43 Best Interactive Word Wall Ideas for the Classroom

word wall ideas for classroom

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43 Best Interactive Word Wall Ideas for the Classroom

If you’re looking for some creative word wall ideas for the classroom you’ve come to the right place. This post is packed with tons of new ideas from innovative teachers that includes creating portable word walls and interactive display that your students will use every day.

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In this post we’ll check out tons of creative word wall ideas including:

  • Traditional word walls for developing literacy skills in new readers
  • Word walls for different subject areas like math, reading, science and writing for different age groups
  • Creative interactive ideas such as portable word walls, and peg board and whiteboard displays.

Traditional Word Walls

You can create a traditional word wall to help students practice their literacy skills. Each letter of the alphabet is prominently displayed with a vocabulary word card underneath. Organize the wall in alphabetical order, making it easier for your students to check and find words. Regularly update the wall with new words to keep it fresh and engaging. Check out some of the best examples of traditional word walls to copy below.

1 | Oh My Word

traditional word wall on whiteboard
Image Source | blueskieswithjenniferwhite

Copy this creative idea by placing magnets on the back of words to be able to easily switch them out on your magnetic white board.

2 | Rainbow Literacy Wall

rainbow literacy word wall
Image Source | teach.with.heart

Coordinate your words in rainbow colors to give students a visual display of where each word goes.

3 | Paper Flower Border

word wall for the classroom with paper flower border
Image Source | anappleforeden

Why not add to the visual appeal of your bulletin board by adding a paper flower border that coordinates with the colors of your array of words?

4 | Boho Rainbow Wall

boho rainbow word wall
Image Source | atouchofclassteaching

I love the idea of creating a word wall that goes with your classroom theme like this boho rainbow one.

Interactive Word Wall Ideas for Classroom

Turn your word wall into an interactive tool by allowing students to add and remove word lists or individual words. Check out some inspiration below to create an interactive classroom word wall.

5 | Interactive Word Anchor Charts

interactive anchor chart
Image Source | teachloveandicedcoffee

These are short vowel words made into an interactive anchor chart with colorful post it notes. If you want to copy this idea be sure to add the phrase, “Go Shorties, it’s your big day and we just want to hear what short vowels say.”

6 | My Personal Word Wall

personal word wall
Image Source | madeforfirstgrade

Create a personal word wall for each student in small folders or binders. You can then have students keep it in their desk for easy reference.

7 | Pocket Chart Word Wall

pocket chart word wall
Pocket Chart | Find it Here

A pocket chart is a great way to create word walls as you can easily switch out new words without messing with tape, staples, or tac. Here is where you can get a simple pocket chart that comes in different colors if you want to copy this idea.

8 | Envelope Pockets for Words

plastic envelope pockets for classroom bulletin board
Image Source | teachingdiaries_

You can add envelope pockets to the bottom of your bulletin board with word sheets that students can grab and use at their desks. Here are pretty colored plastic envelop pouches from Amazon that would do the trick.

Portable Word Wall Ideas for the Classroom

For a more flexible approach, create portable displays using small index card organizers or binder rings. This allows students to carry their words wherever they go and enables them to practice their literacy skills independently, even outside the classroom. Check out some inspiration to pull this off below.

9 | Portable Fluency Wall

portable fluency wall
Image Source | rachaelburnett_

Steal this amazing idea to create a portable fluency wall in your classroom. This teacher printed fluency strips on bright card stock and put rings on each one. Then she bought command hooks in bulk from Amazon, which you can find here.

10 | Portable Word Wall on Whiteboard

portable word wall idea for the classroom
Image Source | schoolgirlstyle

You can use magnetic hooks to create a portable word wall on your whiteboard.

11 | Dollar Tree Magnetic Clips

classroom word wall idea with magnetic clips
Image Source | dollartreeclassrooms

This colorful whiteboard was created with Dollar Tree magnetic clips.

12 | Environmental Print Word Wall

environmental print word wall for the classroom
Image Source | typeainprek

Create an environmental print wall with products and signs that your students see every day like Pepsi, Snickers and Goldfish crackers.

Creative Word Wall Ideas

  • Color-coded words: Assign different colors to various word families or a part of speech such as nouns, verbs, or adjectives.
  • Content Areas: Organize words by content areas, themes or topics relevant to your curriculum.
  • Use unconventional materials- Use materials like shells, buttons or even recycled materials to create a 3-D display on your classroom wall.

Below check out these creative ideas and more.

13 | 3-D Science Wall

science classroom 3-D word wall
Image Source | smartypantsscience

Add 3-D elements as visual aids to enhance students’ understanding of the key vocabulary words.

14 | Friends and Family Wall Idea

friends and family word wall idea
Image Source | stayathomeactivitymom

Encourage students to bring in pictures of their family, friends and pets to contribute to this friends and family word wall. This is also a great activity for a homeschooling classroom.

15 | Student Created Word Wall

student created word wall for classroom
Image Source | preschoolforyou

Copy this great idea to get your students involved with the word wall creation. Find small items like buttons, shells, feathers, and pom poms. Have students sort them and glue them together to create the letters. In this preschool classroom the students then placed their names under the first letter of their name.

Easy Word Wall Ideas Classroom

If you want some easy word wall ideas for your classroom then you’ll love this next section. It includes DIY ways to use materials that you likely already have to create your displays.

16 | Post It Note Wall

post it note classroom wall

Get students involved and have them help you create a post it note wall with the words that they are learning to read and write.

17 | DIY Paper Plate Wall

DIY paper plate classroom word wall
Image Source | classandcontrast

If you’re looking for some easy word wall ideas for the classroom then here’s your sign to keep an eye out for cute paper plates. You can use them to create a fun and great looking wall of words.

Pegboard Word Walls for the Classroom

Check out below some ideas to create engaging word walls on pegboards.

18 | Cute Pegboard Wall

cute pegboard word wall for the classroom
Image Source | learningtobloomclassroom

How amazing does a pegboard word wall look? To steal this idea, you can get a pegboard from Amazon. Here’s a 4 piece one that comes with accessories like shelves that you can use for extra words.

19 | Bookshelf Hack

classroom bookshelf hack
Image Source | aloha.kindergarten

Check the back of your bookshelves! This kindergarten teacher discovered that the back of her bookshelf had a built-in peg board which was the perfect spot to hang letters and words.

Reading Word Wall Ideas

Focus on sight words and other important reading vocabulary to support students' comprehension and fluency. Update the wall regularly with new words from the texts you're reading in class and encourage students to refer to the wall whenever they encounter unfamiliar words. Check out some more ideas for reading walls that you’ll definitely want to copy below.

20 | Vowel Vally

vowel word wall idea for the classroom
Image Source | polka.dots.please

This rainbow-colored vowel sound wall is an engaging display that will help students with phonics.

21 | Nonfiction Wall

nonfiction wall
Image Source | raisethebarreading

This nonfiction wall has nonfiction text feature terms on one side and other nonfiction specific terms on the other side with a text structure poster in the middle.

22 | Library Alphabet Wall

library alphabet wall
Image Source | thebookwrangler

This school librarian, aka the book wrangler, created posters with letters of the alphabet that correlate to book terms for a fun display for a school library.

23 | Book Vocabulary Focus Wall

book vocabulary wall
Image Source | lifeandloveoflearning

Here’s how to lead a book vocabulary focus wall activity:

  • Pick a focus book that the class will work on this book for 2 weeks.
  • First read the entire book to the class.
  • Then read just one or two pages and have students pick words that they don’t know.
  • Write these words on sticky notes and display it under the book.
  • Ask students to find the definition of each of the words.
  • Have students repeat the definition and act it out.
  • Repeat the process with the next pages.
  • You can also have students get in small groups and randomly pick words and have students take turns saying the definition and acting out the word.

Math Word Walls for the Classroom

A math wall can help your students with mathematical vocabulary and encourage them to use accurate language when discussing math concepts. Organize the wall by topic or skill, and include both important terms and helpful visuals. Check out some examples of how to set one up below.

24 | GeomeTree Wall

geometry wall
Image Source | mathstop

I’m loving this bright and colorful “geometree” wall. You can copy this pun too by creating a colorful tree and adding in shapes and geometry terms.

25 | Math Strategies Display

math strategies classroom display
Image Source | yourteacherbestie

Consider adding math strategy resources that can be easily unclipped for students’ use.

Writing Word Walls

Support your students' writing development by creating a wall dedicated to writing vocabulary. Include words that pertain to grammar, punctuation, the writing process as well as spelling patterns. Encourage your students to reference the wall as they work on their writing assignments.

Check out some ideas to create one in your class below.

26 | Argumentative Essay Writing Wall

classroom writing wall
Image Source | mrsspanglerinthemiddle

This wall shows the structures of argumentative essays to help middle school students remember how to organize paragraphs.

27 | Persuasive Writing Wall

persuasive writing wall
Image Source | talesfrommissd

Create a writing wall that includes opinion starters, rhetorical questions and high modality words to support students in their persuasive text.

Sound Walls

A sound wall helps students develop their phonemic awareness and grow their reading skills. Organize the wall by the various phonemes, or parts of speech and include corresponding words and images to give students visual and auditory connections.

28 | Sound Wall with Pictures

sound wall with pictures
Image Source | natalielynnkindergarten

Create a sound wall with the visual representation of how students sound out letters.

29 | Sound it Out Wall

sound it out wall
Image Source | fallingfor1st

This sound it out wall helps first grade students read and spell words. It includes all the sounds covered in the phonic curriculum and some extra word endings and complex sounds.

Whiteboard Word Walls

Use a classroom whiteboard to design a dynamic, easily updated word wall. With this approach, you can erase words as students master them and add new words quickly, keeping the display fresh and engaging.

30 | Classroom Whiteboard Word Wall Inspiration

whiteboard decoration idea
Image Source | class.roominspo

Your class whiteboard is a great place for your word display. You can add magnets to your words and posters to easily switch them out when needed.

31 | Digital Word Walls

Take advantage of technology by creating a digital word wall using a classroom website, or a learning platform like Google Classroom. Digital files can be easily updated and shared with your students, even when they're not in the classroom.

Creative Set up Ideas for Word Walls

Remember to keep your word wall engaging and relevant for your students, and don't be afraid to get creative with your design!

32 | Velcro Word Wall Setup Idea

classroom velcro word wall setup idea
Image Source | creationsineducation

Set up a Velcro wall so students can easily pull off words they want to use and then can easily place them back on the wall when they are done. Be sure to staple the letters and the strips so they are not accidentally pulled off.

33 | Ombre Paper Wall Setup

pretty pink ombre word wall
Image Source | teachloveandicedcoffee

Use pink paper in an ombre pattern to create a pretty wall ready for words.

34 | Scrapbook Paper Word Wall Setup

scrapbook paper word wall idea
Image Source | cma1291

How about using pretty scrapbook papers for the base of your word display. This one is created on metal cabinets and magnetic words will be added that students can remove for their use.

35 | Clipboard Wall Setup Idea

clipboard word wall idea for classroom
Image Source | counseloraccents

Another easy way to setup your word wall to easily switch it out is with clipboards.

This wall is in a school counselor’s room and includes words like anger, worry and feelings. When a student comes in for counseling on a certain topic she will grab the clipboard off the wall. Behind each word is activities that match the word.

36 | Storage Idea for Weekly Word Wall Words

word card storage idea for classroom
Image Source | sweetfirstiefun

Here’s a great idea to store your weekly words to easily switch them out. You can store them in a letter sized magnetic caddy on your whiteboard. You can separate words with colorful dividers with the week printed on top. Simply grab the weekly stack and easily update your word wall.

Word Walls for Different Grade Levels

Word Walls for Early Education

In early education, word walls play a vital role in helping young readers develop foundational literacy skills. When designing a vocab wall for kindergarten or primary grades, keep in mind your students' learning goals and the connections they need to make in their vocabulary development.

For instance, focus mainly on high-frequency words, phonics patterns, and easily decodable words. You can use a variety of techniques to make the word wall visually engaging:

  • Color-coding: Group words by their phonics patterns or parts of speech using different colored index cards or paper.
  • Illustrations: Add pictures of objects or scenes that represent the meaning of a word.

37 | Kindergarten Sound Wall

kindergarten classroom sound wall
Image Source | simplykinder

When creating a word wall for preschool and kindergarteners include pictures and even children’s mouths to help them understand how to sound out words.

Word Walls for Middle and High School

As your students’ progress to middle school and beyond, their learning goals and relationship with terminology grow more complex. In these cases, it's crucial to adapt the word wall to reflect more advanced concepts and subject-specific terms.

For 7th grade and beyond, word walls can be tailored to include special areas such as:

  • Physical Education: Demonstrate appropriate movement techniques, match terms with their definitions or descriptions, or create word walls illustrating historical figures in sports.
  • Social Studies: Incorporate essential historical figures, events, and vocabulary aligned with the curriculum.
  • Math- Use a math wall as a student resource for complex math terms and formulas.

Check out some examples of middle and high school word walls below.

38 | Middle School Math Posters

middle school math posters
Image Source | 8thgrademathteacher

An easy way to create a math wall is with math posters. This one was created for a middle school classroom.

39 | High School Math Wall

high school math wall
Image Source | scaffolded.math

A math word wall can be a great resource for formulas and terms for a high school class. Things to include in your high school math wall:

  • Irrational vs. rational numbers
  • Scientific notations
  • Exponents
  • Squared and cubed numbers
  • Types of graphs
  • Functions vs. non functions
  • Different mathematical equations

Word Wall Ideas for Small Spaces

If your short on space but still want to create a small word wall for your students here are some ideas:

  • Words on classroom doors: Utilize the space on your classroom door to display your words in a creative way.
  • Corner word walls: Create a cozy, dedicated space for your word wall in a corner of your classroom, offering students a quiet area to work on their literacy skills.

Check out some more space saving word wall ideas below:

40 | Small Portable Word Wall

small portable word wall
Image Source | mrsleblancslearners

You could add a small word wall like this to a space under a bulletin board, your white board or above your turn in baskets.

41 | Classroom Door Word Wall

classroom door word wall
Image Source | harrypotterteacher

The back of the classroom door could be perfect spot to add your display when you’re short on space.

42 | Word of the Week Door Display

classroom word of the week display
Image Source | class.roominspo

Consider adding a word of the week to your classroom door to expand your student’s vocabulary. You can include the definition, a synonym, antonym, a sentence and a challenge.

43 | Hanging Word Wall

hanging word wall
Image Source | schoolgirlstyle

This display will take up little space. If you want to steal this idea add a low hanging rod and hang words on small hooks that are accessible to your students.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I create a word wall in my classroom?

Creating a word wall in your classroom is simple. First, find a suitable location, such as a large wall or bulletin board. Next, choose a focus for the wall, like high-frequency words, academic language, or content-specific vocabulary.

Label each section with a letter of the alphabet or a category. Finally, write the words on colored cards and arrange them under the appropriate section. You can involve your students in this process to make it more engaging and meaningful to them.

What are some creative twists on traditional word walls?

Here are a few creative ideas to spice up your traditional word displays:

  1. Digital word walls for older students, where they create personalized word walls or collaborate on a shared virtual document.
  2. Interactive word walls that incorporate drawings or attached images next to the words to enhance understanding and engagement.

Can I set up a word wall in a small classroom space?

Absolutely! If you have limited space, consider using a smaller bulletin board, portable divider, or even a door as your word wall. You can also create a digital word wall that students can access on devices, or use a pocket chart holder to save wall space.

What words are essential for a first-grade word wall?

For a first-grade display, focus on high-frequency words, also known as "sight words," that students need to quickly recognize while reading. Additionally, include simple content-specific vocabulary, phonics or word study examples, and academic language to support your curriculum.

Got any tips for an interactive word wall that students will love?

To create an interactive display, involve students in the process of adding words, drawings, and images. Encourage them to use the wall as a reference for spelling, reading, and writing activities. You can also create word games or challenges, such as matching words to their definitions or finding synonyms and antonyms.

What can I use instead of a word wall for vocabulary building?

If a word wall isn't the best fit for your classroom, there are other vocabulary building strategies to try. For example, you can use flashcards, vocabulary journals, word maps or graphic organizers, digital applications and games, or word-building activities during small group or whole-class instruction. The key is to find a method that engages your students and supports their learning needs.

Pinterest Word Wall Ideas for Classroom

If you love Pinterest as much as I do, you’ll appreciate this. I made the pictures in this blog post easy to save to your Pinterest boards. Just click on the picture, then the P and then choose your board.

I hope in this post you were able to find some new word wall ideas for your classroom that you want to try this year. If you enjoyed this post, please give it a share!

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