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Chaylor and Mads Newsletters go out to over 16,000 women the majority of which are between the age of 18-44. I love to share ideas with my audience of ways to make their life, easier and more fun. I send out two newsletters every Thursday. The Teachers Newsletter’s audience is made up of, you guessed it… teachers. The Moms Newsletter is made up of moms of babies and young children.

Details about the Newsletters

  • Over 16,000 readers
  • 35-45% open rates
  • Majority of audience is women, age range 18-44, segmented into two groups; teachers and moms.
  • Sent once a week on Thursdays.

Sponsor Guidelines

My audience is interested in learning about products that will help make their lives easier, better and more fun. If this sounds like your brand, then this might be a great fit!

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