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50 Best Bulletin Board Ideas for the Classroom

If you’re looking for some new bulletin board ideas, then this post is for you. It’s packed with creative and fun ideas that you can copy to create a beautiful and welcoming class for your students.

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Bulletin Board Ideas for Teachers

If you’re looking for board decoration ideas for teachers, then keep reading. I’ll show you ideas for elementary, middle and high school including simple ideas and unique ones too.

What are some good bulletin board ideas?

Here are some good bulletin board ideas. Create a bulletin board for:

  • The Upcoming Holiday or Season
  • Student Birthdays
  • Inspirational Messages
  • Back to School
  • To Display Student Work or Art
  • The Class Calendar

In this post we’ll explore all of these ideas and more.

How do you make a bulletin board look good?

To make a bulletin board look good add neutral background paper so your topic will really stand out. A popular choice that always looks great is white wood paper that you can find here. Try adding border with a color that matches your design or a fun pattern like polka dots.

Inspiration Bulletin Board Ideas

Your classroom board is a great opportunity to add a little inspiration to your students every day. Let’s check out some of my favorite ideas to create an inspiration board that looks amazing.

1 | We Are Bulletin Board

inspirational bulletin board idea
Image Source | the_organized_classroom

This inspirational bulletin board can be created at any time during the school year. The signs say we are phrases, like we are amazing, we are champions, and we are courageous.

2 | Ways to Show Respect Bulletin Board

respect bulletin board idea
Image Source | rise.over.run

This bulletin board gives student ideas of how they can show respect both in and out of the classroom.  

3 | Today is a Good Day to…

today is a good day bulletin board
Image Source | rise.over.run

This board lists what it is a good day to do such as not give up, smile, have a good day and do your work!

4 | Together We are a Masterpiece

diversity bulletin board idea
Image Source | lovegrowslearning

This creative bulletin board helps to celebrate diversity in the classroom.  Have each student color and cut a piece of the puzzle that when assembled will create a beautiful masterpiece.

School Bulletin Board Ideas

Let’s check out some ideas that are specific to school subjects. I’ll show you some of my favorite ideas for math, writing and poetry bulletin boards.

5 | Spring is in the Air and Math is Everywhere

math bulletin board idea
Image Source | rise.over.run

This display shows fun spring activities and how much math is involved. It’s a fun way to show students how much math is used in their everyday lives. For example, when flying a kite, you’re using wind speed and the kite’s surface area to get the kite to fly.

6 | Green Day or Whitman

creative poetry bulletin board for the classroom
Image Source | mrsnorman

Students have to figure out if it was a Green Day song or a poem by Whitman. It helps to illustrate that poetry is everywhere.

7 | Writing Bulletin Board

writing bulletin board
Image Source | schoolgirlstyle

Student’s best writing will look amazing on this pretty classroom bulletin board.

Beginning of the Year Bulletin Board Ideas

The first of the year is a great time to create a welcome board for your new students.  You can include a positive welcoming message and include each of the students’ names.  Check out some inspiration below.

8 | Hooray You’re Finally Here

First day of school bulletin board
Image Source | blueskieswithjenniferwhite

To copy this bulletin board idea, include students’ names on pencil pendants to welcome them to your class at the beginning of the year.

9 | Welcome Bulletin Board Idea

first of the year school decorations
Image Source | lessonslattesandlittles

Here’s a simple idea for a welcome back to school bulletin board that looks amazing!

Positive Bulletin Board Ideas

A class display with a positive saying is a great way to decorate the classroom. Boards that encourage kindness, positivity and a growth mindset help to remind students of how to act in your class.

10 | Kindness is Free Sprinkle that Stuff Everywhere

kindness bulletin board with cupcakes
Where to Find | Kindness Bulletin Board Kit

Have students write how they show kindness on these sprinkled cupcakes. You can check out this bulletin board kit that I created on Etsy. There’s also an option for student to color the cupcakes themselves.

11 | This is Our Happy Place

bright and happy classroom decorations
Image Source | schoolgirlstyle

A classroom should be a happy place and this bright display would no doubt take the joy level up a notch.

12 | Kindness Makes us Bloom


Kindness Bulletin board idea
Image Source | talesfromaverybusyteacher

Have students write acts of kindness that they can commit at school on colorful paper hearts.  These hearts can then make up the blooms on your kindness tree.

13 | Growth Mindset Bulletin Board

growth mindset classroom decorations
Image Source | missjacobslittlelearners

This display helps students remember strategies that foster resilience in learning. It shows how they can change a negative thought into a growth mindset.

14 | Colorful Growth Mindset Display

colorful growth mindset bulletin board
Image Source | teachingfromtheheartland

The bright colors just add to the positive vibes of this growth mindset bulletin board.  This acts as a reminder for students of what phrases to speak to encourage and motivate themselves and others.

15 | Pour a Little Positivi-Tea

cute positive bulletin board idea for the classroom
Where to Find | Kindness Bulletin Board Kit

Students can color in the teacups as you encourage them to focus on random acts of kindness like saying something nice, holding the door, and saying thank you.

Birthday Bulletin Board Ideas

At the beginning of the school year it’s fun to create a birthday bulletin board that you can leave up all year. Create a board that matches your classroom colors or theme for a cohesive look. Check out some inspiration below.

16 | Friendship Bracelet Birthday Bulletin Board

cute classroom decorations
Image Source | schoolgirlstyle

This display may bring out your childhood nostalgia with friendship bracelets made from paper beads that come in all the letters of the alphabet so you can spell out the perfect saying to go with your board. Some ideas are Happy Birthday, Our Class Birthdays or simply YAY!

17 | Daisy Birthday Buckets

daisy theme classroom decor
Image Source | schoolgirlstyle

You can write student’s names on these daisy buckets for a cheerful birthday board.

Creative Bulletin Board Ideas

Now let’s check out some ideas that creative teachers have come up with. These ideas will take a little extra work but will make your classroom really stand out.

18 | Curious Creatures Wild Minds

creative and funny bulletin board
Image Source | lizzy.librarian

This board is a play off of the classic, Where the Wild Things Are. If you look closely the teachers are large monsters and the students’ faces are on the small monsters.  Adding student pictures to your display is a perfect way to make students feel included and they think it is fun too!

19 | Linked Together by Love and Kindness

creative classroom decoration idea
Image Source | fashionablyhungryteacher

For this 3-D display have each student create a link decorated with ways they show love and kindness.

20 | Everyone Matters and Everyone Belongs Here

beautiful inclusive bulletin board
Image Source | the.crafty.teacher

I’m loving this unique bulletin board display that would add some color to your school hallway.  To copy this idea assign students a color of the rainbow to use as the back drop for their self-portrait.  Arrange the students art in a rainbow!

Simple Bulletin Board Ideas

Sometimes a simple bulletin board is all you need. If you’re looking for an idea that you can create quickly and easily but will still add a fun touch to your classroom, then these next ideas are for you.

21 | Groovy Bulletin Board Kit

70s retro bulletin board kit
Image Source | aperfectblendteaching

This retro 70’s bulletin board is an easy way to add character to your class and it fits perfectly with a retro classroom theme!

22 | Let’s Grow Together

lets grow together plant themed class decor
Image Source | Let’s Grow Together Bulletin Board Kit

It’s a simple saying that looks great with pictures of any of your favorite plants or flowers.

23 | Bee Kind

cute bee themed classroom decorations
Image Source | schoolgirlstyle

This little Bee Kind display would be perfect for that small wall space that you don’t know what to do with.

24 | Oh Hey First Grade

cute first grade retro themed bulletin board
Image Source | mindfuleducator

This would add a fun pop of color to your classroom.  You can even coordinate your bulletin board with your classroom decorations and class labels to create a cohesive feel in your room.

Notice Board Decoration

Do you want to create a notice board with the class calendar, classroom information or even classroom jobs? This would be the perfect spot for students to get daily info and will help new students get acclimated to how your class runs. Check out some inspiration below to pull off a notice board in style.

25 | Daisy and Bee Notice Board

daisy and bee themed classroom notice board
Image Source | schoolgirlstyle

To give your notice board a pulled together look pick a fun theme like daisies and bumble bees.  This would be perfect for the spring season!

26 | Good Vibes Only

cute notice board for elementary school
Image Source | schoolgirlstyle

This good vibes only notice board has a fun retro seventies floral theme. It has spots for group lists, daily reminders and activities.

27 | Classroom Jobs Board

classroom jobs display
Image Source | schoolgirlstyle

Write students’ names on long slips of paper that you place in pockets with weekly jobs.

Interactive Bulletin Boards

If you want some ideas encourage participation and get student involved then you’ll love these next ideas, I have for you for interactive bulletin boards.  Check them out below.

28 | Squad Goals

qr code bulletin board idea
Photo Source | courtneyandhercrew

Adding QR codes to your bulletin boards is a creative way to let your students learn more about a certain topic they are interested in.  You can set it up so that the QR code is linked to important information about the topic of your display.

29 | Ready Set Goal

goal setting bulletin board
Image Source | schoolandthecity

If you want a great idea to motivate students in your class, then copy this amazing bulletin board idea.  To do so first place small prizes in plastic cups and cover them with tissue paper and a rubber band. 

Then attach the cups to the bulletin board. Have students set academic goals in your classroom and when they reach them let them break through the tissue!

30 | Spread Your Wings and See How Far You Can Fly

selfie bulletin board for school
Image Source | millennialmathteacher

Have students create this beautiful bulletin board by cutting out bright colored feathers.  When it’s complete it would be the perfect spot for a selfie.

31 | Teacher Shout Outs

teacher shout out school bulletin board display
Image Source | teachertoteacher

The end of the school year is the perfect time to create this display.  In this middle school leadership students took the lead to create this bulletin board for students to give their teachers some shout outs.

Reading Bulletin Board Ideas

Next let’s check out some classroom display ideas that revolve around books. These would make a perfect addition to a school library or your class reading nook.

32 | Reading is Dreaming with Eyes Open

library bulletin board idea
Image Source | lizzy.librarian

Elementary students contributed to this library bulletin board by illustrating either a butterfly or a bird.

33 | Book Waiting List Display

book bulletin board idea
Image Source | greatlibrarydisplays

This waiting list display is a wonderful way to get your students excited about reading new books!

34 | Books We’ve Read

books we've read classroom display
Image Source | benim_bir_hikayem-var

Copy this bulletin board idea by printing covers of books that your class has read this year and hang them with clothes pins.

Bulletin Board Ideas High School

In high school sometimes it’s harder to come up with board decoration ideas that will appeal to young adults. I’ve gathered up some of the best ideas below that would look great in high school and some will work for middle school as well.  I’ve included some ideas for interactive bulletin boards because they work really well for older students.

35 | You Bulletin Board Idea

middle school bulletin board
Image Source | detigdialect

This is a great way to encourage older students to be their own advocates. This bulletin board would work great for middle school students as well.

36 | High School Choose Mindfulness Bulletin Board

interactive high school bulletin board
Image Source | counselorclique

This board gives examples of ideas to choose mindfulness including positive self-talk, journaling and deep breathing. It also has some handouts that students can take with them for affirmations and muscle relaxation ideas. Copy this idea but check your spelling first! 🙂

37 | This is Your Year To…

positive decorations for high school
Image Source | drcorteswrites

This display encourages students that it’s their year to work hard, be a leader, make new friends and be themselves.

38 | Slay Your Way to Financial Aid

Financial aid bulletin board for high school
Image Source | counselorclique

Put up a bulletin board that helps to explain financial aid for college. This will give students helpful tips and reminders on the different types of aid available and how they can apply.

Inspirational Bulletin Board Ideas for High School

I have a few more ideas for high school bulletin boards and these ones are all about inspiration. Check them out below.

39 | Dear Under Classmen

under classmen interactive school decoration
Image Source | counselorclique

Seniors have a chance to write advice to under classmen on post it notes and then after the teacher reviews the notes they are hung on this bulletin board.

40 | Ways to Be a Leader

ways to be a leader school display
Image Source | creatingmathminds

Add to this board ways to be a leader, you can include things like:

  • Take initiative
  • Teach Others
  • Set a Good Example
  • Make Positive Changes

Seasonal Bulletin Boards

Many teachers love to change up bulletin boards every season. There are tons of ideas out there to create fun boards for spring, summer, fall and winter. Check out some of my favorites below.

Fall Bulletin Board Ideas

Fall is the beginning of the school year and there are tons of decor ideas that revolve around the season. Think about adding trees, leaves, pumpkins and a fun fall pun to your bulletin board. Check out some inspiration below.

41 | Welcome to Our Pumpkin Patch

fall classroom decoration idea
Where to Find | Pastel Fall Bulletin Board Kit

This is a simple and cheerful display for the fall featuring bulletin board cutouts of various colors and patterns on pumpkins.

42 | Gratitude Jar

gratitude jar classroom decoration
Image Source | sch_counselor

Around Thanksgiving would be a good time to add this bulletin board to class.   Create a gratitude jar and have students write what they are thankful for on sheets of paper to decorate the jar.

Winter Bulletin Board Ideas

If you’re looking for some winter ideas for your board décor think mittens, snowflakes, snowman and holiday themes. Check out some inspiration below.

43 | Our Class is Snow Much Fun

cute winter bulletin board idea
Where to Find | Winter Bulletin Board Kit

If you want to stick with your neutral classroom color scheme this might be the perfect winter bulletin board.

44 | Bulletin Board Ideas Christmas

cute Christmas bulletin board kit
Where to Find | Holiday Bulletin Board Kit

This bulletin board is an Etsy offer and comes with different sayings like Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays or Merry and Bright.

45 | Who Runs the World? Girls

women's history month bulletin board
Image Source | frenchfrenzytpt

Women’s history month in March may be the perfect time to create a bulletin board with the phrase “who runs the world? Girls”, a play off the Beyonce song. 

To decorate the board have students create flip biographies featuring an inspirational women.  The flip biographies will encourage other students to flip them up for a read!

Spring Bulletin Board Ideas

Spring bulletin boards often add a pop of color to your classroom décor. Add spring flowers, animals, and plants to get those spring vibes rolling in your classroom.

46 | Happy Spring

cute spring bulletin board
Where to Find | Easter Bulletin Board Kit

I’m loving the retro vibes of this spring bulletin board kit with the bunny ears.

Summer Bulletin Board Ideas

For the end of the year, it’s fun to create an idea to build anticipation for summer break. Check out what I mean below.

47 | Summer Bucket List Bulletin Board

summe bucket list bulletin board idea
Where to Find | Summer Bucket List Bulletin Board Kit

I created this kit for students to write what they want to do this summer on buckets. It also comes with color sheets so students can color their own buckets, or you can print colored buckets. It’s a fun idea for the end of the school year.  It’s available in my Etsy Shop.

Bulletin Boards for Student Work

Do you love creating bulletin boards to show off your student’s work? These next few board decoration ideas look amazing even before you add the work, which would be perfect for the first day of school.

48 | Neutral Student Work Display Board

cute student work classroom display
Image Source | schoolgirlstyle

Even before the student work goes up this is a pretty display for your classroom.

49 | Bright Retro Student Work Board

fun bright retro student work classroom display
Image Source | schoolgirlstyle

Add rainbow colors with a fun retro twist for a playful schoolwork display.  The colorful flowers and smiley faces would add good vibes to your classroom!

50 | Best Work Ever

cute best work ever classroom decor with bees
Image Source | schoolgirlstyle

This best work ever display would fit with a polka dot or bumble bee themed classroom.

Hope you got some inspiration from all of these bulletin board ideas so you can create a fun and positive classroom for your students. Feel free to save your favorites to your Pinterest boards by clicking on the picture and then the red P. If you loved this post, please share it on your favorite social!

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