29 Latest Pop Design Ideas for your Living Room

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29 Latest Pop Design Ideas for your Living Room

In this post we’ll explore the best and latest ideas for pop design for the living room. Pop design on your ceiling or your wall is a way to add a luxurious feel to your home. If this sounds like what you’re looking for read on to see some unique design ideas to copy for your home.

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What is Pop in Living Room?

Pop stands for plaster of Paris, which is a material that is made from quick-setting white powder that hardens after mixing with water. It’s commonly used to make false ceilings and walls with intricate designs that are a growing in popularity all over the world.

The material is called plaster of Paris because it is made gypsum that is found near Paris. The Pop is made by heating the gypsum so that the water evaporates and leaves behind the powder substance.

To create false ceilings first the area is framed and then mesh is applied. Electrical wires are then installed inside conduit pipes which are drilled and fixed to the ceiling. The last step is to apply the POP ceiling with putty and paint.

This process is done by skilled laborers and can be used to cover unsightly ceilings, make a room appear larger and create a statement in your home.

What is the advantage of a POP ceiling?

  • Easy to install and light weight.
  • Allows for a smooth finish.
  • Are durable and last from 15 to 20 years.
  • Can cover an ugly ceiling.
  • Acoustics and energy savings improvements
  • Creates a unique and sophisticated look for your space.

There are a variety of colors, shapes, sizes, patterns and lighting choices that you can choose to create your one-of-a-kind ceiling or wall. In this post I’ll show you tons of inspiration so you can find your favorite.

Modern Pop Design for Living Room

If you want to create modern feel in your living room, then having a pop ceiling installed is great option. Let’s check out some modern pop design ideas for your living room to get you inspired to start your project.

1 | Elegant Ceiling Design

IMAGE SOURCE | skye_interiorz

This pop design with chandeliers adds a luxurious feel to this open living room. The details of the ceiling from the curves, the various colors and the layers of recession add depth to the room.

2 | Rectangular False Ceiling

IMAGE SOURCE | diskeh_interiors

A symmetrical design with recessed rectangles with under lighting gives a modern feel to this home. Adding a pendant light to the center of the design is a modern choice.

3 | Ceiling with Modern Chandelier

IMAGE SOURCE | rc_homess

A modern sputnik chandelier is the perfect choice to compliment a modern pop ceiling design.

4 | Mid Century Modern

IMAGE SOURCE | wizdecinteriors

This ceiling design compliments the mid-century modern style of this living room. The lighting set into the ceiling illuminates the entire room for a bright feel.

5 | Modern Lighted Ceiling

IMAGE SOURCE | wizdecinteriors

These lighted cutouts give this home a modern and bright look and feel. The lines on the ceiling mimic the windows for a cohesive design.

Simple Pop Design for Living Room

Sometimes the best design ideas are the simple ones. If you’re looking for some simple pop designs then you’ll love these next few ideas.

6 | Add Rope Lights

IMAGE SOURCE | interiorsbysarai

This simple ceiling design is lit up with warm white rope lights resulting in a designer feel.

7 | Simple Modern Design

IMAGE SOURCE | rc_homess

Four large rectangles are a simple idea that adds just the right amount of interest to this modern ceiling.

8 | Simple Line Ceiling Design

IMAGE SOURCE | diskeh_interiors

Simple lines in varying lengths adds drama to this living room ceiling.

9 | Detailed Corners

IMAGE SOURCE | mablevihomebuilders

Here’s a simple idea with pretty detail in the corner of the ceiling.

10 | Pop Design Simple

IMAGE SOURCE | sunilenterprises

Straight lines intersect to create an interesting pattern on this false ceiling.

11 | Dark Design

IMAGE SOURCE | spacesbyjan

This dark pop design creates an interesting contrast with the light ceiling.

Circular Pop Design for Living Room

When planning for your pop ceiling design consider adding circles. Adding a circular design to your ceiling makes the area appear larger than it is and gives rooms an open airy feeling. If this is the feel you want in your living room, then check out some inspiration below to pull it off.

12 | Round Ceiling Masterpiece

IMAGE SOURCE | pop_designer_pune

You can see here how a large round pop design makes the room look larger. Consider choosing a round pendant to compliment the ceiling shape.

13 | Circular Pattern

IMAGE SOURCE | goldrock_interiors

Overlapping half circles create an interesting pattern that looks bold and sophisticated.

14 | Three Circles

IMAGE SOURCE | goldrock_interiors

For a longer narrow living room not one but three circulars might fit the space best. Consider adding three matching pendants to finish the space.

Pop Design Latest

Are you looking for the latest faux ceiling designs? Check out some inspiration below for the latest designs that are unique and stunning.

15 | Floral Pop Ceiling Design

IMAGE SOURCE | popdesigns_interiors

If you want to stun with your ceiling, look no further than this pretty floral design.

16 | 3D Block Ceiling Design

IMAGE SOURCE | innosaf_decor

3 dimensional blocks create a stunning pattern on this unique ceiling.

17 | Geometric Pattern with Fans

IMAGE SOURCE | warsi_furniture_0.2

When planning your project consider if you want ceiling fans to be part of the design. Here’s a great example of combining functionality with beauty for a stunning result.

18 | Patterned Pop Ceiling

IMAGE SOURCE | skye_interiorz

Pattern and wood details create a one-of-a-kind custom ceiling design. If you want a false ceiling design that is elegant and modern look no further.

19 | Curvy Ceiling Idea

IMAGE SOURCE | diskeh_interiors

If you want an eye-catching look for your living room, try a curvy design like this one.

Pop Designs with Color

White is the most common choice for ceilings. But this post is all about ceilings that stand out from the crowd. If you really want to take your ceiling up another notch, consider adding color in your design. Get some inspiration from the gorgeous colorful ceilings below.

20 | Pop of Orange

IMAGE SOURCE | down_ceiling_designer

A pop of orange brings the eye up to the amazing ceiling detail.

21 | Colorful False Ceiling

IMAGE SOURCE | mrkhiladiji

Bright fun colors add another dimension to this pop ceiling.

22 | Ceiling with Colored Lights

IMAGE SOURCE | worldmarksng

Another way to add color to your ceiling is with colored lights. You can even choose lights with color settings so you can choose the right lighting for the mood.

23 | Purple Lights

IMAGE SOURCE | worldmarksng

Here’s another ceiling with just a little pop of purple to add personality to this all-white living room.

Pop Wall Design for Living Room

Pop design is not just for ceilings. This can add another dimension to your walls as well. Pop finish can be used to accentuate your entertaining area or built-in shelving.

If you want to create a living room that will be the envy of your friends check out some unique wall design ideas below.

24 | Pop TV Surround

IMAGE SOURCE | popceilingcraft

Pop on your wall can take your built-ins to the next level. Here the design frames the television for a unique focal point for this living room.

25 | Small Pop Shelving Wall

IMAGE SOURCE | skye_interiorz

A small wall becomes the focal point of this room with its lighted pop shelving.

26 | Pop Entertainment Zone

IMAGE SOURCE | braceinteriorconcept

A lighted pop design built around this entertainment station creates an instant ambience for watching films.

27 | Pop Built in Shelves

IMAGE SOURCE | modishdovecreations

Create an entire wall of built ins for a truly custom look in your living room.

28 | Make Collections Pop

IMAGE SOURCE | modishdovecreations

Accentuate your favorite collection with lighting above each cut out for that ultimate wow factor.

29 | Pop Design Shelving

IMAGE SOURCE | modishdovecreations

Pop Shelving makes this wall a work of art. These shelves would make a collection or home décor really stand out.

So now you’ve seen the very best and latest pop design ideas for your living room. I hope you found some inspiration to try this trend in your home. Feel free to save your favorite ideas to your Pinterest boards. To do this click on the picture and then the P and choose your board.

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