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23 Bedroom Office Ideas (Style Meets Function)

If you’re working from home and don’t have a dedicated office, then this post is for you. This post is packed with bedroom office ideas including the best layout ideas, tricks to save space and inspiration to do it all with style.

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How can I use my bedroom as an office?

  • Find a way to separate your workspace from your bedroom space.
  • Check out furniture made for bedroom offices like desk headboards.
  • Don’t overlook your closet as office space.
  • Experiment with different layouts to find what works best.

In this post we’ll explore all of these ideas and more.

Bedroom Office Ideas Small

If you’re short on space in your bedroom there are a several ideas to create an office bedroom that don’t take up too much space.

How do I set up an office in my small bedroom?

  • Get a foldable desk.
  • Carve out a corner of your bedroom for your office.
  • Install a murphy bed.
  • Find furniture that is multi-purpose.

Read on to see all of these examples and more. Now let’s check out 23 bedroom office ideas.

01 | Create a Cloffice


A Cloffice is a closet office. These have become very popular as more and more people are working from home and often don’t have room for a dedicated office.

A well-planned closet office has, plenty of space to work, shelving for storage and extra lighting. Add pretty accessories and a comfortable chair to make it a place that you enjoy working in.

02 | Carve out a Corner


Bedroom corners are often unused space. So why not make the most of it with a corner desk? Here a custom wooden corner desk was created from a big leaf maple.

Small Bedroom Office

This small addition adds function, warmth and style to this bedroom.  What I love most about this idea is it will work on even the smallest of bedrooms.

03 | Install Built Ins


If your bedroom office is going to be permanent, consider installing a built-in desk. You could also add some built in options for storage. This not only adds functionality but also adds value to your home.

04 | Try a Desk Headboard


Did you know that they make desk headboards? This may be the perfect solution for your bedroom office. This will instantly divide your workspace and your bedroom space. Desk lamps could do double duty as bedroom lighting as well.

05 | Make Your Furniture Do Double Duty


When you’re short on space you may need to get creative with your furniture by making it serve more than one purpose. A nightstand can easily act as a desk by adding a chair. When you’re done working put your laptop and papers in the drawer, so you don’t see your work when you’re trying to relax.

06 | Create a Bed Desk


Are you looking for some bedroom office ideas that take up no extra space. If you’re one of those people that has no problem working from your bed, then this next solution might work for you.

You can create a bed desk by adding a desk bed caddy. As a bonus there is also room for paper storage.

07 | Dedicate One Wall to Your Office


If you’re going to be spending a lot of time in your office space, then this is a great option. Dedicate one entire wall for your office.

You can set up a large desk with one or two chairs and all of your office supplies. To make this space stand out you can even choose a fun patterned wallpaper for your office wall.

08 | Cut Out Space


If you have a wall of cabinets or shelving, consider cutting out a portion for a desk. That way your office will blend seamlessly into your bedroom.

09 | Carve Out a Nook


Does your bedroom have an awkward nook that you don’t use? This could be the perfect spot for your office. Make it cozy by adding your favorite pictures and a soft blanket.

10 | Face Away from Your Bed


Are you looking for some bedroom office ideas that make it feel like you’re not working in your bedroom? Here’s an idea for you, face your desk away from your bed so you don’t see it while working. Surround yourself with pictures and plants to make an office that you love to work in.

11 | Get Creative with Storage


In a home office storage of papers, and office supplies takes up the majority of the space. When using your bedroom as your office you may not have tons of room to store everything. Consider creative ways to store all the suff.

Bedroom Office Storage Ideas

You can hang floating shelves above your desk. Another idea is to find pretty baskets to store papers that fit with the style of your bedroom. You can also purchase a desk that has plenty of drawers for all of your office supplies.

12 | Consider a Murphy Bed


Murphy beds are a great solution to create a ton of flexibility in your room. You can have the bed down in the evening and put it up when it’s time to work. This will make your bedroom feel like two unique rooms.

Spare Bedroom Office Ideas

This is also a solution that people love to use in spare rooms or guest bedrooms. Since guest bedrooms are rarely used the murphy bed could stay in the wall the majority of the time. This will give you a dedicated office space to work in most of the time.

13 | Create Two Distinct Zones


Find a way to separate your bedroom space from your work zone. One idea is to place your bed in the center of the room and put your desk behind your bed. This works well if you don’t want to see your workspace while in bed.

Bedroom Office Combo

Another solution could be to set up a curtain or a partition wall to separate the two spaces. That way you will feel like your bedroom office combo is actually two separate rooms.

14 | Convert Your Vanity into a Workspace


Do you already have a vanity in your bedroom? If so, then this could easily do double duty as a workspace too. You already have a flat surface for your computer and a chair set up.

If you plan to work in this space for long periods of time you may have to switch out your vanity chair for an ergonomic version. They make many office chairs that are comfortable and stylish too.

15 | Find a Bookshelf Desk


Many people have a bookshelf in their bedroom. Switch out a basic bookshelf for one that also converts to a desk. Add an office chair and you have yourself a mini office.

16 | Create an Office in Your Closet


Here’s another office idea that involves a closet. So, in the first idea you are converting a small closet into an office. But if you have a large closet that you need for your clothes then this idea might work better for you.

You could put your desk into your closet, while leaving room for clothes storage. This might give you a little extra motivation to keep your closet tidy as well, win win.

17 | Face a Window


Turn your desk to face a window in your room and you won’t feel like you’re working in your bedroom. As a bonus this will give you natural light and allow you to enjoy nature depending on your view.

18 | Save Space with a Foldable Desk


If you don’t have any space to spare for your office, then consider getting a foldable desk. They make folding desks that you can mount on your wall. They fold down for the perfect workspace and when you’re done working you can place them back up into the wall.

19 | Get the Furniture Right


There is furniture that would work well to help you convert your bedroom into an office, like this headboard with integrated sockets. You could set up your desk behind the bed with easy access to outlets to plug in your computer and light.

20 | Hire a Pro


Creating a bedroom office is a great time to hire a professional to help you. A contractor could build a custom set of built in bookshelves with a corner desk so you can work in style. Or they could build you whatever office set up you’re dreaming of.

21 | Keep it Simple


When in doubt just keep it simple. Set up a minimalistic office space with a small desk and chair. Stick to light a light color pallet and minimal décor to create a space that is simple and clean. This would make an ideal space for both work and sleep.

22 | Use Design Details to Separate Your Space


Here’s another beautiful closet office. This design idea can work in a cloffice or in a bedroom office. Use a design detail to separate your workspace from your bedroom space. Here the pretty wallpaper helps to distinguish this space as the work zone.

23 | Match the Style


For a cohesive look in your bedroom office match the style of your bedroom when decorating your office space. In this boho bedroom they decorated their office in boho style as well. This results in a stylish cohesive space that doesn’t look out of place.

I hope you found some inspiration with these bedroom office ideas and will try one of them in your home. Feel free to save your favorite ideas to your Pinterest boards. To do this just click on the picture and then the P and choose your board.

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