Nursing Clothes 21 Best Fall Outfit Ideas for Breastfeeding Moms

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21 Best Fall Outfit Ideas for Nursing Moms

Are you in the nursing mom fashion rut? I know it all too well. You are wearing the same old, stretched out tank top and yoga pants that you wore yesterday, dried up milk spills and all. … sound familiar? You are probably googling over the latest fall fashions on Pinterest and thinking I can’t wait to wear that when I am done breastfeeding, am I right? If this sounds like you then you are in luck.

I have researched all the top fall fashions right now and discovered how you can get in on these fashions as a nursing mom and for cheap too! I have been a breastfeeding mom so I know you need clothes that are easy, comfortable, and to be able to feed your baby without getting completely undressed. But that doesn’t mean you want to look like a slob. That is why all of these fit those requirements and they are cute too!

*croud cheers*

Read on to discover how you can get the latest fall fashion trends as a nursing mom on a budget. This includes nursing scarfs, sweatshirts, flannel, cute diaper bag backpacks and so much more!

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1. Denim Shirt, Scarf & Leggings

Sources: Clockwise from top left 1. Washingtonian 2. Street Style- All Women Stalk 3. Bloglovin

To get the look as a nursing mom first you need one of these mulit-purpose scarfs. These scarfs are also nursing covers, carseat canopies, high chair and shopping cart covers, and strollers covers. I am not kidding they do all of that! I wish I would have thought of that!

Source: Dragonfly Nursing Scarf, 20$ by KIDZ PRIDE

How to get the look. Here are the best finds for the nursing mom. Top your outfit with one of these adorable nursing scarfs. All of these scarfs pictured are also nursing covers!


Nursing Scarves- Cream Organic Infinity Scarf Starting at $27 by Dog & Carma, Plaid Nursing Scarf Starting at $11 by Chuckle & Cuddle. Dragon Fly Scarf starting at $20 by KIDZ PRIDE. Multi-color scarf starting at $30 by Bebe au Lait.

Brown Western Boots starting at $48 by Fergalicous- Do you agree the best thing about fall is the boots? I am obsessed with these ones. I want all the colors.

Black Leggings starting at $10 by Sejora- They are so comfy and fit your post pregnancy bod perfectly. Plus they come in 22 colors for $10 (ummm… I’ll take 10!)

Denim Shirt starting at $26 by Made by Emma- The buttons provide easy milk access, and the style is timeless.

2. Striped Dress with Utility Jacket

Source: Clockwise from top left. 1 & 4. With Love From Kat 2. Go Chic or Go Home 3. Shop Style

How to get the look. Here are the best finds for the nursing mom.

Sources clockwise from top:

1. Striped Dress -Starting at $16! by LUKY CILD What I love about this dress- Is stretchy and so comfortable. Allows easy access to milk, designed for nursing but will still make you look amazing!

2. Tan Booties -Starting at $42 by Carlos by Carlos Santana. These tan booties are the perfect finishing touch for this outfit and the tan color is so versatile. Love that these have just a little heel so you can still be comfortable while moming.

3. Utility Jacket Pictured -Starting at $22! by the Mogan. First off the price is amazing. This is a great light weight jacket that is perfect for the fall weather.

4. Utility Vest- Starting at $25 by AFKOXKi. If the jacket is a little too heavy for you then vest is a great option on a cool fall day.

3. Pink Sweatshirt with Ripped Denim & Sneakers.

Sources clockwise from top left: 1. First Love 2. Jessa Kae 3. Mrs. Casual 4. Julia Marie B.

Love this look for a casual day with your baby.

How to get the look. Here are the best finds for the breastfeeding mamas.

Sources clockwise from top left:

1. Pink Sweatshirt $20 by Jezero. What I love about this sweatshirt is you can’t tell from looking at it that it is a nursing sweatshirt because the zipper is on the side and blends in with the seam. Brilliant!

2. White Sneakers $30 by IF FEEI. These sneakers are super comfy. You need them in your life! Perfect for a casual day with your baby.

3. Distressed Jeans $34 by Ermon. Love the distressed look for the casual vibe.

4. Buffalo Plaid Flannel Shirt, Black Leggings and over the Knee Boot

Sources clockwise from left: 1. One Little Mamma 2.raybanshut 3. Bellan Blue

Nursing moms get in on the look with the finds below.

Sources clockwise from top left:

  1. Buffalo Plaid Nursing Shirt, $26 by Cinery
  2. Over the Knee Boots $40, by Brinley Co.
  3. Black Leggings starting at $10! by Sejora-

5. Cozy Chunky Neutral Cardigan, White T-shirt, Distressed Jeans & Camel Backpack

Sources clockwise from top left: 1. Firengoli 2. Firengoli 3. Like to Know

Sources clockwise from top left:

1. Camel Diaper Bag/Backpack, $45 by Little Fox Bags. This pretty diaper bag you can carry purse style or as a backpack. This would look amazing with this outfit!

2. Zippered white T-shirt, starting at $11! by Lusmay. With the zippered front this t-shirt is perfect for the breast feeding mom. What I love about this is the zipper gives the shirt extra detail which makes it so cute.

4. Distressed Skinny Jeans, $35 by Blue Age. The light blue color and the extra distressed look is a perfect combo.

3. Chunky Sweater in Several Colors, $33 by Firengoli. Don’t you just want to get cozy in this sweater. I think I’m in love!

I hope you were able to gain some inspiration from these fall trends for nursing moms. I know that this is an exhausting time in your life and you have a lot of days where you don’t even get a shower. But hopefully you can throw on one of these comfy cute outfits and still feel like a million bucks. Just remember what you do every day is amazing and you are an amazing mom even though you don’t always feel like it. So, try to enjoy these moments with your baby before they’re grown! Leave a comment and let me know your favorite outfit!