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33 Best Halloween Bulletin Boards

Are you ready to create your Halloween Bulletin boards? If so then this post is for you. I’ll show you tons of inspiration to create displays that are creative, fun, and easy. You’ll be sure to find a new idea to try in your classroom.

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Halloween Bulletin Boards Ideas

In this post I’ve grouped the ideas into different categories, like interactive displays, bulletin boards with student work, library boards and so much more. Hopefully you can find a little inspiration to get you started.

Retro Theme Halloween Bulletin Boards

Transport your students back in time by decking out your bulletin board with a retro Halloween theme which is all the rage now! Incorporate vintage-inspired colors, and symbols like smiley faces along with Halloween symbols such as pumpkins, candy corn, and witches. Check out some inspiration to pull it off below.

1 | Groovy Halloween

Groovy Halloween Bulletin Board
Find it Here | Groovy Halloween Bulletin Board Kit

This one can be found on Etsy, to check it out click on the link under the picture.

2 | Spooky Work Only

Spooky Work Bulletin Board
Image Source | mscoloradoteaching

3 | Groovy Ghosts

Ghost Bulletin Board Idea
Image Source | crunchesandcrayons

4 | We’re a Spooky Batch

Cute Halloween Bulletin Board
Image Source | crunchesandcrayons

Interactive Halloween Bulletin Boards

Engage your students with interactive Halloween bulletin boards. Have them manipulate different elements of the board, like moving bats, spiders, and their webs. An ongoing "Build-a-Monster" activity can encourage collaboration and creativity as students add limbs and features to create their unique spooky creature. Check out some more interactive bulletin board ideas below.

5 | Dare to Be Scared

Interactive classroom Display
Image Source | thetrappedlibrarian

For this bulletin board have students post their best Halloween book recommendations on the board. Students can also grab a slip to write which books they want to read this season.

6 | A Boo For You

Compliment Halloween Bulletin Board Idea
Image Source | thecreativeclassroom

With this interactive bulletin board students can grab a slip from the ghost with a compliment on it like, “you’re fly boo.”

Hocus Pocus Bulletin Board

Embrace the magic of Halloween with a Hocus Pocus-themed bulletin board. Design a witchy scene featuring the three enchanting witches from the popular movie. You can also put up book recommendations for magic-inspired literature.

7 | Hocus Pocus It’s Time to Focus

Hocus Pocus Bulletin Board
Image Source | texasaggielibrarian

Haunted House Bulletin Boards

Create a spooky haunted house scene as a backdrop for your bulletin board. Incorporate creepy elements such as ghosts, cobwebs, creaky doors, and glowing windows. This theme can inspire discussions about haunted house stories and eerie legends.

8 | Grab a Howling Good Book

Haunted House Bulletin Board
Image Source | thebibliophileandtheboxer

9 | Spooktacular Work

Haunted house bulletin board for student work
Where to Find | Haunted House Bulletin Board Kit

Pumpkin Patch Bulletin Boards

Design a pumpkin patch bulletin board filled with pumpkins of all sizes, shapes, and facial expressions. Encourage students to create their own jack-o'-lantern designs and display them on the board. It's a perfect opportunity for them to showcase their creativity.

10 | Welcome to Our Pumpkin Patch

This would be a great bulletin board right before your field trip to the Pumpkin patch.

pumpkin patch bulletin board
Where to Find | Pumpkin Patch Bulletin Board Kit

I created this cute pumpkin patch bulletin board with Canva.  I wanted to create something with a color scheme that was a little different than what you normally see for fall.  If you like it, you can check it out at Etsy, the link is under the picture.

Halloween Book Bulletin Board Ideas

Encourage students to read by featuring Halloween-themed book recommendations. Display covers of spooky and mysterious novels, picture books, or poems, and perhaps even dress up the board with literary characters such as R.L. Stine's Goosebumps creatures.

11 | Get Caught Reading

book inspired Halloween bulletin board
Image Source | librarylady

12 | A Book a Day Keeps the Monsters Away

monster bulletin board idea
Image Source | greatlibrarydisplays

13 | Ten Timid Ghosts

Halloween bulletin board based on children's book
Image Source | thebeachclassroom

Ready your students, Ten Timid Ghosts and have them create their own ten ghosts for your display.

Frankenstein Bulletin Boards

Have students create Frankenstein art to decorate your bulletin board. Or start a pun with Frankly, like Frankly we love math. Check out some more inspiration below.

14 | Frankly We Love Kindergarten

Kindergarten Halloween Bulletin Board
Image Source | itsallgoodwithmisshood

15 | Frankly We Love Books

Frankenstein Bulletin Board
Image Source | appleoftheireye

Library Halloween Bulletin Board Ideas

Spruce up your school's library with Halloween bulletin boards that showcase eerie book covers, spooky quotes from famous authors, or creepy creatures lurking among the bookshelves. Encourage reading and curiosity while enhancing the spooky vibes.

16 | Read More Booooks

Library Halloween Bulletin Boards
Where to Find | Reading Ghosts Bulletin Board Kit

Cute Halloween Bulletin Boards

Are you looking for some cute Halloween bulletin board ideas? Include friendly ghosts, smiling pumpkins, and cuddly monsters to create a fun Halloween vibe in your class this year. Check out some examples below to pull it off.

17 | Spooky Vibes

Ghost Bulletin Board Kit
Where to Find | Ghost Bulletin Board Kit

18 | Our Class is Fa-BOO-Lous

Halloween bulletin board with editable ghosts
Where to Find | Ghost Bulletin Board Kit

This is a bulletin board kit from Etsy that comes in an editable PowerPoint so you can add student names to the ghosts.

19 | We Are the Boo Crew

Halloween Boo Crew Bulletin Board Kit
Where to Find | Boo Crew Bulletin Board Kit

20 | 4th Grade is FaBOOlous

fourth grade Halloween bulletin board idea
Image Source | livelaughlovesecond

Funny Halloween Bulletin Boards

Add a little humor to your boards with Halloween puns, silly monsters, or even skeletons having a dance party. You can also use the classic trick or treat smell my feet which students think is hilarious. Check out a few more examples below.

21 | We Are a Bat-Tastic Class

Halloween Bat Bulletin Board Idea
Image Source | applesandabcs

22 | Trick or Treat Smell My Feet

Trick or Treat Smell My Feet Bulletin Board
Image Source | tayteaches123

23 | Mwah Ha Happy Halloween

funny Halloween Bulletin board idea
Image Source |

24 | Come Hang with Us

Clever Bulletin Board Idea
Image Source | confettiandcreativity

Halloween Bulletin Boards with Student Involvement

Foster a sense of ownership by involving your students in creating the Halloween bulletin board. Assign them various tasks and responsibilities, such as coloring pumpkins or brainstorming book recommendations. You could also add student pictures or names to involve students in your display.

25 | How to Catch Spooks

Halloween writing activity display
Image source | teachwith_ms.r

This clever bulletin board starts with a writing activity, where students explain how to catch spooks. It’s an intro to procedural writing by writing step by step strategies for catching spooks!

26 | Kindergarten Halloween Bulletin Board Idea

kindergarten Halloween activity
Image Source | kindergartenkornerbycasey

These kindergartners created candy buckets and inside they sounded out and wrote their favorite candies!

27 | Boo to You from Our Crew

Halloween Bulletin Board with student pictures
Where to Find | Boo Crew Halloween Bulletin Board Kit

Add student pictures to create adorable ghosts to decorate your bulletin board.

Math Halloween Bulletin Board Ideas

Combine Halloween fun with math learning by incorporating mathematical concepts like counting, geometry, and patterns into your themed bulletin board. You could fill in this quote with what you are teaching in math right now, like fractions don’t scare us, along with Halloween décor. Check out what I mean below.

28 | Slope Does Not Scare Us

Math Halloween Bulletin board idea
Image Source | mrstechk12

Halloween Bulletin Board Ideas with Student Work

Celebrate students' achievements by showcasing their Halloween-themed artwork, essays, or poetry on the board. Check out some ideas below.

29 | We are Pumped About Learning

Halloween Classroom writing activity
Image Source |

To re-create this Halloween bulletin board, have students create their own pumpkins and write all about it.

30 | Candy Corn Craft Halloween Bulletin Board

Candy corn Halloween classroom craft
Image Source | misseugesada

31 | Halloween Ghost Craft Display

Halloween ghost classroom craft
Image Source | mrs.aubrey

32 | Boo-Tiful Work

Halloween bulletin board for student work
Image Source | falling_for_second_grade

October Bulletin Board Ideas

October is anti-bullying month. You could incorporate a little Halloween theme with an anti-bullying message. Check out an example below.

33 | Bullying Graveyard

October Bulletin Board
Image Source | notyouraverageschoolcounselor

In the bullying graveyard lies rumors, harming others, hate speech and feeling left out.

Halloween Bulletin Boards On Etsy

throughout this post I've shown you a few bulletin boards that you can get on Etsy.  I wanted to show you a couple more that I found that are my absolute favorites.  Check them out below.

34 | Welcome to Boo Street

cute halloween bulletin board
Where to Find | Boo Street Bulletin Board Kit

35 | Welcome to Our Brainy Boo Crew

cute retro Halloween bulletin board idea
Where to Find | Retro Halloween Bulletin Board Kit

Fall Bulletin Board Ideas

If you want to create a fall bulletin board you can use natural elements like leaves, acorns, and scarecrows. A fall theme still captures the essence of the season, and you can keep the display up for several months.

I created an entire post with a ton of fall bulletin board ideas, you can check it out here...

75 Fall Bulletin Board Ideas: Easy & Creative Inspirations

How to DIY Your Bulletin Boards

Adding a touch of Halloween to your bulletin boards can be a fun and creative way to celebrate the season. Here are some ideas to help you create handmade and crafty bulletin boards for your space.

First, decide on a theme for your Halloween bulletin board. You can choose from classic Halloween imagery like ghosts, witches, bats, or pumpkins, or go for something more unique like a retro theme or your students’ favorite Halloween movie.

Once you have a theme, gather your materials for the DIY project. Cardboard, construction paper, and colored markers are a must-have for any handmade bulletin board. You may also want to pick up some glue, scissors, and decorative items like ribbons or stickers to give your board a polished look.

Now it's time to get crafty! Begin by choosing a background color for your bulletin board—think traditional Halloween colors like orange or black, or choose a more neutral tone if you prefer. Cut the cardboard or paper to fit the size of your bulletin board and secure it in place.

Next, create your Halloween-themed decorations. Use construction paper to cut out shapes like pumpkins, ghosts, or bats. You can use a template or trace an image if you're not confident in your freehand drawing skills.

Personalize your designs by adding details with colored markers or embellishments like glitter or sequins. This would be a great time to get students involved with the creation.

One of my favorite tools to create beautiful displays is Canva. Canva is an online software, that has tons of templates and graphics that you can print and add to your bulletin board. Plus, Canva has a pro version that is free for teachers!

Once you have all your decorations ready, arrange them on the bulletin board. Keep in mind the overall composition and balance; you don't want one side of the board to be overcrowded or too sparse compared to the other side. Don't be afraid to rearrange and adjust your decorations until you're satisfied with the layout.

Secure your Halloween decorations to the bulletin board using glue or tape. Make sure all edges are firmly in place to prevent any pieces from falling off.

Finally, add any finishing touches or details to your DIY Halloween bulletin board. This might include adding bulletin board letters with a Halloween pun, or text with a bold marker.

You can add bulletin board borders if you want too. Glue on extra ribbons or stickers or attaching a fake spider web to give your board a 3-D look.

And there you have it! With just some simple supplies and a bit of creativity, you've successfully created a fun DIY Halloween bulletin board. Enjoy the festive atmosphere your handmade creation brings to your classroom and have a fun, memorable Halloween season.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some creative ideas for Halloween-themed boards?

You can create engaging Halloween-themed bulletin boards with ideas like a spooky graveyard, haunted house, or creepy forest. Use cut-out shapes of bats, pumpkins, and ghosts, along with festive phrases and puns. For a more interactive twist, consider incorporating a candy corn counting game or matching activity.

How can I incorporate fall elements into a Halloween board?

Incorporating fall elements is as simple as integrating familiar seasonal symbols, such as leaves, acorns, and scarecrows. Add a touch of autumn color with shades of orange, red, yellow, and brown. You can also mix Halloween and fall themes by including pumpkin patches, harvest moon scenes, or even combining spooky and fall-themed quotes.

Any budget-friendly tips for decorating bulletin boards?

Sure, there are plenty of cost-effective ways to create a stunning Halloween board. Reuse materials like construction paper and previous decorations, or design your own clip art. Also, inexpensive supplies like cotton balls, crepe paper, and recycled cardboard can create eye-catching effects. Check out the Dollar stores for items to add to your boards like skeletons.

What materials can I use for a spooky board design?

For a ghoulishly delightful bulletin board, try materials like black and purple construction paper, fake cobwebs, pipe cleaners for spider legs, and tissue paper for ghostly silhouettes. You can also create a 3D effect with foam or cardboard cut-outs, and don't forget to add some eerie lighting with string lights or glow-in-the-dark paint.

How do I create a Halloween board related to teaching lessons?

Connect Halloween themes to educational content to tie your décor to a learning experience. For example, use math problems to "escape the haunted house," decode a secret Halloween message with vocabulary words, or explore the "Bones of Grammar" with spooky sentence structure. This will help you make learning fun by getting students excited about the holiday.

I hope in this post you found some new Halloween bulletin boards to try this year. Feel free to save your favorite ideas to your Pinterest boards, to do that just click on the picture, then the P and choose your board.

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