3 Girl Nursery Themes You Will Love and How to Get the Look

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3 Girl Nursery Themes You Will Love and How to Get the Look

Are you looking for inspiration for your baby girl’s nursery?

Well, you have come to the right place. Read on to get inspired by the best baby girl nursery themes on the internet and get all the details of how you can get the look in your daughter’s nursery.

So, if you are reading this then you have or are about to have a new baby girl in your life, congratulations!

*pops sparkling cider*

There is nothing quite as precious in the world as a sweet baby girl, am I right? I am getting baby nostalgia just thinking about... (don’t tell my husband)

*record scratch*

No, truth is we already have two girls and a boy and there are no new babies in my future.


But thank you for letting me re-live the baby fever excitement through you. Read on to get inspired by the best ideas for girls’ nursery décor. This article will focus on the top three looks for girl’s nurseries right now, feminine rustic charm, big florals and modern sophisticated. I have found the best nurseries out there that represent these looks to inspire you. But wait there’s more… I will also explain step by step how you can get the look in your daughter’s nursery!

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Feminine Rustic Charm

Sources: Clockwise from left. 1. 100 Layer Cake-let. 2. Kristy Schoulder. 3. Thrifty & Chic. Get the look with these self-adhesive reclaimed barn wood panels found HERE.

Feminine rustic charm- I made that title up but it sounds good, right? *pat on back* This looks combines rustic elements such as reclaimed barn wood and then adds feminine details to it.

To get the look-

Sources: Clockwise from top left. 1. Wreath, $22 by The Shabby Store. 2. Mini Chandelier, under $30! by Lifeholder. 3. Pink Throw Blanket by Chanasya. 4. Self-Adhesive Reclaimed Barn Wood Panels by Epic Artifactory. 5. Custom Metal Name Sign by One Love Metals. 6.White Vintage Mirror, $12! by Kole.

Rustic- Start with a rustic statement wall with reclaimed barn wood. You’re probably thinking …”ummmm wait...I am not going to hire a carpenter and I don’t have serious DIY skills so that ain’t happening.” Don’t worry, I know, you don’t got time for that. The look is actually very easy to get. Do I have your attention yet? I found these self-adhesive reclaimed barn wood panels that you can find HERE. Simply peel and stick them to your wall and get the look in no time.

*fist pump*

Feminine- Now that you have the rustic piece you just need to add some feminine details. Add soft pink, purple, cream or white in your fabrics such as bedding, curtains or a pillow on a chair. Scout thrift stores for an intricate mirror or frame and spray paint it a pretty color. Or get the white vintage mirror pictured above, found HERE for $12!, Yeah, you heard me right. You can also add feminine details with light fixtures such as a mini chandelier, and metal accents such as your daughter’s name above the crib.

*oh la la*

Big Florals

Sources: Clockwise from top. 1. Paper Flowers by Bloom Box Oc. 2. Custom Name Wood & Flowers Sign by We Hunt Wood Décor. 3. Pink Floral Wallpaper by Rocky Mountain Decals. 4. Black Florals by Inspired by This.

The floral trend for nurseries is big and bold. (These aren’t your gramma’s florals.) There are three ways to get the look depending on your commitment to it.

To get the look- Here are three great options to get that eye-poppin look.

Wallpaper- Are you totally in love with this look and want it the central theme of your nursery? If you threw your hand up read on… make a statement with big bold floral wallpaper. Choose an accent wall, the wall behind the crib works best and try one of these pretty papers. HERE is a soft pink peony wall sticker option & HERE is a gorgeous bold black and pink wallpaper option.

Paper Flowers-This is the idea for my commitment-phobes out there, you know who you are.


You like the look but don’t want the commitment of wallpaper, then these huge paper flowers are great for you. They still create the statement that you are looking for without the commitment or all the work.

Wall art- If you love the floral look but don’t want it as your central theme then a beautiful floral piece of wall art might be perfect for you. The custom name wooden one pictured above can be found HERE.



If you like these rose nursery printables that I created, then you can download the FREE PRINTABLES HERE. 

That leads us to the final Look…

The Sophisticated & Modern Look

Sources: Sources: Clockwise from top left. 1. Bratt Decor 2. Black and White Pillow Cover 2 for $10! - (wait what?... that’s right.) by Swity Home. 3. Lorena Canals Rugs. 4. Black and White Storage Bins by Lush Decor. 5. Black Wall Room by Copy Cat Chic.

This is perfect for the sophisticated baby in your life. I am picturing baby Audrey Hepern. Add some black to your daughter’s nursery to instantly add the sophisticated vibe and ground the space.

To get the look- You have a couple options to get the baby Audrey look.

Go bold- Make a statement with a black accent wall like pictured. This works best behind the crib with a matte finish. Adding contrasting art on the wall and a white crib would create a beautiful contrast.

Pops of black- If you don’t want to go that bold you can still add pops of black through the room to make her nursery look like you hired a costly designer.

*woot woot*

Incorporate black in her bedding, curtains, a throw pillow on a chair, a rug or furniture pieces. It works best if you choose three or more pieces, mixing both patterns and solids to add black so it doesn’t look like an afterthought.

Here are some gorgeous black accessories that I found…I know, I couldn’t resist had to do another photo montage.

Sources: Clockwise from top left. 1. Set of 4 Pillows. 2. Modern Black CRIB found HERE 3. Style Me Pretty. (Similar Rug Found HERE) 4. Striped Crib Sheets by JoJo Designs.

Here’s the details of all the black accessories I found:

Crib- I’m slightly obsessed with this modern black crib. Am I the only one?

Storage- HERE is where you can find the black and white striped storage, pictured.

Rugs-Here is a black and white rug similar to pictured.

Pillows- Pillows may be the easiest and cheapest way to add the modern look. Here are some of my favorites. Black and White set up 2. Black and White Set of 4.

Crib Sheets- black and white striped, pictured.

I hope that you got inspired by these gorgeous girl nursery ideas. Let me know what is your favorite look, or *gasp* did I miss your favorite look? Let me know in the comments below.