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53 Awesome Classroom Reading Bulletin Board Ideas

If you’re looking for some new classroom reading bulletin board ideas this post is for you. It’s packed with fun and creative DIY ideas, including ideas for reading strategies and tons of interactive bulletin boards. Plus, I’ve included some super easy ideas too and even pre-made kits.

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Creative Classroom Reading Bulletin Boards

Do you want to create a DIY classroom bulletin board that will wow your school this year? Check out some of the most creative ideas below that you may want to copy.

1 | Pop Into A Good Book

creative classroom reading bulletin board idea
Image Source | heartandwitsbymissritz

Create a yummy popcorn display with yellow balloons. Have students draw a picture or write about the book that they just read to help decorate the bulletin board.

2 | Look Who Got Caught Reading

look who got caught reading bulletin board
Image Source | livingalatte

Snap pictures of students reading and display them on clothespins with the title “Look who got caught reading” as a fun way to involve your class in the decor.

3 | We’ve Been Reading A Latte

Coffee themed reading bulletin board
Image Source | bb_godfrey

This Starbucks inspired bulletin board features students pictured in coffee cups that were displaying positive reading techniques in the class such as being ready to read, reading independently and being a “ring reader.”

4 | Reading Rainbow

rainbow book bulletin board
Image Source | mrscowmansclassroom

To copy this clever idea, print off your favorite colorful book covers and display them in rainbow order. White tissue paper poms make cute clouds too.

Books We've Read Bulletin Boards

A Books We've Read bulletin board is a fantastic way to track the progress of your students and showcase their accomplishments. Each time your class finishes a book, add the book cover or title to the bulletin board.

This not only adds color and excitement to your classroom, but also serves as a reminder to students of the fantastic stories they've shared together. Check out some examples of books we’ve read bulletin boards below.

5 | Books We’ve Read Display

books we've read bulletin board
Image Source | hellojenjones

To create a visual reminder of the books the classroom has read start with some strings and clothespins. You can print off book covers and add each book to a clothespin. This will keep up reading awareness and is a great way to start conversations about books throughout the entire school year

6 | Books We Love

Books we love classroom reading bulletin board idea
Image Source | literacywithaylinclaahsen

Another similar idea that is a little easier is to create a books we love bulletin board. You can print off sheets where the classroom can list the books that they love each month of the school year. This is a great bulletin board that you can leave up for the entire year.

7 | What’s the Teacher Reading?

what's the teacher reading bulletin board
Image Source | classroomhoopla

To build a reading community in her classroom, Mrs. Kendall shares the books that she is reading too. This includes what she is currently reading and what is up next.

Book Recommendations Bulletin Boards

Encourage students to share their favorite reads by creating a Book Recommendations bulletin board. You can use simple decoration items, such as Post-it notes, index cards, or bookshelf-themed displays.

Have students write down their favorite titles and include a brief synopsis or review. This interactive bulletin board will have your classroom buzzing with enthusiasm about the next great book to read. Check out how to pull it off below.

8 | QR Code Scannable Book Recommendation Bulletin Board

book recommendations classroom bulletin board
Image Source | joeyudovich

Want to create an epic book recommendations bulletin board like this with scannable QR codes that students scan to get a summary of each book?

Here’s how to do it:

  • Select books that you think your students may like.
  • Copy and past the cover image into Canva
  • Go to the apps section in Canva and search QR Code (Find one that you can place text in not links only)
  • Then use Chat GPT to create a brief summary of each book
  • Copy the summary into the QR Code generator
  • Then place that QR code on the cover of the book in Canva
  • Print and cut each cover to add to your display
  • Students will be able to scan the covers to see a brief summary and see if they want to read each book.

10 | Suggested Book Bin

suggested book bin for classroom
Image Source | joeyudovich

If you’re going to create a book recommendation bulletin board. Place a suggested book bin near your display with the books that you have featured. This is the perfect way to get students engaged and reading!

Interactive Reading Bulletin Board Ideas

An interactive reading bulletin board can capture students' attention and encourage them to engage with the content. For example, create a "Choose Your Own Adventure" children's book promotion, allowing students to follow different paths based on their decisions.

By making it interactive, you'll spark their curiosity and promote an active reading environment and student engagement in your classroom. Check out some more ideas for interactive reading bulletin boards below.

11 | Readers React Bulletin Board

interactive classroom reading bulletin board ideas
Image Source | twotidyteachers

If you want to re-create this interactive bulletin board. Create six sections labeled:

  • Funny Part
  • Confusing Part
  • Surprising Part
  • Favorite Part
  • Relational Part
  • Important Part

Leave a pack of colorful sticky notes by the display. During independent reading time have students use a post it note to describe what they have read.

12 | Speech Bubble Bulletin Board

classroom reading bulletin board ideas interactive speech bubble
Image Source | firstgradeshenanigans

This first-grade teacher laminated the speech bubble. She uses it to write a question for the whole class about the reading strategy that they’re working on. Then students answer the questions on post it notes and stick them to the display.

13 | Favorite Book Interactive Bulletin Board

Interactive Reading Bulletin Board for School
Image Source | firstgradeparty

This is an interactive bulletin board you can create in the school hallway that encourages the entire school to participate. Here’s how to copy this idea:

  • Have your students choose their favorite books.
  • Print the covers and display them in a row.
  • Leave stickers near the board.
  • Other students in the school can place a sticker under a book that they also enjoy.

14 | Interactive Reading Strategies Bulletin Board

interactive classroom reading strategies bulletin board ideas
Image Source | toelementaryandbeyond

This teacher created an interactive bulletin board to help students refer to reading strategies that the class is currently working on. This bulletin board includes:

  • Graphic organizers that students can take when needed
  • Reading logs and book marks to keep.
  • Accountability talk prompts that students can use when working in groups and
  • An inspirational quote of the month

Classroom Reading Bulletin Board Ideas That Students Will Love

To create a board that your students will enjoy considering adding some of their favorite characters. You could also find a funny pun to add to your display that your students will get a kick out of. Check out some inspiration below.

15 | Minions of Books so Little Time

fun classroom reading bulletin board ideas with minions
Image Source | kristins.bookstack

Find a pun that involves a character that your students love like Minions!

16 | Pop Open a Good Book

cute classroom reading bulletin board ideas
Image Source | librariannnladyyy

This cute library display features lovable characters Narwhal and Jelly blowing bubbles with the quote Pop Open a Good Book.

Classroom Reading Bulletin Board Ideas with Student Work

Get your students involved in creating the reading bulletin boards in your classroom. Encourage them to contribute their own artwork, quotes from their favorite books, or even create a classroom book hall of fame.

By involving your students in the design process, they'll feel more invested in the importance of reading. Check out some ideas to involve your students below.

17 | Readers are Leaders

student work classroom reading bulletin board ideas
Image Source | mrs_katie_in_elementary

Encourage students to decorate books based on things that they love to read about for a beautiful classroom display.

18 | Book Reviews Bulletin Board

Incorporate a writing activity into your reading bulletin board by having students write book reviews or a mini book report for a book that they just finished. Display their writing on a bulletin board with the title book review.

Inspirational Classroom Reading Bulletin Board Ideas

Inspiration can come in many forms, and an inspirational classroom reading bulletin board is a wonderful way to ignite the spark of reading. Use quotes or images from classic books, motivational messages, or beautiful illustrations to create an awe-inspiring display that will leave your students eager to read more.

Colorful and engaging visuals can be key to capturing your students' imagination. Check out some ideas to copy below.

19 | Books Make Life Colorful

colorful classroom reading bulletin board ideas
Image Source | thirdgradefarmhouse

Copy this idea by creating half of the bulletin board in black in white and half in all the colors with the phrase, “books make life colorful.”

20 | Reading Takes You on an Adventure

inspirational reading classroom bulletin board ideas
Image Source | sprinkles_of_third_grade

This colorful bulletin board reminds students that reading takes you on an adventure.

Literacy Bulletin Board Ideas

Check out below some ideas for literacy bulletin boards including reading strategies and comprehension ideas for different age groups.

Reading Strategies Bulletin Boards

Incorporate color and interactivity into your classroom with reading strategies bulletin boards. Display anchor charts or posters outlining various reading strategies, such as making predictions, context clues, and making connections.

Use bold headings and bright colors to engage your students visually. Check out some examples below.

21 | Reading Strategies Bulletin Board

reading strategies bulletin board
Image Source | a.kind.classroom

Create a bulletin board to display reading strategies that students can reference when needed. Examples include use context clues and break down the word.

22 | Book Strategies

reading comprehension bulletin board
Image Source | hangingwithmrshulsey

This reading bulletin board created by Mrs. Hulsey includes:

  • Spotlight Author Spot
  • Close reading steps
  • Goal Cards and
  • Reading strategies

23 | Book Talk

book talk bulletin board
Image Source | hangingwithmrshulsey

Add conversation starters for students working in partners or small groups talking about books. Examples include:

  • The picture showed me…
  • On page __ it said…
  • I can prove it by…
  • I disagree because…

24 | Reading is Thinking Bulletin Board

Schoolgirl Style Reading Bulletin Board Kit on Amazon
Schoolgirl Style Bulletin Board Kit | Find it Here

This mini-bulletin board set from Amazon includes reading strategies and cute decor.

26 | Pizza Reading Comprehension Posters

classroom Reading Posters
Reading Posters | Find them Here

These colorful reading posters from Amazon feature genres, cause and effect, the main idea and more.

Book Genre Bulletin Boards

Help students explore different book genres by creating a bulletin board featuring various genres. You can use color-coded cards or shelves to display the titles and covers of popular books in each genre.

This visually appealing board may inspire students to try a new genre and expand their reading interests. Check out some inspiration below.

27 | Genre Wall

book genre wall classroom decor
Image Source | spo_resources

Create a word wall featuring genres in your class library. This will help students remember the different types of genres and identify them as they read.

28 | Read Dating Bulletin Board

read dating bulletin board idea for classroom
Image Source | 2peasandadog

This read dating display is a pun on speed dating with books. It encourages students to try out a different genre to find what they love. You could also do the same thing but call it book tastings.

Independent Reading Bulletin Boards

Encourage independent reading through bulletin boards showcasing student book recommendations or progress charts. Your students can write short reviews on sticky notes and post them on a designated area, creating an interactive display.

You can also design a reading progress chart, allowing students to track their own reading levels and goals. A visual progress bar can provide a sense of accomplishment and inspire further reading. Check out some more ideas for independent reading displays below.

29 | What are We Reading Bulletin Board

what are we reading bulletin board for the classroom
Image Source | mrs_homuth

To copy this interactive bulletin board idea, create a square for each student with the student’s name on it. Have students add a colorful sticky note to their square about the book they’re currently reading during independent reading time. This will encourage discussions among the class.

30 | What are We Reading Sticky Notes

reading classroom whiteboard display
Image Source | theuniqueclassroom

This is the same idea as above but a lot easier. Simply write what we are reading on your white board and have students add post it notes to the board.

Book Challenge Bulletin Boards

Ignite a friendly competition in your classroom with a book challenge bulletin board. Set a monthly or yearly book goal and ask your students to record the titles of the books they read on designated areas on the board.

You can use different markers, colors, or even small book icons to differentiate between students. This will motivate students to read more and outdo their own personal bests.

31 | 40 Book Challenge Bulletin Board

reading challenge bulletin board idea
Image Source | teachmesilly_

If your class does a book challenge create a display like this to encourage and motivate students to reach their book goals.

Reading Bulletin Boards Ideas for Preschool

Incorporate engaging visuals and colorful themes to captivate your preschoolers' attention. You could use beloved characters from popular children's books to inspire their love for reading.

Design interactive areas, such as a pocket chart for matching letters and shapes to create a word, or a small reading corner, to make learning a fun experience.

32 | Reading Helps you Stretch Your Imagination

classroom reading bulletin board idea for preschool
Image Source | myschoollibrary

Add a cute animal to capture your preschooler’s imagination.

Classroom Reading Bulletin Board Ideas for Elementary

Create attractive and informative bulletin boards that cater to different aspects of reading. Examples include showcasing vocabulary words of the week, allowing students to rate books they have read, and celebrating authors' birthdays.

Check out some more ideas for elementary school bulletin boards below.

33 | Kindergarten Reading Bulletin Board Idea

kindergarten classroom reading bulletin board
Image Source | illtakeseconds

For youngers students like a kindergarten, 1st grade or 2nd grade classroom learning to read add visual elements to help them understand what to do when they are stuck on a word.

34 | Mary Poppins Classroom Decoration

Mary Poppins classroom decoration
Image Source | thewritestuff_tpt

You may want to add a small display by your classroom library to remind students to not judge a book by its cover.

35 | Phonics Bulletin Board

phonics bulletin board idea for the classroom
Image Source | kellylouise398

Add a small whiteboard to your phonics bulletin board display so you can update the sounds that your class is working on each week.

36 | Reading Working Wall in Classroom

reading working wall
Image Source | suzannes_plans

Create a working wall in your classroom so students can reference book concepts such as sentence frames and the parts of the book.

Middle School and High School Reading Bulletin Board Ideas

If you’re looking for some bulletin board ideas for older students focus on relevant topics and appealing visuals to engage them. Showcase books that inspire discussion on current events, social issues, and personal development. Incorporate images and text displaying thought-provoking quotes from popular literature.

37 | Reading Graffiti

reading graffiti bulletin board
Image Source | drjennacopper

I love this interactive bulletin board idea for a middle school or high school classroom. Encourage students to write their favorite quote from a book to create this graffiti wall. This works best with black bulletin board paper, and you can give students light or white markers.

Seasonal Bulletin Boards

If you like to change up your bulletin boards for the season, then you’ll love these next ideas.

Fall Bulletin Board Ideas

As the leaves change colors and the weather gets cooler, it's time to update your reading bulletin board with some fall-themed ideas. A Harvest of Good Reading can showcase seasonally appropriate books, like spooky stories for Halloween or heartwarming tales about Thanksgiving.

There are so many fall puns that you can go with for your reading bulletin boards this time of year. Here are some of the best:

  • Fall in love with reading
  • Fall into a good book
  • Get 'sweater weather' ready with a cup of tea and a cozy read.
  • Autumn leaves may fall, but great stories will stick with you!
  • Don't 'leaf' your imagination hanging – dive into a book this fall!
  • Get lost in the pages of a book and let your worries 'fall' away.
  • Fall for a good story

Check out some more fall ideas below.

38 | Read More Booooks

Halloween reading bulletin board kit
Ghost Bulletin Board Kit | Find it Here

Here’s a cute bulletin board idea around Halloween. This one can be found on Etsy. You can click the link under the picture to find it.

For more Halloween bulletin board inspo check out this post... 33 Best Halloween Bulletin Boards

39 | Reading Gratitude Bulletin Board

Thanksgiving reading bulletin board
Image Source | k3librarybuzz

If you’re looking for a reading bulletin board for around Thanksgiving, give this a try. Print out book covers and display a phrase explaining how to show gratitude that correlates with the book. For example with the book, what’s in your pocket one can show gratitude by observing natures treasures.

I have tons more fall bulletin board ideas that you can check out in this post... 75 Fall Bulletin Board Ideas: Easy & Creative Inspirations

Winter Bulletin Board Ideas

Winter is the perfect season to cozy up with a good book. You can highlight winter-themed books and incorporate snowflakes, mittens, and other cold-weather elements into your bulletin board designs. Encourage students to share their favorite winter reads or create a small section dedicated to holiday classics.

Here are some winter puns that you can copy for your reading bulletin boards:

  • Reading is snow much fun
  • Snow better time to read than in a winter storyland!
  • Don't 'flake' on your reading
  • Ice-solate yourself with a good book
  • It's 'cool' to read!
  • Bundle up with a good book

Check out some more ideas below.

40 | Warm up to a Great Book

classroom reading bulletin board for winter
Image Source | teachingfourthwithkellyb

Here’s an easy bulletin board to display all winter long.

41 | Chill Out with a Good Book

winter reading bulletin board
Image Source | ms_harmon_in_color

Copy this cute bulletin board idea in winter and have the friendly snowman holding some of the class’s favorite books.

You can find some more ideas for your winter bulletin boards here... 83 Winter Bulletin Board Ideas: Fun Ideas to Try in Your Classroom

Spring Classroom Reading Bulletin Board Ideas

Spring is all about renewal and growth, so your reading bulletin board can showcase books about nature, animals, and new beginnings. You can decorate with colorful flowers, butterflies, and green leaves.

Your students can also share their favorite springtime reads, creating a sense of community and fostering discussions about their favorite stories.

Here are some of the best spring puns to copy for your reading displays:

  • Spring into Reading
  • April showers bring May flowers, but a good book brings joy for hours!
  • Plant the seed of curiosity – read a book and watch your knowledge grow!
  • Hop into a story and let your imagination 'spring' to life!
  • Spring into a good book and let your imagination bloom!
  • Blooming into Good Books

Summer Classroom Reading Bulletin Board Ideas

Keep your students engaged and reading all summer long with an exciting bulletin board that celebrates the season. Don't forget to add palm trees, beach balls, and sunglasses to your design. Encourage students to browse through a selection of summer-themed books and share their thoughts about the stories they've read.

Now let’s check out some of the best summer puns to steal for your reading bulletin boards:

  • Dive into a good book and let your summer adventure begin!
  • Heat up your summer with cool reads
  • Make a splash with a good book
  • Chill out with a book and let your imagination take a vacation!
  • Sun, sand, and stories
  • Flip-flop into a good book
  • Surfing through good books

By updating your reading bulletin boards seasonally, you can create a fun and engaging environment that inspires your students' love for reading. So, roll up your sleeves and start crafting your own seasonal reading bulletin boards for your classroom!

I have more ideas for summer bulletin board that you can find here...31 Fun Summer Bulletin Board Ideas

Easy Classroom Reading Bulletin Board Ideas

Now let’s check out some easy ideas to create a reading bulletin board that looks great too.

42 | I am a Reader

reading affirmation bulletin board for the classroom
Image Source | fadelesspaper

Create a display that affirms that your students are readers by adding a little mirror.

43 | Today a Reader Tomorrow a Leader

easy reading bulletin board idea
Image Source | thewonderfulclassroomofoz

If you want an easy and positive reading bulletin board idea, consider copying this one. You can add a rainbow tassel to add some color if you like.

44 | Oh Hey Let’s Read

bright fun reading bulletin board for the classroom
Image Source | jessicagentry_teacherlife

Add a little color and fun to your class decorations by adding a simple bulletin board that reads, oh hey let’s read in colorful font.

45 | Read What You Love

decoration for classroom library
Image Source | smilingandshiningin2ndgrade

Your class library is the perfect spot to add an easy colorful display like this one that says, “read what you love.”

Another easy idea is to purchase posters or bulletin board kits. Check out some of my favorites below.

Classroom Reading Posters

Decorating your classroom with reading posters can be a simple way to encourage students to read. You can create a bulletin board that is decorated with reading posters that you purchased. Check out below some of the best reading posters that you can get on Amazon.

46 | Fun Reading Posters

fun classroom reading posters from Amazon
Poster Pack | Find it Here

Here is a pack of 10 fun reading posters from Amazon that would be sure to brighten up your classroom.

47 | Retro Reading Posters for the Classroom

cute retro classroom reading posters
Retro Reading Posters | Find them Here

I love the color and the subtle retro vibes of these classroom posters. This one comes in a pack of 6.

48 | Boho Reading Posters

Boho classroom Reading Posters
Greenery Reading Posters | Find them Here

These posters would add an earthy vibe to your classroom decor and would be perfect if you have a natural or boho classroom theme. They also come in other themes.

Reading Bulletin Board Kits

Bulletin board kits can provide a ready-made and convenient solution to set up reading-themed bulletin boards in your classroom. Etsy is one the best places to get kits that you can instantly download print and cut yourself. Check out some of my favorites below.

49 | BookFlix

BookFlix Bulletin Board Kit
BookFlix Bulletin Board Kit | Find it Here

This BookFlix bulletin board kit is available for instant download on Etsy. It includes elementary aged book covers. You can create a fun display that looks just like Netflix.

50 | Taylor Swift Inspired Reading Bulletin Board Kit

Dear Bulletin Board Reader Kit Taylor Swift Inspired
Dear Reader Kit | Find it Here

This kit from Etsy is inspired by Taylor Swift’s song Dear Reader. If you have a class full of Swifties they may get a kick out of this bulletin board. It includes positive inspiration on the book pages such as “find your place in the world” and “never be so clever you forget to be kind.”

51 | Reading is a Window into a New World

Window Bulletin Board Kit
Window Bulletin Board Kit | Find it Here

This is another digital download kit from Etsy. It includes 14 different windows that are inspired by famous books, with the phrase, “reading is a window into a new world.”

52 | Cool Kids Read Books

Cool Kids read books Bulletin Board kit
Cool Kids Bulletin Board | Find it Here

This is a cute editable kit from Etsy. You can add students’ names to the books. I’m loving the pretty pastel color pallet and the positive message.

53 | Books We’ve Read Kit

books we've read bulletin board kit
Book Bulletin Board Kit | Find it Here

For this kit you can easily display the books that the class has read by writing or typing on each book cover and adding them to your board. This is a digital download that you print and cut yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some interactive elements I can include in a reading bulletin board for my classroom?

You can make your reading bulletin board more engaging by incorporating interactive elements such as voting systems for favorite books or characters and pockets with book recommendations written by students.

Consider adding a "currently reading" section where students can update their present book choice, creating independent reading accountability.

Can you suggest unique fall-themed bulletin board ideas revolving around books and reading?

For fall-themed bulletin board ideas, consider a "Fall into Reading" concept where you create a colorful tree with leaves representing different book covers.

You can also have a seasonal reading challenge, encouraging students to read a specific number of books during the fall semester. Another idea could be a display of books with fall-related themes or settings.

How can I create a 'Caught Reading' display that motivates students to read more?

Create a "Caught Reading" bulletin board by encouraging students to take photos or draw pictures of their classmates and teachers engrossed in a book.

Add a creative spin with a mock "mugshot" background or a "Reading Alert: Caught Red Handed" theme. This approach makes reading fun and cool, inspiring students to be proud of their reading moments.

What are some engaging bulletin board concepts for middle school students to promote reading?

For middle school students, try creating a "March Madness Bracket" or competition using their favorite books, fostering friendly rivalry. You could also display different genres of books or set up genre-themed reading scavenger hunts.

Another idea is to showcase inspirational quotes from popular books that appeal to middle-schoolers.

How can I design a reading bulletin board for high school that appeals to teens?

For a high-school reading bulletin board, try highlighting thought-provoking or relevant themes in popular young adult books. Consider featuring student-written reviews or using social media-inspired concepts, such as a "bookstagram" feed with pictures of students' favorite reads.

Connect the bulletin board to school events, like book clubs or author visits, to create anticipation and excitement.

What are some back-to-school bulletin board ideas that can excite elementary kids about reading?

To encourage reading in elementary students, design back-to-school bulletin boards with fun and inviting themes. Create a colorful display using popular children's book characters, quotes, and images.

Another idea is to incorporate a motivational reading message, like "Reading Takes You on a Journey" with visuals of different destinations or adventures. Keep it lively and engaging to spark their interest in books and reading as they start the school year.

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