The Ultimate Classroom Design Guide

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The Ultimate Classroom Design Guide

Teachers, this is your ultimate classroom design guide. This is designed to be your one stop for all the ideas and inspiration you need for classroom setup, décor, bulletin boards, themes, organization classroom management and so much more.

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Your classroom is a place where your students will learn and grow. Creating a welcoming atmosphere in your class takes planning and inspiration. This post will help you with both.

We’ll take a look at what some other creative teachers are doing in their classrooms to help you find ideas that will work for you and your students.

Classroom Design Guide

Here are some items this classroom guide will go over:

  • Classroom Setup Ideas for Back to School
  • Flexible Classroom Seating
  • Classroom Decoration Ideas
  • Classroom Themes
  • Bulletin Boards
  • Classroom Library
  • Classroom Organization Ideas
  • Teacher Toolbox
  • Teacher Cart
  • Classroom Ideas
  • Classroom Management
  • Desk Pets
  • Teacher Hacks

Classroom Setup Ideas

Image Source | teachingoutsidethebox

One of the first decisions to make in your classroom is how you want to set it up.

How do I structure my classroom?

When deciding your classroom design and structure here are some ideas and questions to think about to get you started:

  • Draft desk setup on paper before you arrange desks.
  • Consider if you want desks grouped together or separate.
  • What layout will promote learning and minimize distractions?
  • Think of your classroom in zones separated by learning activity.
  • Make sure there are clear paths to the exits and the entrance.

Read more classroom setup ideas in this post…

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Flexible Classroom Seating

Image Source | teachingwithmrspauk

Next, as part of your classroom design plan you’ll want to consider adding flexible seating options in your class. Many teachers have found benefits with flexible seating including improved focus and concentration.

Is flexible seating right for my classroom?

Here are some questions to ask to decide on the right seating?

  • Are there activity centers I can create with flexible seating?
  • What type of seating would work best for students?

For an in-depth look at flexible seating options in the classroom read this post…

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Classroom Decoration Ideas

Image Source | teachingoutsidethebox

One of the fun parts of classroom design is choosing your classroom decorations.

How should I decorate my classroom?

Here are some questions you can decide to get you inspired to set up your décor:

  • What colors do I want in my classroom this year?
  • Do I want a classroom theme?
  • What class décor do I want to re-use from last year?

If you’re looking for more classroom décor inspiration, then you’ll want to check out this post…

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Classroom Themes

Image Source | hannabethh

Do you want to create a classroom theme? This is optional and many teachers like the idea because it keeps a cohesive look and feel in the classroom. Plus, it’s just fun.

What are the best classroom themes?

Here are some fun classroom themes to consider:

  • Starbooks
  • Retro theme
  • Sunshine & Rainbows
  • Camping
  • Cactus
  • Tropical
  • Flowers
  • Safari

For examples of each of these classroom themes with pictures you can read this…

The Best Classroom Themes

Bulletin Boards

Image Source | talesfromaverybusyteacher

The next step in your classroom design is to plan the setup of your bulletin boards. Planning ahead for bulletin boards through the year will make your life easier.

Bulletin Board Planning

Here are a few questions to decide with your bulletin boards:

  • Which bulletin boards will be permanent?
  • What ones will be changing seasonally?
  • Do you want a board for class birthdays?
  • Would you like to set up a board for future student work?

For the first of the year, you may want to create a bulletin board that includes students’ names. This will help students feel excited and welcome in the classroom.

For bulletin board inspiration check out this post…

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Summer/End of the Year Bulletin board

At the end of the school year, you can create a fun bulletin board to help wrap up the school year.

Find some fun ideas for these summer bulletin boards here…

31 Fun Summer Bulletin Board Ideas

Classroom Library

Image Source | lovelylittleclassroom

Does your class have space for a library? If so, then next, you’ll want to think about the setup of your classroom library as you design your class.

Classroom Library Ideas

Here are some things to consider when planning your classroom library:

  • How do you want to organize books to make it easier for students to find?
  • What organization can you put in place to encourage students to put books away in the correct spot?
  • Do you want to include a cozy spot for students to read?

For more ideas and inspiration to create a beautiful and functional classroom library read this post…

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Classroom Organization Ideas

Image Source | thehappylittleclassroom

A big part of classroom design is organization. Take time now to plan your classroom organization to save yourself time in the long run.

How do I organize my classroom?

Here are some things to consider when setting up your classroom organization:

  • How should I organize school supplies?
  • What system can I setup to organize student work?
  • What organization products can help me?
  • Do I want to setup a teacher toolbox or a teacher cart?

I have collected tons of amazing classroom organization ideas for you in this post…

83 Best Classroom Organization Ideas

Teacher Toolbox

Image Source | shaynavohstpt

What is a teacher toolbox?

A teacher toolbox is a plastic toolbox that you fill with classroom organization supplies instead of screws and nails. Teachers label each compartment to make classroom organization a breeze.

For the complete how to guide to setting up your own teacher toolbox you’ll want to read this…

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Teacher Cart

Image Source | candidbycass_

What is a teacher cart?

A teacher cart is a rolling cart that is setup specifically to use in the classroom. Here are some of the best uses of a teacher cart:

  • Classroom supply organization station
  • Paper organization organized by subjects or days of the week
  • Portable student activity cart
  • Reading cart
  • A place to organize technology such as Chromebooks

To see how creative teachers have set up their teacher carts check out this post…

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Classroom Ideas

Image Source | myclassbloom

For fun as your designing your class you may want to try some new ideas in your classroom.

What are the best classroom ideas?

Here are some of my favorite out of the box classroom ideas:

  • Use blocks to teach contractions.
  • Make a Create Station in your classroom.
  • Create a kind message bulletin board.
  • Create a future world changers bulletin board featuring your students.
  • Create a safari themed reading nook.
  • Designate a spot in your classroom as a “classroom home page”.
  • Make an I’m done choice board.
  • Use press on lights to set noise level expectations.
  • Create a mental health check in board.
  • Incorporate inspiration messages throughout the class.
  • Create a teacher command center.

For a description of all of these classroom ideas and so much more you’ll want to read this…

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Classroom Management

Image Source | the.organised.teacher

Next, you’ll want to consider adding some new classroom management strategies this year. Think about your daily classroom routines and if there are ways to make them go smoother.

Classroom Management Ideas

Here are some areas that you may want to look for some new classroom management ideas:

  • How to set classroom behavior expectations
  • Ideas for the management of daily routines
  • How to keep resources at your fingertips
  • New ideas for motivation & rewards
  • Helping students manage emotions

Read all about these classroom management ideas and more here…

35 Brilliant Classroom Management Ideas

Desk Pets

Image Source | teaching.with.tori

A new classroom management idea for motivating students that kids are loving is desk pets.

What are Desk Pets?

Desk pets are animal erasers that students can earn as part of a classroom incentive program.

Teachers have found creative ways to use these in the classroom. Here are some of the best ideas:

  • Use them as a behavior or reward system
  • Let students earn homes, food and accessories for their pets
  • Incorporate desk pets into learning activities
  • Limit play time
  • Create a pet shop or adoption center & adoption certificates

For the best ideas to add desk pets in your classroom this year read this post…

Desk Pets (15 Creative Ideas to Try This Year)

Teacher Hacks

Image Source | firstgradeblvd

Why not learn from other teachers’ creative ideas that you may not have thought of when planning your classroom design. What have other teachers come up with to make their life easier that you can copy in your classroom?

Clever Teacher Hacks

Here are some clever teacher hacks that you might want to try in your class:

  • Have students choose a number to wait for your attention
  • Use color coding to help with organization
  • Keep all remotes together in a binder
  • Try an easy solutions to keep track of pencils
  • Use a wireless doorbell to get the class’s attention
  • Keep glitter in salt and pepper shakers
  • Create sub tickets for the substitute teacher while you’re out

I hope you found this classroom design guide helpful and will use some of these ideas in your class this year. If you loved this post, please share it!

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