10 Fun Online Teaching Ideas to Try this Year

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10 Fun Online Teaching Ideas to Try this Year

Are you one of the teachers that is having to pivot from the classroom to online teaching? Whether you’re fully online now or partially, there are so many new technologies and techniques to learn and figure out. You may be missing that connection with the kids and the fun atmosphere that your classroom provided. That is why I created this post. In this post I will show you some new fun and easy online teaching ideas to keep the kids engaged, to build connections and to make it a little more fun for them and for you? If that sounds like what you’re looking for then read on. I have gathered the best online teaching ideas from the most creative teaching minds. These ideas are super easy to incorporate too because I know you’re crazy busy. Included are ways to get the kids to move, create a virtual scavenger hunt, change your environment, create a Bitmoji and a Bitmoji classroom, a virtual teaching cart and even ideas to make your online teaching space awesome and inspiring. Plus, I will show you where to get beautiful templates for virtual meet the teacher. Read on to check out all of these fun ideas and more!

Create a Virtual Meet the Teacher

Have you created a virtual meet the teacher yet? This is a fun way for your new students to get to know you and to help them bond with you in this strange new learning environment. Check out some of my absolute favorite ideas for meet the teacher slides below including how to get templates to create your own.


Kim, a 3rd grade teacher from West Michigan created a virtual meet the teacher with google slides so her new students can get to know her better. You can click the link above to check out how she did it.


Ashley, a teacher from Dallas created this virtual meet the teacher slide show on Google slides. It’s available for sale and can be downloaded as a Power Point. Click the link above for details.


Here’s another beautiful example of virtual meet the teacher slides. Click the link above to check out Andrea’s freebie in her TPT shop to get you started.

Get the Kids to Move

With the students in front of the computer all day it’s more important than ever to get them to get up and move their bodies. Below are some fun ideas to incorporate into your online teaching that will get the kids active which will keep their brains stimulated.


This first-grade teacher, Suzanne came up with little movement breaks in between all of the online activities. She came up with four questions for her students to answer yes or no to and that determines what exercise they do. She just reveals one of the questions at a time. This keeps her kids awake and engaged and ready for the next online activity.


Here is another fun idea to get the kids moving. Just pick a stick during your online meeting and all the students will have to do that activity. What is great about these sticks is you can use them for distance learning now and then bring them to the classroom when it opens back up.

Create Interesting Visuals

Visual aids are so important in the classroom and it takes a little more creativity to find ways to incorporate these into online learning. Check out some of my favorite ideas from creative teachers that are using visual aids for online learning.


This teacher from Georgia used the entire wall behind her to display visuals she created to teach Geometry facts. Her t-shirt even ties into the lesson!


If you are an artist like Mr. Cregger you can create some amazing visuals to help emphasize your teaching points. If you’re not that talented you could always print off pictures to create interesting visuals.

Set Virtual Meeting Expectations

Just as you would in your classroom you should let the students know your virtual meeting expectations. This is really important to do at the beginning of the year and whenever the class needs a little refresher. This will help with your sanity as well as help create a positive learning environment for your kiddos.


Amy, teaches 3rd grade and created these virtual meeting expectations for Zoom and for Google Meet. The best part is they are a freebie in her blog. Click the link above to check it out.

Change Up Your Environment

The good thing about online teaching is you can easily switch up your environment and work from anywhere. Be creative take the class outside, to a park, or a beautiful area in your town. If you really want to think outside the box you can take them on a mini virtual field trip.


Mrs. Wasik a second-grade teacher is taking advantage of online learning by teaching outside on a beautiful day.

Create an at Home Scavenger Hunt

Students right now are craving connections and here is a small and fun way to do that in your class.


What I love about this idea is it’s something you couldn’t do if you were in the classroom. Why not use this situation to help make connections with your students? Have your students find items in their home that have meaning to them and give them a chance to discuss them with the rest of the class.

Give the Kids Choices

You’re probably really good at doing this in your classroom so why not incorporate it into online learning too. Give the kids plenty of choices to keep them interested and engaged in your virtual lesson.


Gwen, a literacy specialist created mini lessons to focus on journal writing and is giving the students plenty of choices on what they can write about.

Create Your own Bitmoji

You have probably seen this idea, but have you tried it yet? Adding your Bitmoji to your slides is an easy idea to personalize your lessons that the kids will get a kick out of.


Nicole adds her Bitmoji on google slides as a fun way to end her class for the day.


Mrs. Parker a teacher from LA, California not only created her Bitmoji avatar but took it a step further and created an entire Bitmoji classroom to replicate her real classroom. I love this idea and it adds a personal touch to online learning that your kids will love!

Create Your Online Teaching Cart


Put your classroom teacher cart to use and create a little online teaching hub in your house. A teacher cart is a great way to organize everything you need for virtual teaching. What I love about this idea too is it will give you a little more flexibility with where you want to teach. Nice day? wheel it out in the backyard, or wheel it over by the kitchen counter to change up the scenery a little.

For tons more ideas about Teacher Carts check out this Post- The One Thing You Need In Your Classroom This Year

Create and Epic Online Teaching Space in Your Home

I have been amazed by how some teacher have been able to turn a small space in their home into a beautiful welcoming space for their online class. If you want to steal some ideas to do this yourself check out my favorites below.


This first-grade teacher from Florida snagged some of her favorite classroom decorations and brought them home to create this beautiful, colorful fun learning space which serves as the backdrop for her Online classes.


Here is another awesome idea to make that backdrop behind your computer beautiful and inspiring. It is not your classroom but it would still be a fun place to teach.


Michelle Ferre, a fourth-grade teacher from Maryland created a classroom environment in her home to help create a sense of normalcy for her students. I think this would definitely brighten the day for her class.

Ok, so those where the 10 best ideas that I have gathered from teachers all over the United States to make online teaching a little more fun for you and your students. I tried to pick ideas that would be pretty easy to implement this year, because I know how busy you are. I hope you have found some new ideas that you may try this year to brighten your day! Is your class fully online this year, in the class or a mix of both? Leave a comment and let me know.

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