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Best Classroom Rugs Educational & Stylish Choices

In this post I want to show you the best classroom rugs that I’ve found. I’ll show you options that are educational, cute, soft, washable and durable. You’re sure to find that perfect new rug to enhance your classroom environment this year.

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Things to consider when shopping for that perfect classroom rug.

  • Do you want to define a space for example it could be for group work or a spot for children to sit and listen to during story time?
  • Do you want your rug to have an educational element with letters, numbers or maps?
  • Would you like your class carpet to be machine washable or easy to clean?
  • Do want to help give student’s their own space?
  • Is it important for the rug to be sturdy enough to hold up to the parade of daily feet or cozy enough for story time or both?
  • Consider what colors would work best to energize or create a calming vibe in your learning environment.

The Best Classroom Rugs

With these questions in mind let’s check out some of the very best classroom rugs that I’ve found broken down by category.

Classroom Rugs with Bright Colors

Brightly colored rugs with bold patterns can energize your classroom and make it more lively. Look for options that are stain-resistant, ensuring that vibrant colors stay that way through spills and messes. Below check out my favorite bright classroom rugs.

Colorful Pencils

colorful pencil classroom rug
Pencil Rug | Find it Here

This pencil rug would add some character and color to your class. This one is available in a variety of sizes.

Puzzle Classroom Carpet

Bright Puzzle Mat
Bright Puzzle Mat | Find it Here

Puzzle pieces provide a spot for each student. This rug has nonslip backing and there’s quite a few size options for this one.

Pastel Rugs

For a calming classroom setting, consider pastel rugs. They can soften the look of your classroom and are ideal for areas where you students need to focus. I found some beautiful pastel classroom rugs that you can check out below.

Pastel Rainbow Stripe Rug

Rainbow Rug |
Rainbow Rug |Find it Here

If you have a pretty pastel color scheme in your class, then I just found you the perfect rug. It comes in two sizes.

Mint Checkerboard Classroom Rug

Checkers Classroom Rug
Checkers Rug | Find it Here

There are several colors and sizes of this on trend rug so you’re sure to find the right one to match your class color palette.

Neutral Colored Rugs

Neutral rugs blend well with any decor and are perfect for masking dirt in high-traffic areas. Choose a durable, tightly woven option that can be easily vacuumed. Check out the best neutral rugs below.

Boho Rainbows

Boho Rainbow Area Rug
Rainbow Rug | Find it Here

If you click on the link above this one comes in tons of different patterns. This would be the perfect one if you have a boho theme or just want a neutral but cute rug.

Checkered Shag Rug

Shaggy Checkered Area Rug
Shaggy Checkered Area Rug | Find it Here

Here’s another checkerboard pattern that I think would add a fun touch to your classroom. It’s the ideal rug if you want softness and style too. This one has a shaggy soft feel to it. There are several sizes and a few different neutral colors to choose from.

Educational Rugs

Incorporate learning directly into your classroom’s floor with educational rugs that feature numbers, letters, or even maps. Below you can find the very best classroom rugs with that educational element that you’re looking for.

Bright Learning Rug

Days of the Week Classroom Rug
Days of the Week Rug | Find it Here

Help younger students learn days of the week, months, seasons and their letters with this bright classroom area rug. This one had over a thousand 5-star reviews, holds up well and it comes in more sizes and even shapes.

Solar System Rug

Space Classroom Rug
Space Classroom Rug | Find it Here

Transport your students into outer space with this fun educational classroom rug.

Learning Classroom Rug

Preschool Rug
Preschool Rug | Find it Here

This class carpet includes letters, numbers, shapes, planets and even the weather. It would be perfect for a preschool or kindergarten classroom.

Alphabet Rugs

Alphabet rugs help teach letter recognition and are perfect for younger students. Check out my favorite alphabet rugs below.

Pastel Alphabet Rug

Cute Pink Alphabet Rug
Pink Rug | Find it Here

I wanted to show you the prettiest alphabet rug that I found. This beautiful rug made by Flagship carpets also comes in light blue.

Blue Alphabet Carpet

Blue Playmat
Blue Playmat | Find it Here

This educational rug would work really well for younger students that are learning their ABCs.

Rainbow Alphabet Rug

Educational Playmat
Educational Playmat | Find it Here

This one would add a cheerful, happy feel to your learning space.


Colorful ABC Classroom Rug
Colorful Rug | Find it Here

There are several designs for this area rug.

Cute Alphabet Rug

Alphabet rug for the classroom
Cute Rug | Find it Here

You can choose your color and size in this playful rug.

Map Rugs

Map rugs are great for geography lessons. Let’s take a look at some world maps and United States map rugs below.

World Map Area Rug

Map of the World Rug
Map of the World Rug | Find it Here

This modern black and white world map rug comes in a couple of different sizes.

Fun United States Map Rug

Fun United States Rug
States Rug | Find it Here

This rug includes colorful pictures for all of the states and has several sizes to choose from.


United States Rug
United States Rug | Find it Here

This colorful area rug will help your students learn the states in the U.S.

Fun Classroom Rugs

Inject some fun into your classroom decor with rugs that have exciting themes or patterns. If you’re looking for the best classroom rug to inject a little fun into your space check these out below.

This is Our Happy Place Rug

This is our Happy Place Classroom Rug
Happy Place Rug | Find it Here

I love this saying and think it would add happy vibes to any class. Plus, it also comes in pink!

Sparkle Shimmer and Shine

Disco Ball Rug
Disco Ball Rug | Find it Here

This mat comes in a few different patterns including a version with a disco ball for each student to sit on. This would be perfect for a Taylor Swift Classroom theme or just to add a little flair to your class decor.

You are My Sunshine Rug

cute Sunshine Classroom Rug
Sunshine Mat | Find it Here

Add a little warmth and inspiration to your class with this positive sunshine rug that comes in a couple of sizes.

Composition Book Rug

Notebook Class Rug
Notebook Class Rug | Find it Here

This may be my favorite choice. This would add a playful touch to your classroom décor.

Themed Rugs for the Classroom

Theme-based rugs can enhance your classroom’s overall aesthetic. No matter what your classroom theme is there is sure to be a rug to match it. Check out some of my favorites below.

Boho Rainbow Themed Rug

Rainbow Rug |
Rainbow Rug | Find it Here

A boho rainbow theme is a fun a popular choice. If you agree here’s the perfect classroom rug for you.

Camping Theme Rug

Campfire Rug for the classroom
Campfire Rug | Find it Here

Another really popular theme is the camping themed classroom. Can you imagine students gathering around the campfire to work in small groups?

Space Classroom Rug

Outer Space Play Mat
Outer Space Play Mat | Find it Here

Students can imagine they are in the galaxy with this fun space themed class rug.

Safari Themed Classroom Rug

Animal Safari Theme Classroom Rug
Animal Mat | Find it Here

Students can imagine they are cruising through the safari on a train, boat or Jeep. This mat that comes in 3 sizes would be perfect for a safari themed classroom.

City Classroom Rug

Road Traffic Mat
Road Traffic Mat | Find it Here

This city rug would be a fun additional to a preschool classroom. It comes in a few sizes and has a non-slip backing.

Classroom Seating Grid Rugs

Ensure every student has a spot with seating grid rugs. They are an effective way of managing personal space during story time or independent work time. Read on to see the very best classroom rugs that have seating grids.

Rainbow Seating Grid Rug

Colorful Classroom Rug
Colorful Rug | Find it Here

This large rainbow seating classroom rug could sit 24 students.

Pastel Smiley Rug

Smiley Face Seating Grid rug
Happy Face Mat | Find it Here

This smiley face pastel rug is a fun take on a seating grid. It comes in a couple of sizes and colors too so you can find the right one for your space.

Pastel Squares

Pastel Squares Classroom Carpet
Happy Squares Carpet | Find it Here

I’m loving the soft pastel color pallet of this one. It comes in a few different sizes too.

Carpet Squares and Carpet Circles

Carpet squares and carpet circles are versatile and convenient for creating reading corners or small group areas. You can have students grab one and they will each have their own spot. See the best ones below.

Colorful Floor Dots

Bright Carpet Circles
Bright Carpet Circles | Find them Here

These colorful carpet spots could be a versatile addition to your seating options for students.

Colorful Carpet Squares

Carpet Squares for the classroom
Carpet Squares | Find them Here

These carpet square seats have a non-slip rubber backing and come in a pack of 24.

Tree Stump Carpet Circles

Tree stump carpet circles for the classroom
Wood Slice Circles | Find them Here

These carpet circles that look like tree stumps would be a fun addition to an elementary classroom and would work especially well with a camping or nature theme. They come in a pack of 12 and there are a few other pattern choices as well.

Round Classroom Rugs

Round rugs can act as a centerpiece in your classroom, offering a shared space for circle time. Choose plush ones for extra comfort. There are tons of options available on Amazon. My favorites are below.

Round Black & White Rug

round ABC classroom Rug
ABC Rug | Find it Here

This cute classroom rug is available in several different colors and sizes so you can be sure to find the perfect one for your space.

Sunshine Rug

Boho Round Rug
Boho Round Rug | Find it Here

This small area rug would add a little pop of sunshine to your classroom decor.

Solar System Alphabet Rug

Cute Round Rug
Cute Round Rug | Find it Here

This small rug is the perfect balance of cute and educational in my opinion and it comes in several sizes and shapes and is washable.

Bright Number & Letters Rug

Soft Circle Rug
Soft Circle Rug | Find it Here

This round classroom rug comes in tons of different patterns and sizes too. This one with the lowercase letters and numbers is one of my favorites.

Soft Plush Rugs

Plush rugs add a layer of softness and are perfect for areas where students might sit on the floor especially if it’s a hard surface. These might be the perfect addition to your calming corner, classroom library or a small reading nook. Check out the best soft fuzzy rugs that I’ve found below.

Fluffy Classroom Rug

Shag Rug
Shag Rug | Find it Here

A fluffy carpet like this is a great way to add texture to play areas or a designate an area for group activities. This one comes in a large range of colors, shapes and sizes so you can be sure to find what works for your space.

Rainbow Round Shag Rug

Colorful Fluffy Rug
Colorful Fluffy Rug | Find it Here

If you want to create a comfortable area for reading, or even your calm corner consider a round soft rug like this. This one is also available in a wide range of colors and patterns.

Nature Colors and Themed Classroom Rugs

Bring the outdoors in with nature-themed rugs or rugs with those natural colors. These would go great if you have a nature theme in your classroom. Check out the best classroom rugs that would add a touch of nature to your room below.

Large Stump Classroom Rug

Grassy Nature Rug
Grassy Nature Rug | Find it Here

Students will feel like they are sitting outside with this grassy tree stump carpet.

Boho Sun Class Rug

Sun Print Throw Rug
Sun Print Throw Rug | Find it Here

Add those fun boho vibes with a rug like this.

Green Leaf Area Rug

Leaf Rug
Leaf Rug | Find it Here

This little rug would be a fun addition to a nature theme or jungle theme classroom, and it comes in several sizes too.

Washable Classroom Rugs

If you’re top priority is easy cleaning because.. you know.. messy kids then this next section is for you. For hassle-free upkeep, look for machine washable rugs. They’re a convenient choice for busy teachers. They can be cute too, my favorites are below.

Botanical Print Washable Rug

Boho Rug
Boho Rug | Find it Here

This soft pastel rug is 5’ x 7’ and comes in several pretty color schemes.

Sage Green Checkered Mat

Green checkered Area Rug
Green Area Rug | Find it Here

Adding a fun pattern like with this checkered rug is a great way to add interest and character to your class.

Washable ABC Rug

Blue ABC Rug
Blue ABC Rug | Find it Here

This machine washable rug comes in light pink too and several sizes.

Schoolgirl Style Classroom Rugs

Schoolgirl is a brand of classroom decor that is cute and on trend. They offer a variety of stylish classroom rugs that come in a fun patterns and colors that can match your classroom theme. Check out some of my favorites that you can get on Amazon below.

Large Smiley Rug

Retro Smiley Face Classroom Rug
Retro Rug | Find it Here

This cute classroom rug would add a fun touch to your decor. It goes perfectly with the retro theme that’s really popular right now. If it doesn’t quite match your color scheme you’re in luck in comes in 3 different colors.

Smile Classroom Rug

Lavendar Checkerboard Rug
Lavendar Checkerboard Rug | Find it Here

I’m getting those retro vibes from this one too and the checkered pattern is very stylish as well.

Daisy Classroom Rug

White Daisy Rug
White Daisy Rug | Find it Here

This pretty daisy rug is also available with a black or pink background as well as a couple sizes.

Frequently Asked Questions

When choosing a classroom rug, you want one that’s just the right size, durable and easy to clean. Here are some specifics to consider when making your choice.

How can I determine which size rug is ideal for my classroom?

To find the perfect rug size for your classroom, measure the area you want to cover. Common sizes include 5’10” x 8’4″, 7’6″ x 12′, and 10’6″ x 13’2″. Allow space for walking paths and furniture.

What should I look for in a preschool classroom rug?

For preschoolers, look for rugs with non-slip backing, colorful designs, and materials that are easy to clean. Rugs with educational patterns or alphabet letters will add to the learning atmosphere.

Are there classroom rugs available that fit a specific number of students?

Yes, some rugs come with seating patterns or circles designed to accommodate a specific number of students, helping with organization and personal space during activities.

Where is a good place to find affordable rugs suitable for classrooms?

Amazon, Target and Walmart offer a wide variety of classroom rugs that suit different needs and budgets. You can also check out your local educational supply store.

What are some recommended classroom rugs for a neutral color scheme?

If you prefer a more subdued look, opt for rugs in gray or tan shades. Go for neutrals if you want a calm and understated backdrop for your classroom.

Can you suggest durable rug options that handle frequent child use?

Look for rugs made of high-density materials with stain resistance. If they are tightly woven they will be easier to vacuum and less likely to shed. Brands often specify rugs meant for heavy use in high-traffic areas, such as those made from nylon with a robust binding.

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Those are the best classroom rugs that I have found. Hope you found one in this post that you love. If you liked this post please give it a share.