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Christmas Craft

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Christmas Craft |

Easy Glitter Reindeer

I did this quick and easy Christmas craft project this weekend and wanted to share it with you. This is a super easy craft to do and would be fun for the kids too. You end up with a beautiful, modern piece of Christmas art to display in your home.

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Materials You Need

Craft Instructions

My instructions are for a gold reindeer but this craft will work with any color of glitter you want and any Christmas image that you want. A Christmas tree, bell, wreath or an angel would all look great.

First you’ll want to print off your reindeer stencil. Just google reindeer stencil or deer stencil and pick your favorite picture. Then print it off and cut it out. Next roll several pieces of tape and apply to the back of your stencil to apply the stencil to your canvas.

Then you will want to trace your stencil with a pencil. When it looks the way, you want it go ahead and trace the pencil with your gold marker.

Next using your small paintbrush paint the inside of your stencil. Take your time with this step because everywhere the glue goes so will your glitter.

Before the glue dries sprinkle glitter all over your canvas. Then shake off all of the extra glitter from your canvas. You now will be able to see if you missed any spots. If you did just go over it with more glue and more glitter.

Let it dry and enjoy your masterpiece!!!

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