27 Best Ideas for a Woodland Nursery Theme

27 Best Ideas for a Woodland Nursery Theme

One of the hottest nursery trends right now is the Woodland Nursery. You already knew that right because you are so trendy. (Give yourself a pat on the back.) I love this theme because it is versatile, it works great for a boy, girl or for a neutral nursery. Depending on the products you choose you can make it more sweet and feminine or more rustic and masculine or a combo of both.

I have tirelessly combed all the stores… (ok I surfed the web on my phone) for the best bedding, storage, wall art, rugs and accessories for the Woodland Theme. If you are thinking of using this theme in your nursery read on to discover the best finds out there to get you the look you want.

If you are reading this than you have or are about to have a new baby in your life, so first off Congratulations!

*pops champagne* (or apple cider for my prego and nursing friends)

This is an exciting time in your life so even though you may be sleep-deprived and stressed out try to enjoy these moments because you will miss them one day. Take it from someone who knows.

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Woodland Nursery Bedding

Sources: Clockwise from Top. Grey Bedding by Giggle Six Baby, Pink & Grey Bedding by Giggle Six Baby, Mint Green, Black and Brown Bedding by Designs by Christy S.

Woodland Nursery Bedding-Get the Look- These Woodland Nursery Bedding options have it all bears, dear, trees even a mountain here and there. I love the modern look of all three of these. Whether you are decorating for a boy, girl or want to keep it neutral one of these will suite your needs. Click on the sources above to see where you can find them.

Bear Rugs

Sources: Clockwise from Left. All rugs by Clara Loo. Brown Bear Rug, Brown Bear with Pink Bow Rug, White Bear Rug

Woodland Nursery Rug- Get the Look- I just want to curl up in one of these fun, soft, playful bear rugs… Just me? They would beautifully accentuate any woodland nursery theme. Pick your favorite and then click on the sources above to see where to find them.

Woodland Nursery Storage

Sources: Clockwise from top left. Tree Stump Storage Baskets by Jacone, Fox Head Basket by Clara Loo, Bear & Wolf Head Basket by Clara Loo, Bear with Pink Bow Basket by Clara Loo, Tree Trunk Laundry Hamper by Jacone.

Woodland Nursery Storage- Get the Look- I found these fun storage ideas to compliment your Woodland nursery theme. C’mon a tree stump laundry hamper, you know your baby needs that in his life. Mix and match to create a fun and unique look. Click on the sources above for more details.

Woodland Nursery Wall Art

Sources: Clockwise from top. Moose Head by Clara Loo, Custom Rustic Wooden Signs by Old South Design Co., Woodland Creature Pictures by Dream Big Printables, Little Man Cave Wooden Sign by wooden that be somethin, Bear Head by Clara Loo, Mountain Art by Old South Design Co.

Woodland Nursery Wall Art- Get the Look- Whether you want a custom piece, something rustic, cute or sweet there are options out there for you. If you want to opt for no taxidermy in your baby’s nursery then these adorable moose and bear heads are a great option. If you want to go the taxidermy route, no judgment, I just can’t help you. Here are some the top wall art pieces that I found on the web. Click on the sources above to find them.

Baby’s First Year Photo Tree Wall Decal

Source: Baby’s First Year Photo Tree Wall Decal by Chaylor & Mads.

Baby’s First Year Wall Decal- Get the Look- Full disclaimer- This is my product. I created this to capture your baby’s first year. It comes with 13 picture frames, so you can include a picture each month starting at newborn through one year. Then at the end of the year you can look at the beautiful display of how he has grown. As a bonus, because we all love extras, I have included several extra animal wall decal stickers that will accentuate your woodland nursery theme such as cute owls, a hedgehog and a squirrel. Please tell me what you think of it.

Tree Wall Paper

Sources: Milka Interiors. Similar Tree Wall Paper Found Here

Woodland Tree Wall Paper- Get the Look- Your baby will feel like she is lost in the forest with this tree wallpaper. (I meant that in a good way of course.) This wallpaper would look amazing as an accent wall behind the crib. You can find similar wallpaper here to complete the look.

Reclaimed Wood Wall

Sources: Clockwise from left. Project Nursery. Circu. HGTV. Similar Look with Easy Peal and Stick Reclaimed Wood Panels.

Reclaimed Wood Wall-Get the Look- The reclaimed wood wall adds instant charm and character to your nursery. To create a similar look you can use these easy peal and stick reclaimed wood panels here. Your friends will think that you hired a carpenter or have some serious DIY skills but really application is quite simple. *fist pump* Cuz, we don’t have time for that.


Source: Clockwise from left. Decorke. Similar Striped Teepee Here. Mary’s Making. Baby Bumps. Similar White Teepee Here.

Teepee- Get the Look– A teepee in the corner adds a playful touch and would make a great reading nook or play area as he gets a little older. You can find a similar striped teepee here and a similar white teepee here.

BONUS- Would you like these FREE woodland nursery printables? *arm up* (yes, please) Well, click here to download them.

Please leave a comment and let me know if you like the printables or if there are other designs that you would like. I will be creating new designs every week!

I hope you enjoyed these woodland nursery ideas. If you give any of these ideas a try or if you have other finds or ideas, please leave a comment below.

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