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77 Fall Bulletin Board Ideas: Easy & Creative Inspirations

Are you looking for some fun, creative, or easy fall bulletin board ideas? If so then this post is for you. It’s packed with the latest ideas to get your classroom ready for the fall season and to get you and your students feeling those fall vibes.

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Best Fall Bulletin Board Ideas

As the leaves begin to change and the air becomes crisp, it's time to get your classroom ready for the fall season. A great way to do this is by creating eye-catching and engaging bulletin boards that showcase a variety of autumn themes. From pumpkin patches to gratitude expressions, there are endless possibilities of bulletin board ideas for fall.

Check out some of my favorite ideas below all grouped by category like book themes, Halloween, fall months, or gratitude bulletin boards. I’ve also included some that you can order on Etsy and just download and print. If it says find it here under the picture, then you can get it on Etsy.

Bulletin Board Ideas for September

Bring the fall spirit into your classroom with these fun and engaging ideas for September bulletin boards! Some ideas to incorporate are pumpkins, sunflowers, owls, acorns, and leaves. Check out some of my favorite bulletin boards that would be perfect for September below.

1 | Tis the Season

Cute Fall Bulletin Board
Image Source | rachaelburnett_

For this bulletin board you can put up some of the class’s fall favorites suggestions include: pumpkin spice lattes, football, skateboarding and pumpkins.

2 | Whoooo’s Ready for a Great Year

Owl classroom decor
Find it Here | Owl Bulletin Board Kit

This is the perfect bulletin board to start off the school year.

3 | The Pick of the Patch

Pumpkin Bulletin board idea
Image Source | sendyteaches

Get students involved in the creation of this bulletin board by having them make the little pumpkins for the back of the truck.

4 | Advice from Sunflowers

Fall bulletin board with Sunflowers
Image Source | thetahoeteacher

Take some positive advice from a sunflower. You can have students create sunflowers to add to the board as a fun fall classroom activity.

5 | Be-Leaf in Yourself

Autymn class decor idea with leaves
Find it Here | Leaf Printable Bulletin Board Set

This kit has a modern, pretty, neutral color scheme and is available on Etsy.

6 | Our Class is Nuts About Learning

Fall themed classroom decoration idea
Find it Here | Printable Nuts About Learning Kit

This one, can be found on Etsy as well and also comes with some cute baby chipmunks!

Autumn Bulletin Board Ideas

Capture the beauty of the changing leaves with you Autumn bulletin boards. You can use artificial leaves, flowers, or paper fall foliage to create a stunning backdrop and add a 3-D element to your boards. Check out the best new bulletin board ideas for the autumn season below.

7 | Autumn Leaves and Learning Please

Autumn Leaves Bulletin board
Find it Here | Autumn Bulletin Board Kit

This pretty classroom display kit is available in English and Spanish versions.

8 | Rock and Roll into Autumn

retro autumn bulletin board ideas
Find it Here | Digital Download Autumn Bulletin Board Kit

This retro bulletin board kit, that you can get on Etsy, comes with different fall sayings that you can use, like Hello Autumn and Fall Vibes.

9 | Autumn Leaves & Kindness Please

Pretty autumn classroom display
Image Source | 8thgrademathteacher

Just because its autumn doesn’t mean you have to use the traditional fall colors. Choose your favorite display and re-create it with your classroom color scheme for an unexpected twist.

10 | Autumn is Calling

Bulletin board ideas for autumn
Image Source | Autumn is Calling Decorations

Here’s another favorite from Etsy with a fall boho theme.

Football Theme Bulletin Boards

If your students are big football fans, consider a football-themed bulletin board! Use football cutouts, team colors, and images of football players in action, as well as popular motivational phrases to get your classroom in a sporty spirit this fall. Check out a few ideas below.

11 | Touchdown for Positive Behavior

Fall classroom incentive board
Image Source | thesassyappleteaching

If you’re looking for a fall themed behavior incentive board, look no further. All you need to do is decide what behaviors you want to encourage, how many footballs the class will need to earn and then what incentive they are working towards.

12 | We’re Having a Ball

football bulletin board
Image Source | thetahoeteacher

Here’s an easy one to copy. You could have students color footballs or put their names on the footballs to customize this one.

13 | Touchdown

football theme bulletin board idea
Find it Here | Touchdown Decorations

This kit comes with several different fall sayings like Happy Turkey Day and Gobble Gobble.

Easy Fall Bulletin Board Ideas

They are so many easy puns for fall bulletin boards like fall is in the air, fall vibes or happy fall y’all. If you want some easy bulletin boards ideas for fall just grab one of these puns and accessorize your board with cute pumpkins, leaves and sunflowers. Check out a little inspiration below.

14 | Peace Love Fall

cute retro fall bulletin board ideas
Find it Here | Peace Love & Fall Bulletin Board Kit

You can find this retro fall bulletin board on Etsy. It’s available to download and then print.

15 | Hello Fall

Hello Fall bulletin board
Find it Here | Hello Fall Bulletin Board Kit

This one is also available on Etsy. You can click on the link under the picture to check it out. I love the orange and lavender color combination.

16 | Happy Fall Y’all

Happy Fall Yall Bulletin board
Image Source | ms.wintersteaches1stgrade

Copy this idea if you want to add some character to your school bulletin board. Leopard print goes well with all the autumn colors.

17 | We’re Nuts About Fall

bulletin board ideas for fall with acorns
Image Source | foundation_academies

Here’s another fall pun that would be easy to decorate with acorns and fall leaves.

18 | Fall Vibes

Fall Vibes classroom decorations
Where to Find | Fall Vibes Bulletin Board

Speaking of fall vibes, this bulletin board has the classic fall hues and is available on Etsy.

Fall in Love with Learning Bulletin Boards

Yep, this is one of the most used puns for a fall classroom bulletin board. I’ll show you a couple examples of how to use this pun and a few twists on it as well that you’ll want to copy.

19 | Falling in Love with Learning

fall in love with learning bulletin board
Image Source | foundation_academies

For this bulletin board you can have students help create fall items like autumn leaves and pumpkins.

20 | We’re Falling for 2nd Grade

Fall bulletin board ideas for second grade
Image Source | thetahoeteacher

Another easy fall pun, just insert your grade!

21 | Fall in Love with Books

Fall in love with books bulletin board
Image Source | mcre8sart

This board has all the fun fall vibes, with leaves, pumpkins, cute foxes and a truck full of books!

22 | Boho Rainbow Fall in Love with Learning

fall rainbow bulletin board idea
Find it Here | Boho Rainbow Fall Decor

Want to create a fall bulletin board that still fits your boho rainbow classroom theme? Well, here you go, click the link below the picture to see where to find it.

Latte Themed Bulletin Boards

It's no secret that many people look forward to pumpkin-spiced lattes during fall! Embrace this seasonal treat by creating a "Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice" themed bulletin board that includes coffee cups, pumpkins or cinnamon sticks.

You can also do a lot of puns with the word latte in place of a lot of. Check out some more bulletin board ideas for fall with a latte theme below.

23 | Kindergarten is a Latte Fun

fall bulletin board ideas for Kindergarten Starbucks theme
Image Source | happilyeverelementary

I’m obsessed with this bulletin board. Each students gets a little Starbucks cup with their name and picture on it that flips up and inside they write what their favorite part of kindergarten is.

24 | We have a Latte to be Thankful for

Coffee themed thankful bulletin board idea
Image Source | lifeleunglearners

Another great use of the latte pun. Have students create their own lattes to decorate this display.

25 | Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice

Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice Bulletin Board
Find it Here | Pumkin Spice Bulletin Board Kit

It‘s a fun fall saying, right? Add coffee cups with each student's names in pretty autumn hues to accentuate this one.

Apple Themed Bulletin Board

Apples are one of the classic symbols of fall time. Consider creating an apple themed bulletin board featuring apple trees and puns like reading is the core of awesome things or this class is apple-solutely awesome. Check out some more ideas for apple displays below.

26 | Our Class is Apple-Solutely Awesome

Apple themed bulletin board idea
Image Source | blisspirations

Get students involved by coloring their own apples for this fun apple themed display.

27 | Reading is the Core of Awesome Things

fall school library decoration idea
Image Source | mrsburchslibrary

Here’s a great fall bulletin board idea for the school library.

28 | From Tiny Seeds Grow Mighty Trees

Johhny Apple Seed bulletin board
Find it Here | Johnny Apple Seed Bulletin Board Kit

This is a digital download file from Etsy that has a few different Johnny Apple Seed sayings that it comes with.

October Bulletin Board Ideas

The month of October is home to Halloween and cooler temperatures, so incorporate these themes into your classroom decorations. Engage students with monster-themed cutouts for an "October Monsters" bulletin board or a play on nuts like “we are nuts for Kindergarten.” Check out some more fun October bulletin boards that you may want to copy below.

29 | Say Boo to Bullying

Bullying prevention bulletin board with ghosts
Image Source | muircounselors

October is National Bullying prevention month and is the perfect time to add this bulletin board to your school to encourage students to be kind and stick up for others.

30 | Read More Boooooks

October bulletin board idea read more books
Find it Here | Read More Boooks

This retro October bulletin board has fun patterns in the banner and on the pumpkins, you can find it if you click the link under the picture.

31 | Find the Magic

cute Halloween classroom display pink and purple
Find it Here | Retro Halloween Bulletin Board Kit

This Halloween bulletin board has adorable characters and pretty colors. It would definitely add a cheerful touch to your class décor.

32 | Orange You Glad It’s October

October bulletin board idea with creepy carrots
Image Source | csusahq

Read the class Creepy Carrots and then have them create their own creepy carrots as a fun fall classroom activity that then becomes your class decor.

33 | We are Nuts for Kindness

bulletin board ideas for fall with chipmunks
Image Source | buildblessbelieve

If you’re looking for bulletin board ideas for fall that incorporate kindness here, you go! This teacher also has students write why they are nuts for kindness on an acorn as a writing activity.

34 | A Book a Day Keeps the Monsters Away

monster bulletin board idea for fall
Image Source | comingupsunshine_

You can create these fun 3-D one eyed monsters with crinkled tissue paper.

Pumpkin Patch Bulletin Board

One of the best fall classroom field trips is to the pumpkin patch. Before your trip to build a little more excitement why not create a pumpkin patch bulletin board? You can have students help decorate the pumpkins or add their names to them to get them involved.

You can also and add 3-D elements like hay and leaves to really bring it to life. Check out some more ideas below.

35 | Welcome to Our Pumpkin Patch

pumpkin patch bulletin board
Where to Find | Pumpkin Patch Bulletin Board Kit

I created this cute pumpkin patch bulletin board kit on Canva.  I wanted to use a color scheme that you don’t always see in fall with a little pink and lavender.  If you like it you can check it out on Etsy, the link is under the picture.

Fall Bulletin Boards Ideas with Student Involvement

Make your bulletin boards interactive and engaging by using pumpkin flaps, hidden bookworms, or puzzles. Another way to get students involved is with an activity that becomes the basis for the display or center the board around their fall artwork.

I also love the idea of incorporating student pictures or names in the display to make them a part of it. Check out some more fun bulletin board ideas for fall that get your students involved.

37 | We are Pumped About Learning

bulletin board ideas for fall with student work
Image Source | learning.and.love

This teacher had students create pumpkins and then completed a creative writing project, “all about my pumpkin,” to decorate this cute board.

38 | Thankful for My Little Turkeys

Bulletin board ideas for fall with student pictures
Find it Here | Thankful for My Little Turkeys Kit

For this bulletin board kit, you can add student pictures to the little turkeys that they get to cut and color! This helps to foster a classroom community while also developing those fine motor skills. You can find this one on Etsy too.

39 | Grout Bulletin Board

fall classroom display with Grout and student art work
Image Source | art.with.ms.mixay

Student’s fall tree artwork is presented by non-other than Grout himself.  If you want to copy this idea, be sure to add colorful leaves painted by students to help decorate the display.

40 | Color Out Your Stress

Interactive fall bulletin board idea with coloring pages
Image Source | shop.callie.danielle

This interactive fall bulletin board has pockets with fall themed coloring sheets that students can grab at any time that they want to color. For many people coloring is a great stress reliever.

41 | Pumpkin Spike & Ways to Be Nice

pumpkin spice classroom activity
Image Source | missmcraesteachingtales

I love this idea to decorate a fall bulletin board created by this California teacher, Ms. Mcrae.  Students can use a glue stick to glue the two pages together so that they flip open.  On the second page students write ways that they can be nice.

42 | We Be “Leaf in Ourselves”

fall writing activity bulletin board
Image Source | digitalplanninggal

This fall bulletin board involves a creative writing activity where students where asked to write advice to themselves in the future.  If you want to try this idea you can slightly crumple brown butcher paper to give the tree trunk an authentic look.

Book Themed Bulletin Board Ideas for Fall

Celebrate literacy and a love for books with a "Fall into Reading" or “Fall into a Good Book” themed bulletin board. You can use warm shades of brown and orange, and display book covers with a fall aesthetic.

Encourage students to share their favorite autumn-themed books on the bulletin board. You could also create a bulletin board that features one fall themed book that the class has just read. Check out some more ideas below.

43 | Save a Turkey Feast on Books

Save a turkey feast on books bulletin board
Image Source | mrs.liras_library

A little Mo Willems inspiration for this clever fall bulletin board idea.

44 | Fall into a Good Book

Fall into a good book bulletin board
Image Source | cassandra_marie8690

Print off some of the classroom favorite library books to decorate this autumn bulletin board.

45 | The Leaf Thief Summaries

Fall classroom activity and display with the Leaf Thief
Image Source | dmartinteach

Have students read the Leaf Thief, then write summaries of the book. For the final touch have each student can create one of these adorable squirrels.

46 | #Jasper Problems

student activity fall bulletin board idea Creepy Carrots
Image Source | primarypride

Are you looking for fall bulletin board ideas that involve art projects? Here’s a great one. Have students read “Creepy Carrots,” and then illustrate and or write a problem and solution from the book. For an extra fun touch, they can each create a Creepy Carrot to decorate the display.

47 | Thankful for Books

bulletin board ideas for fall with books
Image Source | sesolibrary

This is a unique twist on your typical turkey bulletin board. The tail is made up of student’s favorite books!

Halloween Bulletin Board Ideas

Don't shy away from the eerie side of Halloween! Create a "Haunted Library" or "Scare Squad" themed bulletin board featuring ghosts, witches, and other spooky elements.

Students can showcase their spooky stories, poems, or artwork, and share their favorite Halloween books or characters. Check out some more Halloween ideas including puns that would make great bulletin boards below.

48 | We are a Fang-Tastic Class

Halloween bulletin board idea with bats
Image Source | applesandabcs

If you’re looking for fall bulletin board ideas with bright colors here’s a great one.

49 | Spooky Vibes

3-D Halloween bulletin board with spider webs
Image Source | amygaskins

To really make your Halloween bulletin boards come to life add some fake spider webs to the edges. You can usually find some at the dollar store this time of year.

50 | Trick or Teach

Trick or Teach Halloween bulletin board with ghosts
Image Source | kinderqueen123

I’m loving this Halloween pun and the cute little ghosts that each have a student name on them.

51 | Trick or Treat Smell Our Feet

funny Halloween bulletin board
Image Source | amygaskins

My favorite part of this creative fall bulletin board is the Halloween socks hung on clothes pins.

November Bulletin Board Ideas

As the weather gets cooler and Thanksgiving approaches, consider a gratitude-themed bulletin board. You can have a "Gratitude Tree" where students write something they're thankful for on leaf cutouts and attach them to a tree or create a "Give Thanks" bulletin board featuring student artwork or projects related to Thanksgiving.

Check out some more bulletin board ideas that would work perfectly in November.

52 | Blessed & Thankful

November classroom decorations
Find it Here | November Bulletin Board Kit

This would create a warm and cozy vibe in your classroom this November.  As a bonus it comes with a few different sayings so you can pick your favorite.

53 | Recipe Swap Bulletin Board

fall bulletin board idea for staff recipe swap
Image Source | teachingwithapoint

Looking for fall bulletin board ideas for the staff room? This staff bulletin board is a Thanksgiving recipe swap. Encourage staff to bring in their favorite recipes to share and take new ones that they want to try!

54 | Thankful Vibes

Thankful vibes cute retro bulletin board idea for fall
Find it Here | Thankful Vibes Bulletin Board Kit

I’m loving the playful retro vibes of this bulletin board that is for sale on Etsy.

Thanksgiving Bulletin Board Ideas

Focus on the importance of giving thanks with a Thanksgiving-themed bulletin board. Incorporate turkey cutouts, pilgrims, and Native Americans, or create a "Thankful for Learning" theme that features student accomplishments, gratitude quotes, and more! Check out some more fun Thanksgiving bulletin board ideas below.

55 | We are Thankful For…

Thanksgiving bulletin board idea for Kindergarten
Image Source | loveandkindergarten

Simple but classic fall bulletin board idea for Kindergarteners. Have students write what they are thankful for on a turkey that they color.

56 | Gobble ‘Till You Wobble

cute Thanksgiving bulletin board ideas
Image Source | applesandabcs

Here’s a fun fall bulletin board idea that looks great with cute turkeys with student names.

57 | Feast on Books Save a Turkey

Thanksgiving classroom display book theme
Image Source | amygaskins

You could add turkeys or books to this classroom display.

58 | Cute Turkey with Thankful Vibes

cute turkey bulletin board idea
Image Source | aalfaro89

Great bulletin boards are all about the details, like this cute turkey is drinking from a mug that says, “Best Teacher Ever.” Student’s names are added to pumpkin pie slices with heart shaped whip cream!

59 | Gratitude Bulletin Boards

This season is the perfect time to reflect on gratitude with your class. Create a bulletin board with ideas of how students can show gratitude or have them share what they are grateful for. Check out below some inspiration to create an awesome gratitude bulletin board in your class this year.

60 | Ways to Show Gratitude

ways to show gratitude display board
Image Source | mrsbrown.art

Looking for some fall bulletin board ideas with a positive message? How about giving students examples of how they can show gratitude? Examples include:

  • Say Thank You
  • Compliment Someone
  • Make a Card
  • Show Respect
  • Be Present

61 | Attitude of Gratitude

gratitude bulletin board
Find it Here | Retro Gratitude Bulletin Board Kit

In this bulletin board kit, you have a choice of various colors so you can find the right one to match your classroom color scheme.

62 | There is Always Something to be Thankful for

fall classroom display about gratitude
Image Source | applesandabcs

This fall classroom display would go along nicely with a classroom activity where students write what they are thankful for.

63 | Give Thanks with a Grateful Heart

bulletin board idea for fall about being grateful
Image Source | applesandabcs

To add a 3-D element to your bulletin board consider stringing autumn leaves up with clothes pins.

64 | So Very Thankful

thanksgiving classroom decorations with flower theme
Find it Here | Thankful Flowers Classroom Décor Kit

This Thanksgiving flowers themed bulletin board comes with a few different options to customize it for your class.

65 | Grateful, Thankful, Blessed

gratitude bulletin board for Thanksgiving
Image Source | applesandabcs

Slightly cross-eyed turkeys add a fun touch to this gratitude bulletin board.

66 | Fall Food Bulletin Boards

Another fun display idea this time of year is to create a bulletin board focused on some fall favorite foods besides turkey and pumpkins. Some ideas include:

  • Pumpkin Pie
  • Caramel Apples
  • Pumkin Spice Drinks
  • Corn
  • Smores

Check out some inspiration for bulletin board ideas for fall foods below!

67 | Friendship Pie

classroom activity with fall foods friendship pie
Image Source | mslantyslearners

For this Friendship bulletin board have student write the ingredients for a friendship pie. For example, two cups of laughter and a teaspoon of loyalty.

68 | The Smore You Read the Smore You Know

camping smore bulletin board
Image Source | calcasinsurance

What says fall better than a campfire and roasting smores?

69 | Gobble Squad

Gobble squad bulletin board with yummy fall foods
Image Source | primary.diaries

This bulletin board has all the Thanksgiving favorite foods like caramel apples, pie, corn, mashed potatoes and even pumpkin cupcakes!

70 | This Class is Sweet as Pie

pumpkin pie class decor
Find it Here | Pumkin Pie Bulletin Board Set

Here’s a yummy pie bulletin board kit that has several sayings and color choices so you can find the perfect one for your class.

Harvest Themed Bulletin Board

Autumn is a time of harvest, and what better way to celebrate than with a harvest-themed bulletin board? Use images and cutouts of fruits, vegetables, and farm animals, and showcase student work or projects about agriculture, nutrition, and food origin. Check out some cute ideas below.

71 | Harvest of Hope Bulletin Board

Harvest bulletin board
Image Source | buildblessbelieve

This harvest bulletin board says, “small seeds of gratitude will produce a harvest of hope.”

72 | Happy Harvest

Happy Harvest classroom decor kit
Image Source | Retro Happy Harvest Kit

This “Happy Harvest” bulletin board kit has cute retro décor to go with it like smiley faces, peace signs, rainbows, and daisies. This is a great choice if you have a retro theme in your classroom.

Turkey Bulletin Boards

End the fall season with a turkey-themed bulletin board! Whether you create a "Turkey Trot" board that showcases student achievements, or an "I'm Stuffed with Knowledge" display for students to share educational facts. There are so many ideas for a fun Turkey bulletin board check out some of my favorites below.

73 | Disguise a Turkey Bulletin Board

Disguise a Turkey classroom activity
Image Source | koolinkinder

Have students work on a disguise for their turkey for this creative fall bulletin board. For a silly touch add a farmer that is saying, “where did all the turkeys go?”

74 | Is that You Turkey?

fall math bulletin board idea with shapes
Image Source | foxwellforest

This is a fun math activity for a class learning about shapes. Each turkey says No, I’m not a turkey I’m a … and then the students fill in the shapes, number of sides and the vertices.

75 | Spanish Class Turkey Bulletin Board

fall bulletin board idea for Spanish class
Image Source | misclaseslocas

This is a high school Spanish class bulletin board. Students trace their hand and write what they are thankful for in Spanish on each finger. The display says, “I give thanks for.”

76 | Filled with Thanks

Turkey bulletin board idea for Thanksgiving
Image Source | schoolgirlstyle

Have each student add a feather with what they are thankful for to create this Thanksgiving display.

77 | Don’t Eat the Turkey

funny Thanksgiving bulletin board idea
Image Source | taylor_made_prek_teacher

Are you looking for funny fall bulletin board ideas? These silly turkeys are all holding up reasons that you shouldn’t eat them, such as I don’t taste good or eat chicken instead.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some creative ideas for a fall classroom bulletin board?

You can create a cozy and engaging fall classroom bulletin board by using themes like pumpkins, leaves, apples, or harvest. Try making a pumpkin patch with personalized pumpkins featuring your students' names or photos.

Another idea is to create a tree with multicolored leaves, letting your students write what they're thankful for on each leaf.

What are some library bulletin board ideas for fall?

For a library bulletin board, you can incorporate fall-themed books. Consider making a display with book covers that have autumn settings or themes. You can also create a reading tree or pumpkin patch, where students can add a leaf or pumpkin after finishing a book.

What are popular September themes for bulletin boards?

Popular September themes for bulletin boards include back-to-school, apples, and football. You can welcome your students with a bulletin board that shows off your class theme.  For a middle school or high school class you can show off the school mascot.

Another idea is to create an apple-themed board that encourages healthy eating and learning about the life cycle of apples.

How can I create a fall-inspired rainbow bulletin board?

To make a fall-inspired rainbow bulletin board, use autumn colors like red, orange, yellow, and brown for the rainbow.

What's great about this idea is that you can incorporate different fall themes within each color section. For example, add leaves, pumpkins, apples, or acorns to represent the colors of the rainbow.

What are some interactive fall bulletin board ideas?

An interactive bulletin board can be a fun way for young minds to engage with the display. You can create a pumpkin patch where students can lift flaps to reveal their names or photos.

Another idea is to have a gratitude tree, where students can add leaves with written messages of appreciation. You can also create a guessing game, using fall-related riddles or trivia.

What can I use instead of bulletin board paper?

Instead of using traditional bulletin board paper, you can try using fabric, wrapping paper, or even butcher paper for a unique look. Fabric can be reused and is more resistant to tearing, making it a great investment.

Wrapping paper offers various patterns and is often more affordable, while butcher paper provides a blank canvas for you to customize as needed. Just be sure to select materials that will last throughout the school year.

You now have a ton of fall bulletin board ideas. If you didn’t find an idea to try in this post, I can’t help you! But really, I hope you got a little bit of inspiration and have fun creating a display in your class for the season. Feel free to save your favorite ideas to your Pinterest boards to reference later.

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