Trunk Club Review The Personal Stylist Experience

Trunk Club review

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Trunk Club Review The Personal Stylist Online Experience

Have you ever thought about getting your own personal stylist? You may be too busy to shop, want to keep up on the latest trends or need help with fashion. If so then this post may interest, you. I recently tried the Trunk Club online experience. I have always wanted a personal stylist and I set out to find out how it worked and if it was worth it. In this post I will give you my full honest Trunk Club review, explain in detail how the process works, answer all of your questions and I will discuss my own experience with the Nordstrom based company and of course I will show you all of my outfits.

I did not get a free Trunk Club for writing this post. I am getting the full experience by paying for my clothes just like you and wanted to be able to give you my honest Trunk Club review. I did sign up to be an affiliate with the company. This means that if you make a purchase using my links, I will receive a small commission at no cost to you. You can read my full disclosure here.

What is Trunk Club?

Trunk Club is a Nordstrom company that carries high quality clothing for men and women including casual outfits to formal clothing and everything in between. They also carry shoes, bags and accessories in various price points. Trunk Club makes it easier to get that personal stylist experience. They have six locations throughout the US where you can meet with a personal stylist in person. They also have the online Trunk Club experience where you can get personal stylist curated outfits for you delivered to your door. This post will be focused on the online experience because that is what I did. The online process includes a personal stylist getting to know you through a series of in-depth questions and messages back and forth and then personalizing a trunk with several outfits just for you.

How Does Trunk Club Work?

So, when you first sign up, they gather tons of information about your style through a series of questions. This is to help your stylist pick the right clothes for you. It is important to answer these questions honestly so you will get a trunk that is perfect for you. I will show you the questions that I received when I first signed up. You will answer the first several set of questions before you even give your credit card information or officially sign up. So, if you are wanting to start to see what the experience is like this is a great time to do that.
Trunk Club

Getting To Know You Questions

Trunk Club will first ask you a series of questions to get to know you and your style. These questions are to find out what you are looking for in Trunk Club, what you are willing to spend on clothes and they are also getting a feel of what you like and what you don’t like. Below are the questions I received.

Questions About What Types of Clothes You Prefer

Next, they will ask you questions about what types of clothes you like to wear. They use this info to try to find clothes that fit your lifestyle and preferences.

Trunk Club Review Questions About Pricing

Next the company will ask you what you typically spend on several different clothing items. They want to send you clothes at a price you’re comfortable with. They don’t want to send you a trunk that is more expensive then you want just to have you return the entire Trunk. Below is an example of the questions I received regarding pricing.

Trunk Club Review

Questions About What Outfits You Like

This is the fun part Trunk Club will show you a ton of outfits that they have put together and you will select whether you like it or not. For me this step got me excited about the cute outfits that I would be getting. Now these are not the outfits that they will be sending you. They are still just getting a feel for your style. All of this will be valuable information for your personal stylist to understand your style aesthetic. The pictures below are the outfits options they sent me each with an option for me to give a thumbs up or a thumbs down.

Trunk Club

Questions About You

Next, they will ask you questions about all of your sizes and your age. These are crucial questions to get the right personal style for you, right?

How Often Can You Get Your Trunk?

So, at this point you may be wondering how often you can get your trunk. Trunk Club differs from some of the other boxes here because they are not a subscription service. I personally love this because you don’t sign up and just start getting boxes before you can cancel. You can just get one trunk if you want. They also give you the option to sign up for recurring trunks if that is what you want. This would be perfect if you want to always keep your wardrobe up to date and if you live somewhere where you need different clothes for every season. They have an option to receive a trunk every month, every two months or every three months. Since it was my first-time ordering and I wanted to get a feel for the company first I opted to say I’ll decide later and not sign up for the recurring trunks.

Trunk Club Review Payment & Shipping Information

You make it all the way through this step before they ask for your payments and shipping information. When you sign up you will not be charged for the trunk yet. You will get a chance to review your trunk before it ships and add or delete items. Then you are charged a styling fee of $25 once your trunk is shipped out. When you receive your trunk, you will have five days to try on clothes and decide what you like. Anything that does not work you can send back for no charge and what you like you keep. Then you will check out online and at that time you are charged for the items you kept. Ok, but I am getting ahead of myself here is the next step in the process.

More Specific Questions About What You Like

So, once you have officially signed up for a trunk, they will ask you more specific questions about what you like. They will give you an opportunity to tell them if there is an occasion that you want the outfits for or if there is anything you want to tell your stylist. Then they will show you coordinated outfits and show you the brand and price for each item in the outfit. For me they showed me 14 outfits! For each piece you can give it a thumbs up or a thumbs down. If you give a thumbs down, they want to know what you don’t like about it, is it the style, is it too expensive, do you already own a similar piece? These are not the pieces you will actually receive. They are still gathering information on your style, preferences, and prices you are comfortable with. This is a great opportunity to be honest and let your stylist know if you love or hate something and why. Here are some of my favorite outfits that I gave the thumbs up to below.

Meet Your Personal Stylist

Once you are done giving feedback on the assortment of outfits, they will let you know who your stylist is. My stylist name was Sarah. They will send you a picture of him or her and let you know that you will be receiving an email from your stylist soon. You also have one more opportunity at this time to send your stylist a personal message if there is anything that you want them to keep in mind while designing your trunk. This is a great time to let them know something that the questions didn’t address, like I have a wedding coming up and want a knockout dress or I need pieces to look more professional at work. I let my stylist know that I wanted some new casual outfits for hanging out with friends and family and maybe a date night or a night out with the girls. Keep in mind this person is your personal stylist and they want to get to know you so that they create something that you love. Take advantage of this and fill them in on what they need to know. I mean you have a personal stylist working for you, that is pretty cool! They also give you another chance to edit the style preferences that you have entered. If you are seconding guessing that you put you love extra high heels go ahead and edit that here. My stylist sent me a message right away that she was excited to get started designing my trunk.

Review Your Trunk

Now you sit back and wait for that email… review your trunk. I received the email the same day that I signed up. One of my favorite features of Trunk Club is that they give you a chance to review and make changes to every single item in your trunk. I have not seen this with other style boxes that I have tried. They will send you a detailed list of every single item in your trunk a picture, details about the product, sizing and the price. Once they send the email you have 48 hours to review your trunk. For each item you can choose to have them send or don’t send. This does not mean you are committed to buying it at this time this just means that you want them to send it so you can check it out and try it on. When I reviewed my trunk there were a couple of items I said don’t send. There was a pair of boots that I owned a very similar pair and there was a jacket that just wasn’t my style. These are the two items that I said don’t send.

Personal Stylist Experience

Throughout the process you can email your stylist at any time and she will let you know when she is working on your trunk and keep you updated on the process. My stylist, Sarah would get back to me right away whenever I sent her a message. I even sent her a message one Saturday night not expecting her to get back to me right away, but she still did!

How to Save Money on Your Trunk

Here is where I found an awesome money saving strategy. For several items in your trunk in the review your trunk email it will say color options. Click on this. They will show you other options that the piece comes in. You might find a color that you prefer over what the stylist has chosen. For me I also discovered this can be a place for huge savings. Some colors are on clearance and you can save money just by selecting a different color. For example, in my trunk my stylist picked out this cozy chunky sweater in navy blue when I clicked on color options, I discovered the same sweater in mustard. Which is a color I love, and this color was on clearance for 40% off. Win Win! So, my advice is to read those emails thoroughly and check out all the color options.

Your Picks Accessories to Add to Your Trunk

Next you will get an email that you can add three accessories to your trunk. These are items that you get to pick yourself and add to your order. This is perfect if for example you really need a new purse, but your stylist didn’t include it. This is a fun way to try new items with no obligation to buy. When do you ever get to do this? When you are online shopping you have the risk of being stuck with something you don’t like or having to pay shipping costs to return it. They will clearly state the price of each item too. I ordered my trunk in winter and had a huge selection of adorable winter accessories, plus cute purses, hats and jewelry. See below some of my options.

Trunk Club Review

How Much Does Trunk Club Cost?

You are probably wondering how much Trunk Club costs. Since it is a Nordstrom company you can expect similar prices to if you were shopping at the high-end retailer. Your trunk could be more or less expensive depending on the questions you answered in your style profile. To give you an idea my least expensive pieces was the Topshop mustard mock neck sweater that was reduced to $45, and the most expensive piece was the Rebecca Minkoff leather crossbody bag which was $195. All the other items were somewhere in between.

The Arrival of the Trunk

After you have reviewed your trunk within about a week you will receive an email that your trunk has shipped. This is when I started to get excited. You can track your trunk so you know exactly when it will arrive. My husband was home to receive my trunk and it was waiting for me in my room when I got home from work. He sent me a picture of it waiting on my bed while I was working and I was super excited and went straight in the room to try on everything as soon as I got home. I was loving my items each piece I opened was so much better than the pictures. Sarah also sent me outfit suggestions to show me how to put the pieces together, which I loved. The pieces were curated to go together perfectly. Below I will show you what my outfits looked like.

Trunk Club Review of Outfit Number One

My first outfit consisted of the following:

  • Mustard Mock Neck Sweater by Topshop, (This is the one I told you that I got 40% off!)
  • Alva Booties by Marc Fisher LTD
  • Leather Crossbody Bag by Rebecca Minkoff
  • Gold Hoop Earrings by Gorjana
  • 10 Coated Edition High Waisted Black Skinny Pants by Madewell

My thoughts on the first outfit- The sweater is amazing. This is the piece that I get the most compliments on. Plus, it is super warm and cozy which I am loving for this time of year in Oregon. The black skinny pants are coated demin, and they have a sexy leather feeling.  The hoop earrings are adorable and super light and thin. I love to wear them with my hair up in a bun or ponytail. This is the perfect outfit for hanging out with my friends on a winter day or night.

Review of Second Outfit

The new pieces in my second outfit included:

  • Record Breaker Collarless Faux Leather Jacket by Blanknyc &
  • Velvet Ribbed Metallic Detail Cami by Halogen.

About this outfit- The jacket was one of my favorite pieces out of the entire trunk. It will be a perfect winter stable for my wardrobe. The cami has more texture then you can tell in the pictures. It seems to be very high quality. Overall this outfit was very cute on. I think it will be a perfect date night or girls night outfit.

Trunk Club Review of Third Outfit

The third outfit was this adorable twist front long sleeve dress by Chelsea28.

My review of the third outfit- This dress was a different color then I would normally pick, I usually go for greens blues and greys. But I loved it on. Plus, the twist front is a flattering fit that makes your waist look small. I thought the length is perfect, not too long and not too short. For me it works great for church and holidays or family get togethers.

The Fourth Outfit Review

The fourth outfit consisted of these new pieces:

  • Good Legs High Waist Skinny Jeans by Good American
  • Marled Knit Mock Neck Sweater by Chelsea28
  • Leather Crossbody Bag by Rebecca Minkoff

Trunk Club review of fourth outfit- The purse can go with all of the outfits but I added it to this one so you could see what it looked like on. I love it do you? The sweater is so my colors. In person it has even more depth of colors then it shows in the picture. It is super cozy and warm. The jeans are high waist jeans which are back in style again, have you noticed? These ones fit great and are flattering on my legs. This is the outfit that I can wear everyday when I am hanging out with the kids or going shopping. It is a great everyday winter outfit.

Check out Your Trunk

You now have five days to check out your trunk. They send you an email and you simply check each item as keep or return. Your stylist will also send you a personal message to see what you liked and didn’t like. The items you returned you just ship back to them in a package they provide with no extra charge. If you return all the items, the only thing you will pay is the initial styling fee of $25. Other than that, there is no obligation to keep your items.

Trunk Club Review My Overall Experience

I hope you got some insight on the company and what to expect with my Trunk Club review. I highly recommend Trunk Club if you want a personal stylist experience, especially if you love Nordstrom. What I love about it is I received items from my stylist that I would not pick on my own but ended up looking amazing. It keeps you looking stylish and polished without all the effort of shopping and keeping up on the trends. I like that you can try on the items in the comfort of your own home and keep what you like and ship back the rest. I love the idea that I now have a personal stylist who is getting to know my style, likes and dislikes and will be able to create even better trunks for me in the future. My favorite part of the whole experience was the anticipation of the trunk arriving and the thrill of getting it in the mail. That and I get tons of compliments on my new outfits! Have you tried Trunk Club yet? Leave a comment and let me know how it went. If you haven’t tried it yet now is a good time to get started you can now earn and redeem Nordstrom notes and gift cards for any purchase. Follow this link to get started with your first Trunk. If you do please hit me up with a comment or an email and let me know about your experience!

Trunk Club

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