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Daily Archives: August 11, 2018

11 Tips for the Beginning Runner

When I first started running I didn’t realize how much it would change my life, but once I started I was hooked, it became a part of my lifestyle and 2 Marathons and countless runs later I know I will be a lifelong runner. Not only did I lose weight, but running helped me gain confidence, friends, and a reason to be outdoors. It’s funny how one simple activity of putting one foot in front of the other can do so many things. My hope is that some of these tips down below help you get out the door and start you on your path to be a runner, so give them a look and leave any comments or questions you have down below. read more

7 Essential Tips for the Family Road Trip, Keeping the Kids Entertained

7 Essential Tips for the Family Road Trip

Summer is in full swing and for many of us that means loading up the family and hitting the road for the family vacation. As veterans of many miles with the kiddos in the backseat, we have always looked for new and fun ways to keep them entertained. Here are some of our favorite ways we have found to make the drive enjoyable for everybody! Whether you’re driving a couple hours away or heading out across the country, check out these ideas and let me know what some of yours are! read more

7 Things New Wine Drinkers Should Know

For years I never thought I would be a wine drinker, I even had the opportunity to live in prestigious wine country on the California coast and never tried it. Years later I got a job selling the stuff and realized how much I was missing out on and really fell in love with it. Wine is rapidly ditching the old stigma of being for the snobby and elite and producing high-quality low-cost wine that everyone can enjoy. It can be scary trying something new and there are so many wines on the market now it’s hard to even know where to start. I’ve put together a small list of what I think can help you get started based on my experience in the wine industry and what I found doing some research. I hope this short list gets you motivated to try something new, so check it out and I would love to hear from you in the comment section down below. Cheers! read more

7 Ways to Rededicate Yourself to a Healthy & Active Lifestyle

Every year for me it’s the same thing, there are moments where I just can’t find the motivation to workout. Sure, for the most part I’m pretty good at doing something to keep myself fit, but when that feeling hits me, and I get into that funk it’s hard to get back into it. A lot of times for me it’s after vacation, I get out of my routine, have way too much fun, and when I come back I find I struggle to get back into it. I’m sure a lot of you have the same problem, it can be hard to constantly keep up with life and still find the time to take care of yourself. I thought about some of the things I do to get myself refocused and thought I would share. If you have any comments or ideas to add please leave them in the section down below. read more