7 Best Side Hustles to Make Extra Cash for Stay at Home Moms

7 Best Side Hustles to Make Money as a Stay at Home Mom

Are you a stay at home mom who is interested in making some extra money from home?

*arm up*

Yep! Of course you are. Trust me, I know it is hard to support a family with just one income and every little bit helps. This article will give you 7 side hustle ideas to create up to $1,000 extra revenue every month with as little as few extra hours of work a week and they are fun too! *gasp* Yeah, work can be fun. I am just now learning this and I’m an adult.

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How to turn a Pinterest Hobby into a passive income

Pin Affiliate Pins on Pinterest-Do you love Pinterest like me? Did you know that you can turn this hobby into passive income? Pinterest allows affiliate Pins. This means that companies will pay you for creating pins and sending business to their site. “No, Mommy’s not playing on her phone, she’s working.”

How to get Started-You can go to a website for a product you love and want to share with the world and see if they have an affiliate marketing program. If you can’t find anything you can email the company and see if they have an affiliate marketing program and how you can sign up. Get one viral pin and watch your bank account grow. Happy pinning!

Turn your Photo Library into Instant Cash

Sell your Photos- Do you have a knack for taking beautiful pictures? Why not take this hobby into a revenue stream for you? You don’t have to be a professional and you don’t have to own a fancy camera. You can sell pictures that you took while taking your kids to the park with smart phone camera. You do have to own the photographs and you should choose only your high-quality ones to sell. There are several sites out there that will pay for your pictures to re-sell to businesses and individuals. The most popular and my favorite is Shutterstock. With Shutterstock you can earn money per download. Since the site is so popular your images can be viewed by millions. If you are not a natural photographer I recommend this $10 book, Capturing Better Photos & Videos with your iPhone. I am not a natural myself and this helped me a ton, it tells you the best apps to get and gives you tips and tricks that I never knew.

How to get Started- To learn about being a contributor and to sign up go here. It is pretty easy to set yourself up as a contributor. Once your signed up you can create a personalized portfolio page and track your earnings with their smart tools. You can even submit images straight from the app. If you check out the website, they will give you a breakdown of earnings.

Declutter Your House

Sell Your Stuff Online-I love this idea because it is a double win. You can declutter your house and make a few extra bucks at the same time. There are a growing number of sites where you can sell your stuff.

How to get Started-You will want to take a nice picture with natural light if you can and have your background free of clutter. Write a detailed description to give potential buyers a clear idea of what they’re getting. This beats the old days wasting your weekends manning your garage sale only to end up taking most of your stuff to the dump. Some of the most popular sites include Offerup, Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist. If you are selling clothes try Poshmark and for CDs, DVDs and electronics try Decluttr.

Start a Business that Almost Runs Itself

Create an Amazon Business- Have you heard of the Amazon FBA Program? You sign up and send inventory to Amazon and create product listings and they take care of the shipping to customers, returns and the majority of the customer service. I started a small business in 2016 and it is a great extra income stream for my family.

How to get Started- The initial time commitment is discovering the right product to sell. There are website such as Aliba.com where you can purchase inventory from all over the world at a low cost and then drop ship the items directly to Amazon. Find a product that is popular but does not have a lot competition yet and you may find yourself a gold mine. Once you have your product sign up to the Amazon FBA Program Here. There are great tutorials in the Seller Services page that walk you through creating product listings, advertising and everything else you need to know to set up your shop.

Turn a One Time Project into Income for Life

Create an e-book. I know this sounds intimidating, but it may be easier than you think. If you are a good writer and have an expertise in an area no matter how niche, this may be the perfect side hustle for you. Do you have a hobby knitting animal shaped hats? Why not write an e-book about what everyone needs to know to create their very own panda or unicorn hat masterpiece?

How to get Started- First you need to see if there is an audience for your book so do your research. Ask people on Facebook, joining knitting groups and ask the members what kind of E-book they would buy. If you are getting positive feedback from your target audience then you may be on to something. Let the world know when it is launched through all social media including Pinterest. What is great about this side hustle? You put in the time to do your target market research, write the book and then make it available for download, and sit back and let the passive income roll in.

Get Paid to Drive with the Uber or Uber Eats

Become a Paid Driver- Before you breeze over this idea, just give it a thought. If your kids are in school or if you are available in the evenings, then this might be the right-side hustle for you. You can become a paid driver with Uber or a delivery driver with Uber Eats. What is great about this side hustle is you can choose to drive whenever works for you. You can just drive the hours and days that the kiddos are in school or when your spouse gets home from work. The flexibility is what drives a lot of people to make this another income stream. (Hope you enjoyed that pun, I know I’m cheesy like that.)

How to get started-It is very easy to sign up to be a driver, you can do this by filling out an application online HERE. The basic requirements are that you:

  • are 18 years old
  • have been driving for a year or more
  • have a valid driver’s license & insurance
  • pass a background screening
  • & have a vehicle of a certain year range and that can hold four passengers.

You may be able to earn more if you have more seating (mini-van mom, I’m talking to you) or if you have a luxury vehicle. If your vehicle is not going to cut it don’t worry they have rental car programs.

Get Crafty

Open an Etsy Shop- Can you knit, sew, paint or have another crafty hobby? If you can create something that people are willing to buy why not open an Etsy shop? It is very easy to do. I created one to sell paintings. What I love about Etsy is they have a very supportive artist community.

How to get started- First create a few pieces and then take great pictures of them with natural light and a neutral background. Then simply write a description and *bam* you have your own site! You will receive an email when a customer orders and then you ship them the products. Unlike Amazon Etsy does not have a program where they fulfill the orders for you, but they make it pretty easy to print the labels and ship to customers. Ladies get out those knitting needles!

Get paid to spend time with animals

Become a pet sitter. This is great for anyone who loves animals and the kids will love it! There is a website called Rover that connects pet sitters with potentials clients.

How to get started- This is how it works. You visit Rover.com and sign up to become a pet sitter in your area. When you fill out a profile you want to be as thorough as possible. People want to get a feel of who they are leaving their little Spot too before they leave him in your care. You can put if you want to allow pets in your home or if you are open to staying at someone else’s home. You can also be specific to what pets you will watch or just accept all pets. If you hit it off with the pets and the owners, you will most likely get repeat business. Rover keeps 15% of the earnings and they cover insurance for when you are pet sitting.

Make Money Writing about Your Interests

Start a Blog- Is there something that you are passionate about? Why not start a blog and share your interest with the world?

How to get started- You can check out my article 5 Easy Steps to Start Your Blog. The website set up is easier than you think. I recommend using Blue Host for hosting and Word Press for web design. They are the most used hosting and web design for a reason. Then start writing! You can make income by putting ads on your website that you receive revenue for when people click on them. Many bloggers recommend starting off posting once a week on the same day. Once you get the hang of it you can increase the number of posts per week. Out of all of the suggestions this is the one that will take the most time to start earning revenue. If you are enjoying your writing stick with it and in time you will see the revenue begin to appear. This is a great side hustle for those who love to write and want to share their thoughts or expertise with the world.

Hopefully one of these ideas aligns with your interests and talents and you get started making some extra money for your family. The key is to find a side hustle that you enjoy, and it will not feel like you are working. With most of these ideas the more time you are willing to commit the more money you can make. I hope you enjoyed this article. Have other great ideas for a side hustle or have you given any of these ideas a try? Please leave a comment below.


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