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45 Cozy Grey Bedroom Decor Ideas

Are you looking for some cozy grey bedroom decor ideas? If so then this post is for you. Whether you are looking for modern, romantic or luxurious ideas I’ve got you covered. This post is packed with inspiration to help you create your dream bedroom that you’ll love waking up in every day.

In this post I’ll show you the best ideas to decorate a grey bedroom including what decor to put over your headboard, what decorations look good with grey walls, accent wall ideas, how to make your bedroom cozy and so much more!

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How do I make my bedroom grey and cozy?

If you want to make your bedroom grey and cozy here are a few ideas:

  • Paint your walls and even your ceiling grey
  • Add grey floor to ceiling curtains
  • Incorporate grey in your bed and décor
  • Add cozy layers with bedding, throw blankets and pillows

Grey Bedroom Ideas

Next, let’s check out some real examples of these cozy grey bedroom decor ideas.

1 | Paint Your Walls & Ceiling Grey

Image Source |

When painting your bedroom grey considering adding the color to your ceiling as well to create that extra cozy feel in your space.

2 | Add Floor to Ceiling Grey Curtains

Image Source | villaekoxen

Long curtains will help create the perfect atmosphere for getting amazing sleep while also giving your room a luxurious feel.

3 | Choose a Grey Bed

Image Source | theluxurybedcompany

Pick out a grey bed in velvet if you want your bedroom to feel grand and elegant.

4 | Layer in Cozy Bedding

Image Source | _homebybec

Pick out soft bedding with plenty of layers to create a cozy bed that you won’t want to get out of.

5 | Add More Comfy Blankets

Image Source | house_ofevans

When it comes to comfy, fluffy blankets to create a cozy bedroom more is more.

6 | Choose Plush Pillows

Image Source | richardson_house

One of the most important parts of creating a comfortable bedroom is choosing soft, luxurious pillows that you want to sink into. This is something that you don’t want to skimp on.

Bedroom Decorating Ideas with Gray Walls

Let’s check out some decorating ideas for a bedroom with grey walls. I’ll show you examples of rooms with different shades of grey to give you a little inspiration for decorating your bedroom.

Grey Bedroom Walls

The shade of grey that you choose for your walls will set the stage for the mood of your room. I’ll show you a light, medium and dark grey room so you can find your favorite.

7 | Light Grey Bedroom Ideas

Image Source | jules.interior

Light grey is a great color choice for walls to keep the room feeling bright and welcoming. Keep your bedroom and accessories light as well if you want to create an airy feel in your room.

8 | Dark Grey Walls

Image Source | moodsofdesign

If you want to create more of a moody, modern vibe then choose dark grey for your walls. To balance your room and not make it feel too dark add white accessories.

9 | Medium Gray Walls

Image Source | number_4_on_the_park

Choosing a medium shade of grey that is not too dark or light will give your room a calm and peaceful feeling. This shade looks great with both black and white accents.

What colors go good in a grey bedroom?

Since grey is neutral it can go with any of your favorite colors. Here are some of the most popular color choices to accentuate a grey bedroom:

  • Pink
  • Light blue
  • Gold
  • White
  • Black

Best Accent Colors for Grey Bedrooms

Now, let’s look at an example of each of these colors in a grey bedroom so you can see what you like best.

10 | Grey Bedroom with Gold

Image Source | interiorsbyjwanajo

Gold not only warms up a grey room, but it also adds a little sophistication.

11 | Pink and Grey Bedroom Idea

Image Source | _celestial.crumbs

Pink and grey is one of the most popular bedroom combinations and it looks stunning in a girl’s room.

12 | Grey Bedroom with White Accents

Image Source | mrsd_homeandhappiness

White is a great option to instantly lighten up your grey space.

13 | Add a Little Black

Image Source | greyhome.18

Adding black to your bedroom helps to ground the space and modernize it as well.

14 | Light Blue and Grey Bedroom

Image Source | nadia.gordon.designs

Light blue looks stunning with grey. You can add a splash of blue with bedding.

15 | Green Accent Wall

Image Source | staceys_home_touch

Green and grey is a popular modern combination. Consider adding a green accent wall in your bedroom.

Modern Grey Bedroom Ideas

If you’re looking for some ideas to create a modern grey bedroom then read on. Here are a few ideas to add a modern touch to your bedroom:

  • Go dark for a moody, modern look
  • Choose clean lines
  • Add a modern light fixture
  • Choose low profile furniture

Let’s look at an example of each of these ideas so you can pull off the modern look in your bedroom.

16 | Go Dark

Image Source | lifes_decor

A dark grey color choice for your walls will instantly modernize your space and add a moody feel.

17 | Stick with Clean Lines

Image Source | beaconsothebysrealty

If you love modern style then choose clean lines for your furniture, lighting and bedding.

18 | Add a Modern Light Fixture

Image Source | brendan_bakker

To keep your room on trend, try a modern statement light fixture like this sputnik chandelier.

19 | Choose Low Profile Furniture

Image Source |

Find a low-profile bed with simple lines to add a modern touch to your bedroom.

How can I decorate my grey bedroom?

Here are some ideas to decorate your grey bedroom:

  • Incorporate your favorite style
  • Add seating in your room
  • Create an accent wall
  • Add a full-length mirror
  • Decorate the wall above your bed

Grey Bedroom Decoration Ideas

Next let’s check out all of these cozy grey bedroom decor ideas and how to incorporate them in your room.

20 | Add Seating to Your Bedroom

Image Source | joyellewest

If you have enough room add a small seating area to your bedroom. One or two chairs and a small table will do the trick. You can also add seating at the foot of your bed.

21 | Add a Full-Length Mirror

Image Source | our_durham_home

A full-length mirror is not only practical for getting ready in the morning, but it will also add beauty to your room.

22 | Add Boho Style

Image Source | tammylepinerealestate

If boho is your favorite style then add it in your bedroom. You can do this by adding natural textures, colors and plants.

23 | Add Some Farmhouse Charm

Image Source |

To add some farmhouse charm to your room add a wreath, natural materials or even a shiplap accent wall.

Grey Bedroom Wall Ideas

An accent wall will add a statement to your bedroom. Here are a few ideas to incorporate an accent wall in your grey bedroom:

  • Add wallpaper
  • Create a wood panel accent wall
  • Use natural materials like wood or brick on your wall
  • Purchase a full wall headboard

Next, let’s check out how to pull of these accent wall ideas in your room.

24 | Create a Modern Wood Panel Accent Wall

Image Source | furniture123uk

If you’re up for a DIY project, you can re-create a wall like this with wood panels.

25 | Add Wallpaper

Image Source | innerdecor

Wallpaper on just one wall is any easy way to completely transform a space.

26 | Think Brick

Image Source | hasko_store_usa

This brick wall warms up the grey bedroom. If your room does not have a brick wall you can purchase faux brick wall panels that actually look like the real thing.

27 | Find a Wall Mural

Image Source |

This grey, black and white wall mural makes a statement in this modern bedroom.

28 | Create a Reclaimed Wood Wall

Image Source | vayaresorts

Reclaimed wood panels in a variety of colors will add warmth and dimension to your grey room.

29 | Try a Marble Accent Wall

Image Source | builders_daughter_x

A marble accent wall adds a touch of sophistication to this minimal grey bedroom. To pull this of in your bedroom add marble wallpaper to the wall behind your bed.

Wall Decoration Ideas for Grey Bedroom

The wall space above your head board in your bedroom is prime real estate to add your style to your room. Here are a few decorating ideas to add to that space:

  • Add your favorite photos
  • Pick out beautiful artwork
  • Create a wall collage
  • Add a small shelf

If you like these ideas read on to see some examples of each.

30 | Add Your Favorite Photos

Image Source | becomingthemasons

To add personality and style to your room add your favorite photos in black and white above the bed in matching black frames.

31 | Pick out Beautiful Artwork

Image Source | design_sasi

Tie in your room colors with abstract artwork.

32 | Create a Wall Collage

Image Source | danetti_com

Create an interesting wall collage over your bed with your favorite pictures, art prints that you download online. Mix and match different frames for an original look.

33 | Add a Round Mirror

Image Source | kiana_furniture

A simple round mirror above your headboard will make your room feel larger and brighter by bouncing light around the room.

34 | Add a Floating Shelf

Image Source | thebradleys_atno3

Add a small shelf over your bed and then you can trade out your favorite photos, art and décor on a whim to transform the look of your space.

Grey Bedroom Ideas for a Small Room

If you have a small bedroom check out these next ideas that will work perfectly in a small space.

35 | Keep it Monochromatic

Image Source |

If your room is tiny consider keeping everything light grey to keep it from looking busy and instead give your room a relaxed feel.

36 | Try a Daybed

Image Source | beautiful_homes_liverpool

For a small room or a guest room a day bed might be the perfect space saving solution.

Romantic Grey Bedroom Ideas

If you want to create a romantic grey bedroom here are a few ideas for you:

  • Add a chandelier
  • Incorporate fresh flowers
  • Add some feminine touches

I’ll show you how to use these ideas to create a romantic grey bedroom.

37 | Add a Chandelier

Image Source | lovefordesigns | arnalphotography

A chandelier will instantly add a romantic feel to your bedroom.

38 | Incorporate Fresh Flowers

Image Source | jo.marie_blissfulbuilds

Pick up a bouquet of flowers at the store and put them in a vase for an easy way to liven up your room.

39 | Add Some Feminine Touches

Image Source | mydreamhome_usplus6

Add feminine details like florals, lace and ruffles to up the romance factor in your bedroom.

Luxury Grey Bedroom Ideas

Do you want to create more of a luxurious feel in your bedroom? There are a few small changes that you can make that will give your room that over-the-top elegant feel. Here are a few ideas:

  • Add sparkly and shiny finishes
  • Try damask wallpaper
  • Style a tray on your bed

40 | Make it Sparkle

Image Source | sammys_x_home

Incorporate sparkle in your design for a luxurious feel with mirrored nightstands, light fixtures, or accessories.

41 | Try Damask Wallpaper

Image Source | thehillcrest

A traditional pattern on your wallpaper like damask print adds a sophisticated feel to your room.

42 | Style a Bed Tray

Image Source | rowenhomes

Add a tray to your bed that you can style with candles, flowers, books or drinks to make your room feel like a five-star hotel.

How do I add warmth to my grey bedroom?

Here are a few ideas to add warmth to your grey bedroom:

  • Add plants
  • Add wood accents
  • Add an area rug

43 | Add Plants

Image Source | asteidleo

An easy way to warm up your bedroom is to add a little greenery with a potted plant.

44 | Bring in the Wood

Image Source | elina_dasira_designer

Adding wood tones to your bedroom will instantly warm it up. You don’t have to go all out, adding a piece of wooden furniture, a frame or a wooden accessory will do the trick.

45 | Find an Area Rug

Image Source | laurenashleyhansen

Adding an area rug is an easy way to warm up your space. If you want your room to feel brighter pick out a light-colored rug.

Now you have 45 cozy grey bedroom decor ideas. I hope you found some new ideas to incorporate into your bedroom design. Feel free to save your favorite ideas to your Pinterest boards. To do this just click on the picture and then the P and choose your board.

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