Class Tree Wall Decal


Our Class Tree Wall Decal

Our Class Tree Photo Wall Decal


Large Wall Decal Sticker Tree to decorate classroom.  Place photos of students in your classroom into Decal Sticker picture frames.  Includes:  tree, 25 small frames, 3 bonus large frame decals, Our Class Tree Decal, birds and leaves.  More students in your class?  You can purchase 8 additional photo frames from Chaylor & Mads.  3 bonus frame decals can be used for class picture, group pictures, teacher pictures, teacher name or class number.

Features & Details:

  • Size:  Approximately 9ft (Length) x 6ft 7in (Height)
  • Size can be larger or smaller depending on how you position the decals.
  • Includes 25 frame decals for student pictures plus 3 larger bonus frames decals.
  • 8 additional frames can be purchased separately for larger classrooms.
  • Decal frames fit 3" x 5" and 2" x 3" pictures.  Bonus frames are 8" x 9".
  • Color:  Black
  • Material: PVC