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FabFitFun Review What You Need to Know Before You Hand Over Your Credit Card

I was thinking of trying FabFitFun. But before I gave them my credit card, I had a lot of questions and maybe you do to. If so then this post is for you. I have done my homework and I now know how FabFitFun works and I will help to answer all the questions you may have so you can decide if it is right for you. I will give you an honest FabFitFun review show you how the subscription works, give you examples of the items that I got to choose from and what I have received in my boxes. I will also tell you about how to become a select member and the perks that it has. Plus, I have a coupon code for you to get $10 off your first box!

Part of doing my research was signing up for the FabFitFun subscription. I also became an affiliate for the company. I still pay full prices for the boxes just like you. Being an affiliate means that if you make a purchase with my link, I will make a small commission. You can read my full affiliate disclosure here.

If you want to just get right to the point and just want the coupon code. That is ok, I won’t take it personal click the link below to get started. The coupon code is Fab10 for $10 off your first FabFitFun Box!

I wanted to give an honest review of the subscription and the products you get to let you know my experience and if I think it is worth it. So, I did a little extra research to find out what people want to know about FabFitFun, and I will answer all your questions below plus give my honest FabFitFun review.

How Does FabFitFunWork?

Well, FabFitFun is a quarterly subscription box and they have it set up so that you receive one box per season, (Spring, Summer, Fall & Winter). When you first sign up for your first box, they will ask you several questions about yourself that they use to help customize your box. The types of questions that they ask are what type of makeup and hair care you like best, what is your skin type and hair type. They also ask about what kind of workouts you like best. Then is the fun part you get to customize your first box. They may let you pick some of the items and leave others a surprise or they may let you choose all of your items. You will get to do this each season. Each box will be filled with between 8-10 items.

What Do You Get In The FabFitFun Box?

Each box contains $200 worth of products from skincare, makeup, home fitness, fashion and more. All the items that make the list are hand-picked by the FabFitFun team. Read on to see the examples of what you can get in your FabFitFun Box.

FabFitFun Review | How Do you Customize Your FabFitFunBox?

Ok, let’s get into the FabFitFun review, let me show you how the customization works. For example, for the winter box I had five customization choices. When you have a customization choice you will see three to five products with a picture and a short description and a retail price. You can click on each to see a more in-depth description. Then you simply choose the one that you want. What is cool is if you really can’t decide on just one you can add another item for about $7-$10. For example check out the picture below. Here I chose the item that is checked but, I had the option of adding any one of the other items for $10.

With each customization you can also choose the surprise me option. I have never done this, I like to choose! This is for the people that choose to wait to find out the gender of their baby, (I could never do it but I respect it.) It would be fun to do that and I should try it one time… but not this time.

Ok, to give you a little more detail about how the customization and my full FabFitFun review works let’s look at my Winter Box.

I will show you what items you get to choose from for each customization and then I will show you what I chose.

Customization One | Options

For the first customization you have your choice of the five items below.

1. John Adler Fleur De Sel Ceramic Candle

2. Rebecca Minkoff Marled Beanie & Arm Warmer Set

3. R+Co Television Perfect Hair Shampoo & Conditioner

4. Kate Somerville Goat Milk Moisturizing Cream

5. Unhide Lil’ Marshmallow Plush Blanket

For this one I chose… the beanie and arm warmer. Living in Oregon I need these ¾ of the year so I’m a sucker for a new cute beanie.

Customization Two | Options

For customization number two you have the choice of four items.

1. Adore by Swarovski Organic Circle Bracelet in Rose Gold

2. Battington Lashed Monroe 3D Sil Lashes + Glue Kit

3. Karuna Face For All Face & Eye Mask Set (Includes six face masks and one eye mask.)

4. Radial Soft Focus Glow Drops

This was the hardest decision because I wanted everything. But I ended up going with the glow drops because the description really sold me. It says they are formulated to brighten your complexion and provide a radiant base for your foundation or can be worn alone for natural dewy skin. Who doesn’t want that?

Customization Three | Options

For the third customization you have your choice of four items.

1. Erno Laszlo Pore Cleansing Face Mask

2. Salvage Faux Trim Cable Slippers (your choice of S/M or M/L)

3. Floral Bluetooth Shower Speaker

4. Lashes MD Eyelash Conditioner

I chose the slippers because they look very soft and comfy and that is exactly what I need when I wake up first thing in the morning, have my coffee and work on this blog. Plus, I already have a shower speaker, which I love by the way.

Customization Four | Options

For Customization four and five the company said I had a couple more custom options since I was a Select Member. Yay, feels good to feel important, right? This is because I signed up for the annual membership, not because I’m important. I had the choice of the following four items.

1. Beauty Bakery Proof is in the Pudding Palette

2. LXMI Pure Nilotica Melt

3. Per Source 12 Month Rose Floral Planner

4. Vooray Sidekick Crossbody Bag

I chose the planner. I love a pretty planner to have in my purse or at my desk.

Customization Five | Options

For the final customization I had my pick of the following three items.

1. AHAVA Salt Bag

2. Vera Mono Color Switch. This is something you dip your makeup brushes for a quick clean when you are switching colors.

3. Frank Body Original Coffee Scrub

For this one I chose… The Coffee Scrub, the description really sold me when it said I will be left with super soft skin. Plus, the packaging is cute too.

What if You Change Your Mind?

What is cool too for those of you who are bad with decisions, (hand up.) you can log back into your account and change your selections up to a certain date for each season. They will let you know the date. But you do have to be careful because sometimes the most popular items will no longer be available if you wait too long.

How much is a yearly subscription to FabFitFun?

You have a choice when you sign up for the one-time subscription of $49.99 or the annual subscription of $179.99, which is just charged once a year. When you do the math, the annual subscription ends up being a better deal at $44.99 per box or a $20 savings per year.

Treat yourself each season with a curated box of the latest and greatest in beauty, fitness, fashion, and lifestyle finds from FabFitFun VIP for only $49.99

What is the Difference Between the Seasonal and the Annual FabFitFun Box?

Besides the price difference that I mentioned in the previous question, the annual members become select members which comes with some benefits. Check out the next questions to see what those are.

What is the Select Membership and What are the Perks?

Select members can further customize their box with additional customization options. They also get early access to customize boxes, more customization choices, early shipping and early access to add-ons and sales. They send you an email when this access is open so keep a look out for FabFitFun emails after you sign up.

Are There Any Special Deals For Your First Box?

I got you girl, use this coupon code, FAB10, when ordering to get $10 off your first box!

Does Everyone Get the Same FabFitFun Box?

Lots of people are wondering if everyone gets the same box. The answer is no that is part of the fun you get to choose some of your products to make your box custom and you also have the option of adding products for an extra cost. Usually there will also be some products that you do not choose that everyone will get, or they may base those on the questions that you answered during your initial order.

FabFitFun Review | How Long Does it Take to Get Your First FabFitFunBox?

In my experience the box ships pretty fast. I live in the US and my box shipped within 6 days of ordering it and I received it 2 days after it shipped. As soon as it was shipped, I received an email with the tracking number. On their website it says that it takes 1-2 weeks for shipping in the U.S., 2-3 weeks for shipping to Canada and APO/FBO boxes take up to 45 days.

Is it Easy to Cancel FabFitFun?

Fab Fit Fun memberships are continuous. So, they will continue automatically unless you choose to cancel your account. If you want to cancel your membership you need to make sure you do it before the next billing date or you will be charged with the next season’s box. According to their website to cancel the subscription for any reason you can call 855-313-6267 or you can log into your member account and go to the edit account tab and select cancel. There is no cancellation fee and you can also pause your subscription and then re-subscribe at a later date.

Can I Return a FabFitFun Box?

At the time of writing this post the policy of FabFitFun was that the purchases are generally final sale and nonrefundable and they do not accept returns or exchanges of the boxes themselves, the items in the box or the add-on items. If you return an item, it will not be eligible for a refund. So basically, keep your stuff if that eye shadow is just not your color give it to your best friend.

FabFitFun Review | Is the FabFitFun Box Worth It?

According to FabFitFun the total value of each box is at least $200 which means that the worth of the items is at least four times what you have paid. They also say the brands that they pick are those that are top rated by costumers. But, to give you a more in depth answer to this question let’s check it out. If you want a full FabFitFun review let’s take a look at the total worth of my Fall box and all the items I received.

In the Fall 2019 box here are the items that you can possibly get, below.

One of the nicest items is the Conair hair straightener. I did not get this one because I already have a nice one.

How this works is they will show you a group of about three to five products and you select your favorite. You will get to see the retail price of each item and a brief description. When selecting you can also click on the brief description to see a more detailed description about each product.

Below are the eight items I chose for the Fall box.

The total value of the items I chose for my box came out to be $301. I will show you the items one by one so you can get a sense of the quality and type of products that you will receive.

1. Plush Ultra Soft Fringe Scarf

Retail Price $75

I was pleasantly surprised when the scarf came for two reasons. One is the quality is wonderful it is substantially better than the cheap scarfs than I normally buy. I love the color combo. I originally thought it was black and white, but it is navy, black and white, a classic combo that I am loving.

2. Kate Spade Lunch Tote

Retail Price $30

This lunch tote is very cute, it says out to lunch in small print on the front and has little dots and a sparkle to it they you can’t tell until you get it in person.

3. Cosmedix Pure C

Retail Price $54

I didn’t have a product like this, so I wanted to give it a try. It is a powder vitamin c. Vitamin C is known to brighten your skin. You just add a sprinkle of this to any of your skin care products and it will give your skin a little brightening boost. It actually works, I was quite impressed.

4. TreStiQue Mini Eye Essentials

Retail Price $48

When I chose this one, I didn’t even realize how cool it was. I thought it was different eyeliners. But it actually comes with a soft brow pencil, eyeliner and eye shadow and they are in these cute containers that look like pencils.

5. Aveda Damage Daily Hair Repair

Retail Price $30

I chose this one because it is a necessity for me, I am constantly blow drying, straightening and curling my hair. This product has all the good stuff quinoa protein, macadamia oil and soy and instantly tames the frizz and split ends and protects your hair from heat up to 450 degrees!

6. Harper + Ari Exfoliating Sugar Cubes in Juice Cleanse

Retail Price $16

These are cute and have a nice fresh smell. You can use them in the shower or the bath to exfoliate and clean your skin. It leaves your skin feeling extra smooth and smelling nice too.

7. Human + Kind Body Soufflé

Retail Price $18

First of all, I love a lotion that is pretty enough to leave on your bathroom counter. This one is also super velvety and smells fresh. It hits all my wants for a lotion.

8. SKIN & Co Roma Truffle Therapy Face Tone

Retail Price $30

When this toner said it will give you younger looking skin, I said sign me up. The toner is made with natural extracts like truffle, calendula, rose and rosemary. It leaves skin looking fresh and healthy.

Here is what the box looks like when you receive it.

FabFit Fun Review | What Are Some of The Extra Perks of the FabFitFun Membership?

There are several perks that you get as soon as you sign up for your first box.  To give you the full FabFitFun review I have researched these and I will explain what each of those are.

Perks Include Add-Ons

Add-ons are one of the main perks of the subscription box. Here is how it works. After you place your first order, they will send you an email all about ad-ons. These are sale items that you can purchase, and they will be added to your next box and shipped for free.  As part of my FabFitFun review of course I had to check this out. What I found is these items are a good deal so if there is something you really want you might as well snatch it up for a great price. If you don’t want to add any extra money to the subscription cost, then don’t open these emails! These are only available for a limited time. There are over 300 products that you can add, and they are between 30% to 70% off. FabFitFun says if you have the select membership then you have early access to these items. When I ordered my first box, I did not choose any add-ons. I just wanted to make sure I liked the box as it was first. When I did check them out, they had some bundles that would make great gifts for your mom, family member or girlfriends. Below are some of the bundles that you could add on to your order. There were tons to choose from.

Perks Include Access To a Style Box


Another perk is you can get a personal stylist and have five clothing items hand selected from your stylist. FabFitFun says you get member only pricing on these items. I have not tried this perk yet so I can’t recommend it to you. I would be interested in trying it and seeing how it compares to some of the other fashion boxes like Stich Fix or Trunk Club. Perhaps a future blog post, I will keep you updated.

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Perks Include the FabFitFun Online Community


You can join the community forum to talk with like-minded women. They even have meet-ups throughout the year for community members. This is also the place to find expert tips for some of the products in the box. For example, there may be a tutorial of the best way to apply the eyeshadow in that season’s box. The company will also use the community to make certain announcements like sneak peaks, add-ons or spoilers so you may want to join if you like being the first to know.

Perks Include Access to Special Sales


Part of being a member means that you have access to special sales of 30-70% off. The items offered are similar to what you find in the boxes, beauty products and all sorts of fun finds. They will send you emails and let you know when this is happening. If you love to shop online then you will love this perk.

Perks Include FabFitFun TV


As a member you get access to FabFitFun TV. This includes access to workouts like Pilates and yoga that you can stream to your TV or do on the go with an app. It also has cooking videos, meditation, cardio workouts and even style tutorials. They update the content on there every season.

Do They Make a FabFitFun Box for Men?

Yes, if you are looking for an easy Christmas gift for you man, here you go. They do make a FabFitFun box for men and this is something that you can add on to your order for $49.99 or you can purchase it directly from the site. If you are thinking of getting this for a gift let’s look at the 2019 box and what you get.

Here is what it includes:

  • V76 by Vaughn 4-in-1 Cleansing Foam
  • Izola Multi Tool Kit
  • Mr. Turk Dopp Kitt
  • Spongelle Men’s 12 + Extreme Buffer in Bergamot Absolute
  • Richer Poorer Pineapple Socks
  • Mason Man Shaving Cream
  • CYCLO Radium Bluetooth Earbuds

Can you Buy Previous FabFitFun Boxes?

So, you saw on Instagram that everyone was loving the fall box but by the time you go to order it the Winter box is out. Dilema…but wait, there is an option when you are choosing ad-ons to add on a past box. This is based on availability of that box and you won’t have all the customization options and some of the more popular options may be sold out.

How Do I Redeem a FabFitFun Gift Card?

If you received a gift card, then you can sign up for a membership and there will be an option during checkout to enter your gift card code and the gift card amount will be subtracted from your total.

Can I Send a FabFitFun Box as a Gift?

Yes, when you are a member you can log into your account and then head over to the shop page. You can then choose to purchase an additional box, and have it sent to your address or directly to your friend’s address.

What is the History of FabFitFun?

The company started off as an online magazine. It was founded in 2010 by two brothers Daniel and Michael Broukhim along with the editor-in-chief Katie Kitchens. They originally created it as an online community for beauty, fashion, fitness and wellness and created online content for years before deciding to launch the subscription box.

FabFitFun Review | Pros and Cons of the FabFitFun Box

To wrap up this FabFitFun review and help you make your decision let’s look at the pros and cons of the box so you can decide if you want to give it a try.

Pros | Full Size Products

One of the things that I love about this box is you are getting full size products. It is not just samples like some of the other subscription boxes. For example, the lotion is almost seven ounces and so is the toner. In fact, every product is full size, there are no samples.

Pros |Great Value

You have to admit that getting $301 worth of product for $49.99 is a great deal. FabFitFun says that each box is full of products that are worth at least $200. I think the majority of the time it is more than that.

Pros | Would Make a Great Gift

For a like-minded girlfriend that are into fashion, beauty and fitness I think this would make a great holiday gift. I personally would love to receive it if I had not signed up on my own. I sometimes make my girlfriends a little gift basket with their favorite things. But, because the value is so much better and the products are better than I would find on my own, this year I am going to give them FabFitFun boxes.

Cons | Products are Wants not Needs

What I mean by this is it that all of these products are not products that I need. So, if you have a tight budget that is something to take into consideration. But I also think that is kinda the point, right? You get to treat yourself and get a little pampered by fun products that you otherwise would not have known about or splurged on. You probably don’t have time to research the latest beauty and fitness products. That is why it is cool that FabFitFun is doing all the work for you.

After receiving my boxes and doing extensive research I conclude that this is a subscription box that I would recommend. Overall, I thought it was a fun experience. There is something exciting about getting a box in the mail full of products to pamper yourself. It honestly gives me something fun to look forward to, we could all use a little more of that, right? I have been recommending it to my friends and now to you and I signed up for the annual membership. So, there you have it I guess I’m now a fan. Hopefully in this complete FabFitFun review I have answered all your questions and if you give it a try please leave a comment and let me know what you think. Remember to use the coupon code Fab10 for $10 off your first box!

Hope you enjoyed this post! To find out why this is more than a lifestyle blog click here.

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