37 Creative Classroom Wall Ideas & Decorations for School

classroom wall ideas

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37 Creative Classroom Wall Ideas & Decorations for School

So, you’re looking for some classroom wall ideas? I found tons of great ideas for you. I made this post for the teacher with those blank classroom walls that you don’t know what to do with. You’re sure to find a fun new idea in this post that will completely transform your space.

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1 | Brain Diagram Wall

brain diagram science class wall
Image Source | uaeexhibitionservices

This amazing brain wall mural helps illustrate the difference between the right and left brain. It was created for a science classroom.

2 | Portable Word Wall

portable word wall
Image Source | rachaelburnett_

If you want to transform an area in your class into an interactive learning space and create an amazing portable word wall like this follow these steps:

  1. Print Fluency Strips on bright colored paper.
  2. Add a ring to the top of each.
  3. Get command hooks on Amazon.

3 | Ball Run Wall

ball run classroom wall
Image Source | the_gorman_lane

This ball run wall was created for a preschool classroom. This is how it was created:

4 | Polka Dots & Positivity

cute classroom wall idea
Image Source | clutterfreeclassroom

If you want to create a classroom wall like this, you can add polka dots and a positive saying with a stencil and paint or wall stickers.

5 | Student Work Setup

student work setup
Image Source | aprimarymindset

Why not dedicate a wall to display student work? To do this add sheets of colored paper and clothespins. This is a simple way to add color to your room.

6 | Interactive Goal Digger Wall

interactive goal wall for classroom
Image Source | itskelseycrow

Ever consider dedicating a classroom wall to encouraging your student to reach their goals? You can make it interactive by including a spot for them to write their goals, a data tracker and even a mirror to practice affirmations!

7 | Goal Wall

classroom goal bulletin board idea
Image Source | schoolandthecity

Here’s another creative idea for a goal wall. When students reach one of their goals, they get to punch through the tissue paper for a prize!

Here’s how you set this up:

  • Place small prizes in a red solo cup.
  • Cover the cup with colorful tissue paper and a rubber band.
  • Attach cups to the bulletin board with a hot glue gun.

8 | Selfie Bulletin Board

selfie bulletin board idea
Image Source | sciencelessonsthatrock

Why not create a fun colorful bulletin board that is the perfect spot for a positive student selfie? To copy this bulletin board, use colorful construction paper to create feathers for the angel wings.

If you’re looking for more bulletin board ideas check out this post…37 Best Bulletin Board Ideas

9 | Read All the Books Wall

classroom book wall
Image Source | thebookwrangler

I love this classroom wall that encourages students to read all the books. Be sure to add a bookshelf with some of the class favorites and another shelf with book characters!

10 | Student Name Wall

student name classroom wall
Image Source | alwaysmoretolearn

A small wall above the sink is a great place for a creative display like this. This bulletin board says our name is part of our identity. Each student wrote their name and traced it with crayon and then water colored over the top of it.

11 | Library Wall Mural

library wall mural
Image Source | thebookwrangler

The wall above the bookshelves in the library is the perfect spot for a wall mural like this.

12 | Student Rainbow Art Wall

student rainbow art wall
Image Source | the.crafty.teacher

Put young artists to work to help create your wall decorations for the school. To do this assign students a color for the background of their self-portraits. Then you can arrange them in rainbow order to create a stunning visual like this. At the top it reads, everyone matters, and everyone belongs here.

13 | Interactive Sight Words Wall

sight words wall
Image Source | learningtobloomclassroom

To help young students learn sight words create an interactive wall where they can grab some words to practice reading and writing.

14 | Vowel Vally

phonics wall for classroom
Image Source | polka.dots.please

Or how about creating a vowel valley phonic wall with visual aids to help students learn sounds and phonics.

15 | Geometree Wall

creative math classroom wall
Image Source | happilyeverelementary

Create a beautiful geometree word wall with geometry terms and definitions.

16 | Class Family Wall

class pictures wall
Image Source | headoverheelsforteaching

To copy this class family photo wall idea, have students pick a character trait to represent them and then print the word and definition on their picture.

17 | Pegboard Wall

pegboard classroom wall
Image Source | ohmeganrowe

Add a pegboard or 3 to an empty wall and then you can add shelving for school supplies and classroom decorations.

18 | Flexible Seating Storage

flexible seating storage in the classroom
Image Source | thinkstretch

If your classroom is short on space then that blank wall might be the perfect spot for storage like storing your flexible seating.

19 | White board Organization Wall

whiteboard decorations
Image Source | dooteachers

Don’t overlook your whiteboard as an extra space for classroom supply storage as well as some décor like a decorative border and plants.

20 | Now Hiring Wall

cute classroom jobs wall idea
Image Source | missjbever

Here’s a great way to make use of your wall space, create a now hiring wall to display your classroom jobs.

21 | Teacher’s Thankful Wall

Teacher's gratitude wall
Image Source | mrs.fairchildthings

Steal this idea, from this elementary teacher Mrs. Fairchild to add a smile to your students’ faces. Create a display of the reasons you are thankful, grateful and blessed.

Write the names of all of your students and list one thing that you are thankful about each one. For example, Gaby’s joyful attitude or McKenzie’s girl boss energy.

22 | Wall of Teacher’s Pets

teacher's pets wall for school
Image Source | mrs.fairchildthings

Here’s a fun wall idea for your school. You could steal this idea for elementary, middle school or even high school. Have teachers bring in a photo of their pet and then add the teacher’s name tags.

23 | Tapestry

tapestry for classroom wall
Image Source | callmemissc_

Adding a tapestry with a positive message is an easy way to transform that blank space on a classroom wall.

24 | Teacher Shout Outs

teacher shout outs bulletin board
Image Source | teachertoteacher

To create this display at the end of the school year have older students coordinate teacher shout outs. All they need is a blank bulletin board and some post it notes in bright colors. Students can add a note to let their favorite teacher know something they appreciate about them.

25 | Colorful Wall Murals

classroom with colorful wall mural
Image Source | brittanyjeltema

One of the best ways to completely transform a classroom is with a colorful wall mural or two.

In this classroom the butterfly wall says live colorfully, and the butterfly has positive words written on it. The other wall says take up space with colorful planets and stars.

26 | Affirmation Station

classroom affirmation station
Image Source |


Turn a blank classroom wall into an affirmation station. All you need is a mirror and affirmation cards.

I have more idea for you for affirmation stations in this post…Affirmation Station: Easy How to Guide for Your Classroom

27 | Notice Board

classroom notice board
Image Source | mrscessacsclass

Turn a blank wall into a notice board to give students important information they need like the daily schedule, date, classroom rules, what they missed while they were out, and even a spot for extra pencils.

28 | Classroom Fireplace

classroom faux fireplace
Image Source | hello_fifth

Are you looking for out of the box classroom wall ideas? I love the idea of turning a wall into a faux fireplace. This could be the perfect spot for independent reading or to display messages or student work on the mantel.

29 | Classroom Poster Wall

classroom poster wall
Image Source | lololoveslearning

Another easy way to add character to your classroom walls is to add classroom posters. You can coordinate your posters with your classroom theme or copy this idea and find posters that are based on favorite children’s books.

30 | Positive Wall Mural

positive wall mural for classroom
Image Source | miss__hunterr

If your school lets you paint on your walls why not copy this idea to completely transform your classroom environment. Pick four colors that coordinate with your class color scheme and paint away. The best part is the rainbow doesn’t have to be perfect to look good.

31 | Kindness Wall Mural

classroom wall with decals
Image Source | gradesandgrace

Add a positive message like choose kindness to a blank wall with paint or wall decals.

32 | Class Fridge

class fridge
Image Source | lessonplansandvans

If you’re looking for creative ways to create a class family steal this idea. Dedicate one wall to the class fridge, bonus points if it’s magnetic. On the class fridge display work or pictures to make students proud.

33 | Wall of Streamers

creative and cheap classroom wall idea
Image Source | the.organised.teacher

Are you looking for easy and cheap classroom wall ideas that will add interest and color? How about covering it with party streamers?

34 | Grass Wall

classroom with grass wall
Image Source | mrs.colonteach

This teacher created a photo spot for the first day of school that includes a grass wall and a giant photo frame. Pictures will be hung on the grass wall. To make a grass wall you can actually get grass panels like this on Amazon.

35 | GR Code Library

GR code library classroom wall
Image Source | kimberlyjayne.teacher.xox

Create a GR code library where students can actually scan the GR codes to get audiobooks.

36 | Missing Work Wall

missing work organization for classroom
Image Source | tn.teacher

Dedicate a spot on your wall for a missing work chart. Each student has a number and then on a post-it note you simply write what work they are missing. This will help you and the students keep on top of missing work.

37 | World Map Wall

world map classroom wall
Image | wallpapermuralcom

I love when a wall is both beautiful and educational like this map wall. You can create this with wallpaper.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can teachers create an inviting atmosphere with high school classroom wall decorations?

To create an inviting atmosphere, use content anchor charts to display key concepts, vocabulary, and essential notes that students can reference. Include visual aids like maps and diagrams that will enhance their learning.

What are some simple and budget-friendly wall decorating ideas for classrooms?

Simple and budget-friendly wall decoration ideas include creating homemade anchor charts, word walls, and student-generated art. Re-purpose old materials like magazines and newspapers for collages or quotes. Incorporate colorful borders, fabric, or streamers to brighten up the space.

Consider asking for donations of art supplies or decorations from parents, the school community or local businesses.

Where can I find inspiration for creative classroom wall designs?

My favorite sources of inspiration include Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube channels run by teachers. Connect with fellow teachers to exchange ideas, tips, and experiences.

What are some classroom wall ideas that will not damage walls?

To prevent wall damage, avoid using nails or permanently adhesive materials like glue or duct tape. Instead, use low-tack or removable adhesive products such as painter’s tape, reusable adhesive strips, or adhesive putty.

Use lightweight decorations, minimizing stress on the walls. Check what your school’s guidelines on wall treatments and decorating policies are.

Can you suggest classroom wall decoration tips for elementary school teachers?

Elementary classroom wall ideas can include colorful, interactive elements like felt boards, magnetic word walls, or theme-based charts related to subjects like math, science, or social studies.

Display student work, emphasize the subject your currently teaching, and use characters or illustrations that your students love. Create a cozy reading nook or a designated space for collaborative activities.

What types of decor work well for a preschool classroom’s walls?

Preschool classroom walls should feature decorations that are visually appealing and promote exploration and learning. Include simple shapes, colors, numbers, and letters to introduce basic concepts.

You can add sensory materials like fabric, felt, or textured surfaces. Keep the wall decorations at eye-level for the children to interact with easily.

What are effective and safe methods to secure decorations on classroom walls?

Ensure your wall decorations are secure and safe by using appropriate and approved adhesives like removable adhesive strips, adhesive putty, or painter’s tape. Avoid heavy or sharp-edged items that may pose risks.

Regularly inspect the decorations to prevent them from falling due to wear and tear. Abide by safety and building codes applicable to your school or district.

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I hope you found some new and fun classroom wall ideas that you are going to try in your class this year. If you enjoyed this post, please give it a share!

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