21 Best Ideas for a Boho Nursery Theme & How to Get the Look

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21 Best Ideas for a Boho Nursery Theme & How to Get the Look

One of the hottest trends in baby nurseries right now is the modern chic boho style. I am loving it, are you too? The vibe is calm and natural but also very playful. What baby wouldn’t want a nursery like that? If you love the look you are in luck. Read on to be inspired by the most beautiful boho nurseries and find out how you can easily get the look yourself. Follow these steps and your friends are sure to ask who your designer is.

Oh, and there is some free boho printables below too!

*fist pump*

First a little bit about the bohemian design. It is for people who think outside of the box. Does that sound like you? It dates back to the 1800’s in Europe and was used to describe a lifestyle of artists, wanders and gypsies. It was also used to describe people that did not believe in the political and social views of the time. Still sound familiar?

The design has transformed over time to become an eclectic mix of several different time periods and cultures. A boho interior design includes a mix match of different natural textures, flowy fabrics, soft calming colors mixed with vibrant colors and bold prints. The style does not follow traditional interior design rules in fact it is all about mix matching and combining a lot of different elements.

The modern boho chic style nursery is all about a calming soft color pallet, mixed with one or two vibrant colors, natural textures, plants lots of feathers and maybe even a deer skull or two, …if you like that kind of thing. Read on to discover the 9 steps to get a Pinterest Worthy Boho Nursery for your baby.

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Step 1- First let’s create the perfect boho baby resting place.

Boho Crib

Sources: Clockwise from left: 1. Momooze 2. Page Jones Photo 3. New York Family

To get the look: Start with one of these natural cribs and then add a whimsical touch such as a gorgeous feather mobile (Did I mention there would be lots of feathers?) or a soft canopy.

Sources clockwise from top left.

  1. White Canopy with flowers, $25 by Bobo & Bee
  2. Feather Baby Mobile, $26, by Ling’s Moment.
  3. 5 in 1 Natural Rectangular Crib, $105!!! By Dream on Me
  4. Natural Oval Crib, $800 by Stokke.

Step 2- Next let’s add the perfect boho bedding. I’m thinking feathers, flowers, plants and of course deer skulls.

Boho Bedding

Bedding Sources clockwise from top left:

  1. Pink and blue feather 4-piece bedding set, $140 by Sweet Jojo Designs
  2. Boho Floral Bedding 3-piece set, $78 by Sahaler
  3. Cactus Floral Sheets, $20 by Sweet Jojo designs
  4. Deer Skull Organic Crib Sheets, $40 by Carousel Designs
  5. Gold Feather Sheets, $16 by American Baby Company

Step 3- Ok now let’s decorate the walls. Let’s start with some macramé Wall hangings. Are you familiar with macramé? It is a textile produced by knotting techniques. C’mon people what says boho more than macramé?

Macramé Wall Hangings

Sources: Clockwise from left: 1. 100 Layer Cake 2. Project Nursery 3. Dahlias & Dimes

To get the look: Choose from a traditional macramé wall hanging or try a macramé mirror, plant holder, banner or dream catcher for a unique look. For a baby girl’s room check out the beautiful floral wall hanging below for a soft feminine touch.

Sources: Clockwise from top Left:

  1. Macramé Wall Hanging, $20 by Mkono
  2. Floral Wall Hanging, $22 by Riseon
  3. Macramé Plant holder, $9 by Mkono
  4. Macramé Flower Mirror, $30 by Mkono
  5. Dream Catcher, $14 by Artilady
  6. Macramé Banner, $17 by Mkono.

Step 4- Ok now who wants some FREE boho nursery printables? (Free? Yes, free.) *arm up*

Free Boho Printables

I created these boho printables just for you because like I have mentioned you can’t get enough feathers so here you go. *your welcome* Click the HERE to download them.

Step 5- The boho vibe is all about natural elements so add some plants all over the room to make the room feel natural.


Sources: Clockwise from top left: 1. Ave Styles 2. Style Me Pretty 3. Project Nursery

To get the look- Real plants are always better but if you don’t have a green thumb they make some cute fake ones that do look real… I won’t judge. (Ok, if you know me you know that I’ll be getting the fake ones too. *wink*) Here are some of the best plants and plant holders that I found.

Plants Sources Clockwise from top left:

  1. Set of 2 Hanging Shelves (plant not included), $22, by Timeyard
  2. Leaf Wall Art, $23 by ArteWoods
  3. Wall Planters (plant not included) $19 by California Concepts
  4. Palm, $49 by Costa Farms
  5. Real Succulents $16 by Plants for Pets

Step 6- Ok, so now you have to store all that cute baby stuff you’ve been buying at Target *eh- hem* (yeah, I’m on to you. Don’t worry I won’t tell your husband.), let’s add some natural storage.

Wicker & Natural Storage

Sources: Clockwise from top left: 1. Ave Styles 2. Bre Purposed 3. Inspired by this blog

How to get the look-Natural woven baskets and natural wood shelves look right at home in a boho nursery. It looks great when you mix and match different sizes, textures and colors.

Storage Sources Clockwise from top left:

  1. Woven Basket with Handles, $45 by Deco 79
  2. Set of 4 Small Baskets, $37 by VonHaus
  3. White & Beige Basket, $30 by GooBloo
  4. Woven Basket with Lid, $100 by Household Essentials
  5. Ladder Shelf, $65 by MyGift

Step 7- Now you need to add bold prints and vibrant colors into your room. You can achieve this with a fun boho rug.


Sources: Clockwise from top left: 1. Amber Interiors 2. Page Jones Photo 3. Project Nursery 4. Posh Baby

To get the look- Choose a rug with a bold pattern and deep reds, or blues along with softer colors such as greys, browns and yellows. Below are some of my favorites.

Sources: Clockwise from top left:

  1. Light Blue Rug, Starting at $75 by Unique Loom.
  2. Red Rectangular Rug starting at $20! By Rugs USA
  3. Multi-Color Rug Starting at $61 by Safavieh.
  4. Round Rug starting at $35 by Cotton Craft.

Step 8- Next let’s light up the room.


Sources: Clockwise from top left: 1. 100 Layer Cake 2. Momooze 3. Inspired by this blog

To get the look-Boho Lighting is all about natural textures such as wicker.

Lighting Clockwise from top left:

  1. Dark Brown Wicker Rattan Hanging Lamp Fixture, $65 by LgoodL
  2. Light Brown Wicker Pear Pendant Lamp, $192 by Kouboo
  3. Gray Ceiling Lamp, $92 by Zuo 50209
  4. Cream Beaded Pendant, $145 by Safavieh
  5. Natural Wicker Dome Lamp, $145 by Kouboo

Step 9- As the final touch to your boho nursery why not add a tepee in the corner. This will be a fun play spot or comfy reading nook as your baby grows.


Sources: Left to Right: 1. Style Me Pretty 2. Style Me Pretty

To get the look-Try one of these cute tepees below and place it in the corner of the room with some comfy pillows and a soft blanket.

Sources: Left to Right:

  1. Lace Teepee , $100 by Tiny Land
  2. Striped Tepee, $35! By Best Choice Products

By the way… congratulations on your new boho baby! Hope you enjoyed these ideas to help create a beautiful Boho nursery of your own. Have you tried any of these ideas? Leave a comment and let me know!


Oh and don’t forget to download your Free Boho Nursery Printables HERE.

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