41 Creative Birthday Chart Ideas for the Classroom

birthday chart ideas for the classroom

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41 Creative Birthday Chart Ideas for the Classroom

If you’re looking for some birthday chart ideas for the classroom this post is for you. I found tons of fun ideas that you’ll love. Some are simple, easy and even reusable and others are creative and involve a little DIY. I’ve also included some of my favorites from both Etsy and Amazon.

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Birthday Display Ideas for the Classroom

It adds a little excitement when students see their birthday displayed in your classroom. Check out some of my favorite ideas to display them in style in this post.

Birthday Chart with Clothespins

Create a simple chart using clothespins to hang student names and birthdays. You can attach their names to colorful cut-out shapes like balloons or cupcakes. This display not only looks great but also is easy to update each year. Check out some inspiration to pull it off below.

1 | Puzzle Piece Birthday Chart

Puzzle piece birthday chart
Image Source | lillouhandmade

Each colorful puzzle piece has a month on it. The different colors of clothespins math each of the puzzle pieces. Simple write student’s birthdays and names on the clothespins and attach them to the string for a fun display.

2 | Rainbow Birthday Chart

rainbow birthday chart for the classroom
Image Source | juliebensontpt

This display would add some color to your classroom walls!

Birthday Bulletin Board Ideas

Bulletin boards offer a fantastic way to showcase students’ birthdays. Some fun ideas include:

  • A birthday tree with student names and birthdates on the leaves.
  • A birthday caterpillar with each segment representing a student.

Check out some more ideas to create a beautiful birthday bulletin board for your students below.

3 | Festive Birthday Bulletin Board

birthday bulletin board
Image Source | fabulousfigs

For this birthday display student’s names and birthdates are display on clothespins and then simply clipped to the months.

4 | Cute Classroom Birthday Bulletin Board

cute classroom bulletin board
Image Source | learninginwonderland

This cute birthday bulletin board has different ice cream flavors on each month with adorable kiddos holding cupcakes.

Birthday Display Ideas with the Classroom Theme

Incorporate your classroom theme into your birthday chart. For example, if your theme is ocean-related, create a display with sea creatures holding the student’s name and birthdate. I have some more ideas for you below if your class theme is safari, bees or a retro theme.

5 | Safari Theme Classroom Birthday Chart

safari theme birthday chart for the classroom
Image Source | mrsosgoodsclass

This bulletin board was created by school girl style. It would work perfectly in a class with a safari theme.

6 | Birthday Bees Display

birthday bees classroom display
Image Source |  twinklresources

This birthday bee display would be fun if you have a bee classroom theme or if your class is learning about honeybees. You can put student’s names on the cute little bees.

Birthday Charts with a 3-D Element

Add a touch of creativity by incorporating 3D elements into your birthday chart. Examples include:

  • Using actual cupcake liners to represent birthday cupcakes.
  • Adding balloons, butterflies or paper flowers.
  • Making birthday pop-up cards or origami-inspired designs.

Check out some inspiration to pull it off below.

7 | Happy Birthday Balloons Bulletin Board

birthday balloons chart
Image Source | adrianatrikolas

You can get letter balloons at Amazon in different colors and spell out the word Happy to add a fun 3-D element to your birthday display.

8 | Spanish Birthday Wall

Student birthdays chart for Spanish Classroom
Image Source | patistaines

This birthday wall for Spanish class is bright, colorful and fun. Add colorful paper fans to the corners of your display for that wow factor.

9 | Butterflies on Birthday Bulletin Board

classroom birthday wall with butterflies
Image Source | lakeshorelearning

Add 3-D butterflies to really make your display come to life.

Fun Birthday Charts Ideas for the Classroom

Inject some fun into your birthday chart ideas by:

  • Designing a board game-inspired chart, where students advance on a playing field as their birthdays approach.
  • Creating a crossword or word search puzzle with student names and birthdates as clues.
  • Add fun puns or relevant pop culture themes that your students will enjoy.

Check out some more fun ideas below.

10 | Donut Forget my Birthday Wall

donut forget my birthday wall
Image Source | teacherstofollow

This adorable birthday display features the phrase, Donut forget my birthday with cute little donuts for each month.

11 | Disco Birthday Display

Disco Ball Birthday Classroom Display
Disco Ball Display | Find it Here

This trendy disco ball birthday display is available on Etsy as a digital download. It would fit perfectly with a retro themed classroom or a Taylor Swift themed classroom.

Unique Birthday Charts Ideas for the Classroom

Think outside the box with these unique ideas:

  • Having each student create a personalized self-portrait or write birthday wishes next to their birthdate.
  • Turning the chart into a birthday time capsule, where students add memories and souvenirs as their big days approach.
  • Add student pictures in a creative way.

Check out some unique birthday chart inspiration below.

12 | Birthday Chart with Student Pictures

creative birthday chart for the classroom with student pictures
Image Source | missgeyfs

This may be the most creative display idea I’ve seen. This teacher took pictures of her students holding a blank board while sitting on a stool and then cut out the pictures and put the birth date on the board.

13 | Birthday Chart with Stars

classroom birthday chart with stars
Star Birthday Chart | Find it Here

This chart from Etsy is a fun way to display birthdays in your class. It comes with stars with hooks to write names and birth dates. You can re-paint the stars to re-use them each year or buy another pack.

Cute Classroom Birthday Boards for the Classroom

If you’re looking for some birthday charts that are super cute and on trend, then these next ideas are for you!

14 | Boba Tea Birthday Chart

cute classroom birthday chart with Boba tea
Image Source | schoolgirlstyle

School girl style always has the cutest bulletin boards including this boba tea birthday board with soft pastels.

15 | Retro Rainbow Birthday Bulletin Board

retro smiley face birthday bulletin board
Image Source | flyhighwithmisskite

I’m loving the retro classroom theme with colorful smiley faces that I’m seeing everywhere. If you’re loving it too here is the perfect birthday display to copy.

16 | Daisy Birthday Chart

pastel classroom birthday wall
Image Source | steppintoelementary

Cute daisies in muted soft colors creates a birthday display that would look pretty in your classroom.

17 | Birthday Cake Classroom Door

birthday cake classroom door
Image Source | schoolgirlstyle

This bright colorful birthday display is on the back of the classroom door. Black and white polka dot bulletin board paper was used as a backdrop to really make the pieces of cake and balloons pop.

18 | Retro Smiley Birthday Bulletin Board Kit

Smiley Face Bulletin Board Kit
Smiley Face Bulletin Board Kit | Find it Here

Here’s another cute retro pastel bulletin board. This kit can be found on Etsy. You can download it and print it and cut it out yourself.

Colorful Birthday Charts for the Classroom

Liven up the classroom with bright and vibrant charts like these:

  • A rainbow design showcasing the full spectrum of colors, with each band featuring student birthdays
  • Or how about a display with colorful balloons, party hats or cake?

Check out some of my favorite colorful birthday displays below.

19 | Woodland Whimsy Bulletin Board

colorful birthday bulletin board idea
Image Source | schoolgirlstyle

This teacher added cute woodland animals to her birthday board display. Colorful balloons for each month is a great way to set up your birthday chart.

20 | Birthday Hat Bulletin Board

birthday hat bulletin board
Image Source | schoolgirlstyle

Birthday hats are strung onto ribbon then clothespins with student’s names are attached.

21 | Rainbow Cake Birthday Display

Rainbow Cake Birthday Kit
Rainbow Cake Birthday Kit | Find it Here

This colorful rainbow cake display is from Etsy. It’s an editable kit that you can download and print yourself.

Birthday Display with Cupcakes

Craft a display filled with cupcakes that represent each student’s birthday. You can also use real cupcake liners and add the student’s name and birthdate, making an eye-catching and delicious-looking display. Check out some more ideas below.

22 | Colorful Cupcake Display

cupcake birthday chart for the classroom
Image Source | elementarymydavis

Would your students love to see their birthdays on colorful cupcakes?

23 | Cupcakes with Birthday Candles Display

cupcake birthday wall in the classroom
Image Source | miss.aleemtz

If you have a cupcake display you can add student’s names to each of the candles.

Crayon Themed Birthday Displays

Celebrate creativity with a crayon-themed chart! Arrange student names and birthdates on paper crayons and create a “box” to hold them. See what I mean below.

24 | Crayons Birthday Chart

Birthday Crayon Display |
Birthday Crayon Display | Find it Here

You can copy this display idea with crayons or other school supplies like markers or pencils. This is an editable kit that can be purchased and downloaded from Etsy.

Creative Birthday Charts for the Classroom

Try these imaginative chart ideas:

  • A DIY chalkboard display where you write student names and birthdates with colorful chalk
  • A hanging mobile with student names and birthdates gracefully dangling from above.

Check out some more creative ideas below.

25 | Chalkboard Birthday Idea

chalkboard birthday display in classroom
Image Source | fallinginlovewith_4th

A simple yet creative idea is to use a classroom chalkboard as your birthday chart.

26 | Fired Up About Birthdays

camping theme classroom birthday bulletin board
Image Source | the_adventuring_art_teacher

If your class has a camping theme, then steal this idea for your birthday chart. Student names are written on marshmallows getting roasted in the fire with the saying, “Fired up about birthdays.”

DIY Birthday Charts for the Classroom

Save on resources by crafting your own chart from scratch. Check out an idea below that you can create with paint, ribbon and clothes pins.

27 | DIY Classroom Birthday Display

DIY classroom birthday chart
Image Source | lifeas_missmichael

This first-grade teacher created her own re-usable birthday chart with wood, paint ribbon and her Cricut.

Educational Birthday Charts & Graphs for the Classroom

28 | Graphing and Charting Student Birthdays

One way to incorporate educational elements in your classroom birthday celebrations is by using a birthday graph. To create a birthday graph have students help plot birthdays on a simple chart with months on the x-axis and the number of birthdays on the y-axis.

You can also teach your students about different chart types by having them each choose a chart type to chart all of the classroom birthdays. Some of the chart types they can choose include:

  • Bar Charts
  • Pie Charts
  • Radar Charts or
  • A Line Chart

This birthday graphing and charting provides an opportunity to teach some basic graphing and charting concepts. As a class, you can discuss the trends, peaks and patterns visible on the graph.

Educational Birthday Display Ideas

Here are some more ideas to create a birthday display that is educational too:

  1. Monthly themes: Design your birthday display around a monthly theme that corresponds to the curriculum. For example, if you’re teaching a unit on plants, create a birthday flower garden display with each student’s name and birth date represented by a flower.
  2. You could also create a display based on the planets in the solar system, check out an example below.

29 | Another Trip Around the Sun

solar system classroom birthday chart
Image Source | hello.ms.hua

This creative teacher made the planets with coffee filters, markers and water for her birthday wall. She added students’ birthdays with stars.

Simple Birthday Chart Ideas for the Classroom

Keep things simple with a minimalist chart. Print student names and birthdates on a plain background and add small icons or illustrations for a clean minimal look and feel. Check out what I mean below.

30 | Boho Rainbow Birthday Display

boho rainbow birthday display for the classroom
Image Source | hometownteaching

If you’re looking for a display that is minimal but also pretty just copy this boho rainbow birthday bulletin board.

31 | Modern Boho Birthday Display Kit

Modern Birthday Kit
Modern Birthday Kit | Find it Here

This is a modern birthday kit that you can get on Etsy. You can edit it, download and then print and cut.

Space Saving Birthday Chart Ideas for the Classroom

Short on space? Make use of unused areas like the backs of doors or unused corners. A vertical hanging display or magnetic chart on filing cabinets make for creative, space-saving solutions. Check out some more ideas to maximize the space in your classroom below.

32 | Birthday Display Frame Idea

classroom student birthday frame
Image Source | _crayolaqueen

This teacher was short on wall space, so she printed this birthday display and put it in a small frame. Then she can write birthdays and names on the frame with a dry erase marker. She simply wipes it off and it is ready for the next year.

33 | Floating Balloon Birthday Wall

birthday balloons classroom wall
Image Source | organisedchaosintheclassroom

If you’re short on wall space how about stealing this idea and creating a birthday display up toward the ceiling with floating glitter balloons.

34 | Happy Birthday Poster

Birthday Classroom Posters
Birthday Classroom Posters | Find them Here

These birthday charts from Amazon would fit perfectly on the back of your classroom door to maximize the space you have.

35 | Combo Bulletin Board

job chart and birthday bulletin board
Image Source | thatprekteacher

Another space saving idea is to combine your job charts with your birthday bulletin board.

Reusable Birthday Chart Ideas for the Classroom

For easily updated charts, consider using:

  • Laminated sheets, allowing you to wipe away names and dates as needed.
  • A whiteboard or bulletin board with reusable markers or sticky notes.

36 | Laminated Birthday Sheets for Birthday Board

re-usable birthday chart for the classroom
Image Source | thankfultoteach

Save time by creating a re-usable birthday bulletin board like this. If you laminate your birthday sheets and use dry erase markers you can easily wipe away the names and the dates to get ready for the next year.

Classroom Birthday Board with Gifts

Highlight the gift of each student with a small present box for their special day. Attach a miniature gift bag or box to the chart with their name and birthdate, then fill it with kind notes from classmates, or small gifts on the day of their birthday. Check out some more ideas below.

37 | Birthday Gift Bag Bulletin Board

classroom birthday board with gifts
Image Source | teachercreated

Copy this idea and add a birthday gift bag for each month. You can place small birthday surprises in the bags for easy access when their special day arrives. You could also have students write kind notes to the birthday student and place them in the bags.

38 | Birthday Gift Bag Classroom Wall

classroom birthday board with student gifts
Image Source | prek_kravings

Here’s another fun gift bag idea. When it’s the student’s birthday they can remove their special bag from the display for a small birthday treat!

Monthly Classroom Birthday Board

Separate the birthdays by month, dedicating a small bulletin board for the current month. This makes it easier for you and your students to see whose birthday is coming up next and helps with space constraints in the classroom.

39 | Birthday Board

classroom monthly birthday board
Image Source | teachingsecondgradeyay

Here’s an example of a monthly birthday board that you can change up each month of the year. You can add pictures of students that have a birthday in the current month to the display. You could also have a fun fact about the birthday student or two truths and a lie.

Easy Birthday Chart Ideas for the Classroom

Simplify the process with easy chart ideas such as:

  • A calendar-style chart showing the whole year in one swoop.
  • A linear timeline of the school year, marking each student’s birthday along the way.

What is easier than getting a reusable birthday chart from Amazon. Check out my favorites below.

40 | Confetti Happy Birthday Chart

Happy Birthday Chart
Happy Birthday Chart | Find it Here

The colorful confetti adds a festive touch to this Birthday chart. Consider laminating it so you can re-use it every year.

41 | Colorful Happy Birthday Chart

Bright classroom Birthday Chart
Bright Birthday Chart | Find it Here

This bright and colorful birthday chart is made of polypropylene paper, which means that you can easily wipe and re-use.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s a creative way to display birthdays in my classroom?

One creative way is to make a birthday sign using buttons or cut-out shapes representing the months of the year. Attach ribbons to each month’s button or shape, then clip the individual student birth dates on the corresponding ribbons.

Can you suggest some DIY birthday chart designs for students?

Definitely! A popular DIY design is the “Gift Bag Birthday Board.” Decorate gift bags for each month and pin them on your bulletin board. Place student names and birth dates in the corresponding bags for an adorable and easy-to-update birthday chart.

Any tips on setting up a birthday board that’s both educational and fun?

Incorporate a classroom calendar routine that includes keeping track of upcoming birthdays. With each new month, take the opportunity for students to learn about the concept of time, days, and months while discussing the birthdays within that month. Additionally, you can create a birthday chart with themed designs related to the subjects you teach.

Where can I find printable materials to create a birthday calendar for school?

There are many online resources that offer printable birthday chart materials. Some of the most popular are TPT, Amazon and Etsy. You can find a variety of themed birthday chart posters and display packs to choose from. Select one that fits your classroom’s theme and style or is editable for a personalized touch.

How do I incorporate learning into our classroom’s birthday celebrations?

When celebrating a student’s birthday, you can integrate learning activities related to their age. For instance, create math problems or games that use the birthday child’s age as a key variable. Additionally, you can discuss historical events, famous people, or fun facts that occurred on the birthday child’s birth date as a way to incorporate history and general knowledge.

What are some unique birthday wall decorations for a classroom?

Get creative with your birthday wall decorations. Some ideas include using photos of the students, incorporating subject-related birthday puns and quotes, or even creating a colorful balloon display on your wall with each student’s name and birth date on it. The possibilities are endless, so don’t be afraid to think outside the box!

Pinterest Birthday Chart Ideas for the Classroom

I created this post to make it easy to save your favorite ideas to your Pinterest boards. To do that just click on the picture, then the P and then choose your board.

In this post I hope you found some creative birthday chart ideas for the classroom that you’re going to try this year. If you enjoyed this post, please share it!

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