17 Valentines Quotes to Spread the Love This Year

Valentines Quotes

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17 Valentines Quotes to Spread the Love This Year

Happy Valentine’s Day! If you want to share the love this Valentine’s day, read on to find 17 sweet, sexy, romantic or funny valentines quotes. If you find one you like feel free to click on it copy it and then you can send it in a text, email or you can print it off for that special someone.

You’re My Favorite Adventure

Valentine Quote – We Just Fit

I Will Always Search for You

Valentines Quote – You’re So Fly

You are the Woo to my Hoo

I Love You to the Moon and Back

You’re My Person

Valentine Quote – Be Mine Valentine

You are Loved

Valentine Quote Be Mine

You’re Pretty Much the Best

Oh, I Just Hate You the Least

My Heart is Wherever You Are

Just a Little Reminder That You are Loved

Happy Valentine’s Day

I Donut What I’d Do with You

I Love Your Face

Always Better Together

Hopefully you found the perfect expression of your love with the 17 Valentines quotes in this post. Share them with your friends, your family or that special someone in your life to let them know that you’re thinking of them this Valentine’s Day. If you liked this post please share it on your favorite social!