11 Tips for the Beginning Runner

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When I first started running I didn’t realize how much it would change my life, but once I started I was hooked, it became a part of my lifestyle and 2 Marathons and countless runs later I know I will be a lifelong runner. Not only did I lose weight, but running helped me gain confidence, friends, and a reason to be outdoors. It’s funny how one simple activity of putting one foot in front of the other can do so many things. My hope is that some of these tips down below help you get out the door and start you on your path to be a runner, so give them a look and leave any comments or questions you have down below.

Get Good Shoes

Having a good pair of kicks is a must for any runner and will help keep you injury free and comfortable. If you can, go to a running store where they specialize in assessing what type of shoe is right for you, many will even have you run to see how the shoe fits with your running style. Do some research ahead of time so you are familiar with the top brands for runners, a little knowledge before going in is always helpful.


Having comfortable clothing to wear for whatever the conditions you’ll be running in is important. You don’t need to spend a lot of money and you might have already dropped some cash on those new shoes, but it’s worth it to have the right gear. And honestly, new clothing can be a great motivator for getting out the door.


Warm up with walking or a light jog followed by some dynamic stretches before you run. Here are some examples of dynamic stretches you might do.

Sometimes you’ll want to hustle out the door and start your run, I’ll be honest I’m guilty of this from time to time, but the warm up is key to keeping yourself injury free.

Build up Slowly

This might be the most important step when you begin running. Far too often I’ve seen people go too hard in the beginning to achieve quick results only to have an injury derail them. Build up miles gradually to keep your body healthy. I suggest finding a running plan that works best for you, there are many available on-line that can get you on the right track.

Don’t worry about speed

Setting a goal to get faster is fine, but in the beginning make distance the priority. Speed will come as you get in better shape and log more miles.

Set Goals

Figure out what your goals are and write them down. Doing this will help keep you motivated and on track. As you accomplish them take the time to be proud of yourself and set new goals.

Find a running group

Joining a running club is a great idea on so many levels. You meet new people, learn from more seasoned runners, and find new places to run. Take the time to look for groups close to you and check them out. If a running group isn’t for you, find a friend who might want to run with you.

Keep a running log

Keep track of your runs and record them to see your progress. There are plenty of free apps that will record your runs without having to take the time to write anything at all.

Always be looking for new places to run

Running in the same place can get boring. Go through a different neighborhood, a park, or search out a fun place to drive to. I was always amazed at how much fun I had, and the miles flew by when I had new scenery around me.

Stay Hydrated

We all know staying hydrated is important, but once you start running make it a point to drink water throughout the day and on your runs. Sports drinks are also a great way to not just get the water you need but also replenish your carbohydrates and sodium.

Get plenty of rest

Getting enough rest is crucial to your body for recovery and repair. This applies not just to sleep but giving yourself days off. Make it a point to give yourself enough rest so you can perform at your highest every time you hit the road.

I hope these have helped and your ready to get running! The hardest part is setting a routine and getting out the door, so go do it! If you have any questions or comments I would love to hear them.