57 Classroom Border Ideas for Stunning Bulletin Boards

classroom border ideas

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57 Classroom Border Ideas for Stunning Bulletin Boards

If you’re looking for some classroom border ideas, then this post is for you. I’ll show you some creative ways to DIY your borders to make your bulletin boards stand out. Then I’ll show you some other areas in your class beside bulletin boards that you can use borders for. Plus I’ll show you some of the best borders that I’ve found and where to get them.

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DIY Classroom Border Ideas

Are you the type of teacher that loves to do a little DIY? If so then this next section is for you. I’ll show you some creative ideas to really make your bulletin borders pop.

Ideas in this section include:

  • Creating borders with tissue paper or cardstock
  • Using butcher paper to create 3-D borders
  • Adding classroom materials for a colorful border
  • Hot glueing ribbon for a unique border
  • Using book pages for a one-of-a-kind classroom border and
  • Creating a border with streamers

1 | DIY Rainbow Decorative Border

rainbow DIY classroom border ideas
Image Source | teaching_with_gratitude

This teacher DIYed these amazing rainbow garland borders and you can to. This is the perfect way to really make your displays fun and vibrant. Here is what you do.

  • Start with whatever color cardstock or standard letter paper you want
  • Do an accordion fold, (fold the paper into about one inch sections and then fold it in half.)
  • Then glue or staple the paper together

Here is a little tutorial from art teacher Kayla Koslow.

Tissue Paper Borders

Give your classroom a colorful makeover with tissue paper borders! These are easy to make and budget-friendly. All you need is tissue paper of various colors, scissors, and adhesive. Mix and match colors, create patterns, or go for a gradient effect. The possibilities are endless! Check out some inspiration to pull it off below.

2 | Crumpled Tissue Paper Border

bulletin board with crumpled tissue paper border
Image Source | madeforfirstgrade

This teacher grabbed some tissue from the Dollar Store to make her bulletin board pop. She simply crumbled and stapled it to the border in alternating colors to create this amazing display.

3 | Sliced Tissue Border

DIY sliced tissue paper bulletin board border
Image Source | lifeskillscreations

This crafty teacher created this DIY bulletin board border with these steps.

  1. She folded 5 or 6 full pieces of different colored tissue paper together into thirds.
  2. She then cut along the edges
  3. Then staples the center
  4. Next she cut slits across the paper.
  5. To attach to the bulletin board she stapled the end and then twisted it and made another staple.
  6. Check out the link under the picture for a tutorial.

Ribbon Borders

For a touch of elegance, try using ribbon borders! Head to your local craft store and pick up ribbons in different colors, textures, and widths. Measure out the desired length of the border, then cut your ribbons accordingly.

Attach them to the boards using a stapler, tape, or glue. Get creative with your designs—try braiding, twisting, or layering ribbons for a more complex look. Check out some ideas below for unique borders made with ribbons.

4 | Stapled Ribbon Border

bulletin board with black and white ribbon border
Image Source | rise.over.run

To re-create a border like this start with a thick ribbon and bunch it a little and then staple it. Pro tip- purchase a staple gun to make it a lot faster and easier.

5 | Double Sided Ribbon Border

double sided ribbon classroom border ideas
Image Source | joeyudovich

For a little extra interest find a ribbon with two different sides. Then bunch and twist the ribbon so that both sides show.

6 | Solid Color Ribbon Border

yellow ribbon bulletin board trim
Image Source | izziebrook

A solid color ribbon border makes the bulletin board really stand out.

Butcher Paper Borders

Upcycle butcher paper for a low-cost, eco-friendly option! Check out how to pull it off below.

7 | Crinkled Butcher Paper Border

butcher paper classroom border ideas
Image Source | teachingwithsamanthasnow

Here’s how you create a butcher paper border:

  1. Cut long strips of butcher paper, about 2-4 inches wide.
  2. Crinkle the paper into balls.
  3. Then hot glue the paper balls to the border.

Classroom Border Ideas with Streamers

Streamers are another excellent, low-cost option for DIY classroom borders. Purchase crepe paper streamers in a variety of colors. Attach them to your walls by folding, twisting, or layering them in different ways Check out some streamer inspiration below.

8 | Pink Streamer Classroom Border

streamer classroom border ideas
Image Source | inspiredwithmrsd

Re-create this pretty border by folding bright colored streamers and stapling or glueing them.

9 | Frilly Classroom Bulletin Board Border

bulletin board with frilly trim
Image Source | teachingwithsamanthasnow

To create a border like this, take streamers or paper and cut slits in it to create a frilly look.

Borders with Classroom Materials

Take stock of the materials that you have in your classroom to create an interesting classroom border.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Colorful Index Cards
  • Post it Notes
  • Origami Paper

10 | Origami Paper Classroom Border

classroom border ideas with paper
Image Source | mrsgreenartartbaby

Art teacher, Hilary uses colorful origami paper in a pretty pattern to add more color and interest to her display.

12 | Index Card Border

classroom border ideas with index cards
Image Source | madeforfirstgrade

Arrange colorful index cards into a visually appealing pattern on the border of your display. You can keep them blank for a minimalist look, or write inspirational quotes, vocabulary words, or formulas on them.

Classroom Border Ideas with Book Pages

Enhance a reading themed bulletin board by using old book pages to create a unique border. Collect book pages from outdated textbooks, damaged books, yard sales or thrift shops. Check out below how amazing borders look with book pages.

13 | Classroom Border with Book Pages

Image Source | taughtbytollie

To re-create this look, fold each page into about 1-inch strips. Then pinch the paper in half and staple that to the border.

Creative Bulletin Board Border Ideas

Read on for the best bulletin board ideas that will really make your displays stand out.

Borders with 3-D Elements

Adding a 3-D element to your borders can make your bulletin board pop and draw attention! Some ideas include creating your own 3-D designs with paper by folding or rolling it. Get creative and make your bulletin board stand out!

Some 3-D elements that work the best to accentuate your bulletin boards are:

  • Paper flowers
  • Tassels
  • Pom Pom Garlands
  • Paper fans

Check out all of these ideas and more below.

14 | Paper Flower Border

Image Source | mister.senor

Check out this awesome bulletin board! Mister Senor had his 8th graders create paper flowers to help decorate his Frida Kahlo bulletin board. I love how the border is part of the art work.

15 | Paper Fans on Bulletin Board Border

bulletin board border with paper fans
Image Source | simply_sprout

Green paper fans and leaves create a 3-D jungle effect on this fun classroom display.

16 | Colorful Paper Flower Classroom Display

colorful classroom border idea
Image Source | katieplus4

Bright paper flowers combined with a colorful border really make this bulletin board come to life.

If you’ve been inspired to add a 3-D element to really make your bulletin board pop check out some of my top find below.

17 | Colorful Classroom Decorations

Rainbow classroom Decorations
Rainbow Decorations | Find them Here

This is a fun pack that includes tissue pom poms, a tassel garland, a banner and colorful streamers. Everything you need to add 3-D elements to any school bulletin board.

18 | Rainbow Pom Ball Garland

rainbow pom garland
Felt Ball String | Find it Here

This garland may be the perfect accent to add a fun little touch to your bulletin board display.

19 | Colorful Pastel Tassel Garland

pastel Tassel Banner
Tassel Banner | Find it Here

This pretty garland would add some color and texture to your bulletin boards.

Borders with Greenery

Bring a touch of nature into your classroom by incorporating greenery into your border design. Use faux leaves or flowers to create a fresh, vibrant look. Check out how to pull it off below.

20 | Green Vine Border

greenery classroom border
Image Source | movemountainsinkindergarten

Let the nature into your classroom with a pretty greenery border like this.

21 | Pretty Greenery Classroom Border

greenery bulletin board border
Image Source | support_a_teach

Here’s another demonstration of how adding greenery to your border can add interest and depth to your display.

22 | Greenery Bulletin Board Accent

bulletin board with faux greenery
Image Source | fourthgrade4fun

It also looks nice to add just a little greenery to the top of your bulletin board.

23 | Leaf Classroom Border

classroom trim with fall leaves
Image Source | mrsgreensgarten

Add a leaf garland to really make your fall bulletin board come to life.

If you want to add some faux greenery to your bulletin board too then check out where to get the best ones below.

24 | Eucalyptus Garland

greenery garlands
Greenery | Where to Find

This garland comes in eight pieces that are each seven feet long. This would add that natural touch to your displays.

25 | Fall Leaf Garland

Leaf Garland
Leaf Garland | Find it Here

This may be the perfect addition to your fall bulletin boards. This includes 12 6.9 feet pieces.

26 | Floral Garland

Rose Vines
Rose Vines | Find them Here

I also thought it would look pretty to have a floral garland decorate your border. What do you think? Have you seen any teacher do this?

Black and White Borders

A black and white border can create a striking contrast against your bulletin board display. You can use stripes, polka dots, or other monochromatic patterns to maintain the black and white theme.

What is great about a black and white border is it will go with any colors that you choose in your bulletin board design so you can leave it up for the entire year. Check out some black and white bulletin board border inspo below.

27 | Colorful Display with Black and White Border

black and white classroom border with bright bulletin board
Image Source | ashleymckenzietpt

Here’s a perfect example of how great black and white borders look with a bright colorful bulletin board design. You could leave this border up for the whole school year.

28 | Black and White Bulletin Border Idea

class reminder bulletin board with black and white trim
Image Source | missmcraesteachingtales

This colorful pastel class reminder bulletin board really pops with the black and white scribble background design.

29 | Black and White ABC Border

abc black and white bulletin board border
Image Source | aperfectblendteaching

 This black and white ABC border play nicely with this cute bulletin board design.

If you want to incorporate black and white borders into your bulletin board designs, check out my favorites and where to get them below.

30 | Black and White Polka Dot Border

Black Dot Trim
Black Dot Trim | Find it Here

These have the imperfect look that I think looks cute.

31 | Scallop Black and White Polka Dot Border

black and white Dotted bulletin board Border
Dotted Border | Find it Here

This includes one roll that is 36 feet by 2.25 inches which makes it easy to use.

32 | Black and White Stripe Border

black and white Striped Bulletin Board Border
Striped Bulletin Board Border | Find it Here

Stripes are a great classic. This includes one straight roll that measures 36 feet by 2.25 inches. When you click on the link for this one, you’ll see a large collection of bulletin board borders in different styles and colors.

33 | Black and White Border Pack

Black & White Border Kit
Black & White Border Kit | Find it Here

This is a kit that I created using Canva and it comes with 8 different designs. It’s available on my little Etsy shop. You download print and cut it yourself.

Colorful Bulletin Board Borders

Make your bulletin board stand out with bold and bright colors. You can use rainbow stripes, colorful shapes, or polka dots to create eye-catching borders. Don’t be afraid to mix and match patterns to achieve a unique and engaging design.

Check out some of my favorite ideas for colorful bulletin board borders below.

34 | Colorful Polka Dot Bulletin Board Border

colorful bulletin board with rainbow dot trim
Image Source | 2ndstateofmind

This colorful border goes perfectly with the bulletin board theme to welcome a bright year.

Check out where to get my favorite colorful bulletin board borders below.

35 | Rainbow Dot Border

Polka Dot Border
Polka Dot Border | Find it Here

This rainbow border would brighten up your class display. This border by Schoolgirl style comes in strips of 3 feet by 3 inch and totals 36 feet.

36 | Rainbow Poms Classroom Bulletin Board Border

Colorful Pom classroom Border
Colorful Pom Border | Find it Here

This colorful pom border would add a playful touch to your classroom bulletin boards. It comes in scalloped 3 feet by 3 inches strips to total 39 feet.

37 | Rainbow Stripe Border

Scalloped Stripes Border
Scalloped Stripes Border | Find it Here

This colorful pack may last you from the first day of school to the last. It comes with three rolls that total 99 feet. There are some other designs to choose from.

38 | Colorful Striped Bulletin Board Border

colorful striped bulletin board Border
Striped Border | Find it Here

This straight roll has different sized and color stripes for a playful look. It comes with one large roll that is 65 feet and 3 inches wide.

39 | Bright Bulletin Board Bundle

colorful bulletin board border kit
Colorful Border Kit | Find it Here

This is another one that I created and is available on Etsy. It comes with 8 colorful designs. For this one you download, and print and cut yourself.

Cute Classroom Borders

Add a touch of cuteness to your classroom with adorable animals, characters or flower borders. You can find many options at your local teacher stores or craft store. You could also print clipart and laminate them to create your own custom border.

Younger students are sure to love these fun and playful border ideas! Check out some cute border ideas below.

40 | Daisy Bulletin Board Border

cute classroom border ideas
Image Source | missjacobslittlelearners

Daisies add a cute touch to this classroom display board.

If you want some cute and stylish bulletin board borders check out my favorites from Amazon and Etsy below.

41 | Daisy Bulletin Board Border

daisy bulletin board Border
Flower Border | Find it Here

This daisy border would work will with a retro or boho classroom theme both of which are in style right now. This comes with strips that are 12.59 inches by 2.36 inches.

42 | Smiley Face Border

Pastel smiley face bulletin board Border
Pastel Border | Find it Here

Here’s another fun way to add that retro feel to your displays with pretty pastel smileys. It comes with one roll that is about 32 feet and 3 inches wide.

43 | Bulletin Board Border Kit

Cute Printable Classroom Decor Bundle
Cute Printable Classroom Decor Bundle | Find it Here

This kit comes with a combo of scalloped edges and straight lines in a variety of cute designs and colors. As an added bonus for the printables kits like this is when your border gets worn you can always print a new border.

Neutral Classroom Border Ideas

If you prefer a more subtle border design, consider using neutral tones. You can use beige, gray, or white to create a clean, minimal look. Below are some beautiful neutral inspirations for you.

44 | Neutral Border Inspiration

neutral classroom border ideas
Image Source | lizard_learning

If you have a soft calming color scheme in your classroom then a neutral border would work well.

Check out where to get the best neutral borders below.

45 | Burlap Scalloped Borders

Scalloped Trim | Find it Here

These borders come in a variety of pretty neutrals and the burlap adds a little texture.

46 | Grey Wood Border

faux Wood Bulletin Board Border
Wood Bulletin Board Border | Find it Here

This border keeps with the neutral color scheme but adds a lot of personality and depth with the look of a worn grey wood fence.

47 | Boho Border Kit

Boho bulletin board Borders
Boho Borders | Find them Here

This kit is another one that I created that includes 8 printable borders. It comes with different boho designs and patterns in soft colors.

Layering Bulletin Board Borders

Are you looking for some classroom border ideas to add more interest to your displays? Layering multiple borders can add depth and dimension to your bulletin board. Start with a solid-colored base layer and add a patterned or themed overlay.

This can tie your bulletin board’s content together and create a cohesive look. Experiment with various textures, patterns, and colors to find the perfect combination for your classroom. Check out some inspiration below to pull off the perfect layered bulletin board look.

48 | Black, White and Colored Border Layers

layered bulletin board border idea
Image Source | rachaelburnett_

It looks great to layer in a pattern in black and white with solid colors.

49 | Triple Layer Border

triple layer classroom border ideas
Image Source | prekwolfpack

Here’s an example of how you can layer in three different borders with various patterns in the same colors because why stop at just two layers!

50 | Multiple Layering Ideas

Layering classroom border ideas
Image Source | steppintoelementary

Another great way to add more depth to your bulletin boards in addition to the border layering is to layer in a paper garland and some cutouts.

More Classroom Border Ideas

Now let’s check out some ideas for storage, organization and maintaining your bulletin board borders.  Plus, I’ll show you some places that borders look great in your classroom besides bulletin boards.

Border Storage Ideas

Storing your classroom borders has never been so easy with these simple storage ideas.

  1. Expandable File Folders: These can hold various border strips without bending or damaging them. This would work well for storing your bulletin board letters too.
  2. Plastic Storage Tubes: Rolled-up borders fit perfectly in these cylindrical tubes, keeping them intact and wrinkle-free.
  3. Command Hooks and Binder Clips: Here’s an easy way to store your borders that you may not have thought of. Create a hanging border display by attaching binder clips to your borders and storing them on a command hook on the back of a door or cabinet in your classroom. Check out an example below.

51 | Command Hook Border Storage

bulletin board border storage with command hooks
Image Source | prekwolfpack

To copy this storage idea all you need is command hooks and binder clips. Each command hook can hold four to six border packs. A great place to store these is an unused space in the classroom like the the back of a door or the inside of a closet wall.

Classroom Border Ideas for Maintenance

To make your classroom borders last longer, consider these maintenance tips:

  • Laminating Borders: Laminating your borders not only makes them more durable but also makes cleaning a breeze.
  • Use Tack or Removable Adhesive: Preserve your borders and walls by using removable adhesive to prevent long-term damage.
  • Keep Borders Dry: Moisture can lead to warping or mold, so avoid exposing your borders to water or excessive humidity.

Using Borders on Other Areas in the Classroom

Besides the typical bulletin boards, don’t hesitate to explore other areas in your classroom where borders can add extra charm:

  • Window Frames: Jazz up your windows by adding borders around their perimeters.
  • Bookshelves: Draw attention to your classroom library by framing bookshelves with thematic borders.
  • Whiteboards/Smart Boards: Borders can give a pop of color and creativity to the often plain-looking digital screens or whiteboards.
  • Around your classroom mirror or classroom door.
  • Use borders to accentuate your teacher desk.

Check out how to pull off these creative classroom border ideas below.

52 | Classroom Border for Teacher’s Desk

classroom border ideas around teacher's desk
Image Source | coffeeteachandinspire

Have you ever thought of adding a little border to accessorize your desk? Here’s your inspiration.

53 | Border for Classroom Mirror

classroom affirmation station idea
Image Source | makingmagicin2nd

Adding a positive border to this classroom mirror transforms it into an affirmation station!

For more ideas of how to create an affirmation station in your classroom check out this post… Affirmation Station: Easy How to Guide for Your Classroom

54 | Classroom Cabinets as Bulletin Boards

bulletin boards on classroom cabinets
Image Source | hellomrsharwick

Add some bulletin board paper and borders to classroom cabinets to transform them into mini bulletin boards. This teacher cut her classroom borders in half to fit the small space perfectly.

55 | Whiteboard Borders

classroom border ideas on whiteboard
Image Source | teachinganduplifting

Consider adding classroom borders to your whiteboards to add some color to your classroom.

56 | Classroom Borders Around Windows

classroom border ideas around windows
Image Source | emmainelementary

Classroom borders look amazing as trim around your windows too!

57 | Classroom Border Idea for Extra Trim

classroom border ideas for extra trim
Image Source | teachercreated

The last idea I want to leave you with is what to do with those little extra pieces. This teacher created pictures frames with the extras to put pictures of her class on an unused wall. You could also use these to frame student work.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some unique ways to make DIY bulletin board borders?

There are plenty of creative ways to make DIY bulletin board borders. Some ideas include using washi tape, fabric strips, or even repurposing old calendars or magazines. You can also cut out shapes from construction paper or use ribbon and string to create unique designs. Get crafty and don’t be afraid to try something new!

How can I create themed borders for classroom bulletin boards?

To create themed borders, first decide on a theme that resonates with your classroom (e.g., seasons, holidays, or subjects). Then, gather materials related to that theme, like patterned paper, stickers, or cutouts. Design your border using these materials to create a display that complements your classroom decor.

Where can I find inspiration for decorating my classroom walls?

Inspiration for classroom wall decorations can be found everywhere: Pinterest, Instagram, this blog 😊 are all fantastic resources. You could also ask fellow teachers for ideas, as they’re likely to have unique ideas to share.

What’s the best way to organize and store different classroom border designs?

There are lots of storage solutions that you can use to organize and store your borders including clear plastic zipper bags, labeled file folders, or large storage containers. Arrange your materials by theme, color, or type to make it easy to find and access them when you’re ready to switch out your bulletin board designs.

What are the different types of bulletin boards I can consider for my classroom?

There are several types of bulletin boards to choose from based on your needs: traditional corkboard, whiteboard, magnetic, or fabric covered. Each type has its pros and cons, so consider factors like ease of use, durability, and versatility when making a decision. Remember, your choice should fit well with your classroom’s overall aesthetic and functionality.

Can you suggest budget-friendly options for updating bulletin board borders?

Absolutely! There are many budget-friendly options for updating your bulletin board borders. Consider shopping at discount stores, second-hand shops, or even making your own DIY creations using affordable materials. Also, keep an eye out for sales and seasonal deals, as they can be a great opportunity to stock up on supplies without breaking the bank.

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I hope you found some new classroom border ideas to try out this year. I showed you new ways to add borders to your class, creative ways to make borders and where to get all the best ones. If you enjoyed this post, please give it a share!

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