Nursing Tops That Don’t Look Like Nursing Tops-Top Finds in 2024

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Nursing Tops That Don't Look Like Nursing Tops (Top Finds in 2024)

I've found the cutest nursing shirts for you in a variety of styles including short sleeve, nursing tanks, long sleeved, nursing hoodies plus tops with zippers. What I love about all of the nursing tops that I've selected is that you can’t tell they are breastfeeding shirts, and you can wear them long after your done nursing.

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Short Sleeved Nursing Tops

First, I want to show you my favorite short sleeve nursing tops that are stylish and that work.  Check them out below and see where you can get them too.

Black and Grey Short Sleeved Top with Buttons

Short Sleeved Black and Grey with Buttons

The buttons in this top allow easy access and it's a cute casual top that you can wear when you are done breastfeeding as a normal shirt.

Tie Front Knot Casual Top

Tan Short Sleeved Button-Down Shirt

This shirt is so adorable, and it can be worn for breastfeeding or non-breastfeeding moms. The buttons allow easy access. I'm not a nursing mom anymore, but I want this top myself.

Navy & White Colorblock Nursing Top

Blue White and Stripes Color Block Breastfeeding Shirt

The color block style of this shirt conceals the fact that it's designed for breastfeeding. It's cute and stylish, perfect for a casual day with your baby.

Zipper Nursing Tops

Another great option for nursing moms is finding tops with zippers. I have found the cutest zipper tops that you can find on Amazon.  Check them out below.

Light Pink Zippered Top

Light Pink Lace Sleeves Shirt with Zipper

What I love about this shirt is it's so pretty with the feminine touch of the lace.  You'll be wearing this shirt long after you stop breastfeeding.

Teal Top with Zipper

Light Green Nursing Shirt with Zipper

The light teal color of this shirt will add a little color to your wardrobe plus, the zipper adds interest.

Olive Shirt with Lace Sleeves

Olive Green Breastfeeding Top with Zipper

Lace sleeves add a dainty feminine touch. It's a casual shirt, but the details make it a little nicer than just a plain tee.

Black Loose-Fitting Nursing Top

Black Top with Zipper

I love the modern cut of this shirt plus, the material is loose, so you don’t have to worry about fabric clinging to your body.

Lace Sleeves Black Shirt

Black Top with Lace Sleeves

The zipper and the lace on this comfy tee add just the right amount of interest to this shirt.

Nursing Tanks

Nursing tank tops are great for layering and are also perfect for those hot summer days.  Check out my favorites below and where to get them.

Casual Black Nursing Tank

Black Nursing Tank

This top has a casual and flattering fit. It's the kind of tank that you will just want to wear every day.

Purple Nursing Tank Top

Purple Tank Top

This one has a flowy cut that is both feminine and flattering. I love the rich purple tone as well.

Breastfeeding Tank Tops in Sets

You will need a lot of your basic nursing tanks, so it pays to buy them in packs. These are some of my favorites in sets.

Grey and Blue Nursing Tank Top Set

Nursing Tank Set of 3 Dark Grey, Light Grey and Light Blue

This is my favorite style of nursing tanks because you don’t have to mess with any straps or buckles. They are very comfy and would make great nursing pajama tops as well.

Neutral Color Set of Nursing Tanks

Black, White & Cream Breastfeeding Tank Top Set of 3

Fitted tops like these don’t add any extra bulk when layering. The neutral colors go with everything.

Jewel Toned Set of 3 Nursing Tank Tops

Jewel Tone Tank Top Set of Three

I love the jewel tones of these nursing tanks. They would add a little color to your outfits.

Black and Mustard Set of 2 Nursing Tanks

Black and Yellow Pattern Breastfeeding Tank Top Set of 2

With these I love that you get a black one that you can wear with anything plus this gorgeous print with the mustard yellow, that I'm loving this season.

These can be worn as a stand-alone top or as a layering piece and no messing with the brackets, which is very convenient. Plus, the ruching fabric on these is forgiving and flattering.

Flowy Black White and Grey Tanks

Grey, White & Black Tank Top Set of Three

These are very comfortable, and the empire waist style is very flattering and forgiving. You can easily wear these tank tops by themselves or as a layering piece.

Nursing Shirts with Long Sleeves

I wanted to show you some long sleeve options that would be perfect for the fall and winter.  Check out my top finds for long sleeve nursing tops below.

Pink Button Down V Neck Shirt

Light Pink Button Down Top with Long Sleeves

When you're done breastfeeding you can wear this one as a regular shirt. The buttons allow easy access and yet also give this shirt a sexy style.

Nursing Hoodie Sweatshirt

If you like to get cozy in your favorite sweatshirt or hoodie, then you'll love these next options.  I found some comfortable options for you that don't look like nursing sweatshirts.  Check them out below.

Grey & White Nursing Sweatshirt

Grey Color Block Nursing Hoody

This is ultra-soft and well-made, and it definitely does not look like a breastfeeding top. This is the kind of hoodie that you will probably wear long after you are done nursing.

Light Grey Comfy Hoodie

Grey Nursing Hoodie

This hoodie is soft, thick and roomy. It's perfect for relaxing winter days with your baby.

Black & White Striped Nursing Sweatshirt

White with Black Stripes Breastfeeding Hoodie

The slimming cut is very flattering. I also love the stripes.  This one is available in tons of other colors too.

Grey Nursing Sweatshirt with Hood

Dark Grey Nursing Hoodie

I found you the perfect cozy sweatshirt that you could literally wear every day.

So those are my top finds for nursing shirts that don’t look like they were made for breastfeeding. I hope you were able to find something that you like that will make you feel like the beautiful mom that you are.

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