7 Ways to Rededicate Yourself to a Healthy & Active Lifestyle

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Every year for me it’s the same thing, there are moments where I just can’t find the motivation to workout. Sure, for the most part I’m pretty good at doing something to keep myself fit, but when that feeling hits me, and I get into that funk it’s hard to get back into it. A lot of times for me it’s after vacation, I get out of my routine, have way too much fun, and when I come back I find I struggle to get back into it. I’m sure a lot of you have the same problem, it can be hard to constantly keep up with life and still find the time to take care of yourself. I thought about some of the things I do to get myself refocused and thought I would share. If you have any comments or ideas to add please leave them in the section down below.

New Routine

I know it’s good to always be changing up your workout, but for me I like to find a routine that works and stick to it. I run frequently and focus a lot on body weight exercises I can do at home, a wife and 3 kids make it hard to get to the gym. When I get a in a rut a lot of times finding a new routine can re-energize me. Sometimes I’ll find a new video (all the p90x videos have been great) or I’ll get online and search around for something new that I can incorporate into my workouts. With running I’ll look for new places or maybe an upcoming run that sounds fun to get me back outside. All these things usually help me find my focus again.

Plan a Trip/Event

Having something to look forward to is a great motivator, not just for working out but to help us with the stress of life. Whenever we have a vacation booked I find extra energy to be healthy and stick with my routine, so I can look and feel my best. Maybe there is a wedding, reunion, or work function that you want to look great for that can keep you focused. Whatever it is, plan or find something in the future that will help motivate you in the present.

Find a buddy

If you’ve been going it alone, find a friend who might need the motivation and motivate each other. Or find a friend who is in a great routine and ask if you can join them. If you both can hold each other accountable, you’ll be less inclined to skip that work out and go get it done.

Healthy Diet

If you can’t muster up the energy to get a workout in, focus at least on the fuel you are putting in your body. Not working out and eating garbage can sometimes go hand in hand, if you’re not being active you may as well crush that double cheeseburger, right? If you like to cook, look around and find some fresh, fun recipes to try. Putting the right things in your body can make you feel better and help you kick that lazy feeling.
Set New Goals

I’ve lost 50lbs twice, see I know how to lose motivation and get it back! My point being once I lost the weight the first time I didn’t set a new goal, instead I celebrated, became stagnant, and slowly put the weight back on. The second time around, once I reached my first goal I quickly set a new one to motivate myself again. Think about another level of fitness you want to get to and go get it!

Remember that feeling

If you get away from working out, you soon forget that awesome euphoric feeling you have after a great workout. One of the best feelings is when you overcome every reason why you can’t do that workout and find a way to do it. When it’s over you can’t help but feel great about yourself and you’re ready to do it again tomorrow. Your mind is clearer, you sleep better, and your confidence is sky high. Think back to that feeling and how much better you felt and use it to get yourself back on track.

It Just Takes One

One workout is all it takes to change your mindset back to what you want. You might feel like garbage again, your eating bad, a few pounds have been put back on but that one workout will have you feeling great again. It kickstarts everything into motion, you make healthier choices throughout the day because of that one workout. You’ve started back into a routine, and after a few weeks you can’t even remember how bad you felt or that lack of motivation you couldn’t kick. Get that one activity in and let it catapult you back towards your goals.

Think about your future self

Think about the future and who you want to be, what do you want to look like? What are your goals? Do you want to be able to chase your grandkids around when you’re older, retire and live the dream with your spouse, be that person that looks half their age still killing it at the gym? That YOU is out there, but if you don’t take care of yourself you might not find that version. I’m sure in the beginning your health and future was a main motivator, remember that the future you wants you to be healthy right now.

As I said earlier I’m no stranger to losing motivation and I’ve used all of these tips at one time or another to get me back on track to be the healthiest me. If your stuck in a rut I really hope one or all these tips help you get re-focused. I’m always looking for new ideas for the next time I find myself making excuses or being too tired to take care of myself, so leave me some of your tips down below or any comments or questions you might have.