Halloween Classroom Door Decorations

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55 Halloween Classroom Door Decorations: Easy & Unique Ideas

Are you looking for some Halloween Classroom Door Decorations? Then you’ve come to the right place. This post is packed with inspiration for you. Whether your goal is to win the Halloween Classroom door decorating contest or just to create something super easy, I’ve got you covered.

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Halloween Classroom Door

In this post I’ve grouped door ideas by category. Some require DIY and quite a bit of time and others are super easy. Check out idea number 43, that you can probably accomplish in two minutes if you want something quick and easy. I hope you have fun creating your Halloween door and enjoy this spooky season!

What are some of the best ideas for Halloween Classroom Doors?

  • Think about shows, movies or musicians that your students love and create a door around that.
  • Create a door based on a classic Halloween favorite movie like Hocus Pocus or the Nightmare before Christmas.
  • Use Student work as the centerpiece for your door.
  • Think of a clever or funny Halloween Pun for your door.
  • Add cute Halloween creatures with student pictures on them like ghosts or skeletons.

Read on to check out all of these ideas and more!

Halloween Classroom Door Decorating Contest Ideas

Does your school do a Halloween door decorating contest? If so I’ve collected some ideas for you that are creative and unique and are sure to get your class to win the contest this year. Check them out below.

1 | Addams Family We Are Family Door

Adams Family We are Family Classroom Door
Image Source | livingmybesteacherlife

If you want to copy this door idea print off portraits from the Addams family and have students past their faces on them! Don’t forget to add Thing and Cousin It!

2 | Stranger Things Door

Stranger Things Halloween Classroom Door
Image Source | micae_fleming13

Some of the most popular ideas are based on current shows that students love. If your students are fans of the show, Stranger Things, they’ll love this Halloween classroom door idea.

3 | Monster’s University Door

Monsters University Halloween Classroom Door Decorations
Image Source | atozautismteacher

Get inspired by a movie that your students love and decorate the door as one of the favorite characters, like Mike Wazowski from Monsters University.

4 | Trick or Treat Smell My Feet

Trick or Treat Smell My Feet Classroom Idea
Image Source | littlemiskinder

Would your students get a kick out of this idea? (Pun intended) For this one you just need a couple of clothes lines with clothes pins and Halloween socks.

5 | Halloween Night Classroom Door

Halloween Night Classroom Door
Image Source | fashionablyhungryteacher

If you’re not artistic you can trace the animals and the tree on black paper to re-create this masterpiece.

6 | Haunted Hallway Classroom Door

Haunted Hallway Decor
Image Source | imagine_n8tion

Create a haunted Hallway design by making your class door look like old lockers with creepy stuff going on inside.

Creative Halloween Classroom Door Decorations

Get imaginative! Combine multiple elements like black paper silhouettes, spiders hanging from webs, and glow-in-the-dark decorations for a one-of-a-kind spooky Halloween door. Cotton balls, tissue paper, and disposable gloves filled with candy can also add a fun twist. Check out some more creative classroom door ideas below.

7 | The Nightmare Before Christmas

The nightmare before Christmas Classroom Door Decor
Image Source | autumnleavesz

Get inspired by a Halloween movie favorite, the Nightmare Before Christmas for your next Halloween classroom door.

8 | Come in My Pretties

Wizard of Oz Halloween Classroom Door Decorations
Image Source | buckshot888

This door features the Wicked Witch of the West taking a face dive in a cauldron.

9 | Monster Ceiling

Monster classroom decoration
Image Source | crafty.manatee

To really make a statement why not expand your door decorations to the ceiling too!

10 | Goosebumps Class Door

Goosebumps Classroom Decor
Image Source | nika_enfj

This amazing door décor was inspired by the spooky series, Goosebumps. This teacher printed pictures of some of the book covers to decorate the door.

11 | Big Eyed Monster Door

Monster Door Idea
Image Source | thatsssosamm

This giant door monster was made from a kit from Walmart. Be sure to check out stores for easy pre-made kits like this.

Funny Halloween Classroom Door Decoration Ideas

Bring humor to your door with puns and jokes. Create a snapshot of a skeleton teacher teaching a class full of skeleton students with a speech bubble saying, "You won't find a better class!" You could also incorporate Halloween puns in your door décor. Check out some more funny ideas below.

12 | Witch Splat Door

Funny Halloween Classroom Door Decorations
Image Source | miss.alexx_in_wonderland_prek

The Wicked Witch of the West took a splat on this classroom door.

13 | Fangtastic Students Inside

Clever Halloween Classroom Decor
Image Source | teachingmore

Here’s a clever Halloween pun that you can copy. This cute door even has fangs on the lettering!

14 | Come Hang With Us

Cute Halloween Classroom Door Decorations
Image Source | kate_in_k

This lucky teacher’s parents created this cute classroom door for her.

15 | Let’s Boogie

Retro Halloween Classroom Decorations
Image Source | decorateandeducate

If you have a retro classroom theme, I just found you the perfect Halloween door idea, your welcome!

Hocus Pocus Classroom Door

Recreate iconic scenes from the movie "Hocus Pocus" on your classroom door. Have students help paint characters and elements from the movie using paper plates and paint. If you love this movie, check out some more inspiration to create a Hocus Pocus door this Halloween.

16 | I Smell Children

Hocus Pocus Classroom Door
Image Source | thenicboyer

This door idea is all about the hair and how could you resist that quote!

17 | Sanderson Sisters Door

Hocus Pocus Classroom Decor Download
Where to Find | Sanderson Sisters Halloween Door Décor Kit

This door décor can be purchased on Etsy for download.

Preschool Halloween Door Decorations

For the little ones, try to keep it fun and less scary. Use cute pumpkin faces, smiling ghosts, and friendly black cats for a more age-appropriate decor. Get students involved with a classroom craft that then becomes your door décor. Get some inspiration for your preschool door below.

18 | What’s Brewing in Preschool

Preschool Halloween Door Decorations
Image Source | missdaisycrazycatlady

To copy this bulletin board idea, add the names of your students on cute little ghosts.

19 | Little Pumpkins & Ghosts Door Idea

Preschool Halloween Craft Activity
Image Source | creation_preschool

Have your preschoolers create little pumpkins or ghosts to help decorate your class door.

20 | Frankenstein Craft Door

Halloween Craft Idea
Image Source | denver_ymca

Give students shapes and have them glue them together to create mini Frankensteins to decorate your classroom door for Halloween.

Kindergarten Halloween Classroom Door Decorations

Create Halloween doors that promote learning for kindergarten students. Use counting games or integrate alphabet letters with Halloween themes, like "A is for Apple" with a seasonal twist of caramel apples. Have students create cute pumpkins, or witches with construction paper to add to your door. Checkout some more fun ideas for your Kindergarten class door below.

21 | Kindergarten Spooky Vibes Tapestry

Kindergarten Halloween Classroom Poster
Where to Find | Spooky Vibes Tapestry

Want an easy way to add that Halloween feel to your class? You can get this Kindergarten Spooky Vibes retro tapestry on Etsy to add to your class door.

22 | Witch Classroom Craft

Kindergarten Halloween Craft
Image Source | thinkstretch

Have your students help create creepy witches to add a little Halloween décor to your classroom door.

23 | Spider Classroom Door

Spider Classroom Craft Activity
Image Source | sped_time_stories

Another fun classroom activity is to have student create friendly spiders. Add some spider webs from Amazon to complete the look!

Primary School Halloween Classroom Door Decorations

Looking for some door decoration ideas for your elementary classroom? You can transform your primary school door into a haunted house. Have students create small props, such as bats and cobwebs, to further enhance the design. Check out some more fun Halloween class door ideas below.

24 | Boo From Our Crew

Boo from our Crew Classroom Decorations
Image Source | atouchofclassteaching

This cute door décor was created with a bulletin board kit that was re-purposed for the class door. It features little ghosts that you can put your students faces on. If you love this door you can find the kit here.

25 | Pumpkin Patch Classroom Door

Pumpkin Patch Classroom Door
Image Source | teachersthings

This might be the perfect door décor right before your field trip to the Pumpkin patch.

26 | What’s Brewing in Third Grade

3rd grade Halloween decorations
Image Source | motivateforthefuture

Add student names to the green bubbles from the witch brew to make them feel a part of your class décor.

Middle and High School Halloween Classroom Door Decoration Ideas

This next section is for the middle and high school teachers. One idea to decorate your door is to allow your older students to showcase their skills and preferences with a door decoration that represents their favorite Halloween movies, books, or characters. Encourage them to use foam core and paint for a more professional look.

You could also incorporate a pun based on the subject that you teach. Check out some inspiration below.

27 | Math Halloween Door

Math Halloween Door
Image Source | theartoffunology

Here’s an easy idea to copy for a middle or high school math teacher.

28 | Just Hanging Out

haunted house door
Image Source | _mrsconklin

For the next phase of this door décor, the middle school students are going to make their own bats that will hang from the door frame!

Library Halloween Classroom Door Decoration Ideas

Promote reading while being festive by creating a door inspired by Halloween-themed books. Allow students to choose their favorite scary titles and incorporate them into the design. Check out some more Halloween doors with book themes below.

29 | Frankly I Love Books

Library Door with Frankenstein
Image Source | kayleigh_helenthal

Here’s a cute sign for the school library that you can DIY with construction paper.

30 | Get Caught in a Good Book

Halloween Classroom Door decoration idea with books
Image Source | oweningtheclassroom

Steal this pun and you can even print off book covers and put fake spider webs on the door for a 3-D effect.

Halloween Classroom Door Decoration Ideas with Student Involvement

Encourage student participation by incorporating elements like handprint ghosts or footprint pumpkins, or another Halloween craft where they can personalize the door with their creations. You could also incorporate student photos such as ghost with their pictures. Check out some more ideas to get your students involved in your classroom door below.

31 | Read if You Dare

Read if You Dare Classroom Activity
Image Source | teacherjdot

In each little ghost students have created book summaries about a Halloween favorite book.

32 | This Class is Fab-Boo-Lous

ghost classroom decorations
Image Source | teacherspayteachers

An easy way to involve students is to add cute characters like these ghosts with their names on them.

33 | Trick or Treat Smell My Feet

creative Halloween Classroom door decorations
Image Source | ms.maliaaa

To decorate this door, have student create painted footprints in Halloween colors.

34 | Its Batty in Here

Bat Classroom Door Decor
Image Source | iluvteachingg

Have students create artwork like these adorable bats and use them as your Halloween classroom door décor.

35 | Boo to You From Our Crew

Halloween Classroom door with student pictures
Image Source | kinder.and.kindness

Add student pictures to cute Halloween creatures like ghost for a door that they’re sure to love.

Halloween Classroom Bulletin Boards

Don't forget about bulletin boards! Use Halloween-themed borders, images, and classroom activities to engage students while also complementing your decorated door. Check out some inspiration below.

36 | Squad Goals

Halloween Classroom Bulletin Board
Image Source | teachingmadetrendy

This cute bulletin board would go great with a retro themed classroom.

37 | Enter if You Dare

Halloween Bulletin board digital download
Where to Find | Cute Halloween Bulletin Board Kit

You could use this cute Halloween décor as a bulletin board or to decorate your classroom door.

DIY Halloween Door Décor

The best Halloween doors involve a little DIY. Feeling crafty? Check out some creative ideas to DIY your Halloween door this year.

Using Construction Paper

Give your classroom door a festive touch with some construction paper cutouts! You can create a colorful monster by cutting out different shapes in red, white, orange, and black paper. Add pipe cleaner antennas and googly eyes to bring it to life.

Another idea is to make cutout ghosts and customize them with student names, making it a fun interactive decoration. Also, don't forget about creating classic cutout shapes like pumpkins, and bats. Below check out some DIY inspiration for doors that are created with construction paper and simple shapes.

38 | Spider Halloween Classroom Door Decorations

Spider Classroom Door
Image Source | magicalmrsmcclelland

This is an easy DIY idea that you just need construction paper and googly eyes.

39 | Come in My Pretties

witch classroom door
Image Source | ms_harmon_in_color

Who better to welcome your students into the classroom this season then the Wicked Witch of the West.

40 | Black Cat Classroom Door

black cat classroom door
Image Source | julieannlunsford

You don’t have to be an artist to create this black cat Halloween classroom door.

41 | Monster Halloween Classroom Door Decorations

Monster Classroom door decorations
Image Source | onepeachyteach

You can create a quick and easy monster door with basic shapes and the best part is it doesn’t have to be perfect!

42 | DIY Vampire Halloween Door

DIY Vampire Classroom Door
Image Source | annehogwarts

With construction paper in simple shapes, you can create this cute vampire door for your classroom.

Incorporating Brooms and Other Props

To add a touch of magic, use brooms and other props like plastic spiders for an eerie vibe. Attach a broom to the door handle to give the appearance of a witch trying to sneak in.

Easy Halloween Door Decorations

Here are some quick and simple ideas perfect for spicing up the look of your classroom door:

  • Halloween Mystery: Create a Halloween-themed door with a spooky message or a riddle for students to solve.
  • Candy Corn Crafts: Decorate your door with candy corn-inspired crafts. Either make a hanging paper banner or attach small handmade candy corns from the top part of the door or around the window pane.
  • "Keep Out / Zombie Door" Idea: Use cut-up cardboard to create the look of wooden boards and tape them across the door as if barricading it from the zombies outside.
  • Look Who's Hiding in the Haunted House: Design a haunted house from construction paper or fabric and create small windows where you can place photos of the students peeking out.
  • Plastic Spiders: Scatter plastic spiders across the door or hang them with transparent thread for a creepy-crawly effect.

Check out some more easy classroom door ideas for the spooky season below.

43 | Cover Class Door in Swider Webs

Easy Halloween Classroom door decorations
Image Source | jordanforsythpublishing

Here’s the easiest idea I found. You can cover your existing door décor in spider webs. No need for any additional decorations. You can find spider webs on Amazon here.

44 | Caution Tape Class Door

Easy Halloween Classroom door idea with caution tape
Image Source | castlesandcrayons

Here’s another easy one. How about covering your class door in caution tape for a spooky vibe? The best part is you can get a roll of caution tape on Amazone here.

45 | Easy Skeleton Classroom Door

easy skeleton classroom decor
Image Source | mrs.cristy_teaches

How about getting a cheap Skeleton cutout on Amazon like the ones here or at the Dollar store for an easy way to add that Halloween feel to your classroom this year.

Remember, when it comes to DIY Halloween door decorations for your classroom, your creativity is your only limit.

Shop for Halloween Door Decor

If you want to purchase kits or Halloween decorations for your class door, check out some of my top picks below.

Halloween Classroom Door Decor Kits

When it comes to decorating your classroom door for Halloween, Etsy offers a wide range of creative kits to choose from. With the help of these kits, you can easily transform your classroom door into a spooky or festive display. Check out some of my favorite Halloween classroom door décor kits that you can get from Etsy.

46 | Peek a Boo

Halloween Classroom decorations kit
Where to Find | Ghost Halloween Classroom Door Decor

The best part of this kit is these adorable ghosts with cute glasses and flowers.

47 | Spooky Vibes Halloween Classroom Door Decorations

Retro Halloween classroom decorations
Where to Find | Retro Halloween Classroom Door Decorations

The retro class theme is very popular this year and this door décor kit would fit it perfectly.

48 | Trick or Treat Our Class is Sweet

Trick or Treat this class is sweet decor kit
Where to Find | Trick or Treat Halloween Classroom Door Decorations

The best part of Halloween for many is the sweet treats and this class door kit makes a play on that.

49 | Enter if You Dare to Learn and Grow

cute Halloween classroom decor
Where to Find | Enter if you Dare Door Kit

This kit comes with all the lettering and elements already cut out for you so you can assemble it in a snap.

50 | Booooks are Scary Good

Haunted House Classroom Decorations
Where to Find | Haunted House Book Door Decor

Love the message and the fun coloring of this kit.

51 | Our Class is Fab-boo-lous

cute ghost classroom decor
Where to Find | Ghost Halloween Door Kit

This is a digital download, and you can edit student names on the ghosts.

52 | The Boo Crew Halloween Classroom Door Decorations

Cute Halloween Classroom Decorations for download
Where to Find | Boo Crew Halloween Classroom Door Decorations

I love this kit because the Halloween creatures have a ton of character.

Halloween Classroom Door Signs and Hangers

In addition to decor kits, you can also find a variety of Halloween classroom door signs and hangers on Etsy. These unique and custom pieces are designed to make your classroom door stand out and add a touch of holiday spirit. Check out some of my favorites below.

53 | Custom Halloween Classroom Sign

custom classroom Halloween sign
Where to Find | Classroom Halloween Sign

Customize this cute sign with your name and hang it on your class door.

54 | Halloween Door Hanger

Halloween classroom door hanger
Where to Find | Halloween Ghost Door Hanger

This clever door hanger would be the perfect door décor for the season.

55 | Custom Halloween Classroom Door Hanger

custom classroom Halloween sign
Where to Find | Personal Door Decor

This sign would add some Holiday vibes to your classroom door.

Shop Local Options

Don't forget to check local vintage shops or seasonal supply stores for more unique Halloween classroom door decor. These smaller businesses may offer one-of-a-kind items that can make your classroom door truly standout. By shopping local, you're not only supporting your community but also potentially discovering rare and vintage Halloween decorations that add a classic touch to your classroom.

So, whether you prefer DIY kits, door signs and hangers, or shopping local for vintage finds, there’s something out there for everyone to create an engaging and spooky Halloween classroom door display.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some creative ideas for Halloween-themed door decorations?

There are endless ideas for Halloween-themed door decorations. You can try creating a striped witch door, a Jack O' Lantern door, or a Monsters, Inc. door. Other ideas include a Dracula door, a polka-dotted monster door, or a scarecrow door. Use your imagination and have fun with it!

How can I make a spooky yet age-appropriate classroom door for Halloween?

To make a spooky yet age-appropriate Halloween classroom door, you can focus on fun themes that are not too scary for younger students. For instance, you can design a mummy door using streamers wrapped around the door or a friendly ghost door made with white paper and black felt for the eyes and mouth.

What are some simple DIY Halloween door decorations for a classroom?

Simple DIY Halloween door decorations for a classroom could include using colored paper, markers, and craft supplies to create a pumpkin patch door, a spider web door, or a bat cave door. You can also use store-bought decorations like window clings or cutouts for a quick and easy solution.

Can you suggest some kid-friendly Halloween door themes for my classroom?

Kid-friendly Halloween door themes for your classroom can include popular characters or movies, like a Monsters, Inc. door, or a Hocus Pocus door. Other ideas could be a candy corn door, a friendly ghost door, or a cute black cat door. Just keep in mind to choose themes that are not too scary for your students.

What materials can I use for creating Halloween door decorations in my classroom?

For creating Halloween door decorations in your classroom, you can use a variety of affordable materials like construction paper, bulletin board paper, markers, crayons, tape, glue, scissors, and store-bought decorations. You may also want to incorporate materials like wiggly eyes, felt, or cardboard for added creativity.

What are some examples of incorporating educational elements in Halloween door decorations?

Incorporating educational elements in your Halloween door decorations can make them more engaging and relevant for students. For example, you could create a door design that includes Halloween-themed math problems or design a door featuring Halloween words and phrases for a language arts lesson. Another idea is to create a door with fun facts about Halloween traditions and history.

I hope in this post you found some new Halloween Classroom door decorations that you can use in your class this year. Feel free to save your favorite ideas to your Pinterest boards. To do that just click on the picture, then click on the red P and choose your board.

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