7 Morning Habits to Start Now to Change your Life

The way you start your day will have a dramatic difference on not only your entire day but the course of your life. If you are wanting to make a positive change in your life the easiest way is to change your daily habits. This begins with the first hour of you day. In this article I will share the seven best habits to start your day to set you up for success.

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Set your Entire Day up for Success

Waking early is the first step to starting your day off right. If you wake up early you will have time to do the next items on the list without feeling rushed. In our packed household of five, this is the only chance that I have to get a little quiet time. Most of the habits are the most effective with just you in a quiet house. If you do it right the first hour of your day can give you the most satisfaction and set you up for success for the rest of the day.

Start with an Energy Boost that May Help you Lose Weight

Drink a glass of water with a lemon from a straw. A glass of water with a fresh lemon slice has been shown to increase hydration and skin quality and help digestion when drank first thing in the morning. There may even be a link to weight loss. A study by the Journal of Clinical Biochemistry and nutrition showed weight loss in mice cause from antioxidants found in lemons. So why the straw? The negative side effect of citric acid found in lemons is that it can erode your tooth enamel. Add a straw to help protect your healthy smile. This habit may be the easiest to incorporate into your morning routine because it tests fresh and you will become addicted to the energy boost it gives you.

Control the Direction of your Life by Bullet Journaling

The morning is the best time to journal to control the direction of your day and your life! I like to grab a cup of coffee, my bullet journal and a nice set of pens and head to a quiet space in the house. Any journaling will work but if you start bullet journaling you will be more likely to incorporate it daily. You many be wondering what bullet journaling is. It is a planning system devised by Ryder Carrol that involves a journal and bullet points. Many people use colored pens and create pretty pages to add inspiration to normally mundane daily tasks. Bullet journaling is like an art form. It is addicting, you will be excited each morning to add to your masterpiece. The best categories to bullet journal in the morning to start your day off right are:

  • your daily to do list
  • your goals
  • daily affirmations &
  • a gratitude journal

There are plenty more ideas to add to your bullet journal but to start with these four will not only help you to organize your day but will give you a positive perspective to start off you day right. This is the journal that I use. It comes in a variety of colors and sizes. I recommend size a4. These are my pens, they are the perfect size for bullet journaling. Check out my article about the 9 ways bullet journaling will change your life to learn more.
Get Centered, Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Mediation has been shown to have positive effects on the mind but, only if done on a regular basis. The morning is the perfect time to add this to your routine. Mornings are often the quiet time in the house and therefore the best time to be able to block out the world. Mediation has been shown to reduce stress, anxiety, and negative thoughts. This is why mediating on a regular basis can give you an instant happiness boost. If you are new to mediation you can try an app to get started or try listen to spiritual music. Try searching mediation music on Pandora.

Achieve your Fitness Goals

If you are like me, it is easy to put off your workout for another day. If you tackle your workout first thing in the morning you will feel great for the rest of the day. There is an amazing feeling that you have accomplished something before most people have started their day. This change to your morning routines will increase your likelihood of achieving your fitness and weight loss goals. If you put off your workout until the end of your day you are more likely to skip it all together. Wouldn’t it feel great to no longer stressing about when you’re going to squeeze a workout into your daily routine? This daily habit change can lead to a healthier happier you.

Connect with Nature

Getting outside and connecting with nature first thing in the morning will give you an instant mood boost. You can plan your workout outside. Go on a run, bike ride or do Yoga on your porch. Or just drink your lemon water or grab your journal and coffee and head for the back deck. I know that this doesn’t work in all seasons for everyone but try to incorporate this as much as you can to help increase your mental state for the day.

The Easiest way to Avoid Overeating the Rest of the Day

Eat a healthy morning breakfast. Ok, you know I had to list this one, right? This is crucial and we all know this. But do you know why. If you skip breakfast this could lead to overeating the rest of the day. I talk to a lot of people who say I don’t eat breakfast because I’m not hungry in the morning. Many of us don’t feel hungry in the morning. This is the only time that the advice eat even if you’re not hungry applies. When we skip this meal, our body must prolong its fasting which can lead to an increase in our hunger hormones. Which will explain why you may be craving extra snacks all day and often the unhealthy ones. If we instead consume a healthy breakfast that contains protein and fiber not only does this break our bodies fasting, but it also replenishes our supply of glucose used for energy. This will help keep your energy high for the rest of the day. So, with just this one change to your daily routine you can lose weight and have more energy all day. Read this to learn about the 11 foods you should be eating for breakfast.
My challenge to you is to take 3 of these ideas and start incorporating them into your daily routine now and begin to make a positive change in your life. We are not perfect so don’t stress if you miss a day. Just try again the next day. Incorporate these small changes in your daily habits and you will be amazed at the changes you will see in your life.

Please leave a comment and let us know if you tried these or share with us some ideas you use to start your day off right.