15 Cheap Ideas to Transform your Living Room

Are you looking for a new look in your living room but don’t want to spend a fortune on a complete overhaul? Read on to learn 15 ideas that professional designers use that will instantly breathe new life into your space. Some of these ideas are free and involve looking at your stuff with new eyes. Others are cheaper than a dinner out. Choose your favorite and take action and your friends will start asking who your interior designer is.

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Create an accent wall

Photo Credit Dan Gold

The bolder the better. The easiest way to create an accent wall is to paint one wall a different color than the rest. If you want even more interest create a bold pattern with stencils, painters tape or with wallpaper. In the picture they used wallpaper to create an accent that completely transforms the look of the room. If you love the look there is a similar wallpaper here.

Incorporate Free Art to Have a One of a Kind Design

If you are a parent, then you have an endless supply of art that you can use to decorate your space. I have our children’s art displayed gallery style in our living room with this display. I love to intermix their art and pictures or other pieces of art. It is very easy to change when our little artists bring home a new masterpiece that needs to be displayed. My kids beam when then see me display their art in our “artist gallery.”

The Cheapest Way to Change Your Floor

When people thinking changing the look of the floor they think of several thousands of dollar options such as installing hardwood or laminate. Decorating your floor is an area that we often overlook. But you will be amazed at how much adding an area rug will transform your space. Especially if you choose a graphic pattern like pictured. This change can instantly alter the vibe of the entire space.

Find new purpose for your furniture

Photo Credit Alexandra Gorn

What I love about this idea is its totally free. First take a walk around your entire house with fresh eyes. Think outside of the box. You can repurpose a dresser into a tv stand or your bedroom night stand into a side table. This creates an instant warm, fun and eclectic style to your living room.

Cheapest Way to Transform Your Entire Room

If you have ever watched an episode of Trading Spaces, then you know that paint is the cheapest way to totally alter the look of a room. I like to take a color pallet from nature and use it in my décor. Start by looking at some of your favorite pictures of nature. Are you drawn to the beach, the forest, or the mountains? Whatever it is take a scene from your favorite outdoor spot and use it to color your room. If you are ready to go bold then choose the deepest color for your walls if you want to go subtle than choose a light or neutral for your walls. Then use the other colors in accessories.

Get a Fresh New Look for Cheap

I am the only one obsessed with throw pillows? What I love about them is they are cheap, and they instantly add style and personality to a space. You can change them with the season to give your room a whole new look. For added interest mix small and large prints. I am obsessed with the ones in the picture and I also love these that have classic geometric patterns. You can purchase just the covers and cover your existing throw pillows or purchase pillow inserts one time and change them up every season.

But what about my Couch?

Did you just read the last tip and think that’s great but a cute pillow is not going to look that great on my old ugly couch? Lipstick on a pig kind of a thing. I get it I’ve been there too. I had not bought a couch slip cover in years and the last one I bought fit odd, was loose and made the couch look worse. I was amazed when shopping for a new slip cover recently. I found this one that has a modern sleek look and amazingly you cannot tell it is a slip cover. The best part, it is one tenth the cost of a brand-new couch.

Make Your Space Come Alive

There is nothing like fresh flowers to instantly brighten up a living room. Have you noticed whenever you see beautiful rooms in magazines they always have fresh flowers? It is because the professional interior designers know that they are the easiest way to make a space feel welcoming and happy. If you don’t have a garden, go to the farmers market or even the grocery store to get a beautiful bouquet. Take out the fillers and add a simple vase for a more modern look. I love the look of these farmhouse style vases, pictured.

Create a Natural Vibe

Photo Credit Design Ecologist

Add plants to your home décor to make you space more inviting, and to clean the air. If you don’t have a green thumb there are several plants such as succulents and cacti that do not require too much attention.

Make it Yours

Photo Credit Johnny Caspari

Creating a photo gallery is an easy and inexpensive way to really personalize your space. The most interesting photo galleries include a mix of sizes, and shapes. To keep a cohesive look, choose frames that are all the same color or frame width. You can spray paint old frames to give them an instant face lift. Incorporate favorite family photos, photos of travel destinations, art work or even clocks. I love the look of small shelves with your gallery displayed. What is great about this is it is so easy to change the look. I use these hanging strips so I don’t damage walls and it is easier to change up the look.

Same Bang for Less Buck

An Even less expensive way to create a photo gallery is to go frameless. This wall decal is a product of mine, it is a photo tree. Simply stick the stickers on the wall and place your favorite family photos inside. It creates a fun accent wall for cheap. The best part is when you are ready for a different look you can simply unpeel the stickers.

Don’t Overlook Your Old Stuff

Photo credit Alexandra Gorn

If your furniture is old, chipped, worn or just a little dull then fix it up with some paint. Go to your local home store and find the paint that works best with the surface you are painting. Be sure to take the time to strip the furniture if it has old paint. If you want the most bang for your buck go for a bright color that is completely opposite of what the furniture once was. Turn a brown table into a beautiful forest green to add an instant pick me up to your space.

Display a collection

Photo Credit Chance Anderson

Here is a free way to add character to a blank wall in your room. Do you have a collection that is only collecting dust? Display it for the world to see. Plates and bowls can be hung directly on the wall. You just need a good set of plate hangers. Other collectibles such as glass, figurines, or anything else would look great on modern floating shelves like these.

DIY Wall Art

Are you ready to get creative? One of my favorite pieces of art is one that I created with help from the kids one Sunday afternoon with some leftover paint, a canvas, and a roll of duct tape. Look to Pinterest for some inspiration and get to painting.

Use Professional Secrets to Create the Perfect Space

Photo Credit Toa Heftiba

Do you shy away from picking colors, furniture, accessories or anything for your room because you don’t know where to start? A tip from the pros is to get inspired by finding a piece of art that you love. Then choose two or three colors in the art like in this photo. You can start small by incorporating a few accessories in that color scheme. If you want to take it a step further paint your furniture in one of the colors you chose. Then add natural finishes such as wicker or wood and add patterns to give your room depth and interest. You don’t have to go out and buy everything at once. Just think about your plan and vision when you are shopping and try adding something new every month or two and you will have a magazine worthy living room in no time.

Hope you have gleamed a little inspiration to re-invent your living room with a small budget. If you try any of these ideas let me know what you think and leave a comment.