10 Best Places to Register for Baby

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10 Best Places to Register for Baby

Do you agree that choosing the best baby registry place can be an overwhelming process? There are so many choices out there. You want to make sure you choose the one that is going to have the best selection, the best perks and be convenient for all of your gift givers. This's exactly how I felt when trying to select a baby registry.  That's why I have done thorough research on all the choices out there for baby registries. What I've discovered with this research is that these retailers are fighting for your business and in turn will offer some amazing perks like free welcome bags valued at over $120, plus tons of discounts and coupons.

In this post I have narrowed down my search to the absolute best 10 baby registry places and I'll bullet point the pros and cons of each. Read on to discover which places have the most amazing perks and find the one that is perfect for you.

This post may contain affiliate links. This means that if you make a purchase using my link, I make a small commission –at no cost to you. That being said, I am still giving you an honest review. Read the full disclosure here.

Amazon Baby Registry


The best thing about Amazon is most of the world is using it and it's so convenient. If you have Prime you can get free two-day shipping. Below are all the advantages of using Amazon.


  • Welcome Box- A surprise box for parents valued at $35.
  • Special offers available for Prime members. These change from time to time so check before you register to see if there are any special offers. These include special sweepstakes and coupons.
  • Endless Production Options, over 270,000 baby items available.
  • Everyone if familiar with it, and most people already shop here.
  • Free 2 Day shipping with Amazon Prime or free shipping over $25 if not an Amazon Prime member.
  • Great Customer Service.
  • Prime Members also receive a completion discount of 15%. This is used after everyone is done buying gifts when you purchase remaining items on your list. Non-Prime members still receive a 10% discount.
  • You can create, add or edit your registry at any time from any device.
  • Universal Registry- this is a cool extra feature. If you can’t find the item, you are looking for on Amazon you can add it from another site to your Amazon registry.
  • They have the best selection of baby books.
  • Free 365 day return on most items purchased from your registry.


  • There's no store presence. Sometimes it's nice to actually see and feel products in the store.
  • Gift givers shopping preference- Some gift givers prefer to shop in a store and take home their purchase that day. Some of your friends and family might not be comfortable with internet shopping.

To learn more about Amazon’s registry go here.

Target Baby Registry


What I love about Target is it has a huge selection online and physical presence all over the world and they have stylish and affordable baby clothes and nursery items. Here are all the advantages of Target.


  • Welcome Kit- When you create a registry you receive a welcome kit worth $120! It is loaded with samples and coupons to help you save money on all sorts of baby stuff. Just drop by the guest services and ask for your baby registry gift.
  • In Store presence for those shopping for you that don’t do online. They have over 1,800 brick and mortar store locations in the US alone. Your gift givers are sure to find one near them.
  • You also have the option of registering in the store or online. Both have perks. Online you'll have a wider selection, and, in the store, you'll be able to see the actual quality, colors and sizes of the items to be able to select what you love.
  • Stylish & affordable options for mom too. Yes, you need that adorable diaper bag too!
  • Universal feature allows you to add items from other retailers.
  • You get 15% off any of your remaining items on your registry that you want to purchase yourself. This can only be used for one in store purchase and one online purchase. There are also restrictions on certain brands for this discount.
  • Group giving feature- Target makes it easy for a group to pitch in together on a large purchase. How it works is one member of the group will initiate the large purchase. Then others will receive a link and they can add to the purchase. Then when they send you the gift, you'll actually be receiving a gift card that will say to be used toward the purchase of the specific item. You can choose to purchase that item or use it for something else.
  • Personalization Page- This is a fun feature. Target will let you personalize your online registry with a custom URL and photos!
  • Checklist- There is a baby registry checklist. This'll tell you what items to include on your registry. This is very helpful for new parents.
  • Gift Tracking- You can track who got you what gift and if you sent them a thank you card. You have to input the info, but it is a nice way to keep you organized.
  • Exclusive Cloud Island Brand has boutique style items that are affordable.
  • One-year return policy is the best I've seen.


  • Some have reported that they had difficulty returning online items at store locations.
  • They have free shipping on items over $35 or when you use your red card, which is great but not as good as Amazon Prime free shipping.

Buy Buy Baby Registry


With the closing of Babies R US, Buy Buy Baby has stepped up as the favorite exclusive baby retailer. What I love about this store is it's fun to shop in because of the huge selection of baby essentials. Below are the advantages & disadvantages of using Buy Buy Baby.


  • Huge Selection- They offer only baby products with all the biggest brands. They have every baby product you could need EV-AH.
  • Baby Registry Referral Rewards- For each of your friends who also registers there, you'll receive a reward of $25 off a $100 in store purchase.
  • When you register you get a goody bag filled with samples and coupons.
  • Coupons! Buy Buy Baby and Bed Bath & Beyond are sister companies so your friends and family can take advantage of those 20% Bed Bath & Beyond coupons here too.
  • Friends can pitch in with suggestions that you can add to your registry. This is especially nice for first-time parents that aren't exactly sure yet what they need.
  • Unlimited free shipping if you and your family have purchased at least $1,500 worth of gifts. (Otherwise free shipping over $39.)
  • Price match guarantee.
  • Hassle free returns, no receipt required up to 90 days after your due date.
  • Free In store consultation if you like. This is a guided tour of the store with the store’s expert registry consultant.
  • 15% Registry Completion Coupon. They'll send it to you a few weeks before your due date, so you can get anything still left on your list.
  • There is a baby checklist that gives you the essentials per category. This is helpful for first time parents.
  • Baby Registry Thank You List- This tool will help you track your gifts easily so you can send out thank you notes.


  • There are only 135 stores around the country.
  • You need to enter the store to take advantage of many of the perks such as the goody bag.
  • Coupons often limit the certain brands so be sure to read the fine print.

Crate & Kids Baby Registry


Crate and Kids can be found in over 40 Crate & Barrel stores across the US. If there is not one in your town then your gift givers will be shopping online only.

Below are the highlights for choosing Crate & Kids


  • Free Design service when you register. Imagine telling your friends casually, yeah my interior designer designed my nursery! Having your own designer is a fun perk that most of us can’t afford. You can bring in photos and they'll create a digital mood board for you that's completely shoppable. Their design experts can help you with a large or small project, such as finding the perfect crib or designing your entire nursery.
  • Stylish clothes & beautiful and high-quality nursery décor.
  • Are you having multiples? Crate & Kids offers a multiples discount.
  • Registry completion discount- When your baby arrives you have 6 months to purchase any additional items on your list for 10% off.
  • Group Gift Giving Options- so friends and family can pitch in on large purchases.


  • The small number of physical stores means that most of your gift givers will not be able to shop in stores.
  • Prices are reasonable but they will not be as low as a Walmart or Amazon in some cases.
  • It is not a one stop registry. They will not have all of your baby essentials so you will need to register at least one more place.

Pottery Barn Kids Baby Registry


What I love about pottery barn kids is it has style for days. They have exclusive designer bedding lines, Lilly Pulitzer & Monique Lhuillier plus, the furniture and décor is ultra chic. Below are all the pros and cons.


  • Nursery décor is cute, sophisticated and well made.
  • They offer free design services to help create your dream nursery.
  • There is personalization on many items. If you love a monogramed anything then this is the place for you, you may say it has your name on it. (Sorry, couldn’t resist)
  • Multiples discount- You receive 10% off if you are having multiples.
  • They offer in-store pick up.
  • They often offer codes for free shipping or a discount such as 20%.
  • They have amazing customer service.
  • 20% completion discount for 6 months after your baby’s due date. This's the highest discount I have seen! They even let you add items to your registry during that time that'll still qualify for the discount.


  • The items are a little pricier than some of the other retailers mentioned.
  • Though it's a great place to register for your baby nursery they will not have all of your baby essentials.

Baby List Baby Registry


Baby list allows you to create a registry list with items from any store. This is convenient for you and those shopping for you. Here are all the benefits of using Baby List.

  • You get a free Hello Baby Box when you create a registry. Hello Baby Box’s are boxes filled with the latest and greatest samples and offers including diapers, wipes, bottles pacifiers and more. They update and change the items in the box every month.
  • You can add any item from any store in one registry.
  • Your gift givers can choose to shop online or in store.
  • You can add meaningful gifts that you can't buy in stores. (like homecooked meals, dog walking or house cleaning)
  • They have guides to help you figure out what you'll need.
  • It's easy to use for you and for gift givers they even compare prices for you.
  • You can access you baby list from all of your devices. (Yep there’s an app for that.)
  • After you register you can order free, cute registry cards. That way you can slip the cards into your baby shower invitation.
  • Great customer service. They staff “happiness heroes” They're available on the phone to answer all of your questions.
  • If you've already registered somewhere, Baby List will transfer the registry for you so you don’t have to re-do all your hard work!

Walmart Baby Registry


Walmart is known for having some of the lowest prices around and they have 11,695 stores worldwide. So, your friends and relatives are sure to find one near them. The Walmart registry doesn't have all of the bells and whistles of some of the other options but may be a good option for a basic registry that will fill most of your baby essentials.


  • Welcome box for all those who create a baby registry with samples, up to a $40 value.
  • App- Makes registry convenient
  • They have a wide selection of baby goods.
  • Price Match guarantee- If you find a better price from certain retailers then they'll match the price. The list includes Amazon, Target, Kohl’s, JC Penny and more. There are some restrictions be sure to read the fine print.
  • Great prices, did I mention that?
  • Free shipping on purchases over $35.


  • Return Policy- The time frame to return items ranges based on the product. The timeframe can range from 15 to 90 days. 15 days can be hard when you have a new baby.
  • Beware of items not fulfilled by Walmart- If you add items to your online registry that are fulfilled an outside company and not by Walmart then you cannot return them to Walmart. You'll have to go through the outside company and often at your own cost. Look closely at the fine print. It'll say Sold and Shipped by… with the companies’ name.
  • No registry completion discount which is a perk that many other retailers are offering.

IKEA Baby Registry


This's perfect for the parents that are a fan of IKEAS’s modern style. Why not get that same style in your baby’s nursery? Below are the advantages of using IKEA for your registry.


  • They offer baby registration inspiration to show you their favorite picks and what's most popular, including top 20 picks. This's great for first time moms & dads that are trying to figure out everything they need.
  • Modern, Stylish and affordable options for your baby.
  • They have affordable prices for furniture, cribs range from $80-$200, which is hard to beat.
  • They have a registry app that you can easily add items while in the store by entering the article number, scanning or taking a photo.
  • You can easily share your list with family and friends on social media or via text.
  • When you create a registry, you become part of the “IKEA family” This gives members discounts, food offers and exclusive deals.
  • Even your gift givers will get this discount when they provide the baby registry barcode number at checkout.
  • They have a chip in feature in store where you friends and family can chip in on large purchases.
  • You can print the receipt directly from your registry incase a return is needed.


  • They don’t have all the baby essentials you need. You won’t find bottles or diapers here.
  • No registry completion discount like many retailers. This is the discount where you get a percentage off to purchase the remaining items on your list.
  • No checklist. Most retailers offer a registry checklist which is convenient.
  • Some assembly required. Most of the furniture products will be received in multiple pieces and you will have to assemble yourself. There is an assembly service available at an additional cost.

The Ultimate Green Store Baby Registry


I love this store especially for baby products because it is so important to create a healthy environment for your baby. They offer a huge selection of natural and organic baby products, eco-friendly toys and BPA free items.


  • They carry a huge selection of natural and organic clothing, bedding & bath products.
  • One of the largest selections of BPA free items.
  • They carry natural bath and skin care products.
  • Tons of toxic free toys.
  • Eco friendly diapers.
  • The packaging that they use is also eco-friendly.
  • They have excellent customer service, customers rant over their employees going the extra mile for them.
  • Their furniture and baby products are modern and beautifully designed.


  • You have to spend $75 to get the free shipping.
  • Unless you live in LA, there is no physical store presence. As I have mentioned earlier this makes it difficult for those gift givers that don’t do online shopping.
  • They don’t have as wide of a selection of some of the other retailers.

Additional Registry Tips

  • Consider your gift givers- When choosing the best registry place be considerate of those buying the gifts for you. If it's a store front, is it close in proximately to most of your family and friends? Are there affordable options for those on a budget?
  • If you choose a place with online and in store preference be sure to think about which way your gift givers will be shopping and remember that online there are usually more options. You many want to add items both as you're in the store and then add more online.
  • Choose more than one place. Can’t decide on just one? Feel free to choose a couple. I recommend at least one that has a store front for those gift givers who don’t shop online.
  • Still can’t narrow it down? You can also register through The Bump if you can’t decide on just one or two places. The Bump has a feature that they can sync registries from all of your favorite stores making it easier to share with friends!
  • Ask for help. If you're a first-time parent, ask an experienced parent for tips on what you need. I discovered there were several things that I needed and wish I had and others that I never used!
  • Get started- Once you have chosen your registry place(s) jump in and begin. You’ll find that some of your closest family and friends want to start helping you and buying baby stuff right away.
  • Have fun! The process can be overwhelming but also very joyful. It is exciting to pick out those adorable onesies and picturing your baby wearing them. You don’t get the chance to do this very often in life, cherish it!

Be sure to check out my post the Ultimate Guide to Your Baby Registry Find Out the Items You Actually Need- It includes a free baby registry checklist you can download!

After reading this I hope you have an idea of where you want to register for all your baby stuff and are excited to get started. Remember to have fun and cherish this time in your life. I'm open for suggestions if you think I missed any places please leave me a comment below and let me know.

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