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31 Easy and Fun Classroom Christmas Treat Ideas

If you’re looking for some easy and fun classroom Christmas treat ideas for your holiday party this post is for you. This post is especially made for those teachers that are short on time but still want to create a festive party for their students. I found tons of ideas that are super easy and do not involve baking at all but will still bring you and your students holiday cheer.

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Popular Classroom Christmas Treat Ideas for Class Parties

In this post I’ll show you fun Christmas treats that are super easy and your students will love including:

  • Christmas Snack Mix Ideas
  • Healthy & Festive Ideas with Fresh Fruit
  • Snowman String Cheese
  • How to Make Almost any Treat into a Reindeer
  • No Bake Ideas for Christmas Goodies

For all of these ideas and more read on.

Easy Classroom Christmas Treat Ideas

If you want some cute Christmas treats that are both easy and festive then this section is for you. How about taking some prepackaged goodies and taking them up a notch? Check out some inspiration that is perfect for your class Christmas parties below.

1 | Rudolph Pudding Cups

Rudolph pudding cups for a classroom Christmas party
Image Source | sweetbeads.byshan

Add google eyes, a red pom and antlers made up pipe cleaners to a pudding cup to create a cute Rudolph that your students will love.

2 | Reindeer Lollipops

reindeer lollipops for a classroom treat
Reindeer Tootsie Pops | Find them Here

Here’s a great idea to turn tootsie pops into reindeers. These ones you can actually purchase from Etsy. You can click the link under the picture to check it out.

3 | Candy Cane Tootsie Pops

candy cane Toosie roll pops
Holiday Tootsie Pops | Find them Here

If you want to DIY the reindeer lollipop idea, I showed you above why not add a candy cane flavored sucker?

4 | Santa Sleigh Treats

Santa Sleigh Treats for the classroom
Image Source | faith_filled_fun_for_all

This sleighing Santa is a fun idea that you could easily re-create after a trip to the grocery store. This could also be a craft idea for students.

5 | Christmas Tree Lollipops

Christmas tree lollipops
Image Source | curlygirl.creations

Another easy idea for some festive treats is to dress up a basic lollipop.

6 | Reindeer Chocolates and Snowflake Lollipops

Reindeer Chocolates and Snowflake Lollipops Christmas treats
Image Source | latteandlullabies

Find the red Lindor chocolate balls to pull of this cute little chocolate Rudolph. The combo of these with the snowflake lollipops would add a smile to your students’ faces.

Healthy Christmas Treats for Classroom

To include healthier options, you can make festive fruit kabobs with grapes, strawberries, and pineapple. You can also create Strawberry Santa Hats by topping strawberries with a dollop of whipped cream or yogurt and a mini marshmallow. Check out some more of my favorite healthy classroom Christmas treat ideas below.

7 | Grinch Snack Platter

Grinch classroom Christmas treat ideas
Image Source | deckthetable

This Grinch snack platter has a mix of healthy and sweet treats. To copy this idea, include green items like grapes, green M&Ms and other green candies to create the Grinch’s face. Then add strawberries and yogurt covered pretzels make his Santa hat!

This might be the perfect Christmas snack if your class is watching the How the Grinch Stole Christmas at your holiday party. If you’re thinking of showing a holiday movie at your party, you should read this first…39 Best Christmas Movies for the Classroom: Teacher's Guide

8 | Santa Banana

healthy classroom Christmas treat idea
Image Source | hungry_little_bakers

Provide students with healthy Christmas snacks by making these adorable Santa banana sticks. All you need is bananas, red M&Ms, and candy eyes. To create the strawberry hat, you just need strawberries and mini marshmallows.

9 | Easy Santa Kabobs

Christmas snack with fresh fruit
Image Source |

You can easily re-create this healthy Christmas treat for your classroom with some fresh fruit! All you need is kabob sticks, green grapes, sliced bananas, strawberries and mini marshmallows.

Christmas Drinks for the Classroom

Instead of soda, consider making snowman soup. It's a mixture of hot chocolate powder and mini marshmallows. Just add hot water when you're ready to serve.

You can also serve apple cider as a festive option. Check out some more ideas plus how to transform your drinks into a festive surprise.

10 | Rudolph Juice Boxes

cute Rudolph juice boxes for the classroom
Image Source | theclasstobee

Why serve boring juice boxes when you can create these adorable Rudolph juice boxes. This might be a good project idea for a parent volunteer.

11 | Rudolph Soda

drink idea for classroom Christmas party
Image Source | acupcakefortheteacher

Here's an easy way to transform a simple bottle of soda into a Christmas drink.

12 | Root Deer Float

Image Source | acupcakefortheteacher

Instead of serving a boring root beer float how about a root deer float. This is a festive twist on an ice-cream float mini candy canes and a red nose.

13 | Candy Cane Spoons

Candy Cane Spoons
Candy Cane Spoons | Find them Here

Hot cocoa is a class holiday party classic. If you want to take it up a notch, give students these yummy peppermint candy cane spoons with their hot chocolate. You can find them on Amazon here.

Christmas Snacks for the Classroom

Here are some savory snacks to balance out all the sweet treats:

  • Cheese and cracker platters arranged as Christmas trees
  • Mini sandwiches or wraps with festive, colorful fills
  • Snowman String Cheeses

Check out some more easy Christmas snacks for your classroom holiday party.

14 | String Cheese Snowmen

string cheese snowmen
Image Source | cottonandgrainsewingco

To create snowman string cheese just draw eyes, mouth a carrot nose and some buttons on your cheese sticks for a super easy and cute snack idea for your students.

Christmas Treats that Students Make

Get your students involved! They can create Christmas bark by spreading melted chocolate on parchment paper and topping it with crushed candy canes and festive sprinkles.

Another option is rolling balls of dough for making sugar cookies, allowing students to decorate them with icing and sprinkles. Check out some more ideas of Christmas treats that students make below.

15 | Mini Christmas Tree Treat

Christmas treat idea for students to make
Image Source | primaryandsunshine

Have students create their own mini-Christmas trees with ice cream cones, green frosting and candies. Have them decorate on the inverted cup lid, and cover as shown to cut down on the mess.

16 | Easy Gingerbread House Idea

easy Gingerbread house idea
Image Source | specialeducationclubhouse

Copy this idea to easily create gingerbread houses in your classroom with Pop Tarts and candies. Put candies in cupcake liners so students can grab a small portion and get to work.

17 | Student Created Gingerbread Houses

Pop Tart Gingerbread house
Image Source | specialeducationclubhouse

Here's the finished product of the Pop Tart gingerbread house. They are easy to make and even easier to eat!

18 | Christmas Snack Mix

Christmas snack mix for a classroom treat

For an easy recipe just mix together popcorn, pretzels, and festive M&Ms for a and tasty Christmas snack mix. Reindeer chow is another easy option, just mix together cereal, pretzels, and chocolate candies, then drizzle with melted chocolate. Check out below some ideas to include in your Christmas snack Mix.

Christmas Snack Mix Ingredient Ideas

  • Christmas colored M&Ms
  • Popcorn
  • Pretzels, regular, chocolate covered or yogurt covered
  • Raisins
  • Chocolate chips or peanut butter chips
  • Cereal, like Chex Mix or Cheerios
  • Nuts (If there are no allergies)

19 | Christmas Cups for Your Snack Mix

Santa Snack Cups
Santa Snack Cups | Find them Here

Provide students with their snack mix in cute holiday cups to keep all the little hands from digging into a community snack bowl and spreading germs.

20 | Christmas Cookies

Grinch Christmas cookies for the classroom
Image Source | fun_girlystuff

You can't forget the classic Christmas cookies! Make sugar cookies, gingerbread, and snickerdoodles to give your students a variety of flavors to enjoy.

Or head to your nearest grocery store or bakery and pick up an assortment of holiday cookies to create a festive cookie platter. Yours students will love them either way.

Homemade Christmas Treats

If you love to bake, have the time to and your school allows it you may want to bring some homemade tasty treats to the Christmas party. Homemade treats like peppermint marshmallows or caramel corn are great for classroom parties.

They're delicious and show that extra effort and care went into their preparation. Check out some fun homemade Christmas treat ideas that your students will love below.

21 | Melted Snowman Oreo Balls

homemade Christmas treat for the classroom
Image Source | princesspinkygirl

These mini melted Frosty the snowman are made with mini–Oreo Cookies, cream cheese, frosting and Rolos. These are cute Christmas treats that your students would love.

22 | Snowmen Cake Pops

snowmen cake pops for Christmas classroom treat
Image Source | dipd_n_dripd

Here’s a holiday twist on the classic cake pops that your students would enjoy.

Simple Classroom Christmas Treat Ideas

It's always a good idea to have some easy and quick-to-make classroom Christmas treats to help save time. You can make simple snowflake pretzels, by dipping pretzels in white chocolate and sprinkling them with edible glitter.

Prepackaged Christmas Treats

If you’re looking for a fun holiday treat that is super easy and requires no baking how about choosing prepackaged options like individually wrapped candy canes and holiday-themed snack packs. Check out your local stores this time of year and you're sure to find a fun of prepackaged Christmas themed treats that students will love. Check out some ideas below.

23 | Christmas Tree Cakes

Little Debbie Christmas tree cakes
Xmas Tree Cakes | Find them Here

These Christmas tree cakes are a festive favorite from Little Debbie.

24 | North Pole Nutty Buddy

prepackaged Christmas treats for the classroom
Holiday Nutty Buddy | Find it Here

The holiday nutty buddy is a peanut butter crème sandwiched between crunchy layers of wafers and coated in white fudge and decorative red stripes. Avoid this one if you have a peanut allergy in your class.

25 | Elf on the Self Fruit Snacks

Elf fruit snacks for classroom Christmas parties
Elf Snacks | Find them Here

If your class has a classroom elf this may be the perfect treat for him to bring to your classroom party.

If you are thinking about getting a classroom elf or need some fresh ideas, then check out this post… 45 Creative Elf on the Shelf Classroom Ideas

26 | Christmas Lollipops

Holiday Lollipops
Holiday Lollipops | Find them Here

These cute holiday suckers would be a fun addition to your school Christmas party and the best part is you don’t have to make them.

27 | Hershey Candy Cane Kisses

Hershey's Kisses
Kisses | Find them Here

Candy cane kisses are the perfect small classroom treats for your holiday parties!

Fun Christmas Treat Presentation Ideas

Presentation can make all the difference! If you’re looking for a cute way to provide fun Christmas snacks, try these ideas:

  • Turn a plastic glove into a reindeer hand by filling it with popcorn and adding a red nose and antlers.
  • Make a Santa Claus face using sliced strawberries, bananas, whipped cream, and mini chocolate chips.

Christmas Disposable Dinnerware

To make cleanup a breeze, use disposable plates, cups, and utensils in festive holiday patterns. Consider biodegradable options for a more eco-friendly party. Below check out my top picks from Amazon for disposable dinnerware for your holiday party.

28 | Christmas Light Paper Plates

Christmas Light Plates
Light Plates | Find them Here

These Christmas light paper plates would be the perfect size for some Holiday treats.

29 | Grinch Dinnerware Set

Grinch Party Set |
Grinch Party Set | Find it Here

30 | Santa Claus Plates

Santa Paper Plates
Santa Plates | Find them Here

Would your students get a kick out of eating their holiday snacks off of Santa’s head? This pack of 24 plates is available on Amazon.

31 | Christmas Plate and Utensil Set

Candy Cane Party Plates
Candy Cane Party Plates | Find them Here

How can you not be in the holiday spirit if you’re snacking on these festive plates? His set is perfect for a class or 25.

By creating a mix of sweet, savory, healthy, and fun treats, your classroom Christmas party is sure to be a hit. Have fun and enjoy the holiday season with your students!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some fun snacks for a school Christmas party?

For a fun and festive school Christmas party, you can try making holiday pretzel treats, Rudolph cake pops, or candy cane mice. These snacks are not only delicious but also add a creative touch to the celebration. Frosty the Snowman cake pops are another adorable option that kids will love.

What are popular treats for a classroom holiday celebration?

Popular treats for a classroom holiday celebration include cinnamon and peppermint cookies, chocolate chip and M&M cookies, and small Christmas candies. These classic flavors are sure to be a hit among the students and help spread the holiday spirit.

Any creative ideas for Christmas treat boxes in class?

To make Christmas treat boxes extra special, consider putting together small bags filled with holiday-themed goodies. You can personalize them with the students' names and include items like Santa bottles, jars of candy kisses, or reindeer bags. This little gesture will surely make everyone feel the magic of the holiday season.

If you want some more Goodie bags ideas for your classroom, check out this post…50 Easy & Fun Christmas Classroom Goodie Bag Ideas

What are simple and delicious treats for a class Christmas party?

For a simple and delicious class Christmas party, you can't go wrong with pre-made Christmas cookies or prepackaged Christmas treats. Save yourself a little time and buy the treats or ask parents to contribute yummy snacks for your classroom Christmas party.

What treats can be easily made for a school holiday event?

Quick and easy treats for a school holiday event include chocolate chip and M&M cookies, cinnamon and peppermint cookies, or roll-out butter cookies. These recipes are quite simple, allowing you to prepare them with minimal hassle and still bring delicious flavors to the celebration.

How to create allergy-friendly treats for a classroom Christmas party?

When planning treats for a classroom Christmas party, it's important to be mindful of any food allergies. To create allergy-friendly treats, opt for recipes that are free of common allergens like nuts, dairy, and gluten. You can find alternative ingredients, such as gluten-free flour or dairy-free chocolate chips, to ensure everyone can enjoy the treats without fear of allergic reactions.

I hope in this post you were able to find some new classroom Christmas treat ideas for your school party this year. Feel free to save your favorite ideas to your Pinterest boards to save for later. To do that just click on the picture and then the P and choose your board.

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