7 Essential Tips for the Family Road Trip, Keeping the Kids Entertained

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7 Essential Tips for the Family Road Trip

Summer is in full swing and for many of us that means loading up the family and hitting the road for the family vacation. As veterans of many miles with the kiddos in the backseat, we have always looked for new and fun ways to keep them entertained. Here are some of our favorite ways we have found to make the drive enjoyable for everybody! Whether you’re driving a couple hours away or heading out across the country, check out these ideas and let me know what some of yours are!

The Money Game

Plan this game in advance and make a fun list of all the things you might see on your drive and place a money value on them. The most common will be worth very little and the rarest will have the highest amount. The value doesn’t need to be high, it’s not cheap going on vacation!

Gifts for every milestone

Pick out some cheap gifts to give the kids after so many miles are driven, for our long trips we like to do every 100 miles. The Dollar Tree is a great place if you have one close by. You can choose gifts that keep them occupied in the car or ones they can use once you reach your destination. We’ve found that this really helps break up the trip and gives the kids something to not only look forward to, but entertain them once they get it.

New Book

Let each child pick out a new book for the long drive, the audiobook app is also a great way to go if anybody gets carsick while reading. Getting into a good book is a great way to pass the time!


Check out any apps or games that would be fun for the kids to play. Even if some aren’t free, sometimes you can get a free trial, just remember to cancel in time and you have free entertainment for your trip.

Portable DVD Player

There are many inexpensive DVD players on the market and we have bought a few, its way cheaper than installing one in your car. Pick out a few new movies to go along with it and your good to go!

Create a music playlist

Make a fun playlist with everyone’s favorite music, cranking up the radio and singing along as a family is a fun way to pass the time.


Plan a fun stop

It can be hard to not be focused on just reaching your destination, but planning some fun stops in between can really help make the trip more enjoyable. Research together as a family and figure out some places to have a little fun and break up the trip.

These are just some of the things we do to help the kids pass the time when we travel. I’m sure many of you have great ideas too and we would love to hear them. Share some of the things you do down below in the comments section.