumball Machine

Have students create their own gumball machine with one hundred gumballs. Check out some creative ways to introduce this art project in your class below.

19 | 100 Gumballs

100 Days gumball machine
Image Source | upandawayinprek

Students can fill in this 100 day gumball machine with cereal, stickers, dot painters or anything else to help celebrate the 100th day.

20 | 100 Day Gumball Machines Art Project

Image Source | thedailyalphabet

You could also have students create these 100 day gumball machines as a fun art project. All you need is paper plates, paint and round brushes.

Funny 100 Days of School Ideas for Teachers

Are you looking for some funny ideas to help celebrate the 100th day of school? I got you. Check out what some other creative teachers have done that your students would love.

21 | Funny 100 Day Poster Idea

Student aging picture funny teacher idea
Image Source | onegiggle

This teacher took photos of her students and put them through an aging app to create these hilarious posters. Each one has a cute poem about the 100th day of school. She then hangs them on their lockers, so they seem them first thing in the morning.

22 | Things Your Teacher Has Said 100 Times

Things your teacher has said 100 times
Image Source | barbellsandlessonplans

This teacher created this poster that lists the things that she has said 100 times, she also has another one that is the questions she has answered 100 times. For a fun twist you can have students help you come up with the sayings to add to the poster

100th Day of School Games

Play games that incorporate the number 100, such as a scavenger hunt for 100 hidden items or a 100-second dance-off. These activities will engage students while reinforcing the concept of 100. Check out some more fun game ideas that your students will have a great time with below.

23 | 100 Day Bingo

100th day of school bingo
Image Source | katieblueedu

Would your students enjoy a game of 1 to 100 bingo. You could simply read of the numbers or involve math problems to challenge older students to get the numbers.

24 | 100th Day Challenges

100 Days of School challenges Ideas for Teachers
Image Source | funinfirstblog

This 1st grade teacher has her students work together in small groups on 100th day challenges with these worksheets to earn challenge tickets. Then they have to solve the mystery words to win.

25 | 100th Day Treasure Hunt

100 Days of School Scavenger hunt
Image Source | 1stgradegarden

This first-grade teacher set up a treasure hunt for her kiddos. To do this she bought 100 chocolate coins and wrote the numbers 1-100 on them. Then she hid the coins around the room and challenged her students to find them and place them on the 100s chart.

Math Activities for 100 Days of School

Use the 100th day to reinforce math skills with activities like creating a 100-chart, counting to 100, or solving 100 addition and subtraction problems. Read on for some creative ideas to reinforce math concepts with your class that you may want to copy.

26 | 100 Days and Still Poppin

fun math activity for 100th day of school
Image Source | weheartteaching

Here’s a cute math worksheet perfect to incorporate learning into your celebration.

27 | Ways to Make 100

ways to make 100 math activity
Image Source | theteachertalk

The 100th day is a great opportunity to go over all the different ways to make 100. You can teach tally marks, place value, addition and using syllables to help spell the word 100.

Hundreds Chart

Incorporate hundreds charts into activities and lessons to add a visual aid for counting and understanding the concept of 100. Check out some ideas to do that below.

28 | 100 Day Anchor Chart

100s Anchor Chart
Image Source | artsyapple

Have your students help create an anchor chart with 100 reasons that they love your class.

29 | 100 Chart Puzzle

100 Chart Puzzle
Image Source | planprepprimary

Have students complete a 100-chart puzzle for a fun 100th day math activity.

100 Day Collections

Ask students to collect and bring in 100 small items (e.g., paper clips, buttons, or stickers) and create displays around the classroom. This helps students visualize what 100 items look like. Read on to see the best ways to pull this off.

30 | Small 100 Day Collection Idea

100th day collection idea
Image Source | myheartbelongsinkindergarten

To keep 100 day class collections small this kindergarten teacher recycles water bottles and sends them home with each student’s name. Her students can then collect small items at home and share them with the class.

31 | What Does 100 Look Like

what does 100 look like classroom display
Image Source | kindergarten_chaos

This kindergarten teacher sends students home with a clear bag to collect 100 small items. Then she displays each of the student’s collections in their Ziploc bags to show the entire class what 100 looks like with different objects.

100 Days of School Activities

Encourage teamwork with group activities like creating a 100-piece puzzle, planting 100 seeds, or writing a 100-word story. Let’s check out some more fun 100 day activities to copy in your class below.

32 | Aging Student Pictures

fun 100 days of school activities for teachers
Image Source | onegiggle

This teacher uses the aging booth app to create hilarious pictures of her students. Students then fill out these worksheets that list the reasons why they think getting older is actually pretty cool.

33 | Activity Stations

100 Days of school activity stations for teachers
Image Source | differkinder

This kindergarten teacher sets up stations for students all based on different 100-day activities. Students can have a set time at each station and then move to the next.

34 | 100 Words to Describe Our Class

100 words to describe our class
Image Source | terrificteachingwithmrslong

Here’s a fun brainstorming activity for the whole class. Have your students contribute with words to describe your class and keep on adding to the poster until you reach 100. You could also prepare this poster the day before to surprise your class on the 100th day!

Fun 100 Days of School Ideas for Teachers

Organize engaging activities to help celebrate this special occasion that students will have a lot of fun with. Check out some creative ideas below that you can copy in your class this year.

35 | Student Picture 100 Chart

student picture 100 Chart
Image Source | teachingwithoutfrills

Turn student’s pictures into a 100 chart. Then have the students cut it into 10s or 5s and then put the chart back together. This teacher learned if you have them cut them into 1s it will take forever!

36 | Fruit Loops Necklace

100th Day Fruit Loops necklace
Image Source | poppingintokinder

To help your students make a 100 day Fruit Loops necklace and to reinforce math concepts provide them with a 100-chart broken up into tens for them to place the cereal on.

37 | 100 Days of School Interview

100 Days of school interview idea for teachers
Image Source | preschoolplans

Have students fill out this interview worksheet by filling in the missing words. For example, I wish I had 100 ___ or If I had $100 I would ____.

38 | Things We’ve Been Told 100 Times Book

funny classroom book for 100 days of school
Image Source | aroundthekampfire

Have students answer the question, what has my teacher told me 100 times. Then compile their answers into a little class book. Responses are sure to be priceless.

100th Day of School STEM Activities

Incorporate STEM education into the 100th day celebration by organizing a 100-block building challenge, a 100-cup engineering project, or a 100-minute science experiment. Check out some more ideas to challenge kids with STEM activities below.

39 | 100th Day Stem Activity Idea

100th Day of School STEM activities
Image Source | noelsrainbows

To copy this idea in your class, grab some trays from the dollar store and set up mini stem stations. For example, one station has Legos and challenges students to see what they can build.

100 Days of School Ideas for Teachers to Spread Kindness

Promote kindness in your classroom by having students complete 100 acts of kindness or writing 100 thank-you notes to people who have made a positive impact on their lives. Check out more special activities that incorporate kindness below.

40 | 100 Ways to Spread Kindness

100 ways to choose kind bulletin board
Image Source | asmilingteacher

Students in this classroom helped to decorate this bulletin board with 100 ways to choose kind. On each heart students wrote an idea to spread kindness. As a bonus this teacher leaves the bulletin board up through Valentine’s day.

41 | 100 Acts of Kindness

100 acts of kindness classroom activity
Image Source | sparklinginsecondgrade

Here’s another meaningful way to have students think about kindness. With a large poster board add 100 lines for students to write a way that they can show kindness at school. You can use this idea for younger and older students.

100th Day of School Writing Prompts

Challenge students with 100-word writing prompts reflecting on what they've learned during the first 100 days of school or imagining what life will be like 100 years from now. Check out a few more creative writing ideas for this special occasion.

42 | When I am 100 Years Old…

100th Day of school creative writing idea
Image Source | sweetfirstiefun

Have your students start with the writing prompt when I am 100 years old… Then they can also create a portrait of their future selves and use cotton balls for the hair!

43 | 100 Day Fill in the Blanks Writing Activity

100th Day of School writing activity
Image Source | justaprimarygirl

How about having students fill in the blanks of what life will be like when they are 100. Have them write about where they will live, how they will look, what they will have and feel.

Books for 100th Day of School

There are tons of great 100th day books that would be perfect for an elementary school class. Why not read to the class or have students do some independent reading with one of these books.

Check out some of the best books that would be perfect for your 100th day of school celebration below.

44 | 100th Day Worries

100th Day worries book
100th Day Worries | Find it Here

"100th Day Worries" by Margery Cuyler follows the character Jessica as she frets over the 100th day of school and the special project she needs to complete.

As the day unfolds, Jessica discovers a creative solution to her worries, emphasizing resilience and problem-solving for young students. This book is best for grade level kindergarten through 3rd grade.

45 | The Night Before the 100th Day of School

The night before the 100th Day of school book
The Night Before the 100th Day | Find it Here

"The Night Before the 100th Day of School" is a fun children's book by Natasha Wing that captures the excitement and anticipation leading up to the 100th day of school. The story follows a group of students as they prepare for this huge accomplishment.

It can be used to spark discussions and activities around the significance of the 100th day in the classroom. This book is best for grade level preschool through 3rd grade.

46 | Rocket’s 100th Day

Rocket's 100th Day of School book
Rocket’s 100th Day |  Find it Here

Rocket's 100th Day of School" is a charming picture book by Tad Hills that centers around Rocket, a lovable dog, as he celebrates the 100th day of school with his classmates. The story unfolds with delightful illustrations and portrays Rocket's creative and endearing approach to counting and celebrating this special day.

This is an engaging read for young readers exploring the concept of numbers in a fun and relatable way. It is best for preschool through 1st graders.

47 | 100 School Days

100 School Days book
100 School Days | Find it Here

This book works well for pre-school through second grade. This book follows a class that is counting pennies, one penny for every day of school. What will the class do when they have been going to school for one hundred days and what will they do will one hundred pennies?

Student Gifts

Celebrate your students' achievements with small gifts or tokens such as pencils, stickers, or a special certificate acknowledging their progress during the first 100 days of school. If you want to give students a fun treat, or gift that they can take home check out some inspiration below.

48 | Smarties for Students

100 Days of school student gift ideas for teachers
Image Source | thedailyalphabet

Send students home with a pack of smarties with a note that says Happy 100th day of school smarty!

49 | 100 Day Bookmarks

100 days smarter bookmarks
Image Source | simplycreativeteaching

How about sending students home with a bookmark that you created to commemorate this special occasion.

50 | 100 Day Treat Bag

100th day of school treat bags
Image Source | onegiggle

I love the idea of sending students home with a treat bag with a cute bag topper like this. This one reads, I donut believe we have been together for 100 days, it has been such a treat. A pretzel stick and two donuts make the one hundred.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some engaging activities for first graders on the 100th day?

For first graders, you can try activities like creating a "100 Days Smarter" crown, designing a poster with 100 stickers, or having a mini scavenger hunt to find items numbered 1 to 100. You could also try a math activity, like counting to 100 using different objects or practicing skip counting.

How can kindergarten teachers celebrate 100th day?

Kindergarten teachers can celebrate the 100th day of school by organizing a themed party with 100-shaped snacks, reading a story about the 100th day, or engaging in art projects, such as making a 100 fingerprint collage. You could also create a classroom display with 100 items brought by the students.

What are some creative project ideas for the 100th day of school?

Creative project ideas could include designing a T-shirt with 100 objects, solving 100-piece puzzles, or making a 100-link paper chain. You could also encourage students to write 100-word stories, poems, or create 100-themed drawings. Another idea is to have students complete 100 random acts of kindness.

Are there any fun 100 days of school dress up ideas?

How about dressing up as a 100-year-old person, complete with glasses, a cane, and gray hair? You could also have students wear clothes with 100 buttons, beads, or safety pins. Alternatively, you might encourage them to create a fun 100-themed costume using recycled materials.

How can parents participate in 100th day of school celebrations?

Parents can help by assisting with planning and preparation, such as baking 100-shaped snacks or making 100th-day crowns. They can also participate in school activities by reading a 100-themed story to the class, helping create a 100-item classroom display, or joining in for classroom games and activities.

What 100 days of school exercises can teachers implement?

You can incorporate 100-themed exercises, like doing 10 sets of 10 different exercises (jumping jacks, sit-ups, lunges, etc.) or challenge students to hold a plank for 100 seconds. Another idea is to create an obstacle course with 100 steps or have a relay race where students collectively run a distance of 100 meters.

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