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From healthy snacks to delicious desserts, and alcohol of course, we’ve got you covered.

13 Insanely Delicious Instant Pot Recipes

The best instant pot recipes including black bean chicken nachos, honey teriyaki chicken, pulled pork plus, some recipes that you will be shocked can be made in an instant pot.

11 Delicious Fall Recipes Your Family Will Love

Quick, easy and delicious fall recipes including pumpkin recipes like pumpkin french toast, pumpkin chili, pumkin alfredo plus, more mouth watering recipes!

11 Fall Drinks You Will Love

Deliciious fall drinks like pumpkin spice milkshakes and salted caramel hot chocolate. Plus, recipes just for the adults like pumpkin spice Moscow mules and more!

9 Delicious Fall Dinner Recipes You Have To Try

9 Delicious Fall Recipes You Have To Try

It’s sad to see Summer go but Fall might be my favorite season. Boots, cozy fires, red wine, and delicious food. I love making comfort food and wanted to see what else is out there that I can introduce to the family this fall. Here are some of the best I found, most are easy to make helping …

7 Cozy Fall Drinks Your Family Will Love

7 Things New Wine Drinkers Should Know

For years I never thought I would be a wine drinker, I even had the opportunity to live in prestigious wine country on the California coast and never tried it. Years later I got a job selling the stuff and realized how much I was missing out on and really fell in love with it. Wine is rapidly ditching the old stigma of being for the snobby and elite and producing high-quality low-cost wine that everyone can enjoy. It can be scary trying something new and there are so many wines on the market now it’s hard to even know where to start. I’ve put together a small list of what I think can help you get started based on my experience in the wine industry and what I found doing some research. I hope this short list gets you motivated to try something new, so check it out and I would love to hear from you in the comment section down below. Cheers! read more