10 Taylor Swift Classroom Ideas That Your Students Will Love

Taylor Swift Classroom Ideas

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10 Taylor Swift Classroom Ideas That Your Students Will Love

Are your students obsessed with Taylor Swift, and maybe you are a little too? If so, then this post is for you. I want to show you 10 Taylor Swift classroom ideas to add a little more fun to your classroom this year that your students will absolutely love. Plus, check out some cute teacher t-shirts at the end of this post made just for the Swiftie teachers!

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1 | Create a Friendship Bracelet Bulletin Board

The first idea is to create a cute friendship bracelet bulletin board. If you didn’t know at Taylor’s concerts her fans all exchange these and it’s become a huge trend. Check out below a few examples of some fun bulletin boards that you can copy in your class.

Let’s Be Friends Bulletin Board

Taylor Swift friendship bracelet bulletin board

This is a fun idea that you can customize for your grade level.

Be Kind Bulletin Board

Be Kind Bulletin Board with friendship bracelets

I love a bulletin board that reminds students to be kind!

In Our Learning Era Bulletin Board

In our Learning Era bulletin board

This is one of my favorites with its play on the Era tour.

Enchanted to Meet You Bulletin Board

Taylor Swift Bulletin Board idea

Where to Find | Friendhsip Bracelet Bulletin Board 4 Pack Kit

If you like these bulletin boards, you can get the kit to download and make all of them on Etsy here.

2 | Add Taylor Approved Classroom Rules

Taylor Swift Classroom Rules

Where to Find | Taylor Classroom Rule Printables

If you're looking for more Taylor Swift classroom ideas how about adding some classroom rules from the mouth of Taylor.

What Would Taylor’s Classroom Rules look like?

  1. Why you gotta be so mean? Treat others the way you want to be treated.
  2. It’s me, Hi! I’m the problem it’s me. Take responsibility for your actions, no one is perfect.
  3. I can still make the whole place shimmer, always give your best effort.
  4. You need to calm down, your being too loud. Listen when others are speaking.
  5. Are your ready for it? Be in class on time and ready to learn.

3 | Reward Good Behavior with Swiftie Stickers

Taylor Swift Stickers

Where to Find | Taylor Swift Stickers

If you have a class full of Swifties then they might be motivated to be on their best behavior if the reward is a fun sticker of their favorite singer. I would just let them pick from a small handful at a time or it’ll take too long for them to decide.

4 | Add a Taylor Swift Inspired Throw Pillow to Your Décor

You make the whole class shimmer throw pillow
Where to Find | You Make the Whole Class Shimmer Throw Pillow

Looking for some Taylor Swift classroom ideas for your class decor, why not add a fun throw pillow. This one says you make the whole class shimmer, with a disco ball and a fun retro feel.

5 | Create a In Our Era Bulletin Board

In our Era Bulletin board

Taylor Swift Classroom Ideas Where to Find | In Our Era Bulletin Board Kit

Would your class be excited to see a bulletin board like this when they walked in the classroom? To create it add your classroom’s grade and then some fun retro pictures. Some favorites are butterflies, a disco ball, smiley faces, and rainbows.

6 | Incorporate Popular Songs into Your Class Routines

If you use songs during transition times, to get the class’s attention or to settle students down then this might work for you. Consider adding some of their favorite songs during these times to connect with students and to let them know that you care about what they’re interested in. Just make sure you download the clean versions.

What are the Best Taylor Swift Songs for the Classroom?

  • Love Story
  • Sweet Nothing
  • White Horse
  • Bejeweled
  • Don’t You
  • Today was a Fairy Tale
  • Fearless
  • Fifteen
  • Hey Stephen
  • Mr. Perfectly Fine
  • You Belong with Me

7 | Add Tayor Swift Books to Your Classroom Library

You know that students get excited about reading when it’s a topic that they’re interested in. That’s why it would be a fun idea to add some Taylor Swift books to the class library. Check out some of the best ones below for all different grade levels.

Young Readers Taylor Swift Book

Taylor Swift book for young readers
Where to Find | Taylor Swift A Little Golden Biography

This book is best for preschool through 3rd grade level. Little Golden Book biographies are the perfect introduction to nonfiction for young readers. This book is an inspiring read-aloud for young children.

Taylor Swift Book for Early Elementary Readers

Taylor Swift Book for elementary readers
Find it Here | Taylor Swift The Story of Me

This is a book all about Taylor, that’s filled with pictures and fun facts about her. This is a great book for four to eight year old readers.

Taylor Swift Book for Upper Elementary Students

Taylor Swift book for upper elementary
Find it Here | Taylor Swift Book

If you’re looking for a book for your fourth to sixth graders, then look no further. This book is not only packed with interesting facts about the super star, but it also includes 6 10 x 8 prints.

Taylor Swift Biography for Teens

Taylor Swift biography
Where to Find | Taylor Swift Biography

This book was specifically written for teenagers. This book takes you through the pivotal moments in Taylor's life and career. Learn about her unwavering dedication to her craft, her evolution as an artist, and her impact on the music world as she continuously breaks records and sets new standards.

New Taylor Swift Biography

new Taylor Swift biography
Where to Find | Taylor Swift Biography

This book is for older readers, middle school, high school and even adults. This is a new book that explores the life and career of Taylor. It starts with her early days as a budding songwriter in Nashville and her rise to fame. It also dives into her relationships including friendships and high-profile romances.

8 | Create a You Make the Whole Class Shimmer Bulletin Board

Taylor Swift bulletin board kit You make the whole class shimmer
Find it Here | You Make This Whole Class Shimmer Bulletin Board Kit

This bulletin board is a play on the lyrics from Bejeweled in which Taylor says, I can still make the whole place shimmer. It includes paper jewels that you can edit with student names.

9 | Wear a Cute Taylor Inspired Teacher Shirt

If you want to show your students that you’re a Swiftie too then all you need is one of these cute t-shirts. They’re perfect for a teacher that is also a Taylor Swift fan. Check out my favorites below.

It’s Me Hi I’m The Teacher It’s Me T-shirt

Taylor swift teacher shirt Hi its me I'm the teacher its me
Where to Find | It’s me, hi. I’m the Teacher it’s me Shirt

In My Teacher Era T-Shirt

in my teacher era shirt
Where to Find | In My Teacher Era Shirt

Click the link above to check out more colors that the shirt is available in.

You Make the Whole Class Shimmer Teacher Shirt

You make the whole class shimmer t-shirt
Where to Find | You Make the Whole Class Shimmer Shirt

10 | Try This Friendship Bracelet Classroom Activity

friendship bracelet classroom activity free printable

If your students love Taylor Swift, then they’ll have a lot of fun with this activity.

Steps for Friendship Bracelet Classroom Activity

  • First, have students cut out the long rectangles which are the paper bracelets.
  • Then they can decide what they want to spell out, and color those beads.
  • They can choose what other beads they want to add and color them too.
  • Next, they’ll cut out the beads they have colored.
  • They can glue these onto the paper bracelets.
  • Encourage students to make bracelets for each other and trade bracelets.
  • They can think of a positive word that describes a classmate and create a bracelet for them.
  • The ends can be fastened with tape or glue.

If you want to try this in your classroom you can download this free friendship bracelet printable here!

Free Taylor Swift Inspired Classroom Printable

free taylor swift classroom printable
Download it for Free Here!

You got to the end of this post so you must want to include a little Taylor Swift to your class decor this year.  Good news, I created this free printable for you, that says, "You Make the Whole Class Shimmer."  You can download it by clicking under the picture above.

I hope you enjoyed this post and found some fun Taylor Swift Classroom ideas that you and your students will have fun with! Feel free to save your favorite ideas to your Pinterest boards. To do that just click on the Picture, the P and choose your board.

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