57 Teacher Halloween Costumes: Fun & Easy Ideas

teacher Halloween Costumes

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57 Teacher Halloween Costumes: Fun & Easy Ideas

Are you looking for some fun teacher Halloween costumes? Well you’ve come to the right place. I found tons of costumes for you! Some are creative, and involve DIY and others are easy and can be put together last minute.

I’ll also show you ideas for groups or just you and your teacher bestie. If you’re not big on going all out check out the cute Halloween teacher t-shirts at the end.

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School Supplies Teacher Halloween Costumes

School supplies are some of the most popular Halloween costumes for teachers. Consider dressing up as crayons, pencils, dry erase markers or even paper. Check out some inspiration to pull it off below.

Set of Crayons Costume

set of crayons teacher costume

Image Source | tinalovesteaching

This one is super easy to pull off. On Amazon, here you can get a crayon t-shirt in your favorite color and pair it with black leggings.

Dry Erase Marker Teacher Costume

dry erase marker teacher costume

Image Source | lovelivelaughteach

Markers Teacher Group Costume

set of markers group Teacher Halloween costumes

Image Source | castlesandcrayons

Marker Costume DIY

  • To make the Marker Hat you just need two strips of Bristol board. Cut the strips and staple them together in a round shape to fit your head. Then make a smaller one, to place inside the larger one, (but higher) and staple them together.
  • The marker itself can be made with a large piece of cardboard, or poster board. Punch a couple of holes at the top for a string to hold it up like an apron. You can use a Cricut for the logo of the marker. Mr. Sketch scented is a fun choice!

Paper and Pencil Costume

paper and pencil costume
Find it Here | Amazon Paper and Pencil Costume

Here’s a fun idea for you and your teacher friend.

Book-Inspired Halloween Costumes

Some of the best ideas for Halloween costumes for teachers are book-inspired. Are you looking for some ideas that incorporate some of your students’ favorite book characters? Check out below some creative ideas from other teachers that you may want to copy.

Junie B Jones Teacher Halloween Costume

teacher Halloween costume book inspired

Image Source | hannabethh

To pull off a Junie B. Jones costume, browse all the book covers and choose one that would be fun to dress as. Mrs. Beth is pulling off, Junie B. Jones and the Stinky School Bus.

Corduroy Teacher Halloween Costume

corduroy teacher halloween costume

Image Source | kindercraziness

Corduroy is a great costume idea for a Kindergarten teacher. All you need is overalls and a little face paint. Bonus for hair buns that look like bear ears!

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Halloween Costume

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom teacher Halloween costume

Image Source | lifewlessonplans

Here’s another creative costume idea for a Kindergarten or Pre-school teacher.

Bad Case of Stripes

funny teacher Halloween costume

Image Source | learningwithmisslagrow

If your students love this book, you’ll have fun with this one.

What you need for the Bad Case of Stripes Outfit

Pregnant Teacher Halloween Costume Idea

pregnant teacher Halloween costume idea

Image Source | skylarhill3

The Pooh Bear with a tummy full of honey, for a pregnancy Halloween costume, is pretty clever.

Eloise Costume

Eloise teacher Halloween costume idea

Image Source | classandcontrast

Eloise would be a fun character to create for Halloween.

Ten Apples up on Top

teacher group Halloween costume with books

Image Source | teachinginstripes

This is actually an easy one to create. First you need apple shirts that you can find here. Then you make an apple headband by gluing a fake apple like this onto a headband.

Miss Frizzle Costume

Miss Frizzle costume

Image Source | thesprinkletoppedteacher

Looking for an educational and fun costume? Why not dress up as the beloved science teacher, Miss Frizzle, from "The Magic School Bus" series? Put together an outfit with a bright and colorful dress, a creative wig or hairpiece, and of course, accessorize with some science-themed jewelry. Don't forget to add her trusty sidekick, Liz the Lizard.

Rainbow Fish

rainbow fish costume

Image Source | thatteachertaylor

Rainbow Fish is a vibrant, eye-catching idea for a teacher Halloween costume that’s pretty easy to pull off. To create your own Rainbow Fish costume, you’ll need:

With this costume you can read your students the heartwarming story of the Rainbow Fish who learns about sharing and friendship.

Harry Potter

Harry Potter Halloween costume

Image Source | iwanttobeasuperteacher

Wizards and witches, unite! Transform into a character from the magical world of Harry Potter. Here are some ideas for Harry Potter costumes:

  • Dress up as a Hogwarts professor, such as Professor McGonagall or Professor Snape, by donning a flowing robe, a pointed hat, and a wand
  • Embrace your inner Quidditch enthusiast by wearing a graduation robe. Just add a broomstick, and a rolled-up piece of brown construction paper. For an extra touch add a nametag in a Harry Potter font.

Creative Teacher Halloween Costumes

Are you looking to impress your students this Halloween? Let's dive into some creative teacher Halloween costume ideas that you can use to make the spooky season more fun and memorable.

Jurassic Park Teacher Group Costume

teacher group Halloween costume idea

Image Source | isapartycreations

How to Pull of the Jurassic Park Costume

All you need it to pair your favorite Khakis with a Teacher Jurassic Park shirt, which you can find here and a Safari hat.

Upside Down Ice Cream Sundae

creative teacher Halloween costume idea ice cream

Image Source | fashionablylindsey

Here’s a creative costume your students will love!

How to Create an Upside-Down Sundae Costume

Bee Kind Teacher Halloween Costume

Be kind costume

Image Source | chalkoneupfortheteacher

Bee Kind Costume How to

Alien Teacher Costume

alien teacher halloween costume
Image Source | littlelovelylearners

There are tons of Martian children’s book that can accompany your costume.

Space Alien Costume How to

Mary Poppins Costume

Mary Poppins costume idea

Image Source | muinteoirn

3 Things You need for a Mary Poppins Costume

  • A black umbrella
  • A large hat decorated with flowers
  • An outfit with a long skirt, button up shirt and a red bow

Play on Words Halloween Costume Idea

If you're feeling extra creative, here's a fun & easy option, be a word or concept from your subject area! Think "Fraction" for math teachers or "Photosynthesis" for biology teachers. Use poster boards and art supplies to visually represent your idea, and maybe even incorporate a pun or two.

Easy Teacher Halloween Costumes

Looking for some easy and fun Halloween costumes ideas? You're in the right place. Let's dive into a few simple ideas that'll make both you and your students smile.

Mike Wazowski from Monsters Inc.

Monsters Inc. teacher Halloween costume

Image Source | sandersinsecond

This is a fun DIY costume.

How to Create a Mike Wazowski Costume

Teacher Minion

teacher minion Halloween costume

Image Source | annainroom123

Minions Teacher Group Costumes

teacher group Halloween costumes minions

Image Source | st_jeromeschool

Minion Costume How To

Inside Out Teacher Halloween Costume

inside out shirt easy teacher Halloween costume idea

Where to Find | Inside Out Angry T-shirt

If you want a low-key easy costume look no further. Just wear a t-shirt of your favorite Inside Out character. This works great as a group. You can find all of the t-shirts to choose from here.

Unicorn Teacher Halloween Costume

unicorn costume

Image Source | crazy_in_kinderland

Super easy, to pull this one off, you can add a unicorn Children’s book if you want.

What you need for a Unicorn Costume

Funny Teacher Halloween Costumes

If you're looking for some funny teacher Halloween costumes, keep reading. You've got lots of options to choose from. Check out some ideas that will make everyone laugh and give you an unforgettable Halloween experience.

Takis Teacher Group Costumes

funny teacher group Halloween costume Takis

Image Source | lms_dionido_pe

This one is sure to be a student favorite and is more fun in a group.

How to Pull off the Takis Costume

Field Trip Survivors

funny teacher costume for two

Image Source | typeainprek

Here’s an easy and creative idea. This works great after your field trip to the pumpkin patch. Adding a pumpkin t-shirt just adds to the fall, feel too.

Snap Chat Filters Teachers Costume

group teacher costume idea

Image Source | pocketfulofprimary

Create a Snap Chat Filter Costume

  • To pull this off check out Snap Chat and get inspired by the most recent filters and choose your favorite.
  • Then just add the Snapchat logo to a t-shirt.

Congested Highway Teacher Costume

teacher Halloween costume funny

Image Source | mycalltoteach

Highway Costume How To

  • Add some yellow washi tape to a black outfit.
  • Stick on some matchbox cars
  • Create a hat with the sign of your local highway
  • For the congested pun, carry around a box of tissues.

Shark Week Teacher Group Halloween Costumes

teacher group Halloween costume idea shark week

Image Source | kustomizedbykelly

Shark Week Teacher Costume How To

Pencil Costume

Looking for an easy and cute Halloween costume? Why not go for a number two pencil costume? There are a ton of options for this so I want to show you a few of my favorite ideas below.

Pencil Dress Costume

pencil costume

Image Source | weareticonderoga

Pencil Costume for Male Teacher

pencil costume for male

Image Source | weareticonderoga

Cute Pencil Costume Idea

cute pencil costume idea

Image Source | weareticonderoga

How to create a pencil costume

  • Check your closet for any yellow clothing that you can transform by adding a number two created with felt or an iron on t-shirt design.
  • DIY or purchase a pencil hat and you’re good to go.

Teacher Group Halloween Costumes

If you and your co-workers are looking for some fun teacher group costumes, look no further. Here are a few suggestions for teacher group Halloween costumes that'll you’ll have a blast dressing up as.

Cafeteria Food Teachers Costume

teacher group Halloween costume food

Image Source | apparelsenseshop

Food costumes are always a hit with students and are even more fun when you get a group involved. Check out here, an assortment of foods so you can be sure to find your students’ cafeteria favorites.

Hocus Pocus Halloween Trio

Hocus Pocus teacher costume idea

Image Source | teachinginruffles

Why not grab a couple of your teacher besties and reenact this Halloween favorite. The easiest way to pull this off is with some Hocus Pocus capes on top of your dresses. For a little extra flair you can add a fun wig.

The Four Seasons Teacher Halloween Group Costumes

Four Seasons group costume

Image Source | mrs.g_bess_kinder

Grab your creative teacher friends and each take on one of the seasons. For these costumes you can shop your closet and then take a trip to the craft store for some fun accessories.

Super Teachers Halloween Costume

super teacher costume

Image Source | iwanttobeasuperteacher

All you need is a Superwoman T-shirt and have fun accessorizing to create this super teacher costume.

Play-Doh Teacher Group Costumes

Play-Doh group costume idea

Image Source | _crayolaqueen

Steps for Play-Doh Costume

  • First you just need a Play-Doh T-shirt
  • To create the playdoh lid hat you can attach a Frisbee onto a headband

Scooby Doo Crew Halloween Costume

Teacher group Halloween costume idea Scooby Doo

Image Source | pocketfulofprimary

Get together with your teacher crew and you can each pick out your favorite character. Here’s where you can find all the Scooby Doo crew costumes.

Fly Guy Teacher Group Halloween Costume

group teacher Halloween costume idea

Image Source | thelemonadestandteacher

This is an easy DIY costume idea for a team. Have everyone wear black and then you can make the fly guy head band and wings.

Halloween Costumes for Two Teachers

Looking for fun and creative Halloween costumes for you and your teacher bestie? Here are a few ideas that are perfect for two teachers who want to join forces for their costume this year.

Smores Teacher Halloween Costume

Smores costume idea for two

Image Source | inquiryteacher

Gather your teacher best friend for an arts and crafts night to create this smores and campfire costume.

Nemo and His Anemone and Bruce the Shark

Finding Nemo costume

Image Source | sweetestteacher

How to Re-create this Nemo Costume

Unicorns Thelma & Kelp

Unicorns costume

Image Source | mrslopintoslife

Grab a colorful tutu and a unicorn headband to pull this one off.

Starbucks Teacher Halloween Costume

Calling all caffeine addicts. Want to publicly display your love for coffee this Halloween? Try dressing up as a Starbucks barista, or your favorite beverage. Check out some inspiration below to pull off a Starbucks teacher Halloween costume this year.

Starbucks Skirt Costume

Starbucks skirt costume

Image Source | kinderqueen123

DIY Starbucks Costume Idea

DIY Starbucks costume idea

Image Source | missjohnstonsjourney

Starbucks Group Costume Idea

Starbucks group costume idea

Image Source | atrailblazingteacher

How to Create a DIY Starbucks Costume

  • Use a Cricut or printer to create the Starbucks label and add it to brown paper. Then punch two holes in the front and back and add string and you have a wearable drink sleeve.
  • On a white t-shirt write your favorite Starbucks drink.
  • You can create the stray with rolled up paper and a white loofah (for the whip cream) attached to a headband.

Starbucks Barista Idea

Another easy costume idea is to be a Starbucks barista. First you need a green apron, like this.

Once you have your apron, you can add a Starbucks logo, nametag or a Starbucks hat. To personalize your costume, get creative with coffee-themed accessories. For example, you could:

  • Carry a reusable Starbucks cup filled with your favorite concoction.
  • Attach coffee beans or coffee-stained filter paper to your apron for added flair.
  • Wear a headset, simulating how baristas take drive-thru orders.

For a little extra, (if you have time) try incorporating something educational into your costume. You could create a mini lesson on the history of coffee, write a coffee-related math problem on your apron, or even teach a quick science experiment using coffee beans.

DIY Teacher Costumes

If you're looking for some creative DIY teacher costumes to wow your students this Halloween, you've come to the right place. Let's dive into some fun, easy-to-make costumes that will be hit with your students this year.

DIY teacher costume idea

Image Source | the.crafty.teacher

How to Create DIY Grape Costume

  • Start with purple or green balloons and safety pin the ends to your shirt.
  • Then head to the craft store and find some leaves or create felt leaves and attach to a headband.

Jellyfish Teacher Group Costume

Jellyfish group costume

Image Source | ahandmadeteacher

You can easily create this jellyfish costume with a clear umbrella, streamers and a colorful outfit.

Last Minute Teacher Costumes

So, you're looking for a last-minute teacher Halloween costume? No worries, I've got you covered. Here are some fun costumes that you can easily put together with items in your closet or even order online in a snap.

Animal Onesie Teacher Halloween Costume Idea

easy costume idea

Image Source | coffeefirst.teach2nd

If you want to be comfy and cozy this is the idea for you. You just need to pick out your favorite animal onesie here.

Teacher Shark

last minute costume teacher sharks

Image Source | lifewithmrswasik

Another top choice for comfort. You just need a shark hoodie like this one. Pair it with comfy black leggings and you’re a teacher shark. The only con is you might be hearing the baby shark song all day.

Scarecrow Teacher Costume

easy teacher Halloween costume idea

Image Source | heyymiss.c

Here’s a pretty easy one, shop your closet for a flannel and jeans or overalls. Pair with a straw hat and some cute face paint and you’re the classroom scarecrow.

Pac Man Teacher Group Halloween Costumes

Pac Man group costumes

Image Source | snowflakesin3rd

This fun teacher group costume idea is super easy. Just have each teacher pick out their favorite Pacman t-shirt here.

Amazon Teacher Halloween Costumes

Looking for a fun and easy teacher Halloween costume this year? Amazon has some great options. Remember, your Halloween costume doesn't have to be complicated to be memorable. Keep it simple, stay in your budget, and most importantly, have fun!

Check out some of my favorites from Amazon below.

Rock Paper Scissors Halloween Costume

Rock Paper Scissors costume
Where to Find | Rock Paper Scissors Costume

This is a fun costume for a group of three teachers.

Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head Costume

Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head costume
Where to Find | Potato Head Costumes

This would be a hit in a pre-school classroom!

Lady Bug Halloween Costume

lady bug costume
Where to Find | Ladybug Halloween Costume

Pair this ladybug costume with your students favorite Ladybug book like, The Grouchy Ladybug.

Butterfly Halloween Costume

Butterfly costume
Where to Find | Butterfly Costume

Grab a butterfly book from your class library to accessorize this costume.

80’s Teacher Halloween Costume

80s teacher Halloween costume
Where to Find | 80’s Halloween Costume

This colorful 80’s costume is sure to be a hit in the classroom.

Smores Group Costume

Smores Group Costume
Where to Find | Smores Group Costume

Does your class have a camping theme? If so, then you might need to gather your two teacher besties to pull off this Smores group costume.

Teacher Halloween T-shirts

If you're looking for a fun, casual way to celebrate the holiday with your students why not consider wearing a Teacher Halloween T-shirt? These shirts are a great option for teachers who want to show their love for the holiday without going all out in a full costume. Check out some cute options below.

Trick or Teach Halloween T-Shirt

Teacher Halloween T-shirt
Where to Find | Cute Teacher Halloween T-shirt

The retro style is really in right now.

Funny Teacher Halloween Shirt

Funny Teacher Halloween Shirt
Where to Find | Funny Teacher Halloween T-shirt

It’s funny because it’s true.

Cute Teacher Halloween Shirt

Cute Teacher Halloween Shirt
Where to Find | Teacher Halloween T-shirt

Click on the link to see more colors available in this shirt.

Teacher Halloween T-shirt

Teacher Halloween T-shirt funny
Where to Find | Skeleton Teacher Halloween T-shirt

Can you relate to this one?

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some funny teacher Halloween costume ideas?

Here’s an idea, consider dressing up as a group costume as crayons from "The Day the Crayons Quit." Another fun idea is to mimic a classic game, like Scrabble tiles. You can also go for a punny approach, such as a "grammar police" costume complete with badge and grammar rule citations!

How can I create a DIY teacher costume?

Creating a DIY teacher Halloween costume doesn't have to be complicated! Start by rummaging through your wardrobe to find clothing items that can be repurposed for your character. For instance, a simple dress and cardigan can easily turn you into Mary Poppins with the addition of a hat and umbrella.

Need mouse ears for a Minnie Mouse outfit? Fashion your own from a headband and some foam or felt. The key is to think creatively and use what you already have at your disposal.

What are some math and science-themed costumes for teachers?

Inspire your students with a math or science-themed costume! Dress up as an astronaut, rocket scientist, or mad scientist to showcase your love for outer space and scientific exploration.

Another idea is to choose a costume based on a famous mathematician or scientist, like Albert Einstein or Isaac Newton. You could also represent a mathematical concept, like a number or geometrical shape, for an abstract twist.

What are some unique art teacher costume ideas?

Art teachers have a fantastic opportunity to show off their creativity! Choose something abstract and colorful like a walking paint palette or become a famous work of art like the Mona Lisa or Van Gogh's Starry Night.

You could also pay homage to a well-known artist like Frida Kahlo, complete with her iconic flower headband and unibrow.

Is it appropriate for teachers to wear Halloween costumes at school?

Yes, wearing Halloween costumes at school is acceptable as long as the attire is school-appropriate and in line with your school's dress code policies. Just make sure you choose costume themes that are not offensive or overly revealing. If you're unsure about whether a specific costume is suitable, check with your school administration or an experienced teacher.

What are some last-minute teacher Halloween Costume ideas?

If you're short on time, there are still plenty of easy and fast teacher Halloween costume ideas. Consider dressing up as a superhero, like Super Teacher, by donning a cape and adding a DIY emblem to your shirt. Alternatively, a simple black dress and witch hat can quickly transform you into a witch.

You could also dress up as a classic icon like Rosie the Riveter, with jeans, a denim shirt, and a red bandana. Or check out the section in this post on Amazon costume ideas that often ship quickly. Shop your closet and consider top shows, movies or books, and you'll come up with an excellent last-minute outfit that's sure to be a hit!

I hope you got inspired by these creative teacher Halloween costumes and are ready to try something new this year. Remember, the key to a great teacher Halloween costume is to channel your inner creativity, have fun, and make your students smile. Good luck with your costume planning, and I hope you have a fun Halloween in your class this year!

Feel free to save your favorite ideas to your Pinterest boards. To do that just click on the picture, then the P and choose your board.

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